Looking for #10

There have been a few people who have already finished their UFO #10, way to go.  For those of you who haven’t gotten them finished, there is still 8 days in the month left.  Mary E. thought she should find her project, and when she did find it she found other treasures.  She brought them out and perused these treasures with all of us at the cutting table.  We thought we’d share them with you also.  She found 2 button hooks, a tassel, a leather baby shoe, a large and small wooden spool, a package that claimed that it would stop a run in your hosiery, two antique quilt squares, and so on.  We hope you have time to finish your UFO #10’s, and if you do please email us a picture so you can be entered into our drawing at the end of the year for a prize!  Happy sewing.

3 thoughts on “Looking for #10

  1. Lee

    Mary, this happens to me all the time… Kinda like the treasure in the hunt! My hoya plants are rooting. I am waiting to plant soon. Thanks again! Lee

  2. Karen

    To be entered in the drawing, do you (Country Threads) have to post it on Pinterest? I’ve been posting on my own.

  3. LMK

    guess you just never know what you will find when you really get into it, huh?? paul took off on his fishing trip in canada today, guess the ice hasn’t been gone too long (hope the fish are biting, they will have a good time either way) i’m trying to get some odd jobs done while he is gone, think there is more to do than i first thought. will do a load of laundry today, hang it out on the line, a nice drying day. brought in some rhubarb, maybe make a cake with it. enjoy the holiday weekend, sure hope we don’t get a lot more rain, don’t need any more, hoping to get our tomatoes and peppers and whatever else we’ll plant in the ground when paul gets back. gee, the furnace just went on, go figure.

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