Lost Kitty

If you love your pets, please say a prayer for LuluBelle who is lost.  Carol posted a comment this afternoon and asked if I thought a lost cat was “prayer worthy”.  I can think of few things more important to me than my pets and last week I thought both Deeno and Ernie might be lost but they turned up just as soon as all the extra dogs left.  I will pray for LuluBelle’s safe return.  Will you join me?

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  1. Carol

    Thank you everyone for your good thoughts! I don’t know if this will get back to anyone because it’s an older post and maybe no one re reads. LuluBelle came home on Mother’s Day!

    A neighbor had seen her at 3 am on Saturday morning on his patio. So I slept on the family room floor where our patio door is, Saturday night, with the sidelight windows open. We had her litter box out and a humane trap set up. We put a golf umbrella over her litter box because it was raining a bit and we didn’t want it to clump.

    I woke up at 2:58 for some reason and thought “oh, my, I think it’s raining.” I looked at the bricks and realized it wasn’t. My next thought was “Kitty, why are you at Uncle Pete’s and not here at our home?” Then i thought, maybe the “rain” was kitty in the litter box? So I leaned into the screen and “meowed” and lo and behold, she meowed back! She was very frantic, pacing, meowing…I kept meowing back, showed her her hairbrush, slowly opened the door (that scared her a bit) and brushed the tip of her head and then pulled back a bit so she had to come closer to the open door. I kept doing that until she had to put first her front paws, and then her back paws in the doorway. I scooped her up and slammed the door as quickly as I could! I hollered upstairs to my husband, ” it’s Mother’s Day and we have our Kitty back!” What a great present!

    So again, thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers., it was a hard week but friends and strangers alike were so kind.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh Carol, I am so happy for you! I’ll bet she’s got some stories to tell, huh? Wonder if she will sleep for a couple days just to catch up. I will post this good news tonight so that everybody who prayed for her safe return will know just in case they don’t read all the comments. I am so relieved! Prayer is strong, isn’t it?

  2. Barbara Russell

    Yes U will say a prayer for her and yes she is worth it. My sentiments exactly, she is your family.

  3. Donna Booth

    Absolutely I will pray for Lulubelle’s safe return! I would be devastated to lose one of my 2!!!

  4. sandra

    I will pray for the lost kitty.I have own many cats over the years.Each one was different,but I loved every one of them.

  5. Carole

    Of course I’ll pray for Lulubelle’s safe return. I always pray for Rudy and in thanksgiving that when we needed a new kitty, his perfectness was at the shelter waiting for us. No coincidence. Glad that Ernie and Deeno weren’t lost – just hiding in protest.

  6. MartyCae

    Prayers for the precious kitty to come home. I hope she is just off on a small adventure and will come home safe and sound.

  7. LeAnn

    Absolutely!! I’ve said many a prayer over our prodigal cat, Teddy. I hope your furry child is home as
    I write this.

  8. Maryjane

    Knowing God loves her and is keeping her safe and leading her back home.

  9. Cathy

    I totally agree that all animals are prayer worthy. In fact, just last night I was praying my heart out for one of my cats, Oreo. He went flying out of the house when I was letting the dogs out for the last time before bed. Usually he will come when I call but didn’t last night. I went out with the flashlight at 4am calling & looking….nothing. I got up after that & looked outside but still no Oreo. When I let the dogs out first thing this morning he still wasn’t around. Just after letting the dogs back in he was at the door, wanting in badly. I cried & said thank you to God. I feel sure He kept Oreo from harm and led him back to me. I will pray for Lulubelle & hope for her safe return as well.

  10. Cindy Sabinske

    I hope your kitty comes back very soon, it is distressing to not have them.

  11. Brenda

    Consider it done! I would be so distraught if one of my pets was missing. Praying LuluBelle is found quickly and safely.

  12. Kristi

    My kitty is my furry child. I will pray for Lulubelle’s safe return!

  13. Becky Rose

    Lifting LuluBelle up, and thanking God for her safe, quick return…

  14. Donna O

    Prayers for LuluBelles safe and quick return. I have cats and worry when I can’t find them.
    I pray she will be at your doorstep tonight or in the morning.

  15. Connie Blyler

    Praying for LuluBelle to come home safe and sound….. and quickly!!!

  16. Lauren

    I will say prayers for a safe return of your kitty! With all the animal lovers here saying prayers she can’t help but find her way home to you.

  17. Diana W

    So sorry, will pray for her safe return. I have lost a kitty once, and I never got over her. Keep looking!

  18. Kathy

    I will pray for her, I am a big animal lover, and would be very sad and upset if mine were gone.
    please let us know when she shows up. I will pray until I hear.

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