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Well, for cryin’ out loud!  How many people did I tell that Rivertown was in our book Civil War Remembered?  Connie told me it was and I thought it was but we both stand corrected.  It is NOT in either book but IF there is a third book, we will include it.  Until then, if you would like a copy of the pattern Rivertown, send $10 to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA.

The Wedding Day Quilt is also available for $10 sent to the same address.  Any of our past patterns can be purchased for $10.  Please make note of my name and mailing address.

If you read the comments you know that Bernadette rescued this little goat who escaped her pen – picture taken at a Mennonite farm in Upstate New York where she attended a fall gathering and quilt show.

For the last 20 years we were in business I wrote a newspaper called the Goat Gazette.  My friend, Paula in Kentucky, liked the header so much she used it to decorate her sewing machine case.

The chickens are laying eggs like crazy!  We can’t eat this many eggs so my friends will be getting some soon.  With our nice warm fall weather, the chickens are enjoying being outside from dawn till dusk scratching around for bugs.

I hope I’ve caught up on all the questions and comments … for now.

23 thoughts on “Lots of Answers

  1. Deborah grisanti

    Thrilled I already own the Rivertown pattern, but I am searching for Wild Turkey pattern #530. Do you have it to sell me? Thank you, debbie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deborah – did you see that I answered you yesterday and gave you my address?

      1. Deborah grisanti

        I’m sorry, didn’t see that. Is it listed above I s it listed a bike as 2345 Palm ave.? I just saw it now. If the pattern is $10.00, I will be more bankrolled to send you a check at that address. Thank you, debbie

  2. terry

    Love the baby goat but then I love all your featured animals. Yesterday while sorting my patterns what to my surprise I found Riverton. The pattern was part of your civil war club sometime back. So today I’m sorting out fabrics and digging for my black. Yahoo.


  3. Elizabeth McDonald

    I love the idea of a 3rd book . I have and love Civil War Remembered, and The Blue and the Gray — and a much older quilt book WIth Country Threads in the title and a fabulous selection of pieced and appliqued quilts. I have a large bunch of your patterns as well — but I would definitely welcome a 3rd book! I treasure everything I have collected over the years of your designs.

  4. Pamela Blessman

    I just purchased a Bernina 790. I can tell you that it is a dream machine but I can also say it will take me forever to learn all its capabilities! Just the thrill of an excellent machine to piece with is enough for now. It came with a stitch regulator as well as embroidery options. I’m taking it slow in learning so that I feel somewhat proficient with individual functions before moving on to the next. I’m pretty easy to impress and the large bobbins alone were exciting to me! HA! Good luck with your decision making!

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Facebook just came from my Clarion friends and you are having flooding, wind and rain. My aunt always said you have to be strong to live in Iowa!

  6. Linda Huyser

    Mary, I am sending check in the mail for the Rivertown pattern, just in case you start running off copies! Can’t imagine I don’t have this pattern….I seem to have all the other ones!

  7. Martha Engstler

    Oh Mary, we are hearing awful things about the weather in northern Iowa and the Mason City area which I know includes Garner. The weather channel even showed Garner with tornadoes and hale. I pray it doesn’t do damage to your farm. Hope you will comment about this. I know you said you have had a lot of rain already. Here in Penna. we could use some rain but not that much.

  8. Martha Engstler

    I loved the Goat Gazette and saved all the ones I received. I was late in discovering the shop and the Gazette but I treasure them and look back over them from time to time. I discovered Punchneedle at your shop and am addicted. It’s fun as a takealong for appointment waiting and TV ad time. Don’t know what to do with so many of them that are finished. Some are dear rugs in my grand daughters doll house.

  9. Betty Klosterman

    Even I had the number of every Country Thread pattern written down, I would always try to go thru all the patterns and look at each picture – my memory wasn’t so good and I ended up with 2 of a few…. Guess that says that I liked the pattern? Also go thru every book, too, as many patterns were also included in their books. I would find patterns that I loved and wanted to make.

    I also like the smell of the farm, the alfalfa, clover and the manure. (not hog) The manure always smelled kind of sweet to me? My husband says I have a very active imagination. I’ve heard that skunk scent was used to make perfume so maybe I wasn’t too far off base?

  10. Bernadette

    How fun to see my picture in your blog. Thanks, Mary!!! Not sure if I mentioned it already, but I was smiling because the kid had just nibbled my shirt! The farm smelled so good (my sis said it was sweet grass) that I asked my husband if we could move to a farm in that area — . If I could find one on a lake with a nearby golf course, he would probably go for it.

    Love this quilt, Mary.

    I am thinking of possibly buying a Bernina that has embroidery capabilities. When I was in a quilt shop in Utica, NY on this trip, I spotted a quilt hanging up on a wall and was told that the quilting was done on a Bernina with quilting capabilities. I have just finished a churn dash/ nine patch quilt and my first choice to quilt it isn’t available until this coming spring. Must be the season, but I was thinking it might be nice to be able to do it myself. My go-to machine is a 35 yr old Singer portable that is a real workhorse. But adding a Bernina could be fun. Your thoughts, Mary and other ladies?

  11. Tanya T.

    Of course, there will be another book! New sewing machines + new quilts=new book! At least all of us hope so! 🙂

  12. Gayle Lacey

    Too funny! After so many designs, I don’t know how you could remember if they were single patterns or books or which books they were in! Yes, another book would be awesome … but no pressure. You need to enjoy your animals, flowers, farm, family, quilting, etc. Heaven knows you’ve earned a little R&R! Thanks for looking for the pattern.

  13. Diane

    Aren’t those little goats just adorable? Sooo cute:) The sewing machine case is a great idea. I loved the Goat Gazette and was so happy when I found your blog, Mary!!

  14. MartyCae

    I would love a third book! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the first two. Started cutting an hour after I got the first one.

    Love the machine case with the Goat Gazette on it. How cute and clever.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I did – I have over and over.
      Mary Etherington
      2345 Palm Ave.
      Garner, IA 50438

  15. Linda B

    Well, I got out the books and looked for Rivertown. But it was an inspirational evening looking at all the quilts I still want to make. Thanks for all those wonderful patterns!

  16. Susie

    Oh I love the picture of Bernadette and the baby. I really wish I could have a Nubian but alas being a suburban/city dweller isn’t conducive for goats :-).

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