Rain Report

I have heard from many of you who are concerned about the flooding in North Iowa.  Garner is just west of I-35 which runs north and south through the middle of the state.  The hardest hit area yesterday was east of I-35 — they got 10″ last night and another 2″ this morning.  Jo’s Country Junction, north of there, got hit hard a couple weeks ago and I haven’t heard how much they got yesterday.  The farmers are going to be in some trouble with harvest work for sure.

I should have taken some pictures in town this morning – ditches are full and parking lots are flooded.  Here is how we are affected by heavy rain and we are on high ground so we are in great shape.

Here is what I worked on yesterday – the jellyroll bars quilt made from men’s shirts.  This is very time consuming to cut from shirts which makes me appreciate yardage and those jelly rolls even more!  Ha!

This afternoon I’m off to church to teach the gals how to machine quilt in straight lines.

Mary Etherington

2345 Palm Ave.

Garner, IA 50438


22 thoughts on “Rain Report

  1. Donna Sproston

    I hear there was lots of hail in southern Wisconsin as the storm continued on. Glad you are not under water.

  2. Liz D.

    Boy, I wish I could be at your straight line quilting lesson. I like how your quilts look with it. Will they use their own machines or is this only for long arm machines?

  3. Ellie

    Seems to have missed us in Indiana, much to our delight.

    I love your quilt, even though it is lots of work. Looks like a really old one!

    I could use those lessons about quilting in straight lines.

  4. Martha Engstler

    Hope we get some of that rain here in the Mason-Dixon area (along the Pennsylvania-Maryland line). It is so dry some of the trees are dying and leaves falling early. The grass is brown, only good part of that is it doesn’t have to be mowed as often.

  5. mary h

    They are putting up the big sand barriers here around our power plant and fire station, both of which sit on the banks of the Cedar River here in Vinton. We are all feeling kind of sick about the potential flooding on Sunday after having lost power and flooded in 2008. Please keep all the towns on the Cedar in your thoughts and prayers.

  6. Angie Rowland

    So how do you cut the shirts? Like a jelly roll? Would love to know. I wanted to do a table runner with plaid and got a whole bunch of men’s plaid shirts at Good WILL when they had a 2.00 bag day. LOTS of fabric for a cheap price and had lovely plaids. It would make a great quilt as well. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Pam

    Mary, you are so energetic and talented! I was just going thru my Country Threads patterns in anticipation for a trip to Missouri Star Quilts! I’m ready! Also any hints on straight line quilting would be great! My attempts look nowhere nearly as nice as yours! Thanks! ps: love your shirt quilt-especially the colors.

  8. Cathy Davis

    I too would like to learn your straight line quilting technique. Any chance you’d do a video or class on it?

  9. Launa Peters

    Stay high and dry my friend……. I LOVE the somber colors in the new quilt on your design wall. Just great combinations!! Was upper 70’s here in the central valley south today…… quite windy so harvesting almonds and grapes is producing dust and I noticed some fields being plowed for planting south of here near the golf course. Vossler’s are harvesting pumpkins for their fall festivities. Sure hope Mother Nature gives us a little rain SOON…….. I’m WAY OVER THE HILL TODAY… no cake nor candles!

  10. Sharon Hultgren

    I think it is fun to work with men’s shirts too. One trick I use is to leave the bottoms on the front strip of the shirt. I put a safety pin thru the top and put it on a key ring! No hunting for matched buttons when needed!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon – I do the same thing- very efficient! I love shopping for shirts – it’s like a treasure hunt!

  11. Ann Barlament

    I have a friend that lives west of you, in Middleburg…She would love the neutral colors of your jelly roll quilt, as do I!!

    I hope all this rain isn’t an indication of what to expect this winter. We had under 3-inches, but 5-miles north had almost 10-inches. My Australian friend is ready to build an ark!!

  12. Janice

    Looking at the weather map this morning (Friday, Sept 23rd). It shows more rain over Iowa again. Hope you don’t get washed out with the latest storm. My prays go out to the folks in harms way of the flood waters. Hopefully, there will be an extended dry period.

    I have two quilts I’ve started using my brother-in-law’s business shirts. When he retired he gave them to me to use in a quilt. One is not going well, it’s been a struggle to make it interesting. I’ve tried to use all of his shirts in it but I think there isn’t enough variety in color and design. They are all stripes and I find some of the shirts are really ugly. If I every do a shirt quilt like this again, I’d go for lots of plaids, prints and stripe workshirts.

  13. Marilyn K Hooton

    I wish I could come along.i really enjoy seeing your straight line quilting but know I could learn a lot if I were there.

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