Lots of Photos! 8-20-2020

If I don’t do this at least every other day, I’ll forget where I’m at. This is what I’m doing this afternoon – yup! – washing windows!

And remember that row of hostas I planted earlier in the summer? And somebody said I couldn’t plant them in the summer? Look at them today!

I forgot to show the back of Chicken Gumbo – I used the last jellyroll strips on the back.

And the other Freedom quilt I recently finished.

Kathy in Rochester sent this picture of her husband’s vanilla strawberry hydrangea Bush. It is spectacular, isn’t it?

Dirty Dozen Quilts:

Wasn’t that a great quilt show? Next you’ll see the newest online patterns in our store.


The Red Pickup – this is Carly, our first rescue puppy who was dropped off along a gravel road with her mom and siblings. She was so, so special to us! One Saturday night Rick and Carly went into town to buy a lottery ticket and when Rick came out of the store, Carly was dead in the front seat! We assume she died of a massive heart attack because she wasn’t sick. Such a shock!

20th Anniversary Spools

Our Best To You

The rest of the photos will be in the next post – I’m getting nervous that I might lose this long post with all the photos! Oh, would I be upset!

24 thoughts on “Lots of Photos! 8-20-2020

  1. Kathy in western NY

    Yes indeed a splendid quilt show!!! Great finishes and I love seeing what everyone is making. You are indeed giving us a treat! What an awful shock to lose Carly that way.

  2. Angie from Baltimore

    Poor Rick Carly went peacefully but Rick must have been devastated. Many of us remember Carly what a great life.
    Love the red truck quilt as every other quilt you have shown.

  3. Rosalie

    I haven’t ever lost a pet like that….so hard to see them lose them strength. Hard to lose them whatever way it happens.
    Just had to put our old donkey and goat down last Saturday-so sad.

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale

      Rosalie, sorry about your old donkey and goat. Always painful to say good-bye to dear friends.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosalie – I’m so sorry! Was it just “time” because they were old and not in good health? That’s what happens around here – I hate to see them decline.

  4. Launa

    Big THANK YOU, Mary! Such nice pictures of quilts n flowers for sharing!
    Sad story of losing Carly like that.
    The smoke from CA and Idaho wildfires is in our air up here in my neck of the woods! Many have lost everything in CA.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    What a wonderful show!! All of them great. I have been down through them three times already. I just love them all.
    So sad about Carly. She must have been a very special dog.

  6. Peggy S

    Oh, my!! What a wonderful quilt show today!! Love them all, but take a particular liking to Jeanine’s!! Haven’t seen one like that before!!
    I’m sorry I don’t remember the Carly story. How terrible for all!! We love our furry kids!!

  7. Amy M

    Oh this post has so many memories. Maggie, Carly and Lucy were the greeting committee when we first started coming to Country Threads. And all the times, really hours I spent looking at patterns I don’t remember the Red Truck Pattern. I’m sure it is dead brain cells. And the 20th Anniversary Spools. One of my famous camp blunders (of many) was when Connie (I think it was her, maybe both of you) teaching us how to make the star. My star and background ended up all the same color! Hence it is still a UFO but it is on the list along with My Favorite Things (blocks all done, just needs the darn applique!). I have accepted I am a very slow sewer (I talk too much-don’t know what my excuse is by myself at home) but that is ok. It is the journey! Funny you are washing windows, I noticed the tiny little windows in my garage door look like a dust storm came through. I never thought about washing those but they are windows. Sounds like a good niece or nephew job : )

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – I laughed out loud when you mentioned the star block! I think Connie was actually teaching the class but I remember it – so funny! I don’t see any nieces or nephews around to help but it would be nice – Rick actually held the ladder on the sloping ground. Some of these windows have just gotten their fall wash before winter – I’m not doing them again! I should look at the copyright date of the Red Pickup –

  8. Kay Schleusner

    I remembered Carly would come up to you while working and scratch your leg because she needed a treat.

  9. Charlotte Shira

    Poor Carly! What a beautiful dog.
    That’s a lot of windows but so nice when they are clean.
    Great quilt show today. thank you Mary!!

  10. Sheila in WI

    Absolutely love the quilt show today. I just love seeing all the different quilts that your readers are making. Thanks for sharing the precious memory about Carly.

  11. Sunflower from Michigan

    Yes, what a lovely quilt show. Such beautiful work. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  12. Sharon Lowy

    So sad you lost Carly but she didn’t have to suffer. It is heartbreaking when we lose one of our precious babies.

  13. Judith Ann Jaques

    As far as the hosta. I have moved hosta anytime spring, summer,or fall. I have forgotten I dug one and left it sitting on the ground amongst the rest and not found it till the next year,put it in the ground and it grew. They are tough. I had over 350 different varieties in my north garden.
    That big garden and pond is all gone now. Too much,for this old woman, to take care of.

    Sadly I lost my 20+ year old goldfish a few weeks ago. They had lived in a tank,with a veggie filter, in the green house for over 6 years,since we took out the pond.
    I felt bad they were always inside,– so moved them into a big tank outside thinking they would like it ——well the green algae grew so I went and purchased a product that said safe for fish and plants. I treated the water and within 15 mins my fish were floating. They were over 10 inches long.
    So sorry for your loss, of Carly. They are part of our family and it is so devastating.

    Not the same losing, fish ,but that is still upsetting,, when you have them for so long.
    This year 2020, has not been one I want to remember.So many sad and unmanageable.
    I continue to look for pleasant things. Happy days. Your blogs are a bright spot even with sad news. Thanks judy j

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    Love all the pics…DD’s are great ! Be busy trying to play catch-up on chores neglected durning the horrible heat..pigs are being so destructive.. fund man that has brought in several large live traps…so far has trapped over 30 pigs of various sizes.. am told pigs will become wise to traps & not go in, man says will remove after 30 days & if I want/ need will put out again in 60 days, have a feeling will have him back. Reset a couple of game cameras & seeing some beautiful deer. Still have not found anyone to do clearing that I want done so that is on back burner for now. Seems as if to do list getting longer rather than shorter.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – oh, those awful hogs! I am so thankful we don’t have anything like that here. I don’t have trouble with coyotes but I know lots of people around here do. Yes, trying to find help is not easy. I do what I can and the rest will,have to be done by the next people who live here.

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