Touching Base, 8-19-2020

I haven’t forgotten all of you but I’ve had so much happening the past couple of weeks that I simply could not find a chunk of time to collect my thoughts. First of all, today is Connie and Roy’s 48th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

Kayla continues to work on our digital store where you can find several dozen of our patterns. As we design new patterns, they will also be available online. One of my online favorites is This Old Farmhouse which would make such a perfect housewarming gift. Watch our Facebook page to see what Connie posts there.

Chicken Gumbo will be available online shortly – here is my finished quilt.

With the pieces leftover I made “Freedom” quilts – bits and pieces of scraps put together without a pattern – just sewed together for fun. Here are the two Freedom quilts leftover from Chicken Gumbo.

I’m not sure what Connie is working on at the moment but I’m making a birthday gift right now. When relatives have significant “round number” birthdays, I try to make them a quilt. I won’t dare show this quilt before the birthday, just in case she’s reading! I’m anxious to start my blue project – I never make blue quilts but I have this beautiful stack of blue fabrics I want to use.

It’s Wednesday so Sam and the kids are coming this afternoon – they’ll soon be in school but they assured me they could come after school so that’s what we’re going to do!! I baked blueberry muffins for lunch and picked up some ice cream treats. We usually have Orange Julius but my blender bit the dust and the new one hasn’t arrived so we’re having a change in menu today.

I think I have a little time to sit at the piano before they come – be still.

29 thoughts on “Touching Base, 8-19-2020

  1. Amy M

    I am loving seeing the patterns in new fabrics. I hope you and Connie are enjoying making them and it doesn’t feel like work. If it does, I say just post the pictures of the old patterns…this is retirement remember! You will probably have to have Kayla add a tab to the page for RECIPES because you know someone who is a new reader will ask about Orange Julius. But I used the fancy new Search feature and found the post from 2016!!

    Orange Julius Drink
    12 ounce can frozen orange juice
    1 can milk
    1 can water
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 tsp. vanilla
    Ice cubes
    Put all in a blender and mix. Add more ice cubes if desired. Very delicious!

    Happy Anniversary to Connie and Roy!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – we are so enjoying the remake of these patterns! The real work is done and we can just sew – it’s great! I don’t think I post many recipes but it’s always an option. I’ll pass that on to Kayla!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        I think a recipe tab would be a great idea! Example – how you made your freezer corn, the above orange julius, your cracker snacks!!! Yum!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Sherry Whalen – I’m always nervous about printing recipes because of possible errors or omissions – I was using a recipe last summer with rhubarb which said 3-1/4 c. Sugar which couldn’t have been right – it was supposed to read 1-3/4 c. And that’s why I hate posting recipes.

  2. Charlotte Shira

    I love the quilts…especially the Chicken Gumbo and the ones you make from scraps. You are so talented.
    My son used to make Orange Julius when he was home. It sounds really good today. I live in the SF Bay area and it has been in the high 90s and even over 100. We might have a couple of days like that but it has been so hot since last Friday with no relief in sight. We had an unusual thunderstorm last weekend that started several fires. I opened my front door this morning and the smoke is so bad. I’m praying for the safety of the firemen and people who are in danger of having their homes destroyed. It is so dry here. So glad I have air conditioning so I’ll stay in the house and sew!

  3. Linda

    Hi Mary,
    When you do your straightline quilting, are the lines straight and evenly spaced? Or are you just eye balling it ?

  4. Betty Vest

    Please bottle up half your or energy I am welling to pay. I just love to read about you and the animals. Tell the chickens and doggy hi for me. I live in the city for past 40 years and I live vicarious through you all. I am 73 yrs old now and I still quilt. Not often and smaller projects. Love the pictures. Thank you so much for the releaf of depression.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary,wonderful quilts again, your matchstick quilting is so much better than mine! We are off to a quilt show this weekend in Petone,very exciting after so long.only 100 people in the hall at a time ,my neighbour is taking me as she loves quilts too.enjoy your visitors, best wishes from sandy

  6. Betty Klosterman

    I’m curious. Are the other bloggers receiving the same adds as I see? The reason I ask is right now there is an ad for a new book called “Tour An Old Brothel.” I just have to giggle because they were in full swing when I came about 55 years ago. It wasn’t like the old days in Deadwood, but still very colorful. Such is life.
    It is pretty nice that we have the time while staying home to dig thru our piles and find the wonderful things we started and may finish them now. All the DD quilts are so interesting, especially the colors they used. We get so many new ideas, things we’d never thought about. Keep up the inspiration, ladies. We all love the ideas. Betty, Rapid City

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I am chuckling Betty over your ads! You made me laugh here. So what have you been looking up on line recently- ha ha 😁😁😁 . My ads were for Geico insurance and some jewelry which neither do I need or buy but a book might tempt me!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        They just started a new tourist attraction in Deadwood, SD. It is a tour of “houses of ill repute” in Deadwood. The news just had a report on them, now an ad popped up on Country Thread’s blog. I used to work for a man who was born and raised in Rapid City. If he was alive he would be about 100 years old. He would tell me about the old days, kids sliding down hills in winter, swimming holes in Rapid Creek and all the fun stuff kids did back then. One of the things he told about was a place called “Coney Island” which was located on the creek bank. When there would be a very heavy rain which would raise the creek very fast, the patrons had to get out by boat — and the hardy souls of Rapid City would go down to watch to see who was getting boat rides!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Betty Klosterman – I have really enjoyed your stories about Rapid City!

        2. Kathy

          Look what I have learned about SD. You had the original natural water parks that people now pay to go to. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    2. Beth T.

      Betty, that’s a hoot because my ads are all for things I’ve looked at online before (“reader” glasses or fabric at Connecting Threads, for example). How did those Brothel people find you? 😉

  7. Tanya in Houston

    Oh, my goodness! Those look like Jen Kingwell chickens and scraps. I am hoarding mine and daydreaming of what to do with them. Check out her Flutterby quilt online as it’s the one our local quilt has made their donation quilt this year. YOURS are just beautiful, too!

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Nothing like seeing a stack of fabrics pulled to make a new quilt! So inspiring and will love seeing those colors made up. What a great title you give your “leftovers quilts” – freedom. Like that!
    Hope you had a good day with your friends coming over and Happy anniversary to Connie and Roy. We celebrated 51 years last week and went to a nice restaurant where we enjoyed our meal outside and I thought it’s the little things like this you sure appreciate when it’s fewer and fewer times we go any place now. Stay safe everyone as I can’t imagine breathing that smoke from CA wildfires so I feel bad for those in harms way.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    All blues go together. I love your saying.
    The church ladies got together today in the picnic area at the park…what fun to see everyone. One is going to houses taking the census. We had lots of questions for her. She said the biggest issue she has had so far is the weather, so very hot and wore out by the end of the day. That’s got to be a challenge.
    Happy Anniversary to Connie and Roy. Congratulations to them.

    Love the house quilt, all others too.

  10. Sue in Oregon

    I fall more in love with the Farmhouse Quilt every time I see it. Must order it soon.
    I know what you mean about busy. We stay home, never have visitors, and yet we are always busy. I must be that we upped our gardening efforts and now harvest time. Lots of freezing and canning. I hope for easy winter meals and more quilting.
    Happy Anniversary to Connie and Roy. We have them beat by quite a few years. Not bragging, mind you. Envious would be more like it.
    I have a Country Threads ad today. Yes, I was snooping in the shop.

  11. Kate

    I made the Chicken Gumbo quilt years ago and where the squares are in the sashing I appliqued fried eggs. I got a blue ribbon on it at the fair! Fun quilt to make..

  12. Carla

    Hi! Quick question… how do I send you a DD picture? I’m thinking the email at the bottom of the page, but want to be sure. The dragon is done! Late, but done. My #3 was the perfect pick as it doesn’t need much work. I might make yet! Thanks for the lovely catch up. So nice reading all the comments as well. Special hello to Betty Vest!

  13. Julie D

    Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary Connie and Roy!!! So many cute CT patterns being put up on your new website! I’ve got to check my pattern stash to see if I don’t have some of them before I purchase!!

  14. Sunflower from Michigan

    Hi, I love the Chicken Gumbo quilt! Going to have to order that pattern. And your freedom quilts are lovely. I’m working on my August DD but am going to my daughters in Indianapolis on Sunday so really hope to put some time in the sewing room to get it done before my visit.
    My garden is really producing and I’ve made several batches of tomato sauce which I’ll use in winter for chili, spaghetti and other dishes. I have so many jalapeño peppers! In past years I’ve gotten a few peppers off my plants but this year each plant is giving LOTS of peppers. We’ve been making stuffed jalapeño peppers wrapped in bacon! Our eggplants are also generous this year.
    Take care, I sure enjoy reading your blog and just love seeing the projects everyone has made.

  15. Sunflower from Michigan

    Oh! Forgot to say that my ads are so often for a new mattress or for new tires. Both of which I don’t need!

  16. Marian

    Happy Anniversary to Connie and Roy. Celebrate however you can! Love all the quilts. Looks as though Chicken Gumbo takes the prize. So enjoyable reading your blog, Mary, on this beautiful day in Minnesota. Everyone be happy and safe. Oh, I love your eyeballing comment!!

  17. Kathy Hanson

    Enjoying all the quilts – looking forward to seeing what you do with the beautiful blue fabrics!

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