The NEW Farmer’s Daughter, 8-17-2020

Here is our original Farmer’s Daughter quilt – queen size in red, white and blue with twirly little stars in the sashing. It was such a popular pattern!

And here is our new updated version – couch size in bright florals – Abby Rose by Moda.

I still have my charm pack to make into something fun – we both loved this line by Robin Pickens.

Farmer’s Daughter pattern will be available for digital download soon – it’s in the mail to Kayla today. Look for it in our online store!

Dirty Dozens for today:

I appreciated your comments about using the self-checkout – I won’t use it again. Heading to the shop to quilt.

Be Still…….

40 thoughts on “The NEW Farmer’s Daughter, 8-17-2020

  1. Brenda in SC

    Oh my goodness!! Such beautiful DD!! I must know about the Christmas tree skirt! It looks like it could be made with jelly rolls and I have a ton of those in Christmas themes!!
    Husband has a stress fracture in his left foot so he is down for the count and I am nurse maid for awhile.
    Stay still my hiney….LOL ….he has me so busy!!!
    Hope all is well….weather is finally cooling down and we have some rain in SC

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda in SC – if Julie doesn’t supply the info, I’ll get ahold of her because she’s a local gal. Has a wonderful dog named Cooper!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Yes. The DD’s are beautiful.
    I’ve been busy dealing with insurance after the hail storm. Hopefully this week it will all be settled.
    I’m still trying to track down a lost package mailed in June. Life happens.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I understand that lost package problem – they charge your card immediately, you have to pay for it that first cycle or you’ll get a late fee from the credit card company and you’ve never gotten the item that was ordered. It is such a vicious circle that I hesitate to order and I can’t go to the store!!!! You cannot win against the credit card company – I have learned that the hard way. There are so many pet items I’d like to order but now I won’t. Item in question is a wool cat cave ordered and paid for in May. Never came.

      1. Cinders

        I kept letting the company know not received, lol and behold my item arrived 2 weeks late. They said it was lost. Don’t give up.

      2. patti leal

        oh no! sorry to hear this. i was thinking of getting one of the wool cat caves. guess i’ll put it on the back burner for now. i’m sorry it happened to you. patti in florida

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Patti Leal – I ordered a wool cat cave from Amazon just a few days ago and it came today! It’s nice and I hope they’ll like it!! The first one isn’t likely to ever arrive.

    2. Diana Stanfill

      I live the quilt with all the cats!! Those wont make me sneeze. I sure wish I had the name of that quilt pattern. All the rest are beautiful as well.

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Todays Dirty Dozen are fantastic. I’m in love with the one with the cats. The Farmer’s Daughter quilt looks like one I could handle. I have so much fabric I need to do something with. May do Disappearing Nine Patch first. That goes fast and I’m sure I have fabric that will work for that one.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    The DD quilts are just great and we really love seeing all of them. Of course, being a cat lady, the sampler quilt hit the spot. No matter what you are doing, the cat HAS to be in the middle of it all!! Was that a pattern, or a figment of the quilters imagination?
    My friend in Huxley got power yesterday. She was very happy. Haven’t heard about the damages yet.
    I will NOT use the self check out in Walmart. It takes a job away from a person. They are not paying me to work for them. It isn’t right. In the meantime, fall isn’t far away with cooler weather. Wonder where this year has gone? Take care and enjoy the quilting and slower life. And your quilting projects are great.

  5. Sandy D’Angelo

    I always get a boost from reading your blog. Thank you for reminding me how much I loved my farmers daughter quilt. I need to make another.

  6. Jeanne S

    Made a full size Farmers Daughter many years ago. It was such a fun quilt to make. Didn’t know who would get it until I got word from a dear friend in Rhode Island that she had lost her Mother, her house and her belongings in a terrible fire. They lived on a small acreage with a few cows and chickens. She had never married and took care of her invalid mother until that time. That quilt was meant to go to her…a true and faithful farmer’s daughter. We visited her a few years later and got to sleep under that very quilt. I need to make another one.

  7. Jeanne s

    All of the dd quilts are wonderful but especially loved the red and tan quilt by Leigh. What pattern is it and is it still available? What a beautiful assortment of colors?

    1. Leigh Thomas

      It is Jamestown Landing by Bonnie Hunter and is in her book “String Fling”. She has the books for sale in her Quiltville web store.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Leigh when I looked at your quilt I was thinking where have I seen that design and so thank you for reminding us of the pattern. I have Bonnie’s book with that design and it’s marked to make but I never thought of using my reds instead. It’s such a great scrap user quilt to make and one of my favorites of Bonnie Hunter.

      1. Helen Jane

        Hi Leigh…I like both your quilts. Is the second one from a pattern? Enjoy seeing all the quilts and various projects.

  8. Nancy TD

    Great finishes. So fun to see everything. It is truly amazing the amount of things I have finished by staying home during these times.
    Both farmers daughter quilts are nice.
    Enjoy sewing and stay safe.

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary,love the comment about your friend and her dog Cooper, sometimes I can’t remember a person’s name but can recall their dog, cat or kid s! Love the broken dishes by Leigh,I made it in plaids years ago from quilters newsletter.hope all is well, best wishes from sandy

  10. Kathy in western NY

    I have had my eyes on this same line of fabric by Robin Pickens!!! So nice to see it made up in a quilt.
    We all just love seeing these pictures of finishes so can’t thank you enough Mary for using your blog to inspire us since we all aren’t getting out like we are use to right now. I look so forward to seeing what everyone creates. And also reading the comments where people share so much. And going back to re-read them.
    I am feeling pretty mad about this mail situation with things not being delivered now and it was doing just fine early on during the virus. We too have been waiting over a month for one thing that use to take two or three days!

  11. Peggy S

    What a wonderful quilt show today!! Enjoyed seeing all of them.
    I just received two T shirt quilts In the mail today from my longarm quilter. Binding is all made & ready to go!! Soon I’ll have something to call “finished!!”
    Peggy S

  12. Paula Philpot

    I love the original and the new one also. Was the corn crop by you destroyed? Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – we were very lucky – we are about 3 hours northwest of the worst hit city, Cedar Rapids.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Heidi Naber – the Pattern we’re sending out IS the original. There is no instruction sheet for our updated version.

  13. Deborah Wheeler

    I am a farmer’s daughter. I must make this beautiful quilt. It is great to be able to get the pattern as a pdf.

  14. Julie Hutcherson

    Oh, my, Mary, would the quilter to made the cat quilt sell her cat silhouette patterns? There all lively, of course but I’m so drawn to that one! Julie

      1. Anonymous

        Hmm. I think the program is editing. So frustrating. My exclamation was B O S H.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie Hutcherson – I will ask her to pass on the cat silhouette patterns info.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I would sure like the cat silhouette quilt pattern, too. It really looks like a commercial patters as each cat block is framed so nicely. Such good planning. Betty in Rapid City.

    2. Kathy Teske

      Julie, the cat quilt was started in a class I took in 1993. As far as I know, it was never a commercial pattern. The instructor gave us handouts for each class session. It’s been so long ago that I’ve lost track of the instructor, but I believe it was her own pattern.

      If you’re looking for just the cat silhouettes, there are a couple of books by Darcy Ashton that have similar cat silhouettes. I believe they’re called Claire’s Cats and Claire’s Cats Is.

  15. Judith Ann Jaques

    I love the border of the Farmer’s Daughter quilt and the scrappy binding. I’ve never seen that kind of border on any quilt I can remember.
    Power is back on in the hard hit areas of Iowa. My sister lost all her big really old trees. Oak and hickory. Some on her house. But they have power again and she is grateful to the Ontario Canada electrical team for fixing it.judy j

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith Ann – tell your sister I’m so sorry she lost her beautiful old trees!

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