Lots of Pictures Today

We got pictures of what you’re working on – I’m sorry to say that some forgot to put a name tag on the project so you’ll be the only one who knows.

This is Connie’s Dirty Dozen #1.

More Dirty Dozen finishes and projects that you’re working on.

And this is what I did today – I played Go Fish with Lucy and Owen – they have three versions!

This is their dog, Ivy.

And I planted this.

This is our day in North Iowa – rain and more rain.

34 thoughts on “Lots of Pictures Today

  1. Lynn H

    I love seeing the dirty dozen pictures it’s like a little quilt show. I scored a Country Threads pattern at a local quilt show last week. What a little thrill. “Uncle Sam”

  2. Janice Hebert

    So many nice finishes! I’m keeping myself busy in my new “craft/sewing” room! Yay, finally, after all these years I am dedicating a room for crafting. It’s not a big room but big enough to hold my hobbies. Getting ideas off of Pinterest. So fun. It’s very warm here tonight in Topsfield, MA! My husband took a quick walk around the house and heard peepers! Supposed to be nice tomorrow so we will work in the yard some. Planning a chicken coop too! Staying in or on our property for the most part. Had to shop today but chose a small local shop and wore my winter gloves! We have people now in my town of 6,000 and the town next to us that have confirmed virus. Very scary. Stay safe everyone. Stay home. So happy to have diversions such as your wonderful blog Mary. Jan in MA

  3. Helen Glover

    Yes I think you are right. It was in a tiny little container with holes in the bottom and the water ran straight out. I only watered when the top was dry. I want to try again with some cause they are so cute. Thanks for your response! Stay warm and safe and healthy!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Helen Glover – here’s another idea – if it runs out too fast, let it sit in the water for awhile so the plant can actually take up the water into the leaves. Just don’t leave it sitting in water indefinitely.

  4. Sandy in Indiana

    So many beautiful projects….lots of talent! I especially love the black & white music pattern ornament-no name (any idea of where to find the pattern?)
    Thanks as always for the blog Mary….it is especially enjoyable during these stressful times….Hugs

    Stay safe everyone


  5. Lisa B

    I love seeing the quilting and crafts others have done! Wonderful job everyone! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I have a request regarding an old pattern Connie had showed on your blog. The pattern is called “River Town”. Would the patten still be available? It was a 9 patch within a log pattern block. Thank you in advance. Stay healthy and happy quilting.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – yes, Rivertown is available for $10 to Country Threads – address below our photo.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Anonymous – you don’t realize I have no continuing thread here so I’m not sure what you’re asking about regarding shipping. Generally shipping is included in the price unless a SASE is requested.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    PS. I’ve also been watching the eagle cam in Dacorah Iowa.
    Anybody else keeping an eye on them? 3 eggs this year and should start hatching in about 2 weeks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I don’t know how I forgot about the Eagles at Deborah – I must keep up!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    You have some busy, busy friends. All the pictures are grand!
    We had thunder with our snow and wind today.
    I got 13 tops quilted for the sick kiddos. Now they need binding, I’ll get help with that part.
    We are home bound and it’s making me a little crazy. I don’t mind when I chose to stay put, but when I’m required to stay home…different story. I tell myself, it’s only for the morning, then after lunch, I think it’s only for the afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll do the same thing. 1/2 day at a time.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hey Jo, do you have a place to walk to for some head clearing? That’s what I call it when I take a walk. Go park at your local school and walk if it’s not icy. It was windy and raining here this morning but warmer than normal so I walked down the street to the church. I felt much better in my head! And don’t forget going for a ride in your car is safe and gas here is so low priced, that rides might be my entertainment next week! Stay well and if I were with you, I would love sewing the binding on the kids quilts. My favorite part.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    For those who arent taking this serious, just look how fast it has spread in NY overnight. Drastic measures are in place here with layoffs, furloughs, workers told to go home and stay home indefinitely – everything closed except groceries and medical facilities – essential places basically. Every quilt shop, malls, all closed for however long so it’s a ghost town. Glad I bought enough weeks ago to prepare as I don’t want to risk going out. I can’t even imagine leaving a loved one at the lobby of the hospital for surgery and not being able to go in and join them once you parked the car. It was a horrible story of the family in NJ losing 4 family members to the virus.

    Onto something happier and that’s all these gorgeous finishes! Wow these are great pictures and I just Love how we get to see them through your blog. It’s our own little quilt show in our own homes.

    1. Anonymous

      Kathy sure makes sense. The comment about having a quilt show in our homes is so true & I’m loving it also. It’s wonderful hearing about everyone’s activities & weather. Who ever thought a health scare would make me appreciate having the internet so we can all feel connected. I guess my day will be back at my sewing machine which never gets boring.
      The weather in southern Minnesota is rain & dreary weather but on the bright side, it makes the frost come out of the ground.
      Thank you for your blog Mary.

  10. Joyce from NY

    Pictures are all so beautiful! My bag is moving because I probably had it on video & didn’t know it, not very good at taking pictures & sending them on. Everyone seems to be very busy, I love the picture of Ivy & the kids & your little planter. Stay safe & healthy everyone!

  11. Liz Schrader

    There are flood warnings down here in Texas. It has been raining sometime every day for days. Also tornados north of here. I haven’t left my house for a week. The “elderly” are homebound. My bridge clubs have stopped several weeks (or months ?), no church, many stores closed and of course all restaurants, bars, movie theaters and gyms closed, including my son’s that was just opened in Nov. I finished a quilt for my grand son’s wedding in May which I have to pick up at long-armed quilter this weekend and am almost done with my granddaughters T-Shirt quilt I’m making for her graduate school gift. Stay safe Mary! And may God bless all of us!🙏

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Liz Schrader – you’ve been busy, haven’t you? Be careful even going out to pick up your quilt!

  12. Diane Bauer

    So many lovely projects! I love seeing what everyone is working on!

    We have spring snow here today—probably 3” now, but weighs a TON because it’s so wet! I am not going to shovel this time as I can’t see my chiropractor with all of the closures.

    Tomorrow I will pack bags of food for the Weld Co Food Bank and then hopefully donate blood. Trying to do my part to help keep our community safe. This weekend I will be holed up at my friend’s cabin in Estes with our sewing machines. We will be quilting but also working on masks for health workers in our area. I finally have a use for my stash of fabric!!

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Diane, where did you get the pattern for the mask covers? I tried to print out a pattern and it wouldn’t print. In the TV report, it looked like the ladies were working with a special hospital fabric. Don’t know if the medical field needs them here, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some ready to go? The corona virus hasn’t been to bad, yet, but I don’t think we have tested very many people. Thank’s, Betty in Rapid City.

  13. Helen Glover

    I have just managed to kill a cactus just like yours. Please give some hints or tips or keeping one growing. Love you blog. Take care!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Helen Glover – my tiny plant is a succulent and has literally been sending out roots while just laying on the counter – that’s how easy they are to grow AND how very little water they require. I’m guessing you’re watering too much.

      1. Helen Glover

        Yes I think you are right. It was in a tiny little container with holes in the bottom and the water ran straight out. I only watered when the top was dry. I want to try again with some cause they are so cute. Thanks for your response! Stay warm and safe and healthy!!

  14. Teresa from Port Coquitlam

    It’s so nice to see pictures of what people are working on. I especially like the quilt that follows the dog sitting with the candy cane. It reminds me of a flower garden.

    1. Vicki in Seattle

      Teresa, the quilt pattern is “Wildflowers” by Kim Brackett. I was inspired by Mary and Connie’s quilts which Mary posted last year. I’m glad you like it.

  15. Margaret

    Love seeing all the projects. Awesome work. Lots of rain here in Brighton, I’ll. Yards all all swampy. More on the way. Hubby and I am staying in, we are not youngsters anymore. Enjoy
    Chicken Scratch so much. Love all your plants and flowers. You have been through so much with your surgeries and back. Praying for our families and our country.

  16. Rita in Iowa

    So is the bag picture really moving? It was kind of erie. Thanks for all the pictures, they were wonderful.
    Stay safe to all of you.

    1. Diane in WI

      I thought it was just me! It is kind of eerie. I’ve never seen that before

        1. H

          It might have been a ‘live photo’ from an iphone. They move.
          Because it did move.

  17. Mary Rhodes

    Wow! On Connie’s dirty dozen! Looks like you had fun playing go fish! Here Bethel Ohio rain most of wednesday and started raining afternoon none stop. My backyard looks like rivers! I hurt most of night so sleeping not so good. Watch Alex Anderson, Pat Sloan and Bonnie Hunter! I’m amaze how much Bonnie gets done! That plant looks so cute in the planter! My mom and husband had green thumbs. Not me! Got crochet afghan done, left overs making square one. Went through my stash to get the colors for Tickle Pick quilt along from Betsy C on Instant Gram. Wednesday shopped for the cats and picked some stuff for me! Today empty the trunk out, meat went to freezer last night. Hope to get some sewing done on UFO’s then some weaving on small baskets too! At least got my wonderful items to look forward to! Have fun!

  18. Jan from TN

    Hi Mary! I know exactly how you feel about the rain & wind & mud. We had no rain today — yet! A mostly cloudy & breezy day with a high temp of 72! Yay! But we’re in for a stormy & cooler (of course) day tomorrow. I think our dog, Brody, already senses that it’s coming. Could be a long night. 🙁
    Today, we had our first confirmed case of Covid-19 here in our County. Not good! The people here just haven’t taken this very seriously but now that a cases as been detected they’re saying we should be more careful! 🙄 This is not a hoax & we have a large population of 60+ residents. I fear one case will quickly spread because who knows who is or isn’t an undiagnosed victim! I, for one, think this whole pandemic is very scary–health-wise, economics-wise, etc. One family in NJ lost 4, yes 4, members due to Covid-19. They got it when someone came to dinner at their house who had unknowingly carried it to them from someone he had visited that had it but had not yet been diagnosed with it yet. Crazy! Please stay home unless it’s truly an emergency. I know you won’t (& neither will I) run out of fabric any time soon! 😉😅
    I’ll try to sent you a picture of a wall hanging I’m getting ready to do. I think you’ll like it! Take care!

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