More of the Same! March 18, 2020

I feel like a broken record! Our consistory met last night and cancelled all church activities until further notice. Now I AM sad – I’ve been staying home for months since two knee surgeries but I always got to church. So sad – I will miss my church family so much! I hope this hiatus is short lived.

I set this little Pincushion made by Connie on my table this morning and was just tickled to see the color repeated in the grass. I have used and enjoyed this oat grass so much that I will try to remember to grow it all next winter for my cats. They love it!

Two pages of paper pieced houses are $5 and a SASE to Country Threads. I’ve decided you all must like paper piecing more than I do – we have sent out a BUNCH of these orders! Ha! These house pages are still available – the mail hasn’t stopped, has it?

Here is what I’ve been working on and will likely finish today except for quilting and binding. This is a baby boy quilt made entirely of men’s shirts – appropriate for a baby boy, no?

These are 4″ blocks and now I’m going to add a couple borders.

Connie and I are wondering what everybody is working on. Did you read that quote online about quilters? This is what we’ve been training for? Haha! Since I’ve been home since last fall pretty much, my days are not different except that now I can quilt during the day without guilt of any kind!!!!!

I’m considering making another small Harvey as a gift – guess I have time, huh?

And look what I found when I was Death Cleaning in my sewing room! Does anybody remember this cat pillow by Cindy Taylor Clark from about 40 years ago? I have a friend who loves cats and I want to make this again in current colors and new fabrics!

Just about any older pattern would look great remade in new fabrics, right? And how are we ever going to buy new fabric – just in case we need it? A reader mentioned shopping at IKEA and Connie and I would love to go to Mpls to IKEA! Not gonna happen, is it?

I put a picture of Hazel on Instagram last night – here’s the follow up.

And today Telly must have been exhausted – she gets pretty comfortable in her favorite bed.

So many designers are offering quiltalongs online. We have some new Itty Bitty quilts that we’ll be introducing – stay tuned.

Has anyone watched The Restaurant on Prime Video? I have two episodes left and I think I’ll binge watch them this afternoon. I love these characters – I will just say that this series is a Swedish Downton Abby. But here’s the downside – it’s all done in subtitles which I thought was just a setting on my IPad. It wasn’t and still I continued because it was so good.

Nothing new here – just more of the same fun I have every day! If you’d like to send me a photo of what you’re working on, I will post to the blog. This is my email: Stay safe, Everybody!

42 thoughts on “More of the Same! March 18, 2020

  1. Pam in NC or IA for now

    Hi Mary! I’m working on my second quilt from Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robinson’s “Step Back in Time” book. I finished Mary’s Quilt (at least the piecing) and now am working on Kentucky Baskets that has 339 little 3×3 basket blocks. Next on the list is Potato Chip Stars. Hope I have enough stuff here in Iowa to last for several more weeks. Thank goodness for on-line ordering. I just love that Hazel and Telly knows how to nap!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m trying to catch up on our local “Quilts for kids” group quilt tops. I sew a bunch of backs together so I don’t have to load and unload so much. I have about 10 yards loaded on my machine. That will do about 8 tops.
    I did get to the store…what a shock. Empty shelves all over. The parking lot was full of out of town cars too. I wanted oatmeal…nope. No oatmeal cookies. I wonder what barley flake chocolate chip will taste like?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – did you see how many readers just loved your giraffe? And many were familiar with the pattern, too. I’m so glad I posted it!

  3. Diane Bauer

    I am working on binding a backlog of quilts I picked up from my quilter before this pandemic hit. Surprisingly not getting as much done as quickly as I expected, but have needed to be attending to some things pandemic-wise as far as seeing clients (going to online telehealth options). I also really want to get out and donate blood as I’d like to be available again in 8 weeks if they start calling for more (someone suggested this may be the case based on what happened in Europe). In the meantime, I’m walking the dogs for long walks while I can still get out as we are supposed to get 6-10″ of that silly white stuff tonight. Hard to believe when I just walked in a tank top, but this is Colorado. Our grocery store had PLENTY of toilet paper this morning. I was looking for disinfectant wipes for work and that was a different story. There are still cars around, but it’s definitely quieter.

  4. Peggy S

    So far, yes, the mail is still ongoing, however I did see on one of the news reports that “what else???” You should wash your hands after you pick up your mail!! 😉
    I also planted my oat grass seeds yesterday. . . The ones that were mangled by the USPS & arrived in a plastic bag!!
    Carry on everyone
    Peggy S

    1. Diane and Squeak

      Peggy, mine arrived in a plastic bag , too, and since I had my return address label on it, it was returned to sender-me—Ha! Mary, do I just put dirt in a pot , put in the seeds, and water? I thought I asked this before, but then couldn’t find it so maybe I didn’t?!?! I am a black thumb so need help—pitiful. I am working on UFO’s, t shirt grad quilt, and two baby quikts😊😊.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Diane and Squeak – yes, just lay the oats on top of the potting soil and keep moist – they may sprout in as few as 3-4 days. Good Luck!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Peggy S – the funny thing was we got a bill in a plastic bag a couple days later that was also mangled.

  5. Laura P.

    Love that cat, and love that red “paw print”. I think I had that fabric in every color. News this morning was collage daughter must go back to dorm this week to pack up everything. The remainder of the school year will be on-line. Sad for the kiddos but always better safe than sorry!
    So grateful for our quilting community ✂️🧵

  6. Sheri B

    Here in Salt Lake City we have now had an earthquake. Just had another big aftershock. We have been sheltering in the house since the first of March because we had bad colds. Only went out for a few groceries. So far we have our utilities, but many don’t.

  7. Marie Fibelstad

    Yes mail is still being delivered, my husband is a city carrier and it is very dangerous as they come in contact with lots of people. Lots of business that don’t have outside boxes and they have to take inside. Wondering when they will shut the mail down!!!! Storm Lake, IA

  8. Susan J.

    Oh yes I remember that cat pattern! Working on a quilt for a friend. I have enough fabric to last for a while. Many quilt shops have closed but many area offer online with free shipping.
    Take care and be safe. We will get through this.

  9. Donna in Wisconsin

    My daughter lives in Salt Lake City, works as an OT in a nursing home…she said the big after shock was so scary for the residents. Her 2 cats & dog at home are probably terrified again.

    1. Sheri B

      It is so scary. I wanted to sew, but my machine is in the basement. Maybe I will bring it upstairs.

  10. Pamela Williams

    I love the blue shirt quilt! Gonna have to pull out my plaid shirt stash.

  11. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Your baby boy shirting quilt is adorable! We are staying in as requested, but I seem to be wandering from chore to chore. I’m not very focused for some reason and seem to waste a lot of time. I need to get it together. Enjoy your binge watching and stay safe and healthy. I also am missing church, but our state made us stop before other communities, so I guess we’re getting used to it. Dental appointments are the newest thing to be cancelled, my husband was scheduled for a crown today and will now have to wait until May. Oh well, he didn’t seem to mind!! LOL

  12. Colorado Sue

    If you don’t already, you should follow Mr. Bently_the dog on Instagram.
    He, too, is recovering from surgery. And now that he can be active, his favorite activities are closed.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colorado Sue – I will look him up! I’ve thought of starting a Hazel post on Instagram.

  13. Kate

    I wish no one the virus and am sorry for those who are off work for a time, but I have to say, I’m rather enjoying this time out the world is getting. It seems people are rushing all the time going here there and everywhere and now that there is no place to go except the grocery, it takes a lot of pressure off. I’m cleaning out a bedroom in preparation for painting the walls and redecorating. I’ve been going through boxes of fabric and found an unfinished quilt I will now finish. I’ve been knitting socks and reading. I am having the greatest time. And I don’t listen to the news.. a bunch of Debbie downers if ever there were some.

  14. Ellie

    The baby boy quilt is really cute! Love the recycled shirts. I’m getting some done but not as much as I’d like. Everything always seems to take longer than we think it should! Keep calm and we will get through this, no matter how long it takes. Let’s watch out for each other.

  15. Ann D

    I have an IKEA near me and have checked out the fabrics. At this store and I expect the layout may be the same at others, the fabrics are in the textiles section. It’s easy to miss though, as the sample fabrics are hanging up and resemble curtains. There are bolts on a shelf below and it’s DIY on measuring, cutting and writing up the sales ticket. The fabrics are 58″ wide which is quite nice. The feel of the fabrics does vary from rather flimsy to slightly heavy. I’ve used the heavy fabrics as backings and they work well.
    While you are in the textile area, check out the comforter covers. Some are rather inexpensive and generally there is no seam along the length so once you unstitch the seam you can have a large backing. I have found some nice patterns.
    As an FYI, there will be a lot of walking even if you use the shortcuts.

  16. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Can I get your address? I want to order the pattern for the house pin cushion.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Elaine – address is right under our photo on the home page.

  17. Paula Philpot

    I am working on a Indigo Gathering quilt from Lisa Bongean. I am enjoying that while I watch or listen to Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I have many charity quilts I can quilt also. I did go back and look at a follow along block of the month and printed those patterns off and thinking about starting that just for a change. Hope we all don’t get fatter during all this staying at home! Paula in KY

  18. Kathy Hanson

    Love the little baby boy quilt you are making. I’m sure you will put great borders on it – hope you will show it to us again when you do. Love the picture of Hazel!! She is so very cute!
    I am making a memory quilt for a young woman whose husband died a year ago. Making them from his work shirts. He died of colon cancer and I feel honored to be asked to do it for her. I will also make a “scattered squares” pillow for her as well as there will be plenty of 2.5 inch squares to do it with and she saw my daughter’s and liked it. Do have a couple of dirty dozen quilt tops to show but they aren’t quilted yet. I don’t suppose I can get them to the quilter now! Your little pincushion by the oat grass is darling!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – yes, I’ll show you the baby boy quilt again. Isn’t life strange now? I took so much for granted!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl – do you hate reading it all? The storyline was so good I decided I’d put up with the subtitles! Let me know when you finish it how you liked it.

  19. Karen Gaither

    All the church’s in Dallas stopped services with parishioner except First Baptist in Dallas, which is large, but may limited to just 50 people. Most churches are live streaming on Facebook. My church did 3 services live and they are also on website to watch anytime. A friend is in their “special singer group” of 10-16 people that were there and providing music for the service. Their sermon is on TV every week, but you only see the music online.

    Love the pin cushion! I hope Connie had a nice Birthday. Can y’all go to restaurants? All of our have him drive thru or drive up, no eating inside or on patio!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen Gaither – how are you feeling? No, all restaurants are closed – takeout only.

  20. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    The vintage cat is wonderful.
    The baby quilt is very nice.
    Love the pincushion.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Kathy in western NY

    Now more than ever, we appreciate the time you put into your blog to reach out to all your dedicated readers. I just want you to know Mary we need you as much as you need us to stay connected and helping navigate uncertain times.
    Doing our part to stay in to stop the spread of this contagious disease is easy for quilters who long to sit and sew for hours on end but it’s tough on ones who enjoy socializing and spending. I personally love my cozy home. I spent most of the day yesterday on the phone (yes still a land line one) calling many people in our church cause the difficult decision was made not to reopen till May 10 to safeguard our parishioners. It’s a very good part of my life to be at church so I will miss that. We are being asked to check in and call and keep the connection with lists provided so to talk and hear their stories really hit the realization that connection keeps us grounded and calm. Thank you Mary for keeping that connection to us and so many others.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY- I also feel the need to keep in contact with you guys, my very good friends. I called an elderly lady from church yesterday and her assisted living facility is on lockdown. She said she didn’t need anything but I did tell her to call if she did. I will miss everyone at church – it’s really my only socializing. I a, going into town this morning to offer comic relief to Samantha, the mom of the kids who were here picking up sticks. She’s stressed already. I can help.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Now that’s being a dear friend to help out a mom who needs a break.
        The kids probably wonder how come Hazel didn’t come too .

  22. Betty Klosterman

    Well, ladies, I sure like reading what all of you have to say about everything. I’m staying home, but it is probably what I’d do anyway. I’m with the old school to keep pretty well supplied on everything in case there is a blizzard, or whatever. Of course, plenty of fabric, patterns and at least a million ideas of quilts to make. When the store would have a good sale on Kona cotton a few years back, I’d buy a bolt. Boy am I glad I did and I haven’t run out yet!!! I’ve been waiting for a cold, icky day to press the final seams in several quilt tops. This is it. I don’t like struggling with the big quilt tops. It will keep me warm. These days have brought back memories of our 1972 flash flood that killed about 227 people. That really was like war, but everybody banded together and we survived. The stories are still there.
    In the meantime, keep sewing beautiful stuff. Wish I could sew some of the washable covers for face masks. We haven’t got that far yet, but I’m ready if the need arises. Happy spring. Betty in Rapid City

  23. Brenda archambault

    Although I have no idea where my DD list is, I’m taking this time and slowly plowing thru the pile. We are preparing for a red and white exhibit next year and I have a few red/white tops that need quilting. They are various sizes and will all need binding, when I get that far. Also working on some stitching projects and doing a little reading in between. Our grocery stores are opening early for us seniors, but I haven’t been yet this week. Called and cancelled a couple of medical appointments for low priority checkups and rebooked for May and June.
    Great grandchildren are being home schooled by their parents who are teachers so, thankfully, they will be in great shape when they are able to return to school. All of this is a major change of life, as we knew it a couple of weeks ago, But it seems that most are coping. Looking out my street-side window I see a lot of seniors walking, riding bikes and getting their exercise in addition to walking their dogs who can’t go to the doggie park. Life goes on.
    Best wishes to you, Connie, and all the bloggers who are part of our extended family. Stay safe and wash your hands.🤲👐👏🏼

  24. Mary Ann

    I loved The Restaurant on Amazon Prime. Sure hoping they will have a second season. I didn’t mind the subtitles either.

    With this virus going on everything I had planned are all cancelled. My trip to Seattle to see my daughter and family. Celine Dion concert there also. Our guild meetings are cancelled for April and May and International Days we do with a Canadian guild for June is also cancelled. Both my retreats for March/April are cancelled.

    So I am staying close to home and have plenty to keep me happy. Quilting, reading books and my blog posts and movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Ann – I, too, hope there’s a Season. 2 of the Restaurant! I absolutely loved it – I might even watch it again!

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