Machine quilting

This is something you don’t see me doing much — machine quilting! But we are bogged down with quilts waiting to be quilted for several reasons. We are closed on Mondays in the winter and we have missed quite a few work days because of bad weather. Ina and Brandi are both working hard but at this time we are nearly 12 weeks out. Thus…I am machine quilting a pillow tonight. It might be my new goal – learn to run the quilting machine so I can quilt my own quilts in the evenings.

3 thoughts on “Machine quilting

  1. Ann Barlament

    I am intimidated by machine quilting ~ then watched a video and took some practice runs. I fell in love with feather quilting, while it’s not “professional looking” it will do and I still get rave comments from people who can’t sew (boy have I got them fooled)! Loving the freedom of free-hand quilting, but don’t do meandering.

    Have fun learning to machine quilt, expanding your knowledge and trying new adventures. Isn’t it FUN?!?!?!

  2. Claudia

    Hello Mary ! You are looking GREAT !!
    In this cold weather there is just not much else to do but sew. I am getting very tired of our “minus” degrees. Uff da !! Today the temps are going up a bit….BUT then it is going to snow and blow. Just no happy medium !!
    Happy Sewing !!!

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