March Madness, 5-22-23

Here it is – March Madness made from charms.

It’s been a long day – I’ll draw better diagrams as soon as I can.

37 thoughts on “March Madness, 5-22-23

  1. Tanya T. in Houston

    Thanks! We love this one! And, who doesn’t need a little madness in their lives? Sleep well tonight!

  2. Deb in Japan

    Thank you for the “down and dirty” instructions for the March Madness quilt. Madness is right. My question is that with the cutting through the stitching and the size of the finished squares, do you shorten your stitch length?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb in Japan – I do if I think of it but it’s not too important. If you want to spin the center it’s very hard when the stitch length is shortened. I did a little of everything/anything on this quilt. Sort of a wing and a prayer!

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, will have to do this! The diagrams and instructions are 100% better that the cutting instructions l jot down when planning a quilt! Thankyou! Just finished a little lap quilt from odd blocks given to me at quilt guild. Will take it along as a charity donation this Saturday, taking a photo soon,. The cats have arrived safely and are hiding, will take time to settle.Fiona at polar bear quilts(.?) Is right about costs for dogs to travel from Australia to New Zealand. I am looking forward to seeing millie,a tri colored spanial and my brother’s new apartment on the Brisbane River. Lovely sunny afternoon in New Zealand, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I was so glad Fiona went into detail about the quarantine. I’m sure it’s for the safety of all. How are Stella and Luna’s kitties?

  4. Denise - TX

    Love the March Madness quilt. I have plenty of scraps to play with. Thank you for taking the time to gives us a pattern.
    You are quite the lady.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – they really aren’t but what a day I have had! And then I couldn’t get my IPad pencil to work so I had to literally cut and paste. Ugh. I can do better than this! I started switching out all the quilts to patriotic and that’s a huge job. I’m not done yet and I wouldn’t have to do it but I love looking at them – it’s a nice change. I do patriotic, fall, Christmas and traditional until I get back to patriotic again. I’ll be showing pictures this week. Then I mowed for 3 hours, then I had a friend stop by, …….. I could go on and on.

  5. Jan Hebert

    You did have a busy day! Thank you for taking the time to draw these directions Mary, I think they’re great! Jan in MA

  6. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Thanks so much for the March Madness pattern. We will look forward to seeing your patriotic decorating. I hope you sleep well tonight. 🥰

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, my son bought kinky, the boy cat down for a visit, Bella had a good sniff ,l think she was surprised. Kinky just stayed in Eions arms, he has only met one dog, Mai Mai a long haired Mexican dog.

  8. Teresa in Indiana

    Mary, your March Madness directions are perfect. Thanks for sending it. You are such a busy lady.

  9. Lynette in Orlando

    Thank you Mary. Appreciate the directions! They are perfect!

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks Mary for the perfect directions as I just took my finger and saved the photo to my photos on my iPad. Once I make a couple blocks I will start a shoe box of them and toss in other scraps I cut into 5” squares.
    Reading the comments, it sounds like you did have an exhausting day. Hope you slept well and todays another day to start all over again. You keep a good balance with everything you do so I appreciate you taking time to sketch out the details of making the quilt. I am glad I read the comments as I wouldn’t have thought to go to a shorter stitch length. Goes to show you reading comments helps us learn even more.

  11. Joy in NW Iowa

    Thanks you my dear!
    My orioles have their feeders upside down again. I guess I need a security camera to see who is messing with them in the dark! Haahaa
    Another day with appointments…not doctors today! Yippee!
    Just so you all know…..the whining for rain will be going on soon. No rain in sight on the weather forecast. You know how us farmers are……
    Happy sewing everyone or what ever you love to do!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – yup, I’m hearing it already. And I’m complaining myself about watering all my plants!

  12. Janice Brown

    Mary, Thank you for the directions, they are perfect. I have never made a patriotic colored quilt so it may be time I do one this summer. Looking forward to seeing your patriotic quilts for inspiration. Today is going to be a warm one but it will be followed by a few cooler days. No rain in the 10-day forecast to speak of . . . we are really dry and could use the rain. Our local grocery store carries the Kringle brand danish rings. I bought the almond one . . . it didn’t last long. Next time I’ll have to try the raspberry one.

  13. Erin

    Your diagram and instructions are quite clear! Thank you for taking the time to draw them up!

  14. Bonnie McKee

    Mary, thanks for the March Madness directions. They look clear and easy to follow. No need to re-do.
    I will find my charm packets and also start cutting up some scraps. Gathering fabrics for a quilt is my favorite part of making a quilt. ❤️
    Cool and cloudy in western Oregon this morning.
    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

  15. Sue In Oregon

    Thanks, Mary. I don’t think you need to do it again. The drawings are great. Your quilt is wonderful. What a great way to use up those scraps in our bins and boxes.

  16. Kim from TN

    Thank you for the March Madness directions, they are quite clear and easy to follow. I hope you get to nap sometime today after the Hazel adventure. That pup keeps things lively on the farm. Her spunk just makes me smile. When I finish a quilt, I cut the left-over fabrics into 2.5 strips or 5-inch blocks and stow them away for something in the future. This pattern will be perfect and scrappy for those blocks. A nice leader / ender project.

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    Thanks, Mary. Your directions are perfect.
    I’m going to try out the new lawnmower this afternoon. It’s been so smoky. Today is fairly clear, so hopefully all will go well.
    I went to jail this morning and told the receptionist how stinky it was last time. A deputy there said “ they are painting again today in booking”. That is a nice way of saying they are smearing poop on the walls and windows in central booking. Yuck. My girls told me they put discussing things on the food trays after eating. Even with gloves on, my girls can refuse to take the trays! So the question is are they mental or mad?
    What an education. How would you like to have that for a cell mate for 22 hours a day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – what??? I wouldn’t/couldn’t imagine such a thing! Leave those locked up and throw away the key!! Do you really have to go there, Jo? When you say “my girls”, how are they different and do you always have the same girls? Have I forgotten this?

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        “My girls” have earned the privilege of serving in Pod G. That is kinda a group pod. There are 10 beds in there. Currently, one is used for batting. I’ve had the same 3 ladies for about 3 months. They could be waiting for sentencing, short sentence, or waiting for an opening is another facility, possibly a drug rehab, or something like that. They told me today, the other cells have 2 prisoners in for 22 hours a day. They get 2 hours supervised time out of the cell! That includes exercise, showering, visitation, and any programs on zoom.
        Central Booking is where everyone picked up goes first. Finger printed, photographed, drug tested, etc. then arrest or bailed out. That’s also suicidal cells. So, everyone, wacko’s, drunks, droppers. If you were picked up by the deputies, you’d go there first.
        All I have to do in that area is pass thru the metal detector, gather my supplies, and leave.
        That is the scariest part of my trip and there are lots of uniformed officers in that area. I feel sorry for the personnel who have to work in there. It’s usually hot and sometimes very stinky, and sometimes the prisoners scream and yell. To me it’s awful, they are use to it.
        Jail as a sentence is not good, jail as a program is very rewarding.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jo – thank you!! I really needed that explanation from you so I understand the jail system there. I’ll just bet your ladies are thankful to be in Pod G. Jail is not supposed to be a picnic but I can’t imagine 22 hours a day in a small cell. Guess they should have thought of that before they broke the law, huh?

  18. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, thanks for the directions! I made a few today and have plans for many more!

  19. Eileen Maher

    Easy instructions for a great colorful quilt!! Thanks a lot!! Eileen in Spain

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