May Dirty Dozen, 5-1-21

Your Dirty Dozen number for May is 8 – Number 8!

You have until the end of May to finish your unfinished project numbered 8.

And then please send me a photo of your project!

3 thoughts on “May Dirty Dozen, 5-1-21

  1. Barb P

    This process of a monthly unfinished project has been THE BEST thing I have participated in this year! I have completed things that have sat idle for 15-20 years. I plan to continue next year to hopefully clear out even more things from the “to do” list. I have donated 11 quilts to agencies in my community this year alone, and members of my family have also received quilts for gifts. Thanks for giving me the nudge to keep me on track.

  2. Donna O. St Paul

    # 8 for Msy…….my birthday on the 8th 😊. You must have picked 8 just for “me” Hahaha. 😊

    Enjoy this spring weather Mary

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