Overnight Rain! 5-3-21

The farmers were getting plenty anxious about their corn already in the ground with no moisture BUT it happened last night – a lovely easy rainfall resulting in a full inch of rain. Things will grow so fast now you won’t believe it!

I no more sat down with my coffee than I realized my bird feeders were full of water so out I went to empty and add new food. I sat down with my coffee and BAM! There was my first visitor – a rose breasted grosbeak! Welcome back! These birds are so beautiful and have such a lovely “call”.

Yesterday was another work outside day – yes, it was Sunday but what I just called “work” was actually so fun. I planted some annuals and worked in the playhouse.

An old child’s rocker with broken seat canes removed makes a wonderful plant holder!
Emma Tlach’s old coffee pot gets a new life with a red geranium.
Triangle square quilt was made with charm squares cut once diagonally – a reader asked on Facebook awhile ago.
A picture’s worth a thousand words.


34 thoughts on “Overnight Rain! 5-3-21

  1. Kimberly Lusin

    Yes, wonderful green! That says it all. I love all your plants and garden art and arrangements. Happy!!

  2. Janice Hebert

    Isn’t it fun, working in the gardens? That’s my favorite thing to do as well. It’s getting nicer every day here in NE. My hosta are about the same height as yours, at least the ones that are in protected areas. Some will need to be divided this year but I still have loads of raking to do before attempting to move them. Love your little vignette! Sure is fun repurposing things like old coffee pots, isn’t it? Jan in MA

  3. Pat

    Oh Mary, such beautiful fresh colors and pictures. Just a feast for winter weary eyes.!
    I’m wondering how Telly is doing?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – Telly is doing just great – taking her liver supplement and eating good again!

  4. Carla

    You’re a very good photographer. And to think you design the gardens and other lovely scenes! A feast for the eyes.

  5. Launa

    Great pictures, Mary! Love the outside weatherworn items you have assembled with plants and flowers!
    We had sun and closed the evening with another good snow storm. Didn’t stick, but could see it up @ higher elevations! Was sunny 29o here early morning.
    Nice to hear farmers there received rain!

  6. Rosemary W - Garner

    Love your collection of time worn items…the plants really make it come to life. Wish my junk looked as cool as yours when I attempt to arrange it!! Love the signature ME….perfect!!!

  7. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Beautiful post, Mary. I love watching you work your magic in your yard.
    This is our second spring in this house, and we can actually shop for plants this year-so fun! 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie s – I haven’t started moving all the houseplants outside yet – such a huge job but that’s my favorite thing to do – arranging them among the big rocks in front of my house! Soon!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    What a joyful post today. I’ve requested a trip to the nursery for Mother’s Day.
    It’s snowing today. Last Saturday was beautiful, the birds were singing their little hearts out. I don’t know one from another, but their calls were delightful.
    Last night the toads/frogs were also vocal. The joy of spring.

  9. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Another beautiful post, Mary 🙂 Your outside decorating is as beautiful as your inside. We had our first Hummingbird this AM. It’s one of the male “chubettes”! I have two that are chubby and sit on the fence for a while before flying up to the feeder where they sit on the little holder. The others all flap their wings while they eat. Cute bunch. My red and white Azalieas are gorgeous and my husband’s 15 Amarillises (is that right or should it be Amarilli?) are getting read to open.
    Thank you for a great post:)
    PS I still click on the little x’s on the ads. Should I?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane and Squeak – you are helping us immensely when you close the ads! I can’t thank you enough!!

  10. Linda baker

    Thank you, Mary, for sharing pictures of your “work”. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I could just eat up that picture of your goodies, it gives me ideas and inspiration. We need some of that rain! We’ve only been getting sprinkles in West Michigan.

  11. Jeanine

    I always enjoy all your posts. You have a gift of arranging. I am not good at that. I, too, have been clicking on the ads and was wondering if that still helps you. I do it several times a day since I go back and check if more have commented. We thank God for .65″ of rain in southeast Iowa this afternoon. We were so dry. I’m glad you received rain up in northern Iowa as well. The farmers need it.

    1. Twila

      Hi, Jeanine –
      So glad you received a nice shower. About 15 miles north of your fare city, we received about a tenth
      before noon and sunshine later this afternoon. Even a sprinkle is cause to rejoice.

  12. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I’ve enjoyed todays posts from you and Jo Kramer about your gardens,they are great. I have filled an old preserving pan with artificial sunflowers and tinplate cockatoo at my door. It brings a smile to my face and l dont have to worry about salt spray killing plants as l live across the road from the beach.best wishes to all, sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – now there’s a situation I’ll never run into in North Iowa – salt spray from the beach across the street! Hahaha!!! Thanks, Sandy, for ending my day on a smile!! Hope you’re doing well!

  13. Margaret in North Texas

    I don’t have any ads lately. I got a new computer last week –does that have anything to do with it?
    We had two inches of rain last week–it was very welcome!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret in North Texas – you probably have an ad blocker installed – I don’t know how to tell you to turn it off for our site only but maybe you have a teenage friend who could do it?

  14. RITA in Iowa

    Mary your arrangements of plants and old things are fabulous.

    I spent the last five days cleaning up weeds and hoeing and raking with a 3 tine rake, the hard ground.
    Hopefully it will slow down the weeds. We are getting some much needed rain as I write this.

    We are having our first Quilt Guild meeting tonight after 13 months. One of our members is holding it in their large garage as our Community Center is still closed to large groups. We have stayed in touch with a monthly newsletter through the COVID.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – you are so lucky! A garage to meet in sounds pretty fine to me!

  15. Judith Ann Jaques

    You are lucky getting the rain. Here,1 1/2 hours south ,we got very little. I have a bad feeling we are going to be in drought this year. J

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judith Ann Jacques – oh, I hope we won’t be in drought! How are you doing? Please drop me an email and update me!

  16. Sue Smith

    Mary…I just love your outdoor arrangement with vintage treasures and plants. You have inspired me to start making my outdoor places cute for summer.
    Glad you got that nice rain. We had it, too, then sent it on over to you. Now it is dry and sunny again. We usually have quite a lot more rain here this time of year. Last year was very dry too and then we had all those forest fires. Makes me nervous.
    Sure is hard to sew when the weather is so fine.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue Smith – I always forget where people are writing from! We should make it a requirement to add your state or region.

      1. Sue Smith

        Sue From Oregon, about 10 miles as the crow flies, from the Pacific Ocean.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Your pictures are superb. Love how you arrange everything. I planted some primroses yesterday. My dwarf iris’s are so pretty today. I was wondering how Telly was doing so very good to hear that. My dog has not vomited in a month so now we know it was me who should not have given her ham on Easter. Learned my lesson, no more table scraps so I don’t go through that scare again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – ham? Oh my goodness! We need to be more careful about the table scraps we give Telly and Hazel.

  18. Sherrill

    I LOVE that first picture and all the little goodies in it! That cute chicken (think that’s my fave), the adorable birdhouse, the chair with the flowers and your initials! It is just PERFECT!! I’d love to come some summer and just look at all your cuteness.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – thank you! It’s pretty fun to dig all the junk out of the storage shed but not so fun putting it all away in November!

  19. Sandy in Indiana

    I love your post today! You have such an eye for arranging & repurposing things….
    Beautiful 🙂

  20. Joy

    So lad you got rain! We are needing some so badly! I enjoyed your pictures! And blog so much!

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