Measuring the Corn

I measured the corn on Saturday and then forgot to post it. It measured 35-1/2″. Here’s a picture – we can hardly “row it” anymore.

I will continue to measure it – it has passed knee high long ago! Tim’s oldest daughter is getting married this Saturday so he’s got other things to think about right now.

Here’s my night blooming cereus, sometimes called orchid cactus, getting ready to bloom. I think there are over a dozen buds! I will take pictures for sure because the blooms are spectacular! Very short lived but gorgeous.

And Hazel in her favorite spot!

14 thoughts on “Measuring the Corn

  1. Terri

    How do you care for a night blooming orchid cactus? I have 2 and one has never bloomed. After 10+ years one finally bloomed? Dry/wet? root bound? Fertilize,etc???
    I love your website and see all that you do with the animals ,plants, quilts and of course Reed!


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Terri – I don’t water it much and I’m sure it’s root bound. The only time I fertilize is in late winter/early spring before the plants move outdoors. Mine did not bloom last winter – for some unknown reason.

  2. Marilyn Cook

    I am in Ohio and my grandkids were talking about the corn and how tall it is. Oh my, it will be much taller than knee high on the 4th!

  3. Jo

    Rhubarb muffins are awesome. Making 2nd batch today. Company will be here overnight later this week. Planning ahead for breakfast ! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Becky from IA

    My grandmother had a night blooming cereus, but she didn’t know what the correct name for it was, so we always called it “Grandma Cactus”. It has been passed on to me. You have posted pictures on your blog before so now I have a name. Thank you so much for that. I split the plant last year so I’m not sure if it will bloom this year or not…..I sure hope so! Hazel of course is always cute no matter where she is…..HAHAHA!


    Wow! WE had a night blooming cereus plant for a while – I think it only had one bloom at a time! You must have a really green thumb (I know mine is black, but plants were my husband’s job, for that reason). I just remember coming home one evening after the weekend away and coming up the back steps to our upstairs apartment smelling this wonderful fragrance and my husband said, “It must be blooming!” And it was. The next year we watched it very closely and were able to take time-stamped photos of it as it opened. We didn’t have a video camera in those days. Lovely bloom and fragrance! Please do share pics when they open!

  6. Diane

    Isn’t someone missing from the wheel chair?? What a great spot for Hazel to sit. The corn in central Ohio is probably taller than I am–5’6″. The farmers were able to get it in earlier than you were. I am going to hunt for my Chicken Salad pattern.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – yes, he has moved to his recliner and last night showered on his own – standing up! Progress!

  7. Janet Snyder

    Thank you for measuring the corn. My husband and I have been watching the corn grow as we have traveled in our Motorhome and have wondered at the growth rate.

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