Meet Camber

And here she is — Camber Mae Etherington.  She couldn’t be much sweeter!

Rick left this morning for Houston and because he’ll be gone all week we both worked extra hard yesterday.  He picked 2 ice cream pails of strawberries, I mowed, we both moved manure – he with the tractor and loader, me with the scoop shovel.  It smells and feels a lot better in the barn!

So this is what I’m doing today – making strawberry jam – the easy kind you keep in the freezer.  I went to Pinterest and got a recipe there.  One batch done and one batch to go.

Connie advised me to cut back my jade plants – she said they’d thank me.  Of course I can’t throw those trimmings away so I’ll end up creating dozens of new jade trees – I am my own worst enemy!

Ernie Joe Mauer says “Hey!”

Are you watching the NBA finals?  Sunday night – Game 7!
Have a nice weekend, Everybody!


16 thoughts on “Meet Camber

  1. Diane

    Oh what a precious little girl!! Whew–that’s lots of shoveling. Your plants always look so good. Yum, strawberry jam. Yes, we’re hoping the Cavs can finally win one. Is Ernie Joe after a bug? Enjoy the weekend, Mary. Diane

  2. helen freese

    What a precious doll!!!!!
    Several years ago I bought my husband a jam maker by the ball company for MOTHERS DAY. Now he makes me all kinds of jam (about 4-5 1/2pts at a time) just perfect (strawberry, plum, strawberry-rhubarb, peach, elderberry). We give a lot away but save a bit for us.

  3. Holly

    Oh my, such a sweet baby girl! Congratulations! So many hours of cuddling you have in store. It just fills your heart. And such fun pictures today. I’d have to do the same thing with plant trimmings. You can’t just KILL them, can you? I can’t be a plant murderer–not on purpose, anyway. Hi to you, too, Ernie Joe Mauer!

  4. Mary Ann

    Congratulations. Camber sure is a cutie. Love her name. I’ll have to look for the recipe. Made a lot of strawberry jam when the children were small. A great weekend wish to you too.

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, she is beautiful! I know she will be loved a lot. I also know you will be busy sewing sweet things for her.

    God bless you all, Felicia

  6. Anna mundt

    Beautiful granddaughter! Jade plant looks good. I had one at one time but had to get rid of it at one of our moves. Seeing yours makes me think I should get another one. Ernie Jo is so cute. Does he have 5 toes? Love your posts!

  7. Susan Sundermeyer

    Beautiful little girl! She’s a keeper! Love the kitty and his name.

  8. Martha Engstler

    Sweet sweet baby Camber. Grand children are a real joy. Love your “yellow” kitty.

  9. Maryjane

    Adorable baby. What fun to have a new grandbaby. Definitely have been watching the NBA games. Wouldn’t miss them. One more to go and then a big void till next fall. Hope the CAVs make it!!!

  10. Launa

    Mary…was glued to the game……Imagine $25K fines each for Curry and his coach!
    Thanks for showing all of us the sweet picture of Camber Mae. What a fun future she will have visiting you, Rick and all the critters.
    NASCAR is in your neck of the woods……IOWA this weekend with truck and Xfinity races.
    Happy Fathers’ Day……

  11. Cathy

    Congratulations on the arrival of Camber. She is a beautiful baby. Mary, you make me tired with all you do. Send a little of that energy over Indiana’s way would you?

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