Meet Our Friend Scott Hansen!

Scott says we met by letter in 1995 and I’ll have to take his word on it because I don’t remember. We met in person the following year at quilt market (maybe Portland?) when he and his wife Linda came with their youngest child Max as a baby. That’s how Scott can remember these dates so well!

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Today Scott is designing for several publications as well as designing fabric for Banyan Batiks, a division of Northcott. Here is his bio written in his own words.

Scott Hansen is the self-proclaimed Mad Color Scientist behind the wheel at Blue Nickel Studios. His favorite pastimes as a child included paper pop-up dioramas and that coveted 64 color box of Crayola crayons. Later in the exploratory years of junior high school, he took Woodshop and Home Ec where he learned that working with fabric was just a bit safer than working with wood. (This was before the advent of the rotary cutter, mind you.)

Scott designed his first quilt at 14. That quilt traveled with him and after collecting a few vintage quilts, he picked up the quilting bug again and has been playing with fiber and color ever since. He has had many quilt patterns published in various quilt magazines since 2008. He has been running his blog since 2006 and has been self publishing since 2012. Scott has recently started designing modern batiks for Banyan Batiks in 2017. His first line with Banyan is called “Tie One On” and is loosely based on mid century necktie designs.

More about Scott’s personal life tomorrow.

Scott was kind enough to send me a fat quarter pack of these new batiks and suggested I pair them with plaids….which I did!

Here are the batiks:

Here are the plaids from men’s shirts that I chose.

I chose a Country Threads pattern called Opposites Attract which I hope to show you soon. Here are pieces – in progress.

Here is Scott’s first Country Threads quilt – neither of us remember the name.

His taste in color has come full circle – from dark and dull to bright and modern.

Here are two of our favorites from Quiltmania magazine – both are on our to-do list.

I’d love to make the flag quilt with shot cottons.

I will continue this post about Scott tomorrow but in the meantime I’m going to start following him on Instagram under Blue Nickel Studios. Why don’t you follow him, too, and we can “discuss” various posts that we like? He also has a blog that he admittedly isn’t on as often as he’d like. I’m signing up anyway. I don’t want to miss anything!

Remember this name SCOTT HANSEN – I think you’ll see it in the forefront of modern quilting in the future. On top of that he’s just a kind and thoughtful friend who we’ve had the privilege of knowing for over 20 years!

Tune in tomorrow for more about Scott!

22 thoughts on “Meet Our Friend Scott Hansen!

  1. Kim LeMere

    I love those new batiks and cant wait to see it with your shirts. I will also jump on his blog and subscribe to follow along. I live in Nashville and we are the host of the Modern Quilt Show in 2019, I hope to see some of his books and patterns on display. Thanks for the share!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim LeMere – will I find info online under Modern Quilt Guild? Is that the official title?

  2. Vickie Devore

    Will definitely sign up for his sites. I recently purchased a few new mags (see a lot more quilts than I’ll ever do). Just saw his Batiks for the first time in one of these mags(??) and fell in love with them — I rarely like batiks — “just not my style.” Had never heard of the designer but decided I really need to find some of these great new Batiks — and WOW, love your pairing with the plaids. LOVE you both!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie Devore – connie and I are not fans of batiks either but I felt I wanted to give Scott’s fabric a try and the only way to make it look like Country Threads was to add plaid! Hahaha!

  3. Lisa in IN

    Mary – I LOVE your pairing of shirts with Scott’s batik prints, so cool! Scott has a great color sense, as do you and Connie. Do you use only 100% cotton shirts in your quilts? I got to attend a lecture with Bonnie Hunter last night and saw some great quilts. So fun!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa in IN – I’m so jealous! I wish I’d been at Bonnie’s lesture

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa in IN – sorry for previous incomplete reply! Are you going to make Bonnie’s mystery starting on Black Friday? I would love to attend one of her lectures and/or classes. I use only 100% cotton shirts – some shirts feel like Liberty of London fabric!

  4. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    What fun that you know Scott Hansen! I love his patterns, and have several in my ‘to do’ pile inlcuding the lovely trees.
    I like you plaid/batik combo: can’t wait to see the top!

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love your choice of shirt plaids with Scott’s fabric. Can’t wait to see the end result.
    Carolyn B

  6. Judy

    I have been following Scott’s blog for several years now. I always enjoy his perspective on things.

  7. Jo in Wyo

    Those batiks are so different, once in a while we need different. I have some and love the pairing with plaids. For our next retreat, we have to take something old and make it modern. That will be perfect.
    I enjoy the way today’s designers are fearless. We too were fearless and broke a lot of rules, we have a lot of quilts to be proud of.

  8. Betty Klosterman

    Batiks are thinner (finer) with a tight weave that doesn’t fray as much as regular broadcloth and takes a very crisp pressing. This all makes my life easier when I make my miniatures. A couple years ago I made a rainbow log cabin with 1/4″ logs and it turned out great. Lots of shades and beautiful colors. They are a lot of fun to use. It’s a challenge to see just how small I can go?

  9. Kay C

    Mary – would the pattern of the quilt that Scott made been one of your mystery quilts? I seem to remember making it and getting a part of the mystery in the mail every month. That would have been a LONG time ago!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kay C – I don’t even remember THAT! I’m going to look in our old book “we made it thru the winter”. Something tells me to look there first.

    2. Scott

      That old CT quilt may have been from the Goat Gazette too… I want to think it has something to do with Blueberries, but I am not sure. Now I think I need to recreate it in my next line of Batiks! hahaha

  10. Dixie

    You are right! Scott is so kind and generous, and I adore his mustache! He always takes the time to comment back every time I leave a comment on his Instagram page. Love both he and his wife’s work!

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