Meet “The Girls”





The taller black and white goat is Rosie II, the little black and white one is Oreo, and the blonde girls are Monika and Sierra who are named after my new friends who brought them to Garner last Saturday. I already have a Rosie so the new girl is Rosie the second. Oreo also came with her name. They are getting acquainted with their surroundings and their new
“Friends” in the barn. I tend to hover over new additions so I have been in the barn many times since Saturday. We had heavy rain Sunday nite and I was worried the bossy 5 would run them out of the barn but when I checked on them Monday morning everyone had their spot to sleep and all seemed calm.
I am cleaning the haymow an hour at a time until help arrives on May 28. I can’t wait to sew up there again with our campers on June 3-4. We’re going to make Disappearing 4 Patch, Pick Up Sticks, a wool pincushion and more. It will be 2 days of fun! Having lunch in town, snacks while we sew, and then dinner at a local spot with adult beverages should top off the 2 days of sewing. The Garner Inn is just 3 miles from the farm and reasonably priced as well. A big breakfast is included and we’ll provide coffee during class. Bring any beverages to put in the fridge and snacks to share. We will have a great time!
Very gloomy day here in North Iowa – guess it calls for some laundry and some sewing.
Thanks for all your comments – am I missing any details you’re interested in?

4 thoughts on “Meet “The Girls”

  1. Mary Evans

    Oh, they are all so cute! A nd, don’t goats always find the oddest piles of stuff to head for?? How are they getting along with Telly? Or vice versa? She was in the
    first pic….

  2. Peggy

    Looks like the “girls” are settling in just fine! Checking out their new barn-mates! & getting acquainted!

  3. Linda Love

    Love your babies! My best friend in Arkansas has goats and I get an update on them every time we talk.

  4. Carol

    These sweeties must certainly brighten your day! I wish we could keep some at school. Although not relevant to common core, I am sure they would boost student enthusiasm!

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