Meeting Richard! 8-5-23

You know Richard, my computer guru, that I have mentioned? When I have trouble Richard comes to my rescue and today I met Richard, his mom Lisa and his grandma Peggy in Mantorville, MN to have lunch at The Hubbell House, a well known restaurant. In 1856 the building was constructed and used as a popular stopping point for travelers and today it is a popular restaurant.

From left to right:

Peggy, Lisa, Richard and me

The food was excellent but the company was even better! Too bad it’s a two hour drive from Garner – I’d love to experience dinner there some time.

While I was gone, Hazel and Keeper killed a woodchuck! I had put ears of corn out by the bird feeder and it evidently attracted them. When I got home I started mowing and Hazel was digging under the garden shed – again. Sure enough – she killed another woodchuck. I know she’s bred for this but I do really hate it. Those woodchucks, which we never see, are harmless and they’re not even carnivores so they aren’t interested in my chickens. but they’re wildlife and she’s only doing what comes naturally. Thankfully I didn’t have to handle the dead bodies this time.

Love this quilting, Sue!

So tonite I opened the blog to see that comments weren’t posting. WHAT???? So, who do I call? RICHARD!!! A “subscription” had run out, I didn’t think I needed it so I didn’t renew it (cost was about $300/year) and that caused the comments not to post and ultimately they took down the whole site – all the posts and all the comments! I thought I’d have a heart attack! But Richard fixed it for much less than $300. Quite a coincidence, don’t you agree? I just had lunch with him today and tonight I really needed his expertise. Thank you, Richard!

Always glad to hear from everyone – about your everyday life which is pretty close to mine.

Good Night from the blog about nothing.

36 thoughts on “Meeting Richard! 8-5-23

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    What a nice guy. I could use a Richard.
    Love that little quilt from Sue.
    This week was interesting. I made it back to jail Tuesday. They needed a new picture…what, I looked like a criminal!!! A really bad guy was escorted through Central Booking while they were taking my picture. There was about 12 deputies lined up for him to pass through, he tried to spit on us! Another inmate came in and she was taken to a cell and strip searched. I’ve never has so much activity going on while I’m trying to get to my girls. All was well after I got into their cell. We had to fix machines and change out rotary cutters. They were very proud of their quilts for show and tell.
    It’s still raining a lot. I have yard duties on Sunday, so I need to get done before the rains come. The grass grows like crazy with all this rain. Forecasted to get into the 40’s this week….what a change.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

    1. Connie R.

      Jo, I admire you for the work you do. You see a part of society that most of us never see. I’m sure your girls really look forward to your sewing classes. Thank you for doing what you do.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – your jail visits are very interesting! We finally got .6 rain today – lawns are brown everywhere.

    3. Lynn

      Jo glad to hear you are going back to jail. I just heard I may be going back with my social therapy dog. I feel the outside connection (whether quilting or dog) can make a difference to some.

  2. Paula in Texas

    I too would like to eat at the Hubbell House! I think we all need a “Richard”. You are Blessed to have him to
    assist you.

  3. Teresa in Indiana

    So glad 6ou have a “Richard” to call when things like this happen. So glad he was able to fix your little problem. I like so many others checked in to read the comments and share, but was surprised that there were none. So happy things are back to normal. It is still so very dry here. We were expecting rain last night, but it blew past us. We got about 3 drops.

  4. Marcia

    If you are calling woodchucks the same as groundhogs, they are very destructive. They will dig under buildings and ruin foundations. Ask your farmer Tim as groundhogs will destroy a crop of soybeans. My grandpa was almost killed by a groundhog tunnel collapsing underneath him while under a combine. In Ohio, they are groundhogs and need to be kept under control in the rural country anyways.

    1. Gloria from CC

      Marcia – you are correct. The terms woodchuck and groundhog are interchangeable. And yes they are extremely destructive.

  5. Vicki Ibarra

    I love Sue’s quilt – the design and the colors. And the binding fabric is charming. I don’t have the skill (or maybe it is the patience) to do that applique. I do admire when it is so artfully done, like Sue has done.

    It is great you have Richard. What a coincidence you needed his help on the very day you had lunch with he and his family members! It is great to have the blog back up/working.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – it’s a great feeling to know that this morning everything works correctly!

  6. Connie R.

    Richard to the rescue! Glad you have him to call on. How nice that you were able to meet up with him and the ladies. I sure missed the comments yesterday. I see that they popped up today.

  7. Pat Smith

    Our daughters come the closest to being our Richard. That age group grew up with computers and are a lot more comfortable with them than I am. For the really hard technical stuff, we have to call extra help. I love the way Sue did the corners in the border of her beautiful little quilt. I took a screen shot so that I can try to do that sometime on one of mine. That Hazel is really driven! Here a lot of people hate wood chucks because they get in the gardens and eat things they are not supposed to. Isn’t a woodchuck a lot bigger than she is? I got my “Oh, Susannah” book yesterday and loved it. I wasn’t tuned in to Country Threads in those years and missed hearing about Susannah on the Goat Gazette. The pictures are just adorable. What an experience to have a pet like that in the house!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – Good Morning! Glad the book arrived – I think that period of time might be the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! Yes, Hazel is smaller but she THINKS she’s a pit bull! And I am so thankful I found Richard – he has saved the blog more than once.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    It’s a beautiful morning here and reading about meeting Richard and his family at a nice place to eat sounds like a perfect day. We need good people like that in our lives who sound like they enjoy going new places too. Thank you Richard for helping keep us connected to Mary.
    Very pretty mini quilt to admire, Sue!

  9. Debby Krzyston

    Good morning from Wisconsin,
    I had a Woodchuck that tunneled underneath my deck chewing on support beams. Plus around the foundation of my basement!
    Now I have chipmunks taking bites out of my tomatoes. I have 2 cats that aren’t very good at catching them.
    You’re lucky to have Richard😊

  10. Mary H

    Ada is visiting and we read your book last night. She giggled every time it mentioned Susannah eating potato chips!
    There is actually a chance of rain today. We have only mowed once in June and once in July. Incredibly dry.

  11. Jeanine from Iowa

    We could have used Hazel here a couple years ago when we had groundhogs digging tunnels under our machine shed. They are very destructive and can ruin a foundation/floor in no time at all. We were finally able to get rid of them, but did see one this summer. We had .45″ of rain in our rain gauge this morning. Much of the garden has died, but it will help the okra and tomatoes. So glad you got your computer fixed. I, too, was surprised there were no comments when I read the blog. Have a restful day. Be Still.

  12. Fran Dixon

    Love Sue’s Orange UFO. The simplicity of it makes me smile. I know it took hrs to make however.

  13. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Great picture of you Mary! Great to visit over lunch. We all thank Richard for keeping you connected with us.
    Watching my grandkids text is even inspiring. I’m a slow one finger keyboard operator as most my age are.
    My granddaughter has been sewing with me this week, she made a Plush dog named Dalton. Every summer she spends a week to enjoy sewing.

    Hazel is entertaining and hard working!

  14. Brenda

    Would love to have a Richard close by. I have been having problems getting in to my email and have spent way too much time on the phone with the carrier. They have had problems, apparently with hacks or some such thing and are being very cautious, which I guess I should appreciate, but I am old and tired and just want to hit a button and carry on from there. I have forgotten – what species is Hazel? She certainly is an amazing hunter, but neither would I want to have to deal with the dead bodies. I remember once when my little miniature poodle came running happily across the yard with a cold, dead squirrel in her mouth. She couldn’t have killed it because she had only been outside for a few minutes, but she was so proud and I was not happy about having to dispose of the body.

    I also love that beautiful quilt.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – Hazel is all Jack Russell Terrier – some days she’s a terrorist!

  15. Joyce from NY

    Woodchucks can be very destructive, good for Hazel. Glad you have a good computer guy, we all need one. Looks like a nice place to have lunch! Sue’s quilt is beautiful!

  16. RS in IA

    Glad to hear you had a day to enjoy good food & good company in Minnesota. Caught a news item on radio that Joe Mauer was installed in the Twins Hall of fame Saturday. Couldn’t help but think of your Ernie Joe! Made me wonder if he ever knew there was a cat named after him!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      RS – I don’t think J Mauer knew he had a namesake – I don’t think he’d be too impressed – ha!! I sure do miss Ernie.

  17. Kim from Wi

    How wonderful that you have Richard to help you with computer glitches. My husband was a computer guru for 30 plus years and I’m so grateful that he keeps our techie stuff going. I had never heard of the Hubble House, so I googled it. Oh my, it was in existence 4 years before Minnesota became a state! I think I need to take my mom (Osage, Iowa) on a journey there for lunch when I visit.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – Yes, you should go there – it’s such an interesting place – decorated so beautifully with old things. And the food is so good! For dessert go to the Chocolate Shoppe across the street.

  18. Bernadette from New Hampton

    Glad you have Richard to keep the blog going! Hazel is a great hunter around to get rid of those woodchucks that do so much damage. Sue’s quilt is a beautiful wall hanging. My hands cannot do hand applique. Beautiful!

  19. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, very nice picture and you look lovely. I love your top. Please thank Richard from all of us for helping to keep your blog up and running!

  20. Joy in NW Iowa

    Woodchucks ar a pain. One year they ate off the soybeans by our machine shed!

    We received some RAIN!! 2.85. So welcome!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – we haven’t had even an inch but thankful for what we did get!

  21. Sue in Oregon

    Thanks, quilting buddies. I am so pleased you like my quilt. I put it away so long ago. It was finished and pinned, but not quilted. I think I got mental about the fact there wasn’t enough of any of the fabrics used to make a binding. Now, that was silly of me. It really didn’t take me long to find a suitable one. And, I feel so good now that it’s done for fall decorating.
    So glad you have a computer guru to help you when goofy things happen. I was surprised too when there were no comments. He saved the day.
    Hazel is a good girl and knows when she needs to keep you safe. I wish I could borrow her for a while. We have tons of moles and other rodents on our farm. Always something to take care of….

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – Hazel would be in Heaven at your house ! Not many varmints around here anymore to keep her happy.

  22. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The Hubbell House sounds very interesting; I am glad you enjoyed your lunch with Richard and his family.
    Mary, looked adorable; I love your red purse and matching sandals.
    We had more rain again today, and our flowers are loving it. We had friends over this afternoon for brats on the grill and yummy local sweet corn.
    Thanks for the blog Mary. 🥰

  23. Sherry Whalen

    Wow – we practically ran into each other on Saturday! I went to the Chocolate Shop to get my mom some chocolates for her 88th birthday, and of course we had to have ice cream! We really like being just 2 miles from the Hubble House, it’s a fun (and expensive) place to go. The old owners – Pappas – sold it a couple of years ago and they remodeled the kitchen extensively, but I think left the decorating basically the same. There are many buildings in Mantorville on the historic registry and several you can tour. Any time you want to go eat there – give me a call!

    I was bitten by a woodchuck when a toddler – apparently I thought it was a dog, cornered it and tried to pet it. Dad had to keep it caged and feed it for a couple of weeks to make sure it wasn’t rabid. I doubt that it lived much longer than the 2 weeks when it wasn’t rabid….it had been trying to dig and burrow under our garage.

    I’m glad you have a Richard and that he can give you the technology support you need.

    Sherry from Kasson

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