I missed yesterday! 8-4-23

After Rick’s dr. appointment yesterday morning I got very busy and just sort of forgot about the blog. Rick’s surgery has healed perfectly but he will still need lots of therapy and strength building to regain walking because of weak leg muscles. That old saying Use It Or Lose It is what has happened to Rick’s legs.

I will bind a small quilt tonite that I quilted yesterday – it’s my pink project and then I’ll have a finish to show you. This was what slowed me down yesterday – little kittie!

Gray kittie is still hiding and I am really afraid I have gone to the trouble of getting her a pal for no reason. After that initial meeting new kittie slaps at gray kittie so it’s no wonder gray kittie is hiding. Can anybody help me here? I honestly think I need a quiet one cat home for gray kittie! She just needs to be able to sit quietly with her person and quiet is not here.

Playing school and teacher is reading Oh, Susannah! to her students.
Sharon’s bowl of rocks
We saw this darling puppy at Thursday on Main
Brothers – two JB relatives!

Going out for lunch today – I’ll tell you all about it tonight.

29 thoughts on “I missed yesterday! 8-4-23

  1. Mrs. Goodneedle

    That puppy that you saw looks just like our Augie. ❤️ I’m sorry that gray kitty is shy again. New kitty has made herself right at home!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – of course!! Augie! This puppy was 4 months old named Libby – we couldn’t resist picking her up and really she wasn’t safe on the street. I was afraid she’d get stepped on in the crowd.

  2. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the bowl of rocks. I remember one blog reader writing about it. The kitty pictures are adorable. It would be nice if gray kitty would become tabby kitty’s friend. Time will tell.

  3. Liz Schrader

    I love the picture of Becky and Black Doxie. My Dixie looks just like it only almost 14 years old💕

  4. Kathy in western NY

    So happy to hear Ricks surgery healed and now the not so fun begins of rebuilding strength. Loved the kitty pictures. And the kids playing school is priceless. The rock bowl is very touching knowing the story now behind it.
    Now I have something to make you chuckle Mary….we got our neighbors stack of mail delivered to us, we took it to our neighbor, she checked her box to make sure ours wasn’t there, but it was someone else’s. Then later another neighbor stops over and he had our mail. What a circus! And we have our house number inside our mailbox as well as outside.

  5. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Aww, I love the kitties. Yes they interfere(help) with the quilting. My old cat Mercedes, used to scoot himself up under the sewimg light and I would gently push him out of the way, over and over as I sewed. He liked to be near and he liked the warmth from the light.
    Glad to hear Rick is healing. An old Dr. Told me that too Use it or use it when I broke my arm. Ha.
    Have a fun day on the farm and at lunch.
    Shirley from Oregon

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Your blog always makes me smile, Mary. Maybe gray kitty needs an older more quiet companion? We found our males were less wild, imagine that! I love seeing the “teacher” reading to her students:) I am working on a Fall 9 patch/hour glass quilt and I have a Winter one to bind. My pink is already at the quilters so I am moving along:)
    My husband is in the same boat as Rick. He does walk with me, but only around our big block and sometimes a little farther. It takes a while to build that stamina back up, but it is helpful and worth it.
    It’s going to be 88* here today and we desperately need rain. The clouds and rain seem to split over our town and miss us every time.

  7. Sue in Oregon

    Oh, Mary…I feel bad for you with your kitten dilemma. Grey kitty does seem to need a quiet home and maybe new kitty needs a house full of kids. Or, perhaps they will sort themselves out and become friends. I hope so.
    Later today I will send you my finished Orange, UFO, Hand Applique wall quilt.
    I agree with Becky. That little pup is adorable. Is it a long-haired doxie? It reminds me of a little dog we had long ago we named Snuffy. Our last name is Smith.

  8. Mrs. Goodneedle

    One more comment: maybe a good name for gray kitty is Heidi (Hidey) 😉

    1. Kathy

      What a great name for her! That is clever and pretty . Unfortunately most people wouldn’t know the meaning behind it, which is too bad.
      She is a very beautiful cat and I am glad she is making progress.

  9. Gloria from CC

    Your gray kitty looks just like the cat I had in the 1970’s and her name was Bambi. If your kitten’s fur is as dense and velvety as it looks, I’d name her Velvet.

    Every time Gaylen sees a car parked wrong he wants to take a picture and send it to you! I have to admit though when I had my Corvette, I would park as far away from the store as possible and take up two parking spaces. I didn’t have to worry about door dings – no one wanted to walk that far!
    Great pictures today.

  10. Marthanne Donaldson

    Good morning. I use a Feliway Calming Diffuser for our cats. Our Gibbs and Ziva are bonded cats but still have arguments during the winter. I find that the diffuser plugged in decreases their aggressiveness. Sending energies to the little grey kitten, and to all of you.


  11. Connie R.

    Glad to hear that Rick’s hip is healing properly. Now, just need to give it time and some physical therapy.
    I’m working on a couple wool quilts ( of all things in the summer). I thought one dayI would try primitive rug hooking but, my thrifted wool collection is getting ahead of me. Besides, I haven’t gotten to the rug hooking yet. I decided to cut some into squares and made a couple wool throws. I felted the wool first so, they came out really soft.
    Love the new curious kitty. Hopefully the two will become fast friends.

  12. Amy Kollasch

    I say give the kittens time to acclimate and they may end up being best buds after a while.

  13. Carolyn Meadows

    I hope your gray kitty warms up to her new buddy. Give her time. I wonder how traumatic her short life was before she found you. I think she will adapt to the wonderful home you have given her. Remember some of us just like to keep to ourselves and that is OK.

  14. Jeanine from Iowa

    I really don’t have any advise, but maybe you should have gotten an older cat rather than a kitten. Kittens do love to play. I don’t know how old the gray cat is, but evidently doesn’t want to be bothered. I have thought about getting another barn cat, as I lost one, but also wonder if the two would get along. Your tabby looks much like our cat, but ours has the longer hair. I’m glad Rick has healed well. Now the hard part is getting the legs strengthened. I hope he has a good therapist. I love the picture of the “twin” orange and white cats.

  15. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    The new kitty seems to be quite a firecracker. I have no idea what you can do short of separating them but that defeats the whole purpose. They are both so cute. I love the bowl of rocks. Made me laugh out loud! I have a husband who is also a rock packrat. I have piles of them all over the house and yard. I just ooh and aah when he carts them home then find a place to stash them.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the 2 ginger kittens! I’m sorry the Grey kitty hasn’t hit it off with the new one yet, it might just take time. At least you have a new quilting assistant, maybe that kitten could move to the house? Cold ,but sunny days here in New Zealand, a slow start to Sunday, still drinking tea and in pj’s! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  17. Betty Klosterman

    How long was Rick laid up fighting the infection? No wonder his muscles need more work. And it is not easy to do and doesn’t happen overnight. Tell him ‘chin up’ and get busy moving. It will get better. He has already improved a bunch.

    You are lucky to have the quilting help! Good additude if nothing else. And she has never seen anything like the long arm.

    Give the cats awhile to get used to each other. The gray cat has probably been alone so long and terrified every minute of the day, it will take time for her to relax and learn how to enjoy life. And there couldn’t be a better place to do that.

    What did the doctor say about the ‘pre surgery exercise instructions?’ Things seem to fall thru the cracks these days.

    Take care. Betty

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – he had the ankle ulcer for almost a year and has been waiting for this hip surgery for 2-1/2 years so his muscles are very weak. No, it didn’t happen overnight.

  18. Jan Hebert

    Oh, I hope you give them a little more time to become friends. The kitten is adorable, are those double paws? We had a tiger kitty with double paws, loved him! I’ve heard that putting one kitty in one room and the other kitty outside the door might work. They start interacting through the door. Then eventually after a few days crack the door and see if they greet each other nicely. Not sure it would work though, I hope someone comes up with a solution! I love Sharon’s rocks! Such sweet reminders of her husband. Jan in MA

  19. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    Sorry the kittens didn’t bond instantly. Maybe in time they will. Lots of help while quilting. 😊

  20. Pat Williams

    Such sweet kitties. Gray kitty may just need more time to adjust. Not seeing any comments today. Am I doing something wrong? Miss hearing from everyone. Pat in Iowa City

  21. patti leal

    maybe grey kitty just needed more alone time as the only kitty before another one was introduced. or just let them work it out. give it time. you know all this. new kitty seems to think the long arm is a new toy. i love the bowl of rocks. nice rocks. patti in florida

  22. Debra Reber

    Love the pictures of the new kitty helping you quilt on the longarm!! I would give the kittens a little more time to get to know each other. I also like the bowl of pretty rocks. My grandkids all love to collect rocks, & whenever we are walking anywhere, they are constantly looking for & picking up rocks! I have several large buckets of their collections in my barn!!

  23. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I see Tabby did not have any problem settling in; maybe Gray kitty will curiously watch Tabby having fun and join her.
    The exciting news here is two inches of rain!
    Congrats to Rick on his great healing. Thanks, Mary 🥰

  24. Kim from Wi

    So glad that Rick is doing better and only therapy and time can make the walking easier. I loved seeing the two cats lounging together, how sweet. I hope Grey kitty warms up to the new kitten. It’s fairly nice here in Wisconsin and we are hoping for some rain mid-week. Most of the gardens are struggling right now. I look forward to seeing your pink finish. Still need to set up my new quilting space. We managed to attend the Central Wisconsin fair with our daughter, and we loved all the breeds of Chickens, goats, pigs, sheep and cows. Needless to say, we also enjoyed the fair foods.

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