Practicing What I Preach, 8-3-23

I ALWAYS tell people that it’s easier to have two kittens than one kitten because they entertain themselves so off I went to Patriots For Pets to pick up a tabby kitten. Now I’ll need to decide on TWO names! Here they are meeting for the first time – I’m praying they get to be best friends.

I took the cat tree from the house to the shop for them to play on.

And the skunk recipe that I used on Keeper:

1 bottle hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

2 T. Dish soap – I used Dawn

1 quart water

I used it as a very thorough sponge bath but I think part of the success was not getting him wet first which just penetrates the hair with the smell. Whatever I did right worked! No skunk smell!

As I’m sitting in my porch this morning the fog is thick over Tim’s bean field – so much humidity. My plants will love it.

On the subject of hoarded fabric a reader asked if she missed a post. I have mentioned this as being one of the challenges for the year but not on a monthly deadline like the Dirty Dozen. I’m not getting any younger – what’s keeping me from using my favorite fabrics???? How about you and your fabrics that you’re still “saving”?

Only one reader photo – Carla’s been making socks.

Here is last night’s harvest moon – very red.

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I write every day – because I receive so many pictures and notes I can’t keep track of them for more than one day at a time. Do YOU read the comments from this group? Several readers are struggling right now and could use our support and encouragement. We’ll do the same for you if you need us.

Off to do chores and check on my kitties!

100 thoughts on “Practicing What I Preach, 8-3-23

  1. Vicki Ibarra

    Love their greeting. And I love the big eyes on the new kitty. Have fun with names! We named our cat according to the circumstances in which she arrived at our door. She was a throw away kitty that was looking for a home in February when it was 20 degrees below zero. Because of how cold it was, we named her Tabasco. (I know – we have an odd way of thinking.)

  2. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, Mary, your kittens are beautiful 😻, I hope they love each other soon! Looking forward to a girl’s trip tomorrow with a couple of quilting buddies. We’re going to Mineola Needleworks shop and then Quitman, Texas to Stitching Heaven and then lunch. Just about an hour away for me. Stitching Heaven is huge and luckily there are some chairs for when you get overwhelmed. Prayers for emotional and physical healing for everyone 🤗

      1. Pamela Dempsey

        Hi Rita! I’m around 2 hours East of Rowlett, North Longview. Grew up closer in Garland. Rowlett used to be more country, sure has grown. It’s near Wylie where Candy Montgomery wielded an axe and slaughtered Betty Gore in 1980. Max just had a movie about it, Love and death.

  3. Erin

    The kittens are adorable! I always appreciate the pictures of your barn, especially the ones with moons.
    There is always so much to pray about, but I will add those here who are struggling to my list.

  4. Kim from Wi

    I really enjoy reading your blog but I also enjoy reading the comments. I feel connected to so many of your readers with following the blog about nothing. The pictures of the kitties meeting for the first time are precious and I hope they enjoy the cat tree together.

  5. Sue in Marion, IN

    Love the new kitty! I hope they become best friends! I do read people’s s comments, and I have a question—any readers going to the Great Wisconsin Quilt Show in September? Our son moved to Madison in June for his medical residency, and it would be a good excuse to visit! It’s either go to that quilt show or AQS Grand Rapids, which is a lot closer (and far less stressful drive). But I was not too excited about last year’s AQS show—I’ve been going to Grand Rapids for years and it sure ain’t what it used to be. I’m waiting to hear from my son whether we he would actually have any time to get together. Residents are suppose to work 9-hour shifts, but….We may just go to Madison in any case. Anyhow, I’d love to meet up with anybody who reads this blog. If we drive up we’ll be there Thursday-Sunday.

  6. Ruth Clark

    I read your blog with my first cup of coffee- many times it makes me chuckle- but it also inspires me- gets me moving and thinking about things I CAN CONTROL- the STUFF I CANT CONTROL I GIVE TO GOD!!! The air and sounds are starting to feel like “back to school!” I know I should have worked on fall projects sooner but will try to finish those UFO’S for fall!!! It is well❤️❤️🙏🏼WI Quilter

  7. Carolyn Meadows

    I’m so happy you got a 2nd kitten. My vet told me over 50 years ago to always get 2 kittens. We have always followed his advice. They have given us so much joy over the years.

    I look forward to your daily blogs but don’t comment very often. That doesn’t mean I don’t think of you and your followers. I’m sure your readers find pleasure and comfort in your posts. I will add your struggling readers to my prayer list.

  8. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: I DO read all of the comments each day from your blog readers. It is like they have become part of my family through the years! I am hoping the two cats will bond and become best friends. I love cts but I found out I am allergic to them so cannot have any more. Bailey is a handful anyway! Haha ! Still no rain here in northern Iowa! But everything still looks lovely and lush. Our sweet corn is fabulous. Looking forward to some homegrown tomatoes soon.

  9. Sue in Oregon

    Those kittens are adorable and I bet they will be playing together like mad before you know it. I love to watch kittens play. So entertaining!
    This is a Blue Moon month so the next one should be even bigger, but I doubt redder. Great photo of this one.
    Thanks for the skunk recipe. I wish I had had it when Tippy got skunked. I got online really fast and found out people like a certain brand of douch….yes, douch…. to rub into the fur. I ran to town and got the last 2 boxes. Rubbed it all over him and it worked pretty well too. Some lingered for a while. I think you are right not to wash them before the treatment. As I recall, my husband hosed him before I got back. He looked so sad. That’s what I recall the most.
    Nice socks, Carla. Love the pattern.

    1. Carla

      Thanks Sue. As usual I’m reading all this a day late lol. Some days I just fall into bed at the end of day. Socks normally don’t take me that long, but that pair had been causing me trouble and was in time ourt, so they were on the DD list. I’m so glad they are finished!

  10. Peggy S

    I read every one of your daily blogs & every one of the comments!!
    This is a highlight of my day!! And I’m sure of many others!!
    Keep up the good work, Mary, & thank you.

  11. Dianna in Wisconsin

    It has been a very busy July so my comments have been limited. Reading all posts though!

    Had a root canal that got infected and was miserable for 3+ weeks. Playing with my grandson and I took plastic ball hit to the nose. Bruised for 10 days so my days pitching over! LOL

    Four weeks of each grandchild visiting – so much fun being one-on-one. This week my granddaughter and I are sewing.
    Thanks for inspiration.

  12. Debbie Miller

    It is absolutely pouring rain here in upstate SC this morning-we needed it so bad. I was moving some fabrics around in my sewing room the other day and found several “too pretty to cut up” stacks. What am I saving it for? If I don’t use it what will the next person that owns it use it for? I just seem to be in a sewing funk-I see quilts or patterns I love, sometimes print the pattern, write down fabric requirements and then nothing gets done until the next one catches my eye. Maybe I am overwhelmed-too much eye candy! I definitely have Covid long term after effects and I think the lack of ability to concentrate is one of them. I think the kittens should be named Thelma and Louise.

    1. Martha W

      I’m like you Debbie. I buy fabric and nothing gets done. I think I think I find comfort in knowing that I have it. That sounds weird. We built a new house about 12 yrs ago and my mistake was not insisting on a sewing room upstairs. I thought it would be in the basement but now stairs are becoming a challenge for me. The new solution is to purge the unfinished basement and move the guest bedroom down there. Then I can have that extra upstairs bedroom for a sewing room. Getting back to fabric….I just can’t resist. We should start a support group…Fabrichalics Anonymous. HAHA!

  13. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Love the new kitty!!! I also hope they become very best besties! And yes I do read comments even though I don’t respond much…. THANK YOU for this blog! I enjoy it every morning! I visited your shop many times and absolutely loved it!

  14. Tanya T.

    I love those socks! I dream about doing socks! Not these fancy ones, just plain socks! Meanwhile, I just keep knitting little dish cloths for the church bazaar!!🧦

    1. Carla

      Tanya, if you can knit dishcloths, you can knit socks. I have taught young teens to knit shorty socks with a pattern I did up using DK weight yarn. Give socks a try!

  15. Teresa in Indiana

    I love your new babies. We rescued 2 sisters. Definitely get along like siblings – one moment loving each other – the next ripping each other apart. 😆 Nice socks Carla. I can’t even imagine them on your feet right now though. Way toooo hot!
    Take care everybody. Make it a positive day.

    1. Carla

      Thanks Teresa. I actually wear socks inside all summer when the air conditioner is on lol

  16. Melody in Wisconsin

    Oh Mary, you did the perfect thing by getting a playmate for the gray kitty. I also am a believer that 2 cats do better than just one alone unless it’s older and hasn’t been around another cat or is territorial. You didn’t say if the little tabby is a male or female. I had a gray tabby years ago that was a male and his name was Tiggy Wiggy Woo Woo! I know, weird name but it just fit him.

    I think the gray kitten is young enough to accept a playmate and putting the cat tree in with them, I bet they will be playing together on it in no time.

    Bless your heart for thinking of the gray kitten’s needs and not about the extra work that one more animal brings. Please keep us updated on how both are doing.

  17. Sheila in MA

    Love the idea of 2 kitties, hopefully they will become best friends. I am not sure if they are female or male, so as far as names go. I like Lucy & Ethel or Fred & Desi.

    Have a good day Mary & readers, we are having some beautiful here in MA finally!. 80 degrees and low humidity.

  18. Sherri Huff

    I enjoy reading the comments from others.
    How about Gracie and Percy for your kitty names. 💕

  19. Brenda

    I love the new kitty and hope they will be best buddies. They are so sweet. I miss mine so much. I do read everything everyday and really look forward to it. It is like having a best neighbor, like we had when we grew up. Just check in for a little while to see what’s going on, share a few things. It’s comforting! I no longer know my neighbors, they don’t speak English, so it makes it harder. I consider you my neighbor! Thanks for taking the time writing your blog every day!

  20. Charlotte S in northern California

    Great socks Carla!! Yes I read the comments every day. The new kitty is so cute and loved their first meeting. Hoping the gray and the tabby become great buds.

  21. Pam

    Mary I read this blog every day. Without fail! I will never meet you or your readers but I feel very close to all of you. Kitty names, what about something from the Flintstones? I remember rushing home from school for lunch so we could watch while we ate. I do have fabric that I am saving. I think I will just find that perfect pattern, start an internet search or look through all my old magazines, get totally side tracked and forget what I am doing. We are eating beans here, everyday, at least what the dear leave for me. It is the strangest looking crop this year, bare stock to head high then all the leaves and beans. Wishing you and Rick a good day!

  22. Carolyn in GA

    Mary, read your blog every day and truly admire you for keeping it going. Have enjoyed the comments, it would seem most of us are “of a certain age” so we have seen lots of things happen in our lifetimes. To those who are hurting, remember according to the comments above, there are lots of people in your corner and lots of prayers.

    Totally enjoyed your recent pictures, there is a whole new book.

  23. Carmen

    I hope the kitties get along famously! My name choices are Graycee and Maisy for the baby.

  24. Brenda in Iowa

    Mary, remind me of the sexes of your two kittens. I have a pair of black cats I adopted for my sewing studio and named them Laverne and Shirley. I have a friend who adopted a pair of cats and named them Bonnie and Clyde. You should pick a ‘pair’ name for them.
    PS I’ll send a picture of L&S to your email.

  25. Joan

    I love reading your blog, Mary. We have been having lots of problems with Comcast so I am trying gmail and your site is one of the first ones I switched over. Love your big heart for animals. The new kitties are adorable.

  26. Paula S.

    Mary, I do read many of the comments. It’s like catching up with friends!
    Hopefully, your kitties will get along. It could take awhile, but I’ve never had cats that hated each other. Maybe a little “tiff” on occasion. Of course, they were all girls!

  27. Mary

    Mary I do read your post every day! Totally look forward to it. I’ve only had one cat in my life, years ago, wasn’t a good experience. I decided I’m a dog person. I have my first “ Couch Quilt” on the long arm, was fun to put together! Will send a pic when finished.

  28. Lynette in Orlando

    Love that you got a second kitten! You so remind me of me …… I say the same and here I am with a dog and a cat. Don’t think I could live without their company, Yes, I do read your post everyday — I don’t always post a reply. I saw someone else asked also on the gender — my cat I’ve named Miss Kitty (like in Gunsmoke). I rescued her from the barn where I board my horse and we always called her “here kitty kitty” – but if I had a boy I’d name him Dillon (like Marshall Dillion). Can’t wait to hear how things go!!!!

  29. Kathy in western NY

    This blog are my people. I miss it when some readers don’t comment as I feel like we are all friends together sharing so do know we all care for each and everyone and you are missed if we don’t hear from you. I like that someone said it’s like having a good neighbor to connect with. And I especially love hearing what’s going on in your part of the world so we all have a taste of living other places. Also I love the support everyone gives so it shows me what a kind hearted group of readers Mary has.
    I am so happy a rescued kitten has a new home with you. They will keep you entertained.
    So anyone been in JoAnns recently and seen how the clerks are using electric scissors instead of rotary cutters to cut your fabric off the bolt? I still have my original electric scissors from my dressmaking days! The ones out now are slick and they sell them but the clerk said Amazon has them too. A lady standing next to me was amazed but she wasn’t as old as me to remember them. Another customer wants them for her tote bag business now. I will give mine a try even if these blades aren’t as big as the newer ones from what I could see.

    1. RuthW in MD

      It is so great to see electric scissors being used in JoAnn’s!! WHAT took them so long? They cut so nicely.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Ruth, I did use my electric scissors to cut a layer cake square in half for a quick quilt I need by end of the month for a gift. They did cut it in half just fine.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy – I don’t understand why you would use an electric scissors instead of a rotary cutter – tell me, please. I feel quite stupid!

          1. Patricia Bernstein

            I thought about that also and think it may have to do with the cost of the rotary cutter blades.

          2. Kathy

            I do think it’s the cost of replacement blades but if your wrist bothers you like mine sometimes does when I use the rotary cutter too long bearing down, I believe the electric scissors might be easier. I am going to keep using my older pair and decide if I want to invest in one of the newer models. Need to look at them more.

  30. Sharon G.

    It’s going to be another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.

    Love those socks, Carla!

    The kitties are so cute. Hope they connect and become fast friends. Looks like the first meet and greet was okay. I adopted two cats in April. They turned 2 in July. They are brothers – they fight, play, and take naps/sleep together. They have been a blessing and a great addition to my life. They were previously owned by a man who was looking for a home for the cats because he was moving. My niece negotiated everything and brought them to me. They were a mess, but after getting checked by a vet, and vaccinated, they are healthy. And cleaner. With that said, even though their previous owner was a man, they do not like men. The only man they have accepted and didn’t hide from is my late husband’s best friend (and they were smitten with his wife).

    I have lots of hoarded fabric so I may as well use it! Right?

    I read all comments. This blog is now part of my day. The blog and comments are full of humor, encouragement, and support. I love the photos, ideas, and tips.

    Take care everyone!

  31. Launa

    Get those new kittens some friends’ names. Looked from the cat pole that they are settling in comfortably!

    Last night our area had a LONG HEAVY DOWNPOUR….early morning our humidity was 82%. More scattered showers are predicted….hope the Hayden Fire receives heavy rain to help the firefighters!

  32. MaureenHP

    I try to go through the comments but I don’t always comment myself. Today I took note of needs and prayed over them, including you and Rick.
    I am cutting back on blogs, but yours is one I am keeping. I have some pics to send and hope to do that tomorrow.
    I could not do what you are doing Mary, so I appreciate all you put into it. But don’t neglect doing what feeds you as well.🙂

  33. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hope your kitties are best friends! They will be fun to watch!
    Yes, my heart breaks for all the heavy hearts!
    I love to read the comments. They can be very entertaining! 😂. Some teach us all something and some need our prayers.
    As for a favorite in my stash…..oh boy! Hubby didn’t spend much time outdoors today…..too hot! We need rain, but still thankful there is some humidity. I don’t like humidity but the crops do. Still haven’t had a ripe tomato in the garden. The zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, and melons all are producing. But no peppers and tomatoes. Potatoes are not very good either…little.
    Well, best get to my taco meat. Take care everyone!

  34. Gerry

    Sure enjoy your writings and keeping up with the going ons with family, friends, animals and farm. Also quilting and sewing.

  35. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    Well, I sent a comment, but I guess it disappeared!. Carla, those socks look so nice and warm. I can knit and purl, but NOTHING like those. I, too, feel sorry for anyone going through health or personal issues. Life can just be hard sometimes. We are lucky to have the blog to help us move along.
    I do have a favorite fabric and pattern for it that I put on the DD list this time. Hope i get it done:)
    Nice day here in Central Ohio. My back muscle is getting better:) Our Buddy was so afraid of shoes and my husband when we first got him on 8/8/21. Now he sleeps in his lap every afternoon for one of his many naps. Love the new kitty; they will be good friends. Major Shop Hop in Ohio the next two months. A bunch of us are going on Wednesday. Fun

    1. Betty Klosterman

      YOU can make those socks. They are just knits and purls in a given order. Get brave and try it, you’ll get the hang of it. Nothing is permanent. Go for it. And find somebody who can help you when there is a problem. I’ve been known to fix problems over the phone!!
      Many years ago one of my cousins stopped to visit on the way to Washington state. I had baby afghans made and she commented that I never made anything like that when I was in Iowa. My reply was ‘I could never afford more than 1 skein of yarn when I was in Iowa.’ Amazing what you can do with more skeins.
      This is the only blog I have. Sure like hearing all the fun stuff, problems — all the stuff in our lives. Gives us contact with the rest of the world.
      Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    2. Carla

      Yes Diane, I agree with Betty. You can knit socks. I replied above that I have taught teens how to knit shorty socks using a pattern for DK weight yarn. I highly suggest that weight for learning since they knit up quicker!

  36. Judy Jaques

    I am caught up with your posts. New kitties. Fun.
    My yard is fried. Iowa Falls got 1 1/2 inches the other evening when Popejoy had the tornado. Iowa Falls is 5 miles from me.We got no rain. We got some wind. No damage but a branch was hanging.Neighbors came and pulled it down. Now to find someone to cut it up.
    Being a widow it is hard to get small jobs done.
    I can do a lot of things but running a chain saw is not one of them.
    I am adjusting to life with out Abby (dog). Ava (dog) is very needy.
    I am in the mood to get out some of my fall stuff and saw a pumpkin block I liked.
    I understand outside work comes first and I live in town. House will wait till I get to it.
    I’ve invited 5 for lunch and dominoes on Sunday so i will have to do a bit.
    I have several zucchini I need to use so will do a casserole and make the dream cycle salad. Used to make that back in the 70’s.

  37. Martha W

    I’m a new blog reader here. I really like your posts Mary. I grew up on a MN dairy farm and now on a WY wheat farm. My husband and I are retired from city jobs but he still farms. We travel alot September through March. I bought a featherweight to travel with us. The fabric stash has got to start decreasing. We got a rescue kitty 2 years ago. I was thinking of getting a buddy for her. After reading your blog Mary and the comments, I am convinced Kitty needs a friend. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  38. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l needed those socks yesterday, it was freezing! Fortunately I had on my sheepskin boots! Prayers for everyone having a hard time, reading this blog gives you faith in people.l have just found a use for some fabric I hav3 had for 20 years,now to find the fabric in all the boxes, l don’t think l gave it away in the big clean out.
    I think the red moon was influenced by Canadian fires, our moon was normal. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  39. Gayle Shumaker

    The skunk off recipe works on pets, humans and clothing, we’ve used it for years.
    For kitty names Sofia for the black one and Lily for the Tabby. They are both adorable. I’ve always liked cats but I’m allergic to them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gayle – really???? Have you used it for more than skunk smell? Where did you find the recipe years ago?

  40. Quilting Sister

    I totally agree with your “take two” opinion … I did the same twice and took sisters. The first two simply adored each other, and the second two did at first, but after I realized one was a boy, they began to fuss a lot. Oh well!! But I was still glad I took two, since I traveled some for work and they were good company for each other.

  41. Marsha from Kansas

    Your kitties are adorable. I hope they become good friends. As far as hoarding loved fabrics. Our guild was fortunate enough to have Doreen Speckman as our speaker twice. Each time she was here, I took a class from her. I loved her sense of humor. Two things she has said have really stuck with me. First, make something with that favorite fabric. What are you saving it for, your husband’s second wife who probably won’t like it near as much as you do? The other story she tells is going gambling with friends. She would say, $1, $2, $3, one yard of fabric. $5, #6, $7, two yards of fabric. Good bye casino, hello quilt shop!!! You can tell that was a while back. She was called to heaven way too soon. But I feel I have been blessed to have known her and she touched my life. So needless to say, I have sewn my favorite fabrics except those that I just need more time to get to. I just found out this morning that a sweet lady I used to work with passed away day before yesterday. Lost touch except through Facebook over the years, but she was younger than me. Life is just too short, make something you love with those favorite fabrics!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – I LOVED the line about your husband’s second wife! Hahahaha!!!!!

  42. Carla J in the mitten ~

    Always enjoy catching up with your blog and reader comments.
    To the Carla your socks look wonderful. The background of your pic looks like our Big Lake. Great views we enjoy.
    Kittens look to be getting along. I like Nancy’s idea of Lucy and Ethel.
    I have signature blocks to make in the next month and a half. Mary your idea of using that “special project fabric” will be put to use. Swap participants are a group who I’ve known for over 25 yrs.

    1. Carla

      Carla J, I’m actually about 3 miles from the Big Lake as the crow flies. I’m on my front porch looking at the cornfield across the road lol.

      1. Carla J in the mitten

        How ironic Carla, I might be a bit closer but not much.
        Woods and homes between us and The Lake. Nearby are blueberry fields and small garden stands. None of those acres of farms in west side of Muskegon County .

        1. Suzanne

          Hello to you two Carlas….. I am probably less than a mile from the BIG LAKE as the crow flies. Some days I can hear the waves crashing if it’s windy enough, but not so windy as to drown out other sounds. I am familiar with blueberry fields in Muskegon County, too. How fun to find your comments to each other today.

  43. Susan K in Texas

    I’m glad the little grey kitty has a new friend. I adopted two brothers and named them Magnus and Klaus. I got them in 2017 and just love them. They really help each other cope when we travel. They’re not alone.
    I enjoy reading the comments. Even if I don’t comment I’ve usually read everyone else’s comments. We do have a lot of commenters going through a lot of challenges. I’m glad they share those challenges with the rest of us. Life is not always easy and picture perfect. I went to a funeral of a friend today. I had lost touch with her – she was diagnose with Alzheimer’s at age 59 in 2015. Her husband had taken care of her that whole time. So young to suffer with such a cruel disease.
    Take care everyone and know there are people out there who care.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – I remember Magnus and Klaus – I saved their picture! They’re beautiful!

  44. ChristieB

    I should have shown the picture of your kitties to my 7 year old granddaughter, she names all my cats. Mitten is our big tom kitty. He is so pretty and gentle. All the kittens love to play and wrestle with him. Our grandkids use “food” to name their animals. Like: Peppermint, the ewe lamb that won top honors at the county fair last week. Muffin was one of the cats. Good luck trying to narrow down the names for your two.

  45. Connie R.

    I do read the comments every day and enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy reading your blog post.
    I just read a comment yesterday from Mother Teresa who said that the worst thing a person can suffer with is loneliness. How true. Your blog gives us an outlet to share with others, many who have been through the same experience. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to connect with each other.

  46. Ros Cosgriff

    I have only commented a couple of times but I do love reading your blog and the comments from your readers, hearing about their daily lives, weather, events and what they are working on. As for your two new additions – I just read a story about two very brave young girls who saved two little people from drowning in a lake in your home state – “Jasmine” & “Jacora”. Thanks for the Blog About Nothing I read it everyday. Cheers Ros Vic Australia

  47. Linda Steele

    Hi Mary,
    I enjoy your post every day. When you don’t post I miss it. I like your new kitten. I hope they will become best buds.
    It was 102 here today in Hot Springs Arkansas. We stay in the house. I am making a figet blanket for a longtime friend. She developed Alzheimers in her 60s. She does not know anyone now.
    Take care!

  48. Pat Smith

    So glad you got a friend for the gray kitty. We have always had more than one cat at a time. For awhile I volunteered for our local shelter in Vermont. When we got up to 4 cats, I had to give up my volunteer job because I just couldn’t stand seeing them there week after week. I can remember circling a date on the calendar and saying if this cat didn’t get a home by that date, I was going to take it home. Pretty soon we had 4 cats. I decided a better role for me is to donate money and work on the shelter’s special events. I vote for LaVerne and Shirley for the cat names.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – I cannot go to the shelter – all those dogs outside barking and just hoping somebody pays some attention to them. I hadn’t been back since I picked up Keeper and I only went back to pick up the kitten. Never again.

  49. Diana in Des Moines

    I love to read all the comments. Some days I don’t have time to read them all, so will go back to them when the grands are napping. You learn so much from others.
    I like Lucy and Ethel. We have 2 cats also, but they only tolerate each other. One Siamese, one mix, but they were not kittens together. Siamese are like that. They like their own kind. Go figure.
    We have many tomatoes on our 5 little plants. Making hot sauce this weekend. We have a place here in DM called Taco Casa (in Okoboji it’s called Taco House) and they make the best taco/hot sauce, and my hubby has perfected the taste alike recipe. Small batch – probably only 6 or 7 half pints.
    Prayers for all concerned and thankful that life is good around here. Mom is doing well, and I’m so glad I brought her home from the hospital to my house to live. One less worry and she’s safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – we knew Jack and Marta, owners of the Taco House and our house was straight down the road to the lake directly across from the Taco House. Becky worked there one summer. It’s the best sauce ever made!!!

    2. Carla

      Diana, it sounds like we have a similar situation. My mom now lives with us since my dad passed and I have napping grands nearly every day. Somehow it’s nice knowing of someone else out there in the same boat. Mary, I may not get to your posts on the day they’re sent, but I read every one and check out the comments as well!

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – and I have to give you credit for moving your mom in with you – I can only imagine how much more work it is but certainly worth it, of course.

  50. Debra Reber

    Our vet gave us that same skunk recipe years ago, & I’ve had to use it a lot!! But I didn’t know that you shouldn’t wet the dog down first! I’m glad to see that you got another kitten, I think that will work better! I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debra – that’s just what I was told verbally – my instructions didn’t say that, I don’t think. Whatever works!!

  51. Jan Smith

    I’ve been having to play catch-up again. It’s incredible how much happens in your world in just two or three days!
    Oh, that rescued quilt is marvelous! And isn’t it more interesting than pieced perfection? Although that has its place, too.
    Happy to see your grey kitty has become more comfortable & eagerly await the pairs new names!

  52. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Oh Mary, the little tabby kitten is adorable! They will have a great time living together in the shop.
    I was putting together a scrappy fall throw when I learned yesterday my niece is having a baby girl in mid October. I guess I will put aside my other project and make a baby quilt.
    Thanks for the blog, which binds us together. 🤗

  53. Donna A

    I read your blog every day….except the day I get to help fold quilts for hanging at the state fair. I love to read this blog!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna A – and it’s that time already, isn’t it? Are there lots of quilts this year? I would love to come to the fair – but I’m not sure my hip will allow it and I’m not riding in a scooter.

  54. Sally J.

    Yes I read your blog everyday and thoroughly enjoy it and all the friendships made through writing and caring.
    I like Laverne and Shirley ! Also Mork and Mindy!
    I’m working on a necktie wallhanging for my daughter-in-law for her birthday which is the 24th. (Using my late son Ron’s ties).
    Love and peace to all.

    1. Carla

      Sally, that will be a cherished gift, I’m sure. You must have some inner strength to be able to make it. I admire that. Blessings.

  55. Ann in Virginia

    I’m so glad you got a companion for your kitty!
    You are the best Mother!!

  56. Judy

    I was the reader who asked if she had missed a post on hoarded fabric. I had. I had not yet read the August 1st blog. I have now and your August 1st Iowa pictures are beautiful. I especially like the barn pictures. Reading the blog this week reminds me that you had earlier mentioned that it was time to use some of that fabric that is lying around. That comment sunk in because I have opened a box of fabric that I had not seen for a while and am making plans to use it. Thanks for the push.

  57. San

    Hi Mary, the fact that you could give another kitty a good home is wonderful. What’s even better is your expansive understanding of animals and knowing that the first kitty needed a second.

    One of the topics I discuss with shoppers in the big box store where I work is local donation centers. Our humane society, a no-kill shelter, is grateful for any clean used towels, pillows, blankets it receives. When folks come in to buy new pillows, I remind them that the shelter would love to have their old, clean pillows along with towels, etc. People are used to just throwing everything away, but it doesn’t have to go in the local and fill.

    Thank you Mary for loving all of of these critters which have passed through your farm.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

    1. Carla J in the mitten

      I use our old bed pillows and bed sheets to make comfy beds for our own dogs to use. Just a simple overlap in the back. Covers and pillows can be washed as needed or thrown out. We definitely got our use out of them. Scraps from a fitted sheet can be pieced layered with batting or more scraps and stitched across a few times to make washable kennel mats to fit dog crates also.
      When we had a new puppy coming I sent a seamed up chunk of hubby’s old pillow case so the pup got used to our smell before we met him.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      San – I use all my old linens eventually – cat and dog beds for sure. I’ve even taken some to the barn for my Mama Kitty who stays there! What a good idea to tell them at the purchase that there are places that can use the old ones! Well done!

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