Minnesota Quilt Show!

Tomorrow is the day – anyone who can make it to Rochester tomorrow for the quilt show should join us in the food court at 1:00 for a “board meeting”. Bring your ideas for blog posts, activities and tell me what you like and what the problems might be. I’m anxious to meet all of you who can make it. Kathy with the llamas was kind enough to let me park at her house and her husband Jerry will drop us at the front door. There is lots of construction in downtown Rochester which I won’t have to deal with. Thank you, Kathy and Jerry! I promise to take lots of pictures for you.

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Monday was my day to tackle the helicopters – especially those on the roof that were piling up in the valleys which could damage the roof in time. Rick wasn’t home but I called Becky and told her to call me if she didn’t hear from me by 2:00. I wore my most sturdy shoes and knee supports on both legs. I took the blower up with a 100 ft. cord and cleaned the roof off, hopefully for the summer.

This is what the mess looked like on the ground – piles and piles of helicopters.

Once on the ground they had to be loaded up and carted away. Thank God for the Workhorse!

After I dumped them I checked the garden which is very lumpy this year because it was tilled too wet.

The peas, radishes and pumpkins are up and the tomatoes are looking good!

Down at the barn the chickens are digging holes in the soft dirt so they can “dust”. They “dust” to stay clean just like a cat who grooms themselves.

I’m so glad you liked the Susannah story. I have so many stories about her. I took this picture of her, had it blown up to poster size and framed. It hangs in my kitchen and I hope someone treasures it when I’m gone.

We have several readers on our get well list:

Polly P.

Cindy S.

Jessica T.

Dianne C.

We all send our best wishes for speedy recoveries!

Guess what I did last night! I cut out Background Music from Susan Ache’s book Countdown to Christmas and can’t wait to start sewing. I’m going to make it big enough to fit my red loveseat.

I also cut up some more scraps and found more UFO’s! I will have more than 12, I’m afraid! Maybe some of the easy ones could get done before July 1 – if you’re playing the Dirty Dozen game, have you gathered them up and numbered them? I’d better do that today before I bring home more from the quilt show tomorrow. Haha! I know I’ll find something I just have to have.

Today is Novel Idea held at the library for those who can come. Right now I’m reading John Grisham’s Reckoning. Connie is off to join friends at the Kansas City quilt show and we’ll both have photos to show you in the upcoming blog posts.

See you tomorrow at 1:00 in the food court!

44 thoughts on “Minnesota Quilt Show!

  1. Emily Pittenger

    Will see you tomorrow! There will be 3 generations as I’m bringing my 10 year old daughter and my mom, Greta!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Emily Pittenger – oh how fun to see all of you! Are you all settled in your new home? Bet your mom is so glad you moved. How are the dogs adjusting to their new digs? Do you have a fence in yet?

    2. Cathy Platzer

      Susan Henderson and I were there today (Thursday) we so wanted to see you, but it was so busy at noon, that we decided to head home and try to make a trip to the farm this summer sometime. We totally enjoyed the show! It will be fun to see your pictures.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Cathy Platzer – I so wish you had stayed! How did you manage to see everything by noon?

        1. Catherine M Platzer

          We were there at 9:05 started at the top and placed our vote for our favorite. Then down to the main maze. I ended up buying the fireman small quilt for my husbands birthday in November (it looks easy enough). and I had already purchased that faith/hope/joy panel, but a booth had it kitted and so I got that. Susan also found a couple of things she had to get. We did set for a break in the room where people were making string blocks. I loved what was on the wall already. It really is inspiring.

  2. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Have fun in Rochester,can’t wait to hear all about it! Susannah’s portrait poster is positively precious!! All those helicopters must mean something, like caterpillar stripes, I wonder if it’s a weather forecaster?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – lets hope all those helicopters aren’t predicting a harsh winter!

  3. Sue in Oregon

    Wishing all of you that meet at the food court a Wonderful Day. Oh, how I wish I could magically fly across the country to meet with you at the ‘board meeting’. Tomorrow is my birthday, so that would be like a gift. Can’t wait to see the photos.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – Happiest of Birthdays to you, Sue! Hope you have a special day planned!

      1. Sue in Oregon

        My dearest friend is taking me to lunch and my husband and two daughters are taking me to dinner. It will be a NO Cook day. I love that. You ladies have fun on your outing to the quilt show.

    2. Kathy Hanson

      Happy Birthday, Sue, Today is my birthday so lets be sure to celebrate!! Happy Birthday~~
      Really looking forward to the quilt show tomorrow and meeting those of you who will be able to get to the “board meeting”! What fun that will be! What a wonderful remembrance of Susannah! Precious!
      We don’t have maples so we miss out on the helicopters – thankfully! What a job you had!!

      1. Sue in Oregon

        Thank you, Kathy. Happy Birthday to you too. I am glad you are going tomorrow.

      2. CountryThreads Post author

        Kathy Hanson – oh my goodness – Happy Birthday! We’ll celebrate with you tomorrow. I’ll be there “around” 9 am.

  4. Linda Baker

    That’s a lot of helicopters.
    I have a question for you, Mary. I have one of your patterns named “Oh, Suzannah!” Is that one named after the goat?
    Yesterday I was looking thru the Use It Up book and saw The Flag. Since I seem to have a mountain of strips, this is what will be started today. I’m not making a list of UFO’s, just starting new projects to be added to the list!
    Wish I could meet all of you at the board meeting, but I’m in Michigan. Will be waiting to see the pictures.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Baker – the pattern titled Oh Susannah! was designed quite a number of years before my Susannah was born – I wonder if I was influenced by that title when I named her …. hmmmmm. I love the Use It Up book – I think we were ahead of the times making scrap quilts. There are many quilts in that book that I’d still like to make! Just add them to my long list – ha!

  5. Ann in Va.

    So nice to see Susannah’s pic. I remember when she passed/— made me very sad.
    Loved the pics of dusting hens. Brought back memories of my 4H project as a kid.

  6. Lynne in NJ

    I remember the wonderful goat picture from an earlier post. It is precious. You have a knack for taking great photos. Enjoy the quilt show.

  7. Diane Bauer

    Have fun at the quilt show!! Rochester is my hometown and my parents still live there, so i’m REALLY wishing I could be there to join you, but I will be there at the end of July!

    Love the picture of Susannah—what sweet memories! I didn’t know chickens took dust baths! That explains the plethora of holes on many farms!!

  8. Maureen M

    Enjoy the quilt show, wish I was close enough to attend. I have my 12 projects gathered and numbered!!

  9. Dor

    I LOVE the picture of Sussanah! I would proudly hang that picture in my family room love closeups of farm animals…..

  10. Linda R

    You are amazing and such an inspiration. I am in awe of everything you get accomplished. I would be terrified to go on the roof! But that must be keeping you young and energized! Linda

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda R – do you have someone to go on the roof instead of you? That’s your answer. Rick couldn’t possibly navigate the roof so it’s up to me. I have no choice.

  11. Jean

    Mary. I would TREASURE that picture of susannah! I met her on several occasions when I would come to the shop. She butted everyone but you. Her mama! 😊 what a love she was.

  12. Maryjane in s. CA

    Love those chicken pics! I didn’t know they did that too. The birds in my yard come in my veggie garden and do that. So fun to watch them. Sweet, sweet portrait of Susannah. I remember all the joy she brought you.

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Those dusting divets made me laugh. I have them in all my flower beds and even in the greenhouse on the gravel floor. You have to be very careful where you step around here. Fuzzes up my husband sometimes. Those dam— chickens!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – ha! Evidently your chickens enjoy dusting, too! My lawn mower wheels fall into those holes!

  14. Dee Winter

    Hi, I can’t make the board meeting, but you talked about the parking and construction. Pine Needles in Rochester arranged for a shuttle for the show. You can park in their lot, apparently they are in a shopping center and ride the shuttle. They are charging $10 per person, includes a gratuity for the driver, and runs from like 8 am to 5 or 6 pm. They said they would run until they have no one else to pick up and bring back. It’s an option, maybe you could let your readers know? I’ll be there on Friday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee Winter – your comment has informed the readers – thank you so much! Sorry I’ll miss you!

  15. Connie R.

    Have fun at the quilt show. So wish I was close enough to join the “board meeting”. Looking forward to the pictures.

  16. Diane, Squeak's Mom in Central Ohio

    Tomorrow is a day where I wish I had wings or a private jet-haha. Please do take pics of everyone so we can see who’s who. I wish I could be there, too. Enjoy the day!!

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! The board meeting sounds like a great time…wish I were closer.
    If you had Wyoming’s wind, those helicopters would be in your neighbors yard. No way would I go more than 2 steps on a ladder. Mary, you are one brave soul.
    I can see why Susanna has a special place in your heart, what a sweetie.
    I had no idea chickens dug holes. I knew about the baths, but not the holes.
    I love to learn something every day. When I die, I want my skeleton to hang at Johns Hopkins medical center…I can be in a learning environment forever😊.
    Have a great time tomorrow.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Your skeleton could have a sign that reads “Here hangs a great quilter!”
      The sparrows really love their dust baths, too. Mom always said they did it to get the mites off themselves. Reminds me of the blackbirds taking a bath in the bird bath. It looks just like pure joy. They can really splash.
      Can’t hardly wait for the pictures and reports from the quilt show. Wish I was there.

  18. Kate Schloemer

    Enjoy the quilt show. I will be think of all of you.
    I have yard work to do as our little town has it’s yearly celebration this weekend.

  19. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I learned something new today about the chickens “dusting” like cats. I’ve seen birds do it too but didn’t know what it was for. Quilt shows are so much fun, It will be fun to see what goodies you bring home from this one.

  20. Nikki M in Tx

    Everyone attending the quilt show, enjoy, wish were there to attend with you. I am looking forward to the Quilt Expo put on with a combination of 5 guilds in the DFW area, it will be in Arlington in August.

  21. Diane in WI

    Loved the story and pictures of Susannah. I remember the story in the Goat Gazette Was she the goat that would jump into the back of the UPS truck? She certainly was a special animal. I would love to be able to make it to the quilt show. I’ll enjoy the shows when you post the pictures. Two friends and I are going to Spring Green tomorrow to The Country Sampler. Its always an adventure when the three of us drive to the shops. Have a wonderful time tomorrow! I have been clicking on ads when I see them.

  22. Brenda archambault

    Mary and friends,
    Sure wish I was making the trip, if only to escape the weather. It’s 110 plus, here in the Phoenix area and supposed to be an other scorcher tomorrow, then a “cool down.” AC In a my very best friend.
    Can’t believe how you have gone from winter to Summer in a few short weeks. We had a cool spring, quite pleasant, and then all heck broke loose. Guess we’re in the same weather pattern.
    Have been constructing my UFO/PHD LIST and ran out of paper! Working on the bullseye quilt and half way thru the border. Think I’ll piece a backing and then machine quilt it. Anyway, it will be 1 Down, 475 to go!
    Enjoy the show and send pictures. Thanks.

  23. Sunflower from Michigan

    Have a great time at the quilt show! Wish I could be there too.
    I have my 12 projects gathered and I even made a bonus bag #13 to work on when I finish one of my UFOs before the end of the month. An extra challenge for myself. Not to mention that I may have more unfinished projects too!
    Your going up on the roof reminds me of a story from last spring. One of my husbands fishing buddies bought himself a really powerful blower and he decided to clean off his roof one day. Well, the new blower was SO powerful, it made his ladder blow down. He called many people and no one was home to help him. After an hour or so, one of his neighbors came out of his house and was alerted by our friends yells. Luckily the neighbor could put the ladder back up and our friend got down safely! I’m glad you had a plan with Becky but you’d be safer to do that with someone home! I love all your adventures and photos. I’m closing four or five ads each day and often go back to previous posts and close them again. Take care!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sunflower from MI – by the time Rick gets home, it’s late and I’ve been on my own most of my adult life. Becky is my safety net – she’ll come looking if she doesn’t hear from me! Quite a story about the powerful blower and the ladder. I’m afraid of going up the ladder – I open a window and step out on the roof – sometimes a cat comes with me – Ha!

  24. Felicia Hamlin

    Great picture of Susanah! It would have been nice to go to the quilt show, I went last year and had fun, but I forgot to sign up for the bus and I don’t drive in big places. Mary, you are so brave! I can’t go up a ladder. That was quite a load of helicopters. Enjoy the show.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patricia Pratt – I’m in the middle of it right now and I’m really enjoying it!

  25. Kathy

    You should ask Jan Patek to send you a picture of her helicopters. A group of us visit her two months ago and her tree in front of her house it was loaded with them. She told us a interesting story about the tree. it came from a seedling found in Gerry Kimmel’s gutter about 30 years ago.

  26. Charlotte S.

    Have fun in Rochester!
    I love John Grisham’s books. I’m reading Camino Island. I got The Reckoning for Christmas so hopefully I’ll finish it this summer.
    I think goats are so cute. I really enjoy your blog!!!

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