Our Day At Minnesota Quilt Show

Here we are taking a break at the quilt show – me, Reed, Sherry and Llama Kathy.

Sherry had a step counter which read 6500 steps by the time we left. The remodeled Civic Center is just beautiful but the quilt show organizers seriously misjudged the food availability issue. Two snack bars – and long, long lines to get anything to eat. I suppose they thought people would leave the show to find a restaurant close by but nobody wants to do that. I was expecting a large food court area like other quilt shows which is why I thought we could meet in the back area. BUT we had a great “board meeting” and a nice chat to get to know each other, putting faces to the comments.

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These two, Jan and Linda, wanted to sit by Reed so they could get his autograph! Sweet! It wouldn’t surprise me if in about 15 years Reed could be giving lectures at quilt shows and designing fabric and writing books.

The quilts were outstanding and overwhelming at the same time. The talent that is displayed in some of these quilts is beyond words. And now after acknowledging this talent, I have to admit I am not interested in learning nor am I interested in even owning a quilt like these. I always wish I had taken more pictures but here are a few I took of unbelievable machine quilting.

I loved the overall color combinations in this one.

This blue and white miniature collection was done by two sisters and was my favorite exhibit.

These were very small quilts – some of the tiny squares finished at 1/4″!

Connie and I have purchased vintage quilt blocks through the years and they’re still here! Mary Kerr has created beautiful contemporary quilts with just a few vintage blocks in each one.

I wish I had taken more pictures to post here – such imaginative quilts!

In the vendor mall I took the picture of this quilt to use all my polka dot fabrics.

Saw Jean and Julie in the JJ Stitches booth and so wish I’d had time to chat with them and take pictures but they were simply too swamped with customers, which of course is the whole idea.

And I met Bonnie Hunter in person which was a treat for both me and Reed. I told her that I taught Reed “leaders and enders” – I hope she was impressed – haha! I have that “twisted sister” look going on with my sweater and purse, don’t I?

And these two blog readers introduced themselves to me – Ann Marie and Julie – they were taking Bonnie’s class which was the quilt behind us. I made this quilt and gave it to my friend Margaret but do you think I can remember the name? Grrrrr…….

Reed bought 30’s fabrics, Kathy bought white on white yardage and Sherry bought a black and white fabric roll (I think). I bought a new template what I’ve been looking for – an isosceles triangle”.

At the sewing room attendees were making string blocks and I can’t wait to work on some myself. That’s going to move to the top of my list. This pile however are my 12+ Dirty Dozen projects.

A true quilter would never let that pile of UFO’s keep them from starting a new quilt! How about you? Every time I go to a quilt show, I go with the idea and knowledge that there isn’t a thing I need or could possibly want. Yesterday I was looking for red and white light fabrics but didn’t find a single one. I wish I’d bought Mary Kerr’s book “Twisted” and think I’ll order it. I showed Reed the new wool appliqué book by Buttermilk Basin because I think that’s something he wants to try. I’ve been a bad influence on him because he, like me, enjoys sitting at the machine and the handwork gets pushed to the side.

And one of our most thoughtful gifts of the day were from Llama Kathy. She made Rick and Reed stocking caps and me a scarf from Libby’s fiber. Libby is the llama we spent time with at the show in May. Could there be a sweeter gift? I don’t think so and to be honest I may steal Rick’s cap from him.

Here’s Libby!

And here she’s getting sheared to produce the fiber used in the caps and scarf. Very special to Reed and me.

A few more quilts I loved.

Several Bonnie Hunter quilts – I am very drawn to all the piecing!

And our day ended at Red Lobster! Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary, Eric’s Birthday, Rose’s Birthday, Eric and Nikki’s wedding anniversary and we’re going to a wedding this afternoon. Wow! This is a popular day – Flag Day!

89 thoughts on “Our Day At Minnesota Quilt Show

  1. Deborah Harrison

    Happy anniversary! I so wanted to join you in Rochester, but I needed to go to a special quilter’s visitation. The show quilts look wonderful!

  2. Tanya T.

    Thanks for sharing all the fun! Mary Kerr did a talk for our guild recently…what inspiration! So glad that Reed likes 1930’s fabrics, too! I have several projects in my mind for those and seem to always find another fat quarter or two or three. Love the marled look in the cap, too. So much to see in this post! 🙂

  3. Diana

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. I am in awe of the machine quilting on those quilts. Such talent and I would imagine a lot of patience!

  4. Diane Bauer

    Gorgeous quilts!!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us who couldn’t be there! I am amazed at the creativity that flows out of people!! So much eye candy!!

    Oh, no! No amount of UFOs keeps me from starting another project! I have my list of 12, but there are others that keep popping up in front of me! I’m looking forward to getting more of my stash completed!

  5. Tina W.

    Happy Anniversary! It would have been so fun to attend that quilt show and meet everyone. The quilt pictures you showed are amazing! Especially the blue and white minis. Makes me want to go start one! I’m with you though – a lot of quilts are fun to look at but I don’t have any desire to make one like them. Looks like you all had a great time and the scarf and hats are treasures. Happy Flag Day!
    Tina in Oregon

  6. Margaret Jessen

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick! Thanks for the amazing show quilt pictures—nice to see Karen Stone’s alphabet quilt with her signature ewes. Amazing!!

  7. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful day it was! Such fun to meet some of the other ladies that read the blog. All of the quilts were not only beautiful, interesting but overwhelming! It was a fabulous day!!

    1. Sherry Whalen

      Kathy – it was so nice to meet you and spend the day! I hope we can do it again sometime! Sherry

  8. Kathy in western NY

    I loved reading this blog post and seeing such a happy day everyone shared together. Sounds like another happy day is on store today!! It’s a gift to celebrate all these amazing days….Happy anniversary! The hats will be so soft and cozy to wear this fall and remember such a special time you all shared together. I am so glad Reed got to be a part of it.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    It was fun to see Reed, we haven’t seen much of him lately.
    The show looks like a wonderful experience, quilts, classes, vendors and friends, old and new.
    So much inspiration.
    Thanks, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – this is the first time I’ve seen Reed since school was out – he’s busy working on his binding.

  10. Polly Perkins

    Thanks for thinking of me. One week down and feeling better each day. Five more weeks of wearing this neck collar and not moving my neck. No sewing but has not bothered me yet. Too tired and sore but later I will be antsy. Fun to look at quilts posted. All this will be so worth it. Doctor said it is 90 percent better and I will be a happy camper. Amen!

  11. Rhoda Ebersole

    Happy Anniversary-I remember when you were married and shopping for your dress. Can it be 23 years??? Time flies.
    The quilts are beautiful and the caps and scarf are magical.
    Happy Flag Day.
    I am in Oak Harbor WA for a grand niece’s college graduation Sunday from Univ of Washington. Her mom has a collection of Obie’s from Japan that are not to be believed.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda Ebersole – oh, what a fun collection to look at! Are they family heirlooms?

  12. Caryn Goulden

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick!
    The pictures of all those amazing quilts are great! Must have been a wonderful time! Wish I could have been at the board meeting. Would have loved getting to meet you and Reed. What special hats from a llama you know! Thanks for another enjoyable post!

  13. Dixie

    Such a special post! Loved hearing about the quilt show, and Reed looks adorable in his new cap! Today is our 39th wedding anniversary!

  14. Donna Sproston

    Love the photos. I am so impressed with the artistry, but I remain a simple piecer, tiny though the pieces may be. I want to quilt it myself so I can call it my quilt. My minis will never be judged in a quilt show, but they keep me happy and my friends like to receive them. I think all of us want Reed’s autograph and look forward to seeing his future unfold.

    1. Marian Stever

      So fun to receive your quilt show pictures, Mary. It must have been a wonderful day of quilt candy!! Seeing Reed was special along with the llama! Now we have enough inspiration to keep us going. Thanks for your blog.

  15. Paula S.

    It looks like you and Reed had lots of fun! All of the quilt pictures have me almost drooling. I love to look at the art quilts but I make quilts that are used everyday so that is why I have never entered any shows or displayed any quilts. I do admire all the piecing and machine quilting on the art quilts however.

  16. MartyCae

    Happy Anniversary! Best wishes to you and Rick!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I couldn’t go so this was a treat to see.
    Love the llama caps.
    Does Reed like 30s fabric as a general rule?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      MartyCae – he has just discovered 30’s because I don’t really have any since its not my “look” and don’t have any in my fabric collection.

      1. Diane Bauer

        I’m wondering what Reed has in mind as his next project or what he may be planning for these 30’s fabrics!! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane Bauer – Reed is planning his next project right now! And we’ll share with you as soon as he’s got it nailed down.

  17. Barb`

    I loved your pics of the quilt show. Almost like being there. I spend a lot of time at my sewing machine but I do love handwork too. I belong to a weekly sewing group. It started out we would bring machines but as we have gotten older the machines are a Pain – in more ways than one – so we now only do hand work. Anyway, we couldn’t visit with the noise of the machines running!

  18. Kathy Roloff

    Happy anniversary Mary and Rick! I also remember the pics of your dress shopping event. Many happy returns of the day. I can help you with the Bonnie Hunter quilt. Talking Turkey. My good friend is in her class. Thanks for the pics.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Roloff – oh yes, now I remember it’s Talkin Turkey and it was fun to see it in person. Wish I’d had time to look at it closer. And the wedding dress – not what I had in mind at all! The dress I was dreaming about didn’t exist – it would have been much simpler than the one I wore which I just gave in and bought because Nancy and Connie were sick of looking – haha!

      1. Helen Thomas

        Mary, I’m a new(ish) fan and I’d love to see your pictures of your wedding dress!

  19. Pam

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. You need to get Reed with Doug Leko. Although he might have been a little older than Reed when he started, he could be a wonderful mentor for Reed!!! Just a thought.

  20. Cheryl

    Sorry I missed getting there on time for the board meeting. Looks like you all had fun. Aren’t quilters just the nicest people. Everywhere I went and sat down, there was someone to talk to. Loved seeing the Bonnie Hunter quilts in person. Until next year….god willing

  21. Angie R from Baltimore

    Reed is getting tall. The quilts are fabulous and certainly inspired a few of us to get moving on another project
    Thank you for sharing pictures of the show we couldn’t attend. Happy Anniversary and cherish each day.

  22. Kristi

    Happy Anniversary! I have to tell you that you and Connie (Country Threads) really influenced and inspired me when I first started quilting, way back when. I still have your early books and some patterns are still on my bucket list! Thank you!
    PS Reed is a cutie.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kristie – that’s very sweet of you to say! I’m wondering which quilts are still on your bucket list? Just curious.

  23. Sherry Whalen

    It was so fun to spend the day with you, Reed and Kathy, and nice meeting all of the other blog readers! After you left I went back into the vendor area and it was much less busy so I made it through in a pretty fast time, and picked up a couple of things that I had my eye on – one was the Ohio star wool block. Al walked over to the quilt show and then we went to Thursdays on 1st – it wasn’t too busy right then but we went up to Newts to have a salad and that wasn’t busy when we got there, but got busy. By the time we came out of the restaurant the street was packed, so we went home, this ‘no beer’ thing is messing up my life lol. If you would like since I will be back at the show tomorrow for another class I could try to pick up Mary Kerr’s book.

    Happy Anniversary!


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – I just sent you a text before I saw your comment. Don’t get the book – I’d rather have it mailed here instead of you bringing it whenever. It was a fun day but I was exhausted and my day didn’t end until after midnight.

    2. Diane Bauer

      Sherry!! You are bringing back so many memories of growing up in Rochester!! Newt’s was a favorite lunch spot when I was working summers during college at the Clinic (Mayo Clinic to those not from Rochester). Thursdays on 1st started after I had graduated from the U and moved to CO, but I went with my Mom when visiting during the summer months. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!!!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Diane – yes, Newts is my favorite downtown restaurant/bar even though there are so many choices now. My favorite is the peanut butter burger! Where are you in CO? I love CO!

  24. Jane from Blaine

    My sister Cheryl and I thoroughly enjoyed the quilt show. Our only disappointment was not catching up with you & Reed, Mary. We were probably in the long, long food line. Happiest of Anniversaries to you and Rick!! I am numbering 12 projects this afternoon. It will feel great to check them off the list. Libby the llama’s hats & scarf are beautiful and will be oh so warm.

  25. Connie

    Nothing to add but to say WOW!!! Thanks for all the photos you did take and shared with us – gorgeous quilts and even more gorgeous quilting!! Enjoyed the day with you and Reed! Happy Anniversary to you and Rick.

  26. Mary Goke

    Happy Anniversary to you& Rick!
    Thanks for the “quilt show tour”. Would loved to have joined you! Looked wonderful and so much fun. I agree, I can see a bright future for Reed. What a great guy! 😊

  27. Elrid Johnson

    Thanks for the wonderful show pictures. I find it magic to see so many quilts while sitting on my couch with my I-pad. Loved the tour!

  28. Sandy Hoover

    It was really fun to see all the blog responders. We forgot to wave when we drove by your place on the way home to Algona, guess you weren’t home yet anyway. What a great day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy Hoover – thanks so much for coming to the “board” meeting!

  29. Kate Schloemer

    Looks like a fun time was had by all at the quilt show. Love all the pictures you took. Thank you…

  30. Donna & Henry 🐱

    Happy Anniversary to both of you ❤️
    I toyed with joining you yesterday but I just knew I’d end up buying things I don’t need. Too much temptation at those shows. I enjoyed your pics & Reed amongst all you ladies. Yes, maybe one day he’ll be a quilt designer or start going long arm quilting for those around you in Iowa. I have many UFO’s and even more kits that I could give away all my fabric & still not run out of quilting projects. I’m trying to purge but I touch my fabric, love the pieces I’ve purchadef & find it hard to remove it from my sewing room. I’m running out of room 😮. Thank you Mary fir your newsy blogs. If I had come down to Rochester I was going to quiz you and mention “Henry” to see if you could make the connection.

  31. Kate

    For some reason most of your pictures didn’t show up on my computer. Reed was the most popular person at the quilt show. He is getting to be well known among the quilting crowd and I believe he will be famous one day! Sounds like a fun day and I really wish I could have been there. I’m like you in that some of those quilts that I call “Art” quilts are beautiful, but not my cup of tea and I would never try to make one because I wouldn’t let anyone touch it and I make my quilts to be used.

  32. Nikki M in Tx

    HAPPY Anniversary !!!! Celebrate & Enjoy each other !!!
    Thank you for sharing the quilt photos…magnificent quilts.. like you some I enjoy looking at but no for my personal use or desire to make. I feel often the quilting while beautiful and expertly executed takes the attention away from the quilt itself. Have always loved blue & white quilts. I heard, don’t know where that at Festival in Houston this year there will bea large display of blue & white quilts.
    Llama wool caps & scarf, what a thoughtful and nice gift.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki m in TX – This is the blue and white exhibit going to Houston! Don’t miss it!

  33. Marsha Ransom

    LIke you, Mary, I’m overwhelmed by the fancy quilting and don’t always like it as much as some of the simplest straight-line quilting and at my age, don’t figure I’ll worry about learning how to do much of it. I’m just happy I’ve learned about walking feet and I do learn something new with every quilt I make. Quite a few years of my life were spent homeschooling our 4 children and I don’t regret a moment of that! There are just so many quilts and quilted items I want to make! And pillowcases! I need some and with all that fabric I have, surely I can find time between UFOs to make a few!

  34. Catherine M Platzer

    I loved yourpictures Mary. Susan Henderson and I hoped to see you but that food court was just crazy. I do agree with you about the special machine quilting on some of those quilts and they really are amazing but I like our straight line quilting and I’ve learned to do the small meandering on my civil war quilts.
    I did like that hand quilted large quilt and if I can figure out how to send it to you I will.
    The string quilts are the easiest quilts for donation and we do a lot of those at Grace Church, great way to use all the extra strips of fabric.

  35. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Wow! Such an assortment of beautiful quilts. Happy Anniversary and Flag Day to both you and your husband!

    1. Donna Ondler

      Mary my posts don’t show. I’ll try this post and if I don’t see in a few hours I’ll send you an email. I know I asked before if everyone else has to “always” enter Name “and” email for every post they send ? Long ago I do t think it was required but now at my end I always have to enter my email and name before I hit post.

      1. Ruth

        It’s a pain, isn’t it? This “requirement” began quite recently. (Can’t remember when.) I have to do it on nearly every comment I make now, on every blogpost I read. Including this one!!

  36. Beryl BC

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for the quilt show pictures. I very much enjoy going to the shows and seeing all the quilts that may be unlike anything I ever do. Perhaps when I’m retired I’ll get out to the MN show.

  37. Frances Carter

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures of you and Reed and folks. I love the beautiful quilts!

  38. Charlotte S.

    Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful quilts and amazing quilting. I just go to quilt shows and walk around and say WOW! WOW! WOW! I’m taking my granddaughter who is 10 on her first quilt shop hop next week. Even though I have more than 12 dirty dozen projects I’m sure I’ll come home with something!!

  39. Stephanie in Bettendorf

    Thank you for sharing your amazing day! Mary I think Reed has everything it takes to be anything he wants! What a special pair you are!

  40. Wendy P

    Happy Anniversary. Love the scrappy James Town Landing quilt – it’s on my Bonnie Hunter to do list.

  41. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for sharing your day at the quilt show. Those quilts are true works of art but never to be used on a bed I’m afraid. I love the quilts from your books, something I like and feel I could tackle.

  42. Montana Kathy

    Mary, thanks for the great reporting and photos of the quilt show. Would have loved to have been there with all of you. Someone else mentioned that Reed had grown, and when I saw his photo that’s exactly what I thought. He’s now almost as tall as you! Happy anniversary and get some rest. That must have been an exhausting day. (Love the llama hats, too!)

  43. Paula in Southeastern KY

    Happy Anniversary first of all. Love the quilts you showed, it looks like a good show. Once again i say you and Reed are so blessed to have each other. Gotta get my 12 together. I am going to do part of them tops needing to be quilted and other ones fabric I have cut out and not made the top yet. Have a nice weekend. Paula in KY

  44. Linda Thompson

    Hmmmm I didn’t see any famous people at the Minnesota Quilt Show Thursday. But, I certainly enjoyed it. I even laugh tonight at the bureaucratic volunteers…and the fact that I had to chug down my $3.00 bottle of water before I could go into any of the special areas. People should be watered over a 3 hour period. Or maybe I sauntered to slowly. It was a treat to see Kae Buckley’s quilts. She is my current guru…I change those I follow frequently! And even better…this quilt show in midwestern Rochester was much better than the Road to California held in Ontario CA in January….just left the Road to Cali in the dust! Did I have a favorite quilt…noooo how could one. But, I found a favorite lady: the creator of the Bus Stop. I clocked in 8101 steps or 3.1 miles and didn’t carry my phone in my pocket the whole time. That is a biggy for me. And, parking didn’t contribute to my steps. I heard people complain about the parking. I hated to say it wasn’t a problem for us. We chose the lot directly north of the Civic Center, parked directly across from the north door…and walked in after figuring our how to get our money in the meter.
    By the way, my iPad is set up so that in the ribbon under this, my name comes up and my name and email addy just autofil.

  45. Diane in WI

    Your tour of the quilt show was wonderful. There are certainly some talented and creative people in this world. I really liked the quilt that had the alphabet and sheep. Happy Anniversary! I happened to looking through some pages from The Goat Gazette. I came across an article about you shopping for your wedding dress. There were always so many interesting stories to read. Thank goodness for the Chicken Scratch now. On our adventure yesterday after stopping at The Country Sampler (Barb from Blackbird Designs was teaching a class there) we also stopped at Mill House Quilts and then J J Stitches. I bought some quarter yards of fabric.

  46. Beth Laverty

    When I lived in Maine I regularly attended the Maine Quilt Show in Waterville, Maine and a couple of times was able to get to the New Hampshire Show. I remember often being overwhelmed with the work and when I would come home my work seemed less than it should be. But over time I realized I wasn’t making quilts for shows, I was making them for myself. What a relief (LOL) I did love seeing all the quilts you posted. They are lovely to see.

  47. Kris in Naperville

    I was so jealous that the MN quilters were going to meet up with you at the quilt show… but they got to meet Reed, too???? Thanks for sharing the day with us. Happy Anniversary, too!

  48. Sharon B.

    Many happies to everyone celebrating anniversaries and birthdays!!!
    Thanks for sharing pics of the show. My FAVORITE is the one with the alphabet, flowers and sheep….soooooo dreamy! I wonder if there is a pattern for that?

  49. Noël from Kentucky

    Mary, I think you and Reed should go on tour so your fans in other parts of the country could meet you! <3

  50. Diane, Squeak’s Mom in Central Hio

    Happy Anniversary to you and Ruck.💕💕. Would you share a picture of you in your dress? How many did you try on before you found it? Mary, you did a great job showing us the quilts at the show. Thank you. I am intrigued by the one with the big pink and red flowers with the tans for the upper background and greens on the bottom. I love all quilts even if i’ll never make a similar one. They are fun to see. Reed is almost as tall as you are. Great, he’ll be able to reach things you can’t😃😃

  51. Felicia Hamlin

    First of all, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Mary. I felt bad tha I didn’t go to the show, worse yet, not being at the “board meeting”. Wow! Some of those quilts are something else, lots of creativity and patience and time. Say hello to Reed, hope you were able to rest.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – maybe we can meet up this summer like we did last year. Yes, the quilts were exceptional but personally I liked the Bonnie Hunter quilts with lots of piecing. I wished there were more quilts on display of my level of workmanship. I’m not looking for perfection and super workmanship – for me it’s the journey, not the destination.
      How are your plants liking the outdoors? Mine are loving it!

  52. Janice

    All of the quilts were amazing but I am drawn to Bonnie Hunter’s the most. I love all of the colors and many pieces she uses. Seeing this makes me want to find a local quilt show to go to! Beth Laverty mentioned a show in Waterville, Maine and NH? Those places aren’t that far from me. I’ve been to hooked rug shows but never a quilt show. Going to have to change that! Thank you for all of the pictures. I bet those hats are warm and so soft. So fun to think that you met the animal that they came from. Jan from MA.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice – I could not agree more – Libby’s hats and scarf are so special to us! You should definitely go to a quilt show. The pictures I posted were just the tip of the iceberg! I should have taken more and I always say that when I get home.

    2. Beth Laverty

      Janice… I just looked up the Maine quilt show… it has moved to Augusta…. Here is a link to their website… https://mainequilts.org/quilt_show/ I could not find anything specific on the New Hampshire quilt show. There are a few though. Maybe some one at a local quilt shop would know.

      I am in Pennsylvania now and there are a few smaller events close to me butt I haven’t felt the desire to go in awhile

  53. Sharyn Resvick

    Oh, thanks much for the compliment. The x and plus quilt you photographed as one of your favorites is my quilt entry. It was such fun to make!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharyn Resvick – your quilt was wonderful and I’ve always wanted to make it! And it looks like something I could accomplish – unlike the over the top quilting. Guess I’ll just have to start!

  54. Norma

    Happy Anniversary!
    Love those little blue and white quilts! A few years ago two sisters made many little red and white quilts, I’ll bet they’re the same ones. So inspiring. I was sorry to miss the show this year. You took pics of some great ones. Thanks, Mary.

  55. Connie

    Hi Mary, Sorry I wasn’t at the board meeting. We were at the quilt show when it opened at 9! Between the show itself and the vendors we were pooped at 1230. And we were starved! They missed a great opportunity to sell some food, for sure! The lines at the snack bar was too much for us. We were tired and hungry and my feet said enough! LOL The Prince challenge was really a site to behold and next years challenge is Bob Ross. Don’t you think he is more popular now that ever before? I bought a lot of neutrals but not as many as I had hoped. Bonnie’s quilts use a lot up. I have my Dirty Dozen list ready to go.

  56. Brenda in Iowa

    Hi, Mary (and all those who attended the Minnesota State Quilt Show),
    I’m sorry I was not able to attend the gathering. It looked like you had a great visit.

    Mary, I’m with you regarding the talents of the people who made the quilts at the quilt show. I love the simplicity of the pieced quilts. That’s why I think the blue/white small quilts display was my favorite. Also, I really enjoyed Mary Kerr’s display taking vintage pieces and preserving them into something fabulous.

    Have a great week.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – hope this message goes thru – I have been trying to post for 3 days now and WordPress is having issues – so sorry!

  57. Moe Baly

    Enjoyed your post very much Mary. Happy Anniversary! 22 years. Doesn’t seem like it. Like you I’m always overwhelmed at quilt shows but I keep in mind like you I don’t want to learn certain techniques or do them or own them but LOVE looking at the quilts. Also I’m always looking for red/white fabric even in shops. Not finding it too often. Thank you for letting me join you on your fabulous trip to Minnesota!

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