Miscellaneous – 2nd Post

The first thing I want to clarify is Connie’s choice of fabrics. I wish I could tell you that she used one specific pre-cut pack but sadly she did not. She never would. Connie is an expert at combining fabrics and always uses yardage from her stash – now that’s not to say she didn’t use a piece of a layer cake or charm pack along with her other choices of fabrics but in general she picks fabrics independently. I think many quilters are actually afraid of this step and they shouldn’t be. Give yourself a little credit. If you’d be more comfortable starting with a precut pack, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just add to that pack – don’t use every single fabric of the same design in every color. We think our quilts are more interesting using a wider range of fabrics.

I hope this answers your questions.

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous – 2nd Post

  1. Beth Laverty

    I like that Connie uses what she likes and what she thinks looks good in her quilt. I think, you should trust what you feel, especially if the quilt is for you. It should be what you feel comfortable living with. I also use what I like or what I think looks good. I do not generally buy precuts or kits. But then I have been quilting for about 45 years. I learned, back in the day, when there were generally only traditional patterns to follow. We went to the fabric store and bought what we thought would look good or using leftover fabric from a sewing project. My first quilt was the sunbonnet sue and I made it using a cardboard template given to me by a cousin. She told me approximately what size to make the squares. The rest was on me. Still often do it that way. I do occasionally buy patterns but not often.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth – thank you for that great testimonial – you’re right – use what you like!

  2. Kathy

    Your way of describing the way to use our stash was dead on!! Many times it’s hard for quilters to think outside the box and use various lines of fabric that mesh together. We need to look for color and design next to each other rather than use all the fabric from the same line. Wished I had taken a class with you as the teacher in my beginnings of learning to quilt. You explain it so well.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – like Beth said, use what you like! You’ll then like your quilt, too!

  3. Anita Fetzer

    OK when my pattern comes I’m going to make a real effort to do this…..I am such a Match never Mix person it will be hard but Connies quilt is so lovely….I will try to do this too…..thanks…

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