Miscellaneous Monday

So much to talk about- so many pictures – I just can’t shut up, can I? First of all my fly predators arrived and I’ve put them in the goat pen where the manure is the worst.

Remember when I told you about these bugs last year? A package comes every month with little bugs that eat the fly larvae around the barn keeping the flies under control.

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Before Reed and I left for the llama show on Saturday I had to see his 3 chicks that had just moved to a nice pen in their barn.

Myra made the sign. Here are Alice, Pearl and Vernice – named for the great grandmothers.

When I got there Nolan was giving June a ride on one of his many lawn mowers. He just acquired an older lawn tractor with a tiller and a blade and he is tickled to have it!

We headed for the barn and both June and Vera wanted to go into the pen to get up close and personal with the chickens.

As Reed helped Vera hold the chicken, I could just see how proud she was!

And then it was Myra’s turn.

This little visit to the chicken pen was nearly as much fun as the llama show!

Speaking of the llama show, I forgot to tell you about the obstacle course and competition. Little kids led their llama through a course of stepping over a barn walking over a bridge, weaving through small trees, and walking on various textures on the ground such as branches and plastic. It was so fun! And did you know that llamas hum? Why, you ask, do they hum????? Because they don’t know the words! Hahahaha!

Kris G. Sent a picture of her Bullseye and also of their coo hound named Bruce with Emily the kitten. I love naming animals people names!

I still haven’t quilted my Bullseye but soon…….

And here’s Jo’s “branch manager”!

During church all the quilts made for missions were dedicated. What a wonderful job those “sew and sews” have done!

On Sunday afternoon I tackled cleaning the porch – I can’t wait to sit in the porch!

Today Jason brought me straw for bedding which I’ll be needing on Saturday after the church kids clean my barn. Jason has only 4 cows but 2 have had calves in the last few days. This guy got stepped on and broke his leg. Jason took him to the vet who put a cast on it and sent him home with a signed cast to his mother. I volunteered to bottle feed this fella if that’s what he was going to need – but only if he was to be kept and not sold for beef! That’s the end of the game for me.

Jason had him in the trailer when he brought the straw. I just loved him!

Look at Connie’s tulips!

Rick started planting the garden today – just look at this lovely black dirt!

Here’s my teeny garden but this year I won’t have to plant cucumbers or peppers – maybe just flowers?

Here are my 5 chicks – getting so big!

I found this dead bird in the grove – can anyone identify it? Look at those beautiful gold feathers with a touch of red on top of the head? Meadowlark? Flicker? So sad.

And after a busy day outdoors, this is the scene that greeted me – anybody for a red and white four patch????? Sigh.

64 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Reed

    I think the bird is a flicker beings it has the red on the head and the yellow shafted wings also the barred looking feathers -REED

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Reed – I think you’re probably right – I’m wondering if the owl killed it. If not the owl, who?

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    So many beautiful quilts, Mary. The children look so cute and so are the chickens. I feel sorry for the poor calf, that is a long cast. I hope it recovers soon.

  3. Rita M in CT

    The ads are back.
    I have some books for the list.
    White Rose, Black Forest – by Eoin Dempsey
    The Saturday Evening Girls – by Jane Healy
    In Pieces – by Sally Field
    To Close to Breath – by Olivia Fiernan
    Good Behavior- byBlake Crouch

  4. Ellie

    Great pictures! And such variety! Thanks!
    Two books for the list if I’m not too late. Forget who the authors are.Before We Were Yours based on the true story of the Memphis Tennessee Children’s Home Society .
    Peace Like a River just a charming read.

  5. Judy

    What a variety of pictures! Glad it is finely spring. Monday was a beautiful day here and today is almost as nice. I recognize those quilt blocks. I started the Good Fortune quilt last week so I now have about 200 of those red and “neutral” blocks. I am a master at sewing together squares, but I can tell that the triangles are going to take a while. I just have 4 done so far. They are sure small. Love your display of quilts in the church. What a great selection. I only take time to put together squares for our donation quilts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – Bonnie’s triangles at each end of the Rectangle were challenging for me but after I got it figured out I thought it was brilliant! I’ll post a picture of my quilt soon.

  6. Lois Palmisano

    I WILL HAVE TO close a L O T
    MORE ADS!!!! Lois on omaha

  7. Rhoda Ebersole

    What are the bugs that eat the fly larvae?
    Precious children but no chickens on my head.
    Poor little black calf with the broken leg.
    Beautiful day here in Northern WI today and we may get more snow??? 😩

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lou Brackett – I agree that it’s probably a flicker. Would an owl kill a flicker? That’s the only predator I can think of since we’re fenced everywhere.

      1. Lou Brackett

        Yes, an owl would kill a flicker, but then it probably would have carried it off to eat it. My bet is a cat did it.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Lou Brackett – we recently found several dozen owl pellets so we know where it eats. I don’t think any of my cats are fast enough to get a bird nor do they venture that far from the house. I suppose it’s possible but not probable. Thanks for your input!

    2. Mary Evans

      I agree, looks like a flicker to me. I couldn’t identify the beak – didn’t see it – but it is like a woodpecker beak, so, if anyone sees it, that will help identify.

  8. Janine

    Great post, Mary! Love the photos. And sweet June with her hand in her pocket! I’m starting a “Mary’s 4-Patch” in holiday colors – the 4-patches are all scrappy reds and creams – so that last photo just spoke to me. Since my kitten Sam loves to sleep on my cutting table, I find all sorts of goodies on the floor. He just pushes things out of the way and is happy as can be!

  9. Kris Gavin

    Good Morning Mary – thanks for taking the time to post all those pictures… love reading and seeing posts about Reed and his siblings. thanks for posting my Bullseye Quilt and the picture of Bruce and Emily… lol… now they will think they are stars. Sincerely Mary, you and your blog bring such sunshine into my life. Thanks! Kris G in Naperville And thanks to all of you who have been so complimentary about my Bullseye Quilt.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kris Gavin – I loved the picture of a Bruce and Emily! Was that recent or is Emily grown up now? Are they still pals? And your quilt. – did you do your own quilting? I’m considering doing straight lines like I always do but I thought I was going to have to learn circles. Have you washed it yet?

      1. Kris Gavin

        Hey Mary – Emily is now almost 10 months old. She chases Bruce, Bruce chases her but sleeping in the big doggy bed???? Bruce nudges her out now… so I made her a smaller bed that she shares with Max (our other cat). I did my own quilting on my basic Brother sewing machine ($79 from Walmart). I have 3 sewing machines but I love that cheap little Brother. You inspired me to do straight lines and if you could see it up close, you’d see the straight lines are not so straight! I found the freedom of this quilt really spoke to me… circles that aren’t perfect, just grabbing a circle from a stack of scraps…. straight lines that aren’t so straight…. made me enjoy the journey so much more than just working for the finished project. Thanks for the encouragement to get out of my comfort zone. I will have to get a picture of grown up Emily and with Max. I’ll send it to you separately.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Kris Gavin – the Bullseye quilt gives everybody permission to enjoy the process without having to strive for perfection! I love it! And I love that so many readers discovered that freedom, too. I always say that if one just needed a blanket you could go to Walmart and buy a cheap one. BUT if you like to sew and enjoy the process you’re like me – I don’t quilt for the destination – I quilt for the journey!

  10. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, I noticed right away there was no mower deck under the tractor and thought I’ve got to show this to my husband. When our granddaughters for 10 – 11’ish, he got two old mowers, no decks, and the girls drove those tractors on the private lane between our houses till the wheels almost fell off. They loved them
    Your pictures are always wonderful but the ones of Reed’s sisters with the chickens are fantastic. I encourage you to enter these in your state fair this year. Vera’s eyes are amazing in the picture of her with the chicken on her arm!
    Love the kitty tail peeking out from under the bullseye quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Maryland – I liked the picture of Vera, too. My pictures are always taken with my phone because it’s always with me but I never have much time to compose the photo.

  11. Carol

    Well I still can’t spell even when I catch myself, but I did close 5 ads. So there. I LOVE THAT BULLSEYE QUILT! There, got it right!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      carol – not to worry! I type this blog on my IPad and I don’t like auto correct at all. How does Mr. Auto Correct know what I want to say? Your kitty loves being home – not likely to leave on Mother’s Day. And thank you for closing those ads!

  12. Carol

    Well, so many typos above, sorry, you may need to use your comprehension skills to decode! I know you’re Mary not Nary, and I live the quilt, not live it, and my Kitty was lost, not list…. you might remember she cane home on Mother’s Day … now I’m afraid she will be leaving us near Mother’s Day.

    1. PJ

      Wow just love all your pictures n blog just so wonderful to see all the children with the animals so many children do not get to experience all farm animals!!! I was a farm girl n took care of many n complained as a child but now look back n know it was a very special time in my life ❤️Again I day I am not sure where you get all your energy but you go girl!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Carol

    So much news for a Monday! I live the bullseye quilt, the background is so soft, beautifully Quilted. Reed’s family, what a crew! I actually thought the same thing as another writer, blades and injuries … but didn’t see a blade so …. no comment there! Phew, I wouldn’t want to be yelled at by Mary!!
    The church pews full of quilts, touching. And so pretty!
    Your porch, is that floor wet or is it a beautiful terrazzo or tile? Assuming wet, but boy is it pretty!
    My kitty, the list Kitty from four years ago… she’s very sick Nary, and I’m praying for a miracle or mercy, either way but I hate to see her this way. Join me in a little prayer for Kitty, please.

  14. Chris

    You are a hoot. Never a dull day on the farm for you. Enjoy your Tuesday.

  15. Nikki M in Tx

    Ah, looks like spring may have finally arrived to stay.
    Garden soil looks great, if no peppers or cucumbers what are you planning to plant? In a raised bed ( old stock tank that filled with soil) planted cantaloupe vine,zucchini vine, &cucumber vine , will see how it goes. In another raised bed have 6 tomatoes plants,in the south it is a must to have tomatoes in your garden,& jalapeño pepper bush. Last years jalapeños tasted like bell peppers.
    I have been looking for a succulent my aunt used to grow, I think the name is “String of Pearls” but not sure.looked like a green pearl necklace. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M in TX – yes, it’s called String of Pearls and even though I don’t have one right now, I’m very familiar with the plant. Can you find one or should I mail one to you? What did you think of the llamas? I want one!

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Loved the llamas!!!! They have a llama show in Fort Worth each year & hope to attend this year. Bought my Bongo March 2000 and not regretted it once. Did I tell you he is a Jeopardy fan. I watch Jeopardy most evening (6:30 PM here) and he stands on the porch looking thru the window until it is over. I will let you know if I don’t find one in Fort Worth his weekend (String of Pearls), the nursery in Graham didn’t know what I was talking about, they didn’t know what a Hen & Chicks was either! The owner told me if I really wanted succulents why didn’t I just go out in field and dig up cactus…this is a 85 year old man with NO people skills, his wife would scalp him if she knew…customers have learned to smile and return when the wife is present.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Nikki M – he doesn’t know that a succulent isn’t a cactus, does he? I thought you’d love the llama show – I sure did and wish I wasn’t this old because I’d be getting one – pronto! Do you shear Bongo?

          1. Nikki M

            I sheared him myself twice..handclippers. Took several hours & both hands had blisters. Two years later used a set of electric shears got 3/4 way thru & shears burned out. Every year since I pay a man that has goats to shear him. I give his wife the fur…she cards and spins it…she does a lot of demos with spinning wheel and loves working with llama &alpaca wool when she can get it. Is a win win situation. She knitted me a scarf a couple of years ago..

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Nikki – that is much better! I had an angora goat years ago and I used my new Ginger shears to trim him up. The fellow at the show was a real expert and had all the right equipment – he made it look easy but I know it’s not!

  16. Diane Bauer

    Love the sign for Reed’s chickens! I love the encouragement you give him!!

    The church ladies have created beautiful quilts to donate!! We have a group at our church who quilts too, but just big, square, basic blocks. I would love to do some of that work but can’t just do 24” plain blocks and they won’t let me do anything else. I understand utility, but that, apparently, is not my spiritual gift.

    Oh, what I would give for a load of your beautiful, Iowa topsoil. We don’t have that lovely soil here. I’ll be anxious to see what you decide to grow in your garden!!

  17. Pamela in Missouri

    In the picture of Nolan and June I saw a face carved in the tree. How cool is that!!!

  18. Charlotte

    Wonderful post, Mary. Everything a delight but especially those beautiful children and the chicks, and of course the baby cow. THANK YOU for sharing.

  19. Diane

    Nervous Nana here—I am hoping Nolan doesn’t ride the little ones while the blade is down. An ER doctor said there are many injuries that way. The church quilts are just beautiful and so nice to bless them. Poor little calf. He will be lucky if he gets you for his feeder😺. Great post, Mary. You are busy, busy!! There was a whole category on Iowa on Jeopardy and I got some right😃

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – I should yell at you! What are you thinking? Blade down????? There isn’t even a deck on this lawn tractor! Which means there isn’t a blade! These kids have more sense than most adults! They ride these lawn tractors like kids in town ride bikes. No blades – just fun!

      1. Diane

        Sooo sorry, Mary. Our neighbor, a police officer, rides his kids while he is mowing. Scares me!!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane – well, he does need to have his head examined! If Karla ever caught Nolan actually mowing with June on his lap, she’d flip out!

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    It was so fun to see my “Branch Manager” in your post today. He is 16 and still loves a good stick.
    All the pictures of farm life in Iowa are so happy. The news can get ya down, then I read your post and know the world has goodness.
    My sewing group at church is called Sew and Sews also, and the blanket blessing is in a couple weeks…small world.
    Your itty bitty garden looks BIG to me.

  21. Launa

    Enjoyed all the pics except poor unidentified bird; sad to see it! The Bullseye quilt and the mission quilts at church were lovely.
    Was nice to see Reed’s chickens and his sign. What a handsome family of siblings Reed belongs to. So gentle with the chickens, too. That’s some tractor! Looks like Spring has arrived in your area of Iowa!
    Who got into the 4 patches?
    Thank you for sharing, Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – one of no-good cats, I’m sure! They have to climb everywhere.

  22. Lynn Lahr

    It is amazing how much you get done in a day. Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom. Are the 4 patch blocks the size you need for the quilt Hiding In Plain Sight? If so, that is an awesome find!!! If not, are they for a new project?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynn Lahr – they were left over from Good Fortune plus a few more and the no-good cats tipped them over – as if I have nothing else to do but pick up after them – ha!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynn Lahr – after you mentioned the 4 patches in Hiding In Plain Sight I looked at the pattern and wouldn’t you know – those are cut 1-1/4” and all of mine are 1-1/2”!!!!! Dang.

  23. Helen Jane

    Oh! The adventures of Mary. The neighbor kids are so cute. Like all your pictures of them. The church quilt ladies have been busy. Enjoyed your llamas post very much. Anxious to see Connie’s garden when all your cold weather is gone. Today I bought delphiniums in a brilliant blue and a couple pots for other plants. After you mentioned the plant “Moses in the Cradle” I ordered two along with hen/chickens plants. The current bullseye good too. Enjoy all the comments and continuing to learn. Does the injuried calf have a name (yet). Until next time from Texas…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Helen Jane – I did not realize you could order a Moses plant! Too bad I can’t send you one! I love delphiniums! The calf has not been named the last I heard.

  24. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Especially love the picture of Myra with the three chickens. The little girls are adorable.

  25. Karla

    Ooo, I really love Kris’ Bullseye, love the colors and it looks great quilted that way! So neat to see the quilts over the pews too. I am sure whoever receives them will be blessed.

  26. Kim J LeMere

    Love the sign to Reeds chickens, how sweet and boys just love there tractors! Spring seems to have arrived in Iowa.

  27. Debra Miller

    Reed and all his family are so cute and apparently pet the chickens a lot. Lots of beautiful mission quilts and love the idea of blessing them and their recipients. I wish I had your black dirt-it looks like you could grow anything! We mostly have red mixed with clay here.

  28. Betty Klosterman

    The ladies can be very happy with their mission quilts. They are so pretty.
    The face in the tree behind Nolan looks very interesting. Would that be a spirit? And that wonderful black Iowa dirt. It is good to see kids grow up with animals and especially on a farm.
    Who belonged to the tail coming out from under the bulls eye quilt? And are you going to feed the calf?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – no, I’m not going to bottle feed UNLESS he can’t go back to mama. Jason was going to pen them up by themselves until the calf gets mobile with the cast.
      The three chickens are the only “pets” they’re allowed to have – it’s a shame because you can see how much they love them! In the past Reed’s chickens have come to my barn in the winter but maybe they can winterize the pen.

  29. Kathy Hanson

    What fun to see Reed’s Chicken Coop! The family is really enjoying the chickens! Looks like Telly and Hazel were making sure that the garden was just right! Glad to hear that you have the church kids coming to clean your barn – good for them and extra good for you! So sad to see the dead bird. Jerry thinks that you are right about the flicker – makes sense. Think I’ll pass on the red and white four patch – mighty teeny pieces!!

  30. Sharon Lowy

    Reed and his sisters are so cute. How much fun you have with those children.

  31. Kathy in western NY

    What an adorable family you get to spend time with!! The kids seem so kind and caring towards each other and with the animals too. Beautiful to experience I imagine. And wow what amazing mission quilts your church members made!! Great work. What a fun post to read about your day.

  32. Pam W.

    Always interesting, informative, educational and entertaining! I’m always in awe. Love your pictures. Reed and his siblings are so fun to see grow–and the chickens too!
    Pam W.

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