Miscellaneous Monday Blabber

Someone mentioned my machine – it’s an old Bernina 1230 and I own 2 of them. I’ve had the original one for many years and then I bought another used one. It’s the best machine and I don’t want to “trade up”. We bought a Bernina 440 and I tried it but hated the shield over the thread carriers down to the needle because it hit right on the line of my bifocals. Connie has it and loves it.


Next question – someone asked if I was involved in rescue work and I am but the dogs you see here are boarding here while their owners are on vacation. I have one large room with a doggie door going outside to a very large yard and I only keep dogs owned by my family, friends or church family. I am not a licensed boarding kennel and I do not keep dogs in cages of any kind. They have lots of freedom here and the little dogs live in the house with me instead of the shop. I am adding more rooms and yards because I’m so overbooked I cannot take any new clients at the moment. The dogs that stay with me are very safe and quite happy.

The blizzard last week was one of the worst and this picture was taken before it got really bad. At that time I could not even see the fence that you see in this picture. Tragically a married couple in our area ran in the ditch and decided to walk to their home which was very close. The wife froze to death and the husband is in critical condition.


Sorry – this photo uploaded twice at a bump of my finger!! I read on Pinterest that goats like Christmas trees so I hauled ours to the barn still in the stand. I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough – they were all crowding in to get a bite. Here it is a few days later – I think they like it!

A Colton update – he loves to lay on the concrete sill and watch the birds eating just a few feet away.
One last thought – I walked out of the house this morning and I heard wings flapping. I looked up from the ramp right by the house and an eagle flew out of the tree – an eagle!!! He flew north into our grove and I so hope he comes back. This is only the 2nd eagle I have ever seen and to think he was sitting right outside our porch in the maple tree. It was thrilling!
Hope this uploads in the right order – I’m trying something new so bear with me. I will check to see if the photos appear with the correct text. Keeping my fingers crossed.

25 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Blabber

  1. Bernadette Jackson

    What is it about the Bernina machines that everyone likes so well? I don’t own one — I have a 30 year old portable Singer. You can do many fancy things with the newer electronic/ computerized machines, but I bet they won’t last as long as the machine I have. Guess it is a tradeoff, but I was wanting to know what specifically makes the Bernina such a sought after machine.

  2. Jeanie

    Thanks for posting the picture of beautiful Colton; he landed in just the perfect place–bless your kind heart. It is cold here in southwestern Illinois, but we do have nice sunshine today. After putting away the Christmas decorations, I am considering making new placemats. I also want to make one of your patterns to brighten up our kitchen wall. After having bronchitis during the holidays and spending way too much time in the recliner, I need to accomplish something!

  3. Bernadette Jackson

    Oh, that’s the kitty who wandered onto your property months ago!! Very pretty. He hit the jackpot finding you, Mary.

  4. Ann Barlament

    So, Colton watches the birds. I’m thinking the Eagle was probably doing the same thing!! It wasn’t until I traveled to Alaska that I found out that Eagles are really just scavengers and with food scarce in winter, they will take whatever food they can find.

  5. Karen

    How tragic about the folks caught in the snow! We don’t often hear about things like that anymore. Life is so fragile …

    Good to hear others’s comments on the newer models Berninas .. coincides with what I’ve come to decide. Love my 1230!

  6. Felicia Hamlin

    Hello Mary, I had heard about the tragedy in Iowa, I didn’t where. Such sadness, I hope he recovers.

    Keep on posting your pictures and sharing them with us.

    Happy belated birtday.

  7. Kim T

    My friend and I each bought a 1230 at the same time. She shortly after upgraded to the 1530, and since has upgraded at least a couple more times. I still have my well-loved and much used 1230, and use it for most of my sewing. (also have my grandmother’s featherweight, and a Brother PQ1500 for machine quilting.)
    So enjoy all your animal pictures and tales. Thank-you for taking the time to share them with us! Sorry to hear of the couple in your area in the blizzard.

  8. Anita Fetzer

    The little black and white dog had the sweetest face….Love the way she looks…part ShihTsu maybe?

  9. Mary Etherington

    Launa-I just finished the 12 blocks and I will use a different backing. I will save the chair fabric for another time when I feel inspired or when I find better fabric and a better pattern. I’ll show that quilt top very soon.

  10. Eileen Mele

    I have two Berninas. One similar to your photo. Also a newer one with that damn thread thingie. Also hate the horizontal thread spindle. My hands just don’t work well trying to thread the machine. I wish they had more old ones for sale!

  11. Carol

    Gosh, I would buy trees just for the goats! I am so sorry for the couple in the blizzard and will keep the man in my prayers. It reminds me of the Children’s Blizzard of 1880. Thank goodness we have good technology to predict these storms. Stay safe!

  12. Betty Klosterman

    I’m in agreement with the other ladies who have commented on your pictures, quilts, shop renovations, critters, storms, etc. I especially like it when they say where they are. Isn’t this type of communication great? Please, always take time to share. Quilters always love show and tell.
    And yes, tragedy is always there. Guess that is life. Betty

  13. Linda

    Really do enjoy your pictures, would love to have a life style like that, but not in the cold.
    My girlfriend and I each have the same sewing machine and would hate to get rid of them.
    Stay warm
    Hugs, Linda

  14. Launa

    Sad to read about losing your neighbor to the blizzard Mary.

    Never thought to upgrade my Bernina 1530, but I sometimes wish I had the BSR as it would make machine quilting easier. A few months ago I saw the new Bernina Red sewing chair that adjusts in many places for individual sewing comfort; still thinking on it.

    Spent a couple hours this foggy morning undecorating the Christmas tree. Emma wouldn’t want a bite of this tree as it’s “boxed”. Had to use a “grabber” so I could untangle the last two highest ornaments. I keep a “grabber” in the sewing room for picking up pins and anything else that falls on the floor to “save my back”.

    With the four football games this past weekend I finished Mandy’s ( Farm Chick) UFO #12 and the Scrap Squares from the 101 Fabulous Small Quilts book. Loved seeing Colton and his wee Bowtie piece.

    What did you decide to do to lengthen that great chair piece backing on your quilt?

  15. VA Mann

    As always, Mary, so love your commentary. It also brightens my day when I see your animal pictures. Even though I love seeing the snow I wouldn’t wish the blizzard on anyone. So sorry to hear about the couple caught up in it. Hope everyone stays safe and warm during this nasty weather.

  16. Louise

    Really enjoyed your post this morning. Sadness for the couple the cold though . Eagles, because of where we live in the Pacific Northwest just below British Columbia, Eagles are almost a daily occurance soaring over our pastures and roadways or looking for a meal on the ground. We never tire of them. We also enjoy deer on our property, sometimes as many as 8-10 at a time. I think word has spread that
    We share our apples with them! Thank you for your chicken scratch postings..

  17. Carol

    Colton looks like my LuluBelle’s brother! Beautiful kitty! I am so sorry to hear about that couple who lived near you. Buffalo NY, my hometown, had a blizzard in November that was terrifying. Many people lost their lives. Mother Nature sends us such beauty (your eagle) along with such terror. I love your photos, thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Sally Dunn

    So enjoying your postings–I really appreciate that you are taking the time to do this as it makes my day.

  19. Sue Davis

    Colton is growing into a beautiful young adult. I am going to tell my neighbors on both sides of me about the Xmas tree treat for their goats.

  20. Peggy

    Hello again from “mighty (miserable) Minnesota!!
    Glad to see you saw an eagle, Mary!! They certainly are magestic, aren’t they!! I love seeing them, too!! However . . My friend . . . Remember they need to EAT, too! Chances are he/she was hunting for a Meal!! Little bow wows, kitties, squirrels, birds make a good meal for them. Just sayin’ . . . Be watchful!

  21. Robin Rauk

    Thanks for the pictures Mary
    And we are one of your boarding customers
    and just love the care our dogs get when they come and stay!
    Keep up the good work, going on vacation is much easier
    when we know our “babies” are being taken care of like you do!

    Keep posting you animal pictures


  22. Emily

    I love seeing your updates. The pictures of the snow and the animals are beautiful. I have a Bernina 1230. I could have bought the next one up, but I told the person at the store where I bought it I did not want any sewing machine with a computer. I will never up-grade. I love my Bernina!

    Take care.


  23. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you for showing your pictures and animals. Your emails brighten my day.
    We had ice this morning here in the Shenandoah Valley VA.

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