Miscellaneous Saturday

Lawn is mowed, house is clean enough for Rick and me, laundry is done, animals are fed, litter boxes are clean — must be a sewing day.  First I wandered to the barn to see how everybody was this morning. I am so proud of my “sissy” chicks!  They are finally brave enough to come outside and they are loving it!

Baby Moo is a very low-key goat.  She causes no trouble and the chickens like to hang around with her.

Remember the Three Amigos?  I thought they’d want to wander all over the yard but they really prefer lounging inside the barn.  They are Grandma, Pudge and Sally – they came with these names.

And while I was in the barn, Colton appeared.  I tried very hard to take a nice picture of him but he was just so wiggly.

Outside I found Buckwheat and Alfalfa and one of the Palamino girls.

A look to the right and I see Rosie I and Rosie II, Oreo and the other Palamino girl and the geese.

The flowers are looking good.

And here’s a bed full of succulents.

On to sewing.  Here’s a small project I just finished from a layer cake Moda sent us a long time ago.

This is a simple table topper – do you see that I came up about an inch short in the binding so I’m adding a flag for interest – ha!

Tomorrow I’m going to show you what Connie and I are both working on.  Remember those wild fabrics we bought at the Crafty Planet?  That’s what I’m working on this afternoon and I’ll show you tomorrow. 

And so, this is Chatty Cathy signing off for today – ha!

38 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Saturday

  1. Janet wolf

    Thank you for your wonderful posts. I very much look forward to your pictures of your animals and your stories. It’s very nice of you to include everyone in your life and happenings. It’s just like coming to your quilt shop again. I use to love coming to your shop and seeing your new projects and of course your animals

  2. Angie Rowland

    Glad to see Chatty Cathy, you make my day. Always brings a smile on my face. Love the goats and the chickens are a rare breed aren’t they. We used to have Rhode Island reds and just white ones. Happy fourth.

  3. Carolyn Boutilier

    thanks for sharing. Love the animal pictures, plants and of course the quilts .
    Carolyn b VA

  4. Ginny Jackson

    I want to thank you for sharing your world. It has been almost 14 years since I’ve been in this gol darn wheelchair. Your photos and posts help me cope with not having the future I had planned after my divorce 14 years ago.

  5. Kathy

    Your love of animals and plants is evident in all your photos. Of course, your quilts always inspire me and I hope to try my hand at this craft whenever I finish going through the 2nd draft of my novel. I hope it will soon be ready for the editor. Your life seems so full and enjoyable. Thanks for letting me peek a glimpse of your way of life.

  6. Maryjane

    I just am so grateful for all your blogs and pictures. You have created such a wonderful farm and home. I miss living in farm country and all the wonderful things it offers. Love the goats and your geese are beautiful! Any eggs from those chickens yet? Nothing better than fresh eggs. Thanks for continuing to keep us posted on your happenings and quilting projects.

  7. Launa

    Hi Mary… Since Connie’s a Master Gardener…..what should we call you …….?? Everything in your flower beds looks absolutely wonderful just ablaze with colors and so healthy.
    I’ve been referring to your three amigos as GPS…All the goats looked so contented and the chickens have sprouted some colorful feathers.
    It’s sometimes frustrating when our bindings are a tad short…….so your flag addition solves that dilemma. I’ve been waiting to see what you and Connie have done with all those fantastic prints from Crafty Planet.
    I’m gifting to a sweet neighbor girl all my American Girl patterns, trims, laces and some outfits I’d cut out and stopped sewing since all four of my granddaughters and one of their friends have outgrown that phase of dolls. My previous sewing group had gifted me with yards of laces, trims, buttons, ribbons and some orphan quilt blocks to use so I hope this huge tub is going to help her create some cute clothes for her two dolls. She’s sewn shorts and pj bottoms so is not a novice to a machine.
    Happy 4th and to sewing…….

    1. Betty Klosterman

      I was told there is no such thing as a “green thumb,” just dirty hands!!

  8. Janice

    Ditto, thank you again for sharing the photos of the farm and of your quilts. After seeing your quilt photos, I just want to go into my sewing room and make a quilt or two. Love your landscaping, the property looks so comfortable and inviting. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  9. Kathy Davis

    I’m wondering how you get your stitch length so long. I lengthen my stitch length as far as it goes & it’s nowhere close to yours. I have a Bernina aurora 440 QE.
    Have a great weekend; it’s always fun seeing your farm!

  10. Pamela Blessman

    Mary, thanks so much for sharing! You help this former Iowa girl keep up to date on the Iowa weather and remembering what it’s like to be a farm girl. Going to quilt vicariously through you for at least another month! We have four grands staying with us for the majority of the summer so you can guess there is no sewing or rug weaving here I’m NC for quite awhile! Wouldn’t trade it for anything though! So glad Heidi decided to come home!

  11. Donna O

    Mary I do love your posts and all your farm animals. So much fun to read and view your pictures. Makes me want to visit your farm or any farm like yours but doubtful any are as interesting and fun as yours. Love your gardens too especially the succulents. I love everything you post and happy to see Colton too. I’m sure the animals love all the others too. Happy Fourth Mary and Rick 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  12. Janelle Bucher

    Truly admire how you get so much done in a day. I would never have the energy that you have. Enjoy all of the animals you have, but wouldn’t begin to know how to care for them. Had a chicken when I was in the fifth grade, we hatched them in a school project. It lived for about 3 months. We lived in the city and I always think I would like to be on a farm. Love reading your postings and looking at the animals and beautiful flowers/plants.

  13. bernadette

    That is quite the menagerie you have, Mary. Love it. HAPPY FOURTH!!!!!

  14. Holly

    What fun pictures today–a farm tour! I just loved visiting the shop and seeing all the animals and flowers and petting the cats and dogs. This post was like a trip back. Thank you!

  15. Dee

    I am so grateful for “this Chatty Cathy”! I am a food truck widow during the holiday so Little Man and I are trying to keep busy, not feel isolated and sorry for ourselves! Your posts make me feel connected! Happy fourth! I am so glad your kitty found her way home! Dee

  16. BeckySchoonover

    Love how big chicks are getting. Love all your stuff and the way that you display it all. Soooo glad that Heidi is home. Don’t you just wish that we could attach a mini cam somehow it see where they have been.

  17. Diane

    You are so creative with that flag to “help” the short binding. Your farm is my dream home when I was a kid. All you need is a horse:) I didn’t remember you had so many goats–aren’t they cute? And, I love their names. Enjoy your sewing and your weekend with Rick home!! Diane PS We had a wedding shower for 21 here today and Squeak came out as soon as the last one left–funny little girl.

  18. Carol

    You clever girl …how timely to have a flag handy! Love your goats, they are always ready for an amusing photo op. Your flowers are lovely. We found a couple of Japanese beetles having a party on our Rose of Sharon so I guess that may be the end of my hopes for blooms. Last year the deer ate it to the ground. Poor thing has yet to show her colors.

  19. Rose Mikulski

    Love today’s post, makes me still want you to do Youtube videos. I be a subscriber. I would have loved to have seen your reaction when Heidi walked through the cat door. BTW, we’re heading back home and in Denver. Guess what, there’s an IKEA down the street so Bill’s agreed to take me there so I can scope their fabric. Maybe I’ll find some more Ernie Jo Mauer fabric or something totally new.

    1. Rose Mikulski

      Went to Ikea and they had the Ernie Jo Mauer fabric so anyone who wanted some should check with their local Ikea. Unfortunately Ikea is only carrying the one print that is a sheeting weight which is perfect for backing and seems to only be focusing on carrying the canvas weight/interior weight fabrics.

  20. Martha Engstler

    Can’t believe all you get done. I think you must have at least 28 hours in your days. Your garden is looking so good. The chicks have really grown and are such fun varieties. Thanks for sharing

  21. Ann Barlament

    You certainly have quite the menagerie of animals. Your flower beds are so cheerful… but the succulent garden is my favorites!!!

  22. Susan Sundermeyer

    I just dearly love all the names of your animals. I smile from ear to ear with each new blog!

  23. Christina

    I have been too long in telling you how much I enjoy your posts. Even though we’ve never met, we are the very best of friends. I have lots of emails daily that I never open, but I always read yours. I just wanted to thank you for letting me ,and all the other friends you have acquired over the years , keep in touch in this modern world. I hope someday we can meet in person . I treasure the friendship we have!

  24. Dee Winter

    Be Chatty anytime! I enjoy your animals, quilts, fabrics, flowers, well all of it! I don’t need to know about lawn mowing, I think we all have those projects. Just walked the daughter thru my sewing room, projects, to be projects, in process. Happy 4th of July!

  25. Cathy

    Mary, do you do anything special to your hydrangeas? Yours are so beautiful, mine just die! I am hoping
    my daughter and son-in-law have the same luck with their cat that you had with Heidi. She is strictly an indoor cat but somehow got out & they can’t find her anywhere. I told them about Heidi & not to give up hope but they live in the country with coyotes around & Macy would be very vulnerable. Love your ‘flag’ idea. Anyone who sees it will be none the wiser & will just think what a cute idea.

  26. Rebecca H

    You better knit some turtle necks for those featherless neck chickens for winter, they are going to need them! LOL Thanks for sharing all the pics they are so fun to look at.

  27. Jean Elliott

    I love reading your posts. Can’t believe how big those chickens are! Didn’t know there were chickens with necks like that! So happy for you that you are able to live a life you love and that you share it with us!
    Also anxious for your new book!

  28. Kim

    Thank-you for sharing your life with us…and your quilting, gardening, animals, chickens, etc.
    Sounds like retirement is agreeing with you!

  29. Felicia Hamlin

    My goodness that is a lot of goats, Mary! Sometimes I had thought that I would lke to have one, but then I come back to my senses. To begin with I don’t have a place to keep it and I don’t want them to eat my plants.

    Happy Fourth, Felicia

  30. Carol T

    Thank you SO much for keeping us in your loop! I agree with Christina’s note……I don’t open a lot of e mails but I always read yours and miss them when you don’t write! Thanks again! Carol T

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