Friday on the Farm 

Oh my, it feels so calm.  Heidi is sleeping in the chair – she still hasn’t confessed where she was for 10 days.  

You girls are true friends!  Do you realize that 133 of you wrote to tell me you were so happy to hear Heidi had returned?  Honestly, I feel lucky to “know” all of you!

Here’s some more interesting “fun news”.  Do you remember that nest we talked about last year that was hanging right outside my porch?  We wondered if it had been an oriole nest and when it came down it was lined with fiberfill from the dog toys that were torn apart.  Strangely enough I finally located the baby birds I kept hearing from the porch this summer.  Sure enough – it’s an oriole nest hanging in almost the exact same location and I see the parents feeding the noisy babies all the time!  Yes, a pair of orioles stayed and raised a family right outside my porch door.  Here is a picture of the nest which isn’t very good – the nest is really hidden.

I’m sure today is a day of preparation for the 4th of July weekend for many of you – food to prepare mostly which I am doing, too.  We have a couple events to attend but I’m looking forward to some sewing time, a movie, a pizza and a good book.  And I hope to finish my little rug/runner!

45 thoughts on “Friday on the Farm 

  1. Cindie

    God answers prayers even for the return of our pets. Maybe Heidi needed a vacation??? I don’t know why, since she does already have a lovely home.
    Happy 4th from New Berlin, WI

  2. Martha Engstler

    Sounds like a perfect day in Iowa with all things going right on the farm (I hope.) Really nice pictures of Heidi. A real sweetheart.

  3. Marian

    Heidi is so sweet! Thank you for keeping us up to date with your vagabonder!!!! My Phoebe Cat looks like a carbon copy to Heidi! That is why I love her, I bet!

  4. Kathy

    Heidi is such a sweet kitty cat and I had tears of joy in my eyes when I read she finally came home. Keep her safe and close by you. I love seeing pictures of her and the other pets. Our lives matter when we provide comfort for those beloved pets and I am grateful I have mine with me too. Sewing some scraps this weekend to do a low volume quilt is one way I will enjoy it too. Pizza sounds great!!!

  5. Rose Mikulski

    Something tells me that Telly knows where she was and was sworn to secrecy. Those two look like they’re thick as thieves. Must have found out about the cat treats I left via Telly since he wanted some….suspicious.

  6. Angie Rowland

    I agree that she probably told Telly. Hope it was worth your worry. Just glad she is ok and home where she belongs. Have a GREAT 4th.

  7. Carolyn

    Heidi is such a pretty kitty, I am glad that she is save and back home. Have a fabulous Forth with your Fur Family and your regular Family!

  8. Ellen Sharp

    So glad she is home! Went to a barbecue at a friends, her cat Bella was out in the yard, and she just disappeared!! 3 weeks later, she came home, dirty and hungry!! Would love to know where she had been!!

  9. Lois Sturdivant

    So happy Heidi came home, it is a miracle! I’ve had cats missing for a few days but never 10.

  10. Mary Kannas

    Oh my goodness! So happy that your ‘wondering’ kitty has returned home!

  11. Marilyn

    So glad you are having a calmness now that Heidi is home. She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  12. brenda A in sunny AZ

    She does look a bit contrite, doesn’t she. Have a great 4th with all your two- and four-legged friends.

  13. Caryn (lover of all beagles) B.

    “There’s no place like home” could be your caption for those photo’s. So happy for you that she is home!!

  14. ANITA Fetzer

    Whatever you do enjoy and Happy 4th of July, Happy Birthday America

  15. Linda

    Have a safe and happy 4th! If you can take pictures of the baby orioles, that would be awesome.

  16. Carol

    I love reading about/seeing the different birds in your area. I live in drought-ridden Southern California and while I can happily give up grass I do try to keep a habitat for the birds, bees, butterflies, etc. We have hummingbirds that nest in our avocado tree and they tend to stay around. I love watching them in the lemon trees and flowers. Sometimes they come right up to the kitchen window as if to say hello.

  17. Carolyn

    We have a Robin nest in the pecan tree and that mother bird reinforced with plastic from who knows where. It is one well built nest and was the home to her babies which have all flown now. I really miss all the chatter in what I called the Talking Tree. Am hoping she will nest there again.

  18. Holly

    It’s so great to see those pictures of Heidi! I’m so glad she found her way home! I’ve had cats and even geese get lost in crop fields in the past. Corn seems to be a big problem if they get scared and get in there too far. One of my favorite cats was gone for two months and I was sure she was a goner, but she came out of the corn field one day, led by our voices as we walked down the road one evening. She was skin and bones and she never really recovered her health completely after that, but lived another ten years. She never went out of the house again and got really scared when she hear certain noises. When she disappeared that night in July there were great horned owlets screeching for supper in the pines by our house. We saw claw gouges in an apple tree trunk in the yard and we think she was chased by a parent owl and ran too far into the corn in to find her way out again, as much as I called for her. It’s amazing what they can survive to find their way home. I was so overjoyed to see her again.

  19. Mareen

    Sounds like a good plan to me and a beer to celebrate your birthday too!! She sure is a pretty kitty too and a lucky one at that like I said – she just took a little vacation and found out there is no place like home………..

  20. Donna Sproston

    So glad Heidi returned! Perhaps she was just curious about the world beyond your farm but found out there is no place like home.

  21. bernadette

    Heidi is so pretty and she looks petite. Is she microchipped? Is she the kitty you just inherited? Anyway, have a happy 4th. We have our flag ready to put out. Other than that, I am still working on Farm Girl Vintage project blocks and soothing our little dog when the noisy thunder strikes.

  22. Diana W

    I think she was just feeling a little restless and took a short vacation! We all have times we just want to get away – maybe she was having a Calgon moment LOL!

  23. Betty Klosterman

    Did Heidi go visit the neighbors who fed her? You look at that face and wonder what she would say if she could talk. Our home was broken into by kids twice and I asked the cat what happened, but she would never say. Bet she was behind the davenport or in the closet??? Glad Heidi is home. I had never thought about animals getting lost in corn fields, but it wouldn’t be hard to do. They wouldn’t know to just follow a row. Happy July 4th.
    Betty in Rapid City

  24. Janette

    So happy Heidi is home and looking healthy! Thanks for all the cute pictures.

  25. Judy Berna

    Thankful your baby is home again. It is always worrisome when you don’t know what happens to them. At least she is home safe and sound.

  26. Eileen Mele

    We used to own a malecat named Tiger.he was ours only in the sense that he knew which house was ours, and he enjoyed the food here. How was always missing in action. A week or more would go by, and finally he’d drag himself home. Tired, hungry, dirty. We’d see him in the neighborhood here and there. Looking for little girl cats. Onetime on July Fourth, he came around the corner just in time to snatch a big sausage off the grill! He finally passed away, but we still tell tales about his nine lives

  27. Louise

    So so happy for you to have your kitty back home even if she’s not talking…lol.
    Happy Birthday America! Soon enough..☺️

  28. Carol

    Oh my gosh, you are so lucky to have oriole friends! We see them racing about our yard but we don’t know where the nest would be…the apple orchard? The pine trees? The woods? We hear them sing in the evening…a joyful noise!

    I love your photos of Heidi, she poses so sweetly. Our kitty is camera shy.

  29. Ann

    So glad to see Miss Heidi is safely back to you. I have a kitty that does the same
    thing—leaves for several days (like 11 one time) and then wanders back in. I love
    her dearly, but have to idea why she does this.

  30. Diane

    Heidi looks like she has a secret and that she’s happy she’s home!! One way we celebrated the Fourth Weekend was to see 1776 by our local theater group. It was fantastic!! Happy Fourth to everyone from Central Ohio–I can hear fireworks from the neighboring town–fun.

  31. Miriam

    Do you feed the orioles? They really like the humming bird feeders and disdain the oriole feeders. I have a big screw on my deck rail on which I impale orange halves. The Orioles and red bellied woodpeckers love them. I also have a tuna can nailed to the deck rail and have grape jam in it for the orioles (as well as those woodpeckers). I have had as many as six orioles at a time on the deck railing and the small trees nearby. I can watch the birds from my sewing machine. So glad Heidi returned! That’s a hard wait, and I know the feeling.

  32. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, we have been feeding the orioles for several years now. We get a few and usually other birds get the grape jelly. However today we hit the jackpot. There were parents feeding babies, two, three, even five at once. The high traffic continued all day long. I am hoping that they will show tomorrow again.


  33. patti leal

    really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of heidi and the dog too. interesting about the orioles. we used to have mockingbirds nesting in the tree by our garage. unfortunately we had to have the tree taken down (breaking our driveway). the nest was empty at the time.
    i’ve had my pizza for the weekend so guess i’ll need to do something else now. take care, patti in florida

  34. Cathy

    Those pictures of Heidi just make me smile. She looks so contented & perhaps she is a bit contrite knowing she had you so worried? I know it is such a relief to have her back safe & sound. Have a wonderful 4th. My hubby is gone this weekend to the Regatta so I, too get some uninterrupted sewing time. Yea!

  35. Charlene sexton

    Maybe she found a lover and in ten days she was tired of him or the other way around so she came back to mama.

  36. Ann Barlament

    Aren’t you celebrating another birthday this weekend?? Which means you get to celebrate all month long !!!!

  37. Bonnie from Iowa

    So glad Heidi came home to you. I had a cat that would disappear for a few days and would come home smelling like he stayed in a barn. Phew!! I was so happy to see him back but sure didn’t like the smell he brought with him! lol!

  38. LeAnn Keenan

    They never tell you where they’ve been!! Might be scary if we knew.

  39. Andra Sims

    So glad Heidi is back-maybe someone temporarily adopted her. When I was a kid, our Mary Lee was gone for a whole week, so on Sun. afternoon a friend took my brother and I all over town (Sturgis, SD) knocking on doors asking about her. When we got home, there she was!! Here in W. Des Moines, we have 2 kitties, basically indoors, but every so often one of them escapes and if they are gone very long I lay awake worrying. Doesn’t help much does it? But they’re my babies!!

  40. Becky Rose

    Love seeing Heidi looking so content! And the one with Telly and her is priceless!

  41. Lisa

    Silly wabbit!

    Don’t you know she was out catting around?

    That girl knows which side her bread is buttered on and (severely mixing my metaphors here), the grass isn’t always greener!

    I’m tickled pink she’s back where she belongs! If only she could talk!!

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