Mo Fun!

Oh my, but puppies are sure fun!  And just like grandparents, we could just play with Mo and leave the training, discipline and teaching to her parents for the most part.  We didn’t let her misbehave but we thought her antics were hilarious and entertaining.

See that strip of hair down her nose like a Mohawk?  Thus her name.

On Sunday morning I wanted Rick to try to get my picture with Mo – a nice picture – but then Ernie Joe Mauer had to get involved and as you can see the pictures turned into action shots.  Common around here.

Every time I looked at Mo I wanted to call her Abby.  Maybe you remember Pam who worked at Country Threads.  She had a black golden doodle puppy about 9 years ago named Abby and Mo looked just like her so I called Pam who brought Abby to meet Mo.  Mo loved Abby instantly!

Oh but play biting is such fun!  Her owners said they have never heard Mo snore before last night.  I know she was exhausted from all that playing – she could hardly keep her eyes open before she left.

One more picture of Mo and Emma.  Even Emma played with Mo, putting her head down and stomping her foot which caused Mo to run in delighted circles around the old goat who could just stand in one spot and continue the game.  Then they  both needed a drink.

Ah, what a fun but exhausting weekend for all of us.

26 thoughts on “Mo Fun!

  1. Carol

    Mo’ fun indeed! Don’t we all love our pets, and everyone else’s ? Doesn’t look like a lot of sewing got done with that handful!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Did anybody else notice the white thread on Mo’s foot in the pictures from last week? Sure looks like home and we don’t have to wonder where she picked up the piece of thread!!

  3. PJ

    Again you have brightened my day with all of your photos…love them all, as I have said before, you are certainly the energizer bunny, not sure how you do all you do!!!!😊😊 but thanks for sharing….

  4. Donna Sproston

    Our neighbor’s labradoodle loved to romp in the snow. They are the best mix with poodle brains and lab love! She loved to accompany my husband on long runs.

  5. Marian

    Your pictures are just delightful. Your emails are my “go-to” in my mail list. Keep ’em coming! Love the dogs and cats and goats and…

  6. Launa Peters

    Good to see all the fun ongoing with the pets interacting with each other! Looks like you are feeling better, Mary. Any news on your new quilting book? Can’t wait.

  7. Rose Mikulski

    Everybody wants Mo Love! That Ernie Joe. Hopefully you’ll get to watch Mo, mo’ often.

  8. Delores

    Thanks for sharing ALL of the pictures – spectacular quilts, beautiful gardens, lovely antiques, great farm setting, family, friends, church, excursions, etc., and all the wonderful pets. Our daughter, Noel, sends pics of her pets and it means a lot when you don’t have any around. We all agree – you bring joy!

  9. Diane

    Oh what fun–just like a bunch of toddlers all playing. Of course, Ernie Joe is saying, “Pay attention to me, Mom.” Your posts often make me laugh out loud–fun, fun. Thanks, Mary.

  10. LeAnn Keenan

    Ernie Joe Mauer is such a beautiful cat with an unusual name. I’m sure you’ve told the story before, but how did he get his name?

    1. Rose Mikulski

      I’ve asked Mary at least twice about how Ernie Joe got his name, I even bought her fabric that looked like Ernie Joe, still no answer. Maybe since you ask, Mary will finally tell us the story.

  11. Martha Engstler

    Such fun pictures, love Ernie Joe trying to upstage Mo. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  12. Teresa

    We just babysat a 6 month old labradorite, Charlie, he is chocolate coloured. We had a lot of fun too with his puppy silliness. Mo is so cute as well. Love your posts.

  13. Cathy

    What a great post! Those are very lucky dogs that get to come play at ‘Aunt Mary’s’. I never tire of hearing about & seeing pictures of the critters. From one animal lover to another!

  14. Ann Barlament

    I’m certain that Mo had a blast at your place and can’t wait to return!! She’ll be dreaming happy dreams on the farm….

  15. Janice

    Always enjoy your posts! Looks like you will have to invite Mo over for regular visits. How is Rick adjusting/enjoying retirement?

  16. Carolyn

    I lost track of the number of times I have read the Mo post. It made me smile each and every time. Emma was so cute make up a game the puppy could play with her. …..and people say animals don’t think. Maybe it’s those same people who don’t have two brains cells playing together. Love your blog.

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