No, not the fabric company — the cat who has lived here for about 12 years and I still have not touched her. She and her mother were feral cats in Garner and someone begged me to take them in. I had to trap them to be spayed and Mama died almost 2 years ago leaving Moda all by herself. She hides and comes out when she feels like it which isn’t too often. Moda is truly the cat that never causes any trouble.

2 thoughts on “Moda

  1. Mary Says Sew!

    Bless you for taking in cats like Moda and her mother. You’re a saint in my book. One of the three cats who live in our garage is like Moda. I caught him once about ten years ago and got him neutered, but decided I’d never get him to the vet again. Last winter, we could tell he had badly infected teeth. I managed to confine him into a small enclosed area in the garage, and put a pillow case over him so I could get him into a cat carrier and to the vet. He had eight of his ten remaining teeth pulled, but had no other health problems – amazing for a cat in his teens who hasn’t seen a vet in a decade. We can tell he feels so much better, too – no wonder! It worked so well last year, I’m going to try it again this year!

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