Monday, 10-4-21

Mondays are hard – I always bite off more than I can chew in a workday and tonight my back aches to prove it.

I’m catching up with reader quilts:

Remember these blocks?

Longarm next!

Blanche is so thin that I made up a batch of a high calorie food called Satin Balls – recipe can be found online. It’s a raw food combination of a lot of stuff mixed together and then I made meatballs.

Hazel loves them but she doesn’t need more weight.

I freeze them on a cookie sheet and then put the frozen balls in a ziplock bag for the freezer. I take out what I need each day.

And remember Siri? I wonder if there’s a high calorie food for cats. She is so terribly thin and when I pet her, I’m stroking fur over bones – that’s it. She loves to sit on my lap – she’s here for an extended stay and lives in the quilt shop. She is so fragile, I wouldn’t dare bring her into the house with dogs, cats and a million hiding places!

That’s all for me tonight – updates from anyone who commented last week?

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  1. Susan Janka

    Do you still have chickens. Would you be interested in 2 Bard Rock Roosters and one Rhode Island Red Rooster. We rehomed our hens due to us relocating. Or anyone interested. Free!!

  2. Susan from Illinois

    Mary, a few years ago we got a kitten and fed him dry Science Diet kitten food. Our 2 adult cats sneaked quite a bit of it, too, and gained quite a bit of weight (that THEY didn’t need)! I wonder if that would be appropriate and helpful for Siri.

  3. Glenda Fletcher

    Very pretty quilts this last while. Been busy so haven’t commented lately. There’s dog food I know for over weight dogs, think called Seniors food, something like that. But not to put weight on with nutrition in it also. I think what you are doing is great for Blanche. Would Siri eat them or are they not good for cats? Does she just eat cat food? That is hard to see them like that. Very warm weather in Lennox lately. Can’t believe it is October!! Went to a couple quilt shops with my friend, The Dutch Rose in Sioux Falls, Always Your Design in Dell Rapids, and Shanty Stitchers in Beresford: all in SD. That was fun just to get out. Randy and I went my grandson’s football game Tuesday in Canton so had to stop at My Timeless Day. Did not know Lori Holt, but got to be well acquainted with her lines. Something way different for me but really liked them. Needless to say I couldn’t resist. Going to make a quilt called Harmony by Carried Away Quilting with Taunja Kelvington with them. I would like to ask from the 9/12/21 posting when I told about the tornado that came through Lennox. Rhonda in Iowa said you came from Lennox including your grandparents. May I ask the last name and grandparents name if that would be possible as I have been here since 1984 and my husband, Randy, has been here since 1969. He was a teacher in the Lennox, Worthing, Tea and Chancellor school system : retiring in 2003.
    We might know you or at least Randy maybe through school. Just a thought.

  4. Sherrill

    Here’s a site that has several recipes for calorie-dense cat food Maybe you’ll find something there that appeals to Siri. Looks like Blanche’ll get some extra calories from the meatballs (and yes both Hazel AND the cat look very interested in them as well..HA). Hope you find something Siri will eat and enjoy. We’ll do pretty much anything for our beloved pets.

  5. Sharon F

    I have an eighteen year old cat who has always been thin,but is fur over bones! I read to feed her kitten food,it has more calories and she likes it.Try it for Seri,just buy a little to see if she likes it

    1. Mary

      Is there a recipe for Satin Balls for humans? I need to gain some weight after an illness.

  6. patti leal

    i’m curious. is siri thinner than she has been? owner mention any issue she might have? does she need more interaction? i know you probably already thought about these. just random ideas.
    marvelous eye candy lately. i just drool. i made it upstairs (took dh with me) to pull fabric for some 3 yard quilts; also back and binding for a batch of squares i gave a lady in my chariy group to put together. we had 14 ladies there on friday, turned in 88 finished quilts and more. i can’t do as much any more but i’m glad i haven’t left the group. its been going strong since 1992 (a friend and i started this with a total of 5 ladies). we have donated quilts to various organizations. a total of 5,323 quilts plus 1410 pillowcases, 326 placemats and/or runners. yes, i’m very proud of our group. we are overjoyed to give back to our community this way. sorry to run on so much. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti Leal – you didn’t “run on”! I LOVE reading the comments and wish more readers would join in.

      1. Donna

        I think she is a great inspiration and wonderful roll model! Blessings to her group!!!

    2. Lisa B

      I recognize the pattern that has stripes with the white border just before the doily quilt. But I can’t recall a name or find it online right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    3. Donna Wyatt

      Great, Patty! How wonderful to serve others and be an inspiration to everyone! Blessings to you and your group!

  7. Dorothy

    I take care of a feral cat. He dropped a lot of weigh a while back. and my vet said to fed him dry kitten food along with his regular cat wet food, Kitten food is not good for senior cats, so I only sprinkled a small handful of it o his wet cat food. He gained his weight back, and I stopped the kitten food. Now whenever I noticed a weight loss, I start with the kitten dry food again He is 15 (?) which is pretty old for a feral

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dorothy – she does eat dry kitten food a little bit but not much. And she likes canned food – sometimes. I’m going to order the high calorie paste that Les mentioned. It’s worth a try.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    I know you will get Blanche eating more nutritious than she was living on her own so keep trying. I give owners credit who make their own foods and treats as it has to be better for them than what I buy. If either of mine had allergies I would do what was needed but knowing how you care , you will add Blanches pounds gradually.
    The quilt show is amazing. What creativity so many of these show. Thank you ladies for inspiring us.
    It’s still warm here so hard to believe we are this far into October with 70’s still.
    Yesterday it was 65 and I almost cooked a turkey breast in the oven but decided too much heat for the kitchen but have to do it today as it’s thawed now. But lots of leftovers now for rest of week.

  9. Leslie Kemp

    Tomlyn company makes a High Calorie paste for cats needing more calories. It is called High Calorie Nutritional Gel, in malt or tuna flavors. Lots of small canned food meals?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Leslie Kemp – she does eat canned food but has diarrhea, too, so it’s a losing battle. I’m going to look for the paste – Thank you!!!!

  10. Mandy Stewart

    Mary, just finished “Finding Gobi” after your recommendation and loved it. They say God works in wondrous ways and Gobi proved it. He changed Dion and in good ways. Teared up a little in the end where Dion wrote on how Gobi changed both their lives. Thanks for the recommendation. Loved it.

  11. Connie R

    I love the picture of the meatballs with your animals supervising. Hazel gets the best seat in the house but, I see Telly is watching too. The quilts are all beautiful. Can’t wait to see yours quilted. Our colored leaves are past peak already in far Northeastern Wisconsin. We did get a brilliant show this year. Such a beautiful season.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    It is hard trying to figure out how to put weight in animals. My animal food dealer told me senior food has glucosamine in it for their joints. And puppy food has higher fat content for energy. Dairy and diarrhea go hand and hand. That’s about I know, but that’s all the advice I’ve ask for. Your feed store personal my have some suggestions and samples to try.
    All, and I do mean all, the quilts today are wonderful. So much creativity. Hexies on the doily, what a great way to honor “grandma’s “ work.
    Today I’m working on a jelly roll quilt. What a pain! The pinked edges valleys are 2+1/2”. The hills are bigger. All the strips I cut from my stash are not the same size, so sewing them together is a problem. I’ll keep it clean for all you who don’t always appreciate my humor.
    From now on, I’ll measure the strips, before I buy. I’m checking the charms too. My first time and I had no idea.
    My husband is sealing the deck this week. Loretta is unhappy as she likes to lay out on it, soaking in the sun and watching for things to move.

  13. Amy M

    Rick is also supervising the meatballs : ) does he think he wants one? Ha! I’m sure you will get both Blanche and Siri the needed weight.

  14. Freda I.

    Cats must have Taurine in their food! Cooking meat Destroys Taurine (An essential Amino Acid !

    How Does Taurine Deficiencies Occur?

    Eating a diet that doesn’t contain taurine is the leading cause of the deficiency. Cats that eat homemade foods or eat a vegetarian or vegan diet are most at risk of developing serious health problems related to a lack of taurine. Although caring pet owners often create special diets in an attempt to help their pets, the diets may actually harm their furry friends.

    Taurine supplements will increase your pet’s supply of the amino acid, but the supplements may not cat cat food: provide enough taurine to prevent health problems. If you feed your pet a homemade, vegetarian or vegan diet, it’s a good idea to share the diet with your pet’s veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist. These professionals can help you tweak the meal plan to ensure that it meets all of your cat’s nutritional needs.

    Your cat may also be a risk of a taurine deficiency if he or she enjoys sampling your dog’s food. Dog food doesn’t contain taurine, as dogs can create their own supply of the amino acid. Although your cat may like the taste, a steady diet of dog food is a bad idea. If your cat can’t resist chowing down on dog food, feed your dog in a separate room when it’s mealtime.

  15. Nancy

    How is Blanche doing in the house and with her eating? Are you making progress? She is one lucky dog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – Blanche has made great strides but we have a long road ahead. She does not want to sleep inside but when it gets cold, I’m going to make her because it upsets me.

  16. patti leal

    book recommendation. i just finished ‘sooley’ by john grisham. it starts a bit slow but then picks up and is very good. is about a young african boy picked to go to america to play basketball. this boy is from a very rural in the middle of nowhere part of africa. it tells how he acclimates to america. i loved it.

  17. Marie C

    All the quilts are so beautiful. I’m slowly getting my September project done. October’s project is quick so maybe I can finish two projects by the end of the month. I agree about feeding kitten chow. I feed a little of it to all my cats and they all look really good.

  18. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    I got a little behind so am just now commenting. Sorry.
    I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but does poor Siri have worms? She does look so thin, but I think all of the suggestions sounded good. And. I will know not to eat Kitten food, I DON’T need the extra weight–lol.
    Blanche will get used to being inside once those cold winds come blowing across the plains.
    I love ALL of the quilts. Your Red Cross (?) just hit me as so neat and looks like it might go together quickly?
    I love it.

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