Monday Jobs

My Mondays are spent doing housework, running errands and taking care of my plants. Every few weeks the plants get taken to the sink for a bath and a thorough watering. In between weeks are just water maintenance. Some of my plants are looking great while others may not make it until spring. My night blooming cereus is getting ready to bloom but several others moved from the porch to the cold garage today. They’re just not looking good enough for my porch – ha! Next Monday I’ll attend to all the plants in the piano room. Yes, it’s almost a full time job!

7 thoughts on “Monday Jobs

  1. MartyCae

    I love to look at all your plants! I wish I had a green thumb. What I don’t kill Trixie does! Will have to be satisfied making flower blocks. Those will be my garden!

  2. Launa

    What a surprise greeting I got when exiting my front door mid afternoon. The season’s first HUMMINGBIRD was dipping into a red blooming shrub’s flowers. So many blossoming trees around here.

  3. Linda

    Mary – I, like you, love having house plants. I feel they add so much “coziness” to a home. I wish I had as many windows as you! I usually lose a couple over the winter.

  4. Barbara

    Your plants look so happy. Would love to see a picture of the night blooming cereas. Sounds exotic.

  5. Diane Meyer

    My husband and I were driving near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin back on January 29. I couldn’t believe my eyes when a robin flew across the road. I went on Pinterest and looked at some of the gardening ideas. What a breath of spring! It can’t come any too soon. We are to have some snow again tomorrow.

  6. Ann Barlament

    Plants have always been a therapeutic part of my world. When I started to have medical issues back in Nov 2012, my girl friend took home my plants ~ all except my cactus. Sad to think that my 30-year old cactus plants have since bit the dust because she refused to care for ALL my babies (sigh).

    Hope to be reunited with them in the near future!

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