Monday Morning

It’s sure quiet around here this morning — especially compared to last week!  I suppose I’ll get used to it again.  Here’s what Steph worked on – a baby quilt, a wool appliqué as well as several other small starts.

Carol worked on reproduction projects.

This is what I worked on – Lucy and Aidan’s baby brother’s quilt – a scrap vortex in low volume teal and orange that Sam chose.  The baby arrives in late August so I think I can get it done and quilted.

Rose brought me this cat fabric – she called it Ernie Joe Mauer fabric -ha!  It came from IKEA.

Emma found these vines to be quite tasty.

21 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Michele

    Considering all the lov’in (aka: fur), I received from Mr. Mauer yesterday I also love the fabric.

  2. Betty Cain

    Emma goat eating vine leaves – Oh NO!!! like deer eating everything…Smile! thank you for all pic of fabric quilts you showed me…
    Betty Cain

  3. Elizabeth McDonald

    I always read your blog with great interest; I receive it in my email and really enjoy seeing the quilts, the plants, and the beloved animals. Whenever you have a picture of Emma or another goat I call my hubbie to take a look and see what she is up to. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  4. Launa

    Thanks for sharing the variety of quilting eye candy…and your Ernie Joe Mauer print….so sweet. Interesting to notice the pink flower at the tip of Emma’s tail. I wonder how many bird nests are soft with Emma’s shed fur? She looks so sleek now dining on your vines.

    The scrap vortex baby quilt is looking very nice……good colors.
    I read THE ORPHAN TRAIN over the weekend and highly recommend the book.
    103 coming here today…….whew…I’d better get out and water the blueberry bush while it’s still cool.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tammy – no, I have not found Heidi either dead or alive. Makes me so sad.

      1. Janice Hebert

        I’m so sorry to hear that Heidi is still missing. So sad to lose a friend. We watched a coyote carry off our little silkie rooster, a sweet little guy, the other day. We were out there in the yard not more than 50 yards away. With two dogs! It was a wake up call for us though, thankful that it wasn’t our little dog being carried off. Love your quilts! Jan

  5. Jeanie

    What great Ernie Joe fabric. This is how much I enjoy your blog, Mary. I told my husband Lucy and Aiden are having a baby brother, and he knew about whom I was talking. Love it!

  6. Paula S.

    Love all of the projects and Emma pictures. I need to get up to IKEA (which is 3 hours away) and check out their fabric. Is it a good quality for quilting?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – lots of it is actually too heavy – more like home dec or heavier but it’s all 60″ wide so it’s worth looking if you’re there anyway.

  7. Carol

    I need an Emma, my mom’s property has the same vine, crawling up and over her fence from a neighbor’s house. Every week I have to go and pull some down….it would squeeze the life out of her petunia baskets if I didn’t attack it weekly!
    Love the Ikea fabric, am forwarding the photo to my son’s fiancée …it looks like her kitty Cricket

    I’m sorry Heidi hadn’t returned.

  8. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary
    Four weeks ago my husband took me to Wooster Ohio to pick up three 10 week old Baby Doll Southdown sheep. At my age I am starting this adventure. Sometimes I think I went nuts, but it is fun to love them. They are taming nicely and I even get hugs from them now. Yesterday afternoon we let them out of their very large area to roam our 1 1/2 acre yard. What an adventure for them. My pansies were on their last legs as it is so hot now but they were still blooming, not anymore! They made a very nice snack for three little sheep! It was interesting to see our two standard poodles and our shih tzu intermingle with them. Almost looked like they were protecting them. They laid in the middle of them while they ate grass showing no aggression. Take care, argyle tx

  9. Diane

    Oh, Emma!! She always makes me smile. Also my grand daughter’s name. I love all of the projects–what fun. I didn’t know IKEA had fabric.ours is 2 1/2 hours away. Should I go?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      IKEA doesn’t have a huge selection but if you’re shopping there anyway, you should check it out!

  10. Charlene sexton


  11. Rose Mikulski

    Warning about the Ernie Jo Maurer Cat Fabric from Ikea, I think it’s an old line, it’s dated 2011 on the selvedge. I go to Ikea a lot and never saw this fabric before so I’m wondering if the Schaumburg, IL Ikea happened to find this in their storeroom and put it out. I don’t think I’ve seen it on their website. And, I bought the remainder of the bolt because I knew Mary would want some. And Mary still has not told me who Ernie is named after.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ernie Joe Mauer is named after Ernest Hemingway because he raised polydactyl cats in Key West. Also for Joe Mauer because of those big mitts as if he could be a first baseman or a catcher like Minnesota Twins’ Joe Mauer who Mom just loved. I was hoping because of his name Mom would let him come and live at her house but she said “no”.

  12. Martha Engstler

    Love seeing pictures of your four legged family members. So sorry about Heidi, not knowing is very hard I know.

  13. Samantha Lund

    I love the quilt, Mary!!! I just can’t wait to have it in the nursery. What a labor of love for you to make it for Baby. You’re the best. Love you! Glad you’re having so much fun with friends.

  14. MartyCae

    Ernie Joe Mauer is just so handsome! I have a big kitty named Harry S. Truman and he weighs 25 pounds! Super mouser.

    I am sorry about Heidi. Such a pretty kitty.

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