Another Fun Day

More sewing and more socializing.  After lunch on the porch we went to Connie’s to tour her gardens and get a look at the progress on her new landscaping.

The fence company was there putting in the posts for the new iron fence and today I believe the fence is being installed.  Several trees have been planted and the irrigation system will probably go in next week.  I will keep you posted.  

From left to right are Carol, Steph and Connie.

Here are some garden pictures – the gardens around Connie’s house are full and gorgeous.  There seems to be a black dog growing in one of the hosta gardens – that would be Hope.

Then we invited ourselves into Connie’s sewing room for a little inspiration.  Enjoy!

Last night we met Nancy and Kathy and their husbands at the local bar for a burger and a beer and again we had lots of laughs and a great time.  We were missing Ed and Cheryl but here’s the group.

Before they leave today I will take pictures of what we’ve all been working on and then it will be back to reality and mowing the yard.  What fun we’ve all had with our friends!  I’m glad I got to share it with all of you.

19 thoughts on “Another Fun Day

  1. Launa

    Good to see the smiling faces to go with some of the names. Now I don’t feel the need to rush in today and tidy my sewing room…. LOL…….it just gets “thrashed” soon after anyway.
    Was 61 very early here in the valley….some fire crews from here and other valley towns left yesterday to help fight the Kern County fire…such a wind whipped tragedy there now with loss of two lives and so many homes.

  2. Kathy

    As much as I miss visiting the farm on my yearly trek to Garner, I am so pleased to see that you are having a great retirement!

  3. Ann Barlament

    Wow, when Connie does landscaping she really goes BIG!! I see that Hope knows where it’s cool, out amongst the Hostas, in the shade!

    Curious what you stitched…..

  4. Lois Palmisano

    Great Fun for Mary and all. Enjoyed Connie’s sewing studio, and forthcoming garden. Improving Iowa, one yard at a time. ( I’m from Iowa, too)

    All this AND A NEW BERNINA!!!!!! I told my daughter to get one while she is still only 58!
    She also has a quilt store in her house.

    Thank you and Connie and all for sharing. I know I will always have a great visit at your home site.
    Lois in Omaha ( You really put a lot of time into your site for us all to share)

  5. Martha Engstler

    You are so lucky to have such good friends with similar interests. Lucky to live in Iowa too. We love to visit Story City and the Garner/Mason City area and Pella.

  6. Carolyn

    I think it’s wonderful seeing people getting together, laughing and enjoying making more good memories. People just don’t do that often enough. Usually the excuse seems to be …we just don’t have time. We should always make time for good memories. Thank you for all you share about your life. You are a good dose of inspiration to do more and be more.

  7. Cynthia Sabinske

    Thanks for sharing! I always sew alone, it would be fun to sew with a couple friends, and go out for an evening! Again, thanks for sharing your adventures and friends!

    1. Carol

      I hope there is good news of Heidi soon, hopefully she is having a rumpus for herself and will be back in your lap soon, Mary!

  8. Carol

    Livin’ the good life, you are! Loved Hope in the garden, what a fun shot! So nice to see a lived in sewing room, mine is a complete disaster at the moment as we prepare for an addition (including a sewing room…I’m the one who asked for input and got lots from your friends and fans!)….the entire contents of the crawl space had to go somewhere (why do we have so much STUFF???) so …it is all piled up in about 1/2 of my sewing room…anything that doesn’t fit has already been donated to a garage sale, the proceeds of which go to a scholarship fund, or has been donated to Habitat for Humanity. Still…we still have too much STUFF!

    It is freeing to lighten one’s load, though even though I gave away so many things I loved….I’m sitting on my porch enjoying the cool of the evening, looking at the space that will be the sewing room of the future! Oh, joy!

  9. Kathy Schwartz

    Great photos. Loved the dog–he has literally “got it made in the shade.” That sewing room is great. That is what a sewing room should look like. Those in the magazines are nice, but this one is a REAL sewing room. Can’t wait to see the fence and the gardens. Keep up the great work.

  10. Rebecca H

    I love looking at everyone’s rooms where they create, thank you Connie for letting us have a peek. Love all her old furnishings. And her yard, wow, a new slate to work with.
    Thanks for all the fun pictures.

  11. MartyCae

    Ahhh…. summertime! Friends, sewing, gardening and pets! It doesn’t get any better than this!

  12. Lisa Herr

    Question. In the first picture of Connie’s sewing room, do the shelves stain the fabric? It looks like raw wood.

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