Monday Night

Last night about suppertime this was what the sky looked like northeast of us.

And when it started to rain, it poured.

I removed the downspout last week because it was plugged and the water kept going over the top of the gutter into my plants. It filled up this tub in nothing flat. We got 2″ while my sister Becky had about double that much. Her town , Forest City, had serious flooding in many areas. At bedtime it started raining again and we got another inch while Becky’s area had between 3 – 6 inches.

I know so many of you would welcome any amount of rain- wildfires out west and drought in many areas. Why can’t there be a happy medium when it comes to weather? We can’t flood here at the farm so it will never be a problem. My basement floor has cracks which allows the water to seep in but it’s old and there’s nothing down there that matters.

On Saturday the night blooming cereus bud was showing signs of opening.

And Sunday morning it was in full bloom! Just gorgeous!

Someone asked if it was like a Christmas cactus bloom – and yes it is but about 100 times bigger! Or 50 times – just much bigger. Tonite I counted 27 blooms still to open – some very tiny at this point.

And Saturday – my friend Betsy asked if I’d keep a bottle baby goat on Saturday because she was going to her class reunion. He was two weeks old and needed to be fed four times a day. Of course I said YES! Here’s the little darling!

I came home between the wedding and the reception to give him his bottle.

Look at these two outside wanting to get in with him.

I didn’t have enough time that day to actually play with him.

I’m going to make this two posts because I don’t want to lose it all. Be right back!

17 thoughts on “Monday Night

  1. Angie

    The baby goat is adorable! I also wish we could share our rain could be shared. We have had horrible droughts here in the East where we prayed for rain but I wish God would share some with the western US.
    Your flower is so pretty it knows it is loved.

  2. Pat Smith

    Uh oh, we will be in Forest City in a few weeks for GNR—hope they dry out for that onslaught! I too wish the rain around the country was more spread out. Those with fires need it the most. The goat looks adorable. My daughter, now30, remembers being at your quilt shop years ago, seeing all your animals, and loved the picture of the baby goat. I did too, but the flower got my attention. Really beautiful!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat – the Winnebago River is over its banks but the campgrounds are high so all should be ok – unless you want to play golf and that could be a problem.

  3. Bonnie

    God bless you for your love of animals.

    Yes, I wish rain could be shared throughout the U.S. We are so in need of rain. We pray every day for a forecast of moisture. Meanwhile we use as little water as possible.

    Growing up in northwestern Wisconsin I remember storm clouds like the one you posted. Scary when a tornado was associated with it.

    Love your flowers. When we first moved to the southwest, I had lovely plants. Because it is so dry here I thought I had to water them often. Drowned every one of them!!!!! Oops!!!

  4. Starrla

    That bloom is beautiful. I too love plants and have lots indoors and out.
    The baby goat is adorable what fun to be able to baby goat sit.

  5. Susan

    Mary, your Cereus is beautiful but that baby goat just takes the cake! I so wish I could snuggle it!

  6. Janie

    Oh my gosh, that baby goat…too cute! Thank you for answering about the is just beautiful!

  7. Joanne

    The baby goat is adorable. Thanks for the weather report New England can always count on your weather two days later. Boy did we have rain the other night. I gave the same cactus but my leaves are not as beautiful as yours. Love the chicken scratch

  8. Janice

    We had water in our basement too after this recent rain. The gutter downspout was not where it was supposed to be sadly. Not a lot, just a few gallons but I guess it shows how important those gutters are! The baby goat, so so cute! Really cute little guy. Love baby goats. Today is just beautiful here on the North Shore of MA. The sun is out, blue blue sky and the temperature is around 70 right now. Perfect! Hope it stays this way for a little while.

  9. Sue H

    I know wh!at you mean about the rain. We live in southern IL and are getting our share again after we were long overdue for moisture. Love my rain barrels. Your flower is beautiful. Never heard of such a plant. The star of your post though was that adorable baby goat with the 2 onlookers! So fun

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue H – the baby goat would have been so much fun if I’d had more time to play with him that day. When Betsy picked him up Sunday morning, Hazel wanted him to PLAY!

  10. Paula

    How did you fix the bottle for the baby? Where did you buy the nipple to fit? Love the flower and wedding pic. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula — It was actual goat milk that Betsy brought along. We get those small nipples at our local farm store and they fit the soda bottles.

  11. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi Mary, what a gorgeous flower! I wish I had one of those. I bought a rick rack cactus and I didn’t know if it will bloom. Last year when I was gone, it did. Wouldn’t you know it? My husband didn’t even notice. I found out because the dead bloom was still on the plant. What a sweet goat! They are so cute at that age. Hugs Mary, Felicia

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – I have another orchid cactus in a small pot that’s also going to bloom – should I bring it to you? I have time – are you free tomorrow? Will you send me your address?

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