Monday Update

It’s all sewn together but I’m not going to reveal the batik/plaid quilt until I get it quilted. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

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Here are the scraps.

The triangles are the part of the connector square that I trimmed off. I’ve got those sewed together, too.

I’m going to sew the triangle squares and the scraps together in a small improv quilt. The beauty of improv is that there’s no pattern. That could be a problem but I love sewing without a pattern. It’s all a big surprise!

It was only 7 degrees on Saturday morning with a wind chill below zero. Brutal for early November. I’ll take some pictures in the barn to show you what I’ve been so busy with since it got cold overnight – heated buckets, heat lamps, bedding, tarps – and the LB White propane heater. It’s a good thing I love those goats and those chickens!

I will post the book club list tomorrow. Our book club, Novel Idea, meets this Wednesday and I’ve got some good reads to report. I have been making time to sew during the day – have you?

When I wrote the posts about Scott I said that Connie and I loved the flag quilt. I showed the quilt as it was pictured in the magazine which we both think does not represent the quilt well because the photo was taken with the quilt sideways on a large bed.

Here is the quilt as we think it should be photographed. Love it!

Whenever I see one of my pet peeves, I snap a photo. I’m sure you could write the storyline here. And I have more but you get the idea.

32 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Janie B Lang

    Sometimes I think people park like that on purpose. They have the mindset that no one can scratch or ding their precious vehicle because no one can park there. Ugh! Stay warm everyone!

  2. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Yes, that flag quilt is something! One more thing about those big trucks. When driving at night, the lights just blind me as I putt along in my 2008 Chevy HHR. The lights are to high on those trucks and even if they are “on dim” they hit me right in the eyes. I think the Federal Government should make a law about that. It is great for the truck, but not the rest of us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – I use my mom’s old car sometimes and I’ve had to pull over and let the truck pass me so those bright, high headlights weren’t blinding me! You’re right — there should be a law!

  3. Judy

    Sometimes I think people park that way on purpose so no one can dent their vehicle by opening doors into them. I once parked a brand new car away from everyone and this guy comes in with 2 small children in his car and decides to park right next to me when he had a choice of at least 20 other spots. One of his children slammed her door into my car and dented it. That looks like a pretty nice truck to me and as for the other sometimes the lines barely give you enough room. Even though it is annoying sometimes people have reasons that make sense for why they did something.


    I think I am going to like the plaids with batiks. I have never cared for batiks but I sure like the plaids with them. Paula in KY

  5. Beryl Hoff Montana

    We have had cold here too! -5 the other night, +6 last night! We have about 13″ of snow but not as much as we had last year, thank goodness! We could get more on Friday.
    I enjoyed reading about Scott, thanks! I got his Christmas tree pattern, I want to do it in more traditional colors, not the aqua and red. I am not a fan of contemporary quilts but I like that one. I have made a throw out of Batiks, it turned out very pretty. I still lean to the ‘old’ colors…Kansas Troubles, etc. I have always liked Thimbleberry patterns and fabric also. I may have to stretch again and do something with some batiks! I am anxious to see your plaid/batik combination!
    Thanks for your posts! I love reading them! I even saw you on FB the other day, didn’t know you were there. Must get upstairs and put together a small quilt to sell. Thanks again!

  6. Janice M Hebert

    I’m sitting here at my computer, finished my coffee, pondering what to do with the rest of this very wet Tuesday here in New England. It’s not too cold outside but it is raining steadily. We have a day of sunshine and then two or more of rain. Wish we could send it all to CA for a few weeks. Praying for those poor people and the animals too.
    Your beautiful flag quilt does look better the way you display it! And I agree with your pet peeve about people straddling the line when parking. But I also think that the lines are closer together than they used to be! I believe that they are marking lines with the smaller vehicle in mind. I get annoyed when my other half just has to park as close to the store as possible. I head for the back rows, hoping to avoid car doors dinging my car and also to get a little exercise! Jan in Topsfield, MA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan Hebert – Right On, Sister! I count all those steps as exercise and my BH parks like those trucks half the time – such a pet peeve of mine even when he does it! If I’m not parked straight I back up and try again – and yes, some of the spots are way too tight for my van!

  7. Betty Klosterman

    It is that time of the year for cold weather and we will just put on more clothes and do what we have to do.
    It is really interesting to see what each person uses to “control” the pieces for their quilts. Old dishpans, boxes, trays, cookie sheets, bowls…..
    And did something happen to your bad hair day chickens or are they camera shy? Haven’t seen them in ages. They always make me giggle. They have an aura of self respect as they have no idea how they appear to us.
    Of all the books on your list I think there were only a couple that I’ve read — To Kill A Mockingbird. I must have very different interests. The thought occured that I have a very wierd imagination, but then thought about the ideas people get for the plots in books. They’ve got me beat. There are some very amazing stories.
    Take care and just put on more clothes. It is winter and it really makes us appreciate our nice warm homes.

  8. Ann Roth

    I can’t even imagine 7 degrees in November. I was upset with 26 here!!!!

    WOW!! You guys are a wonderfully tough bunch. Stay warm!!

  9. Diane Bauer

    Love getting these blog posts — feels like a group of friends gathering for coffee when I read through the comments! I’ll be watching to see the plaid/batik when the quilting is done—the colors are so bright and pretty—great relief on this cold gray day!
    I had lost track of Country Threads as I didn’t quilt for a number of years (switched gears and scrapbooked for about 15 years). I’m glad to have found you again!! I used to drive from Colorado to Minnesota each summer to visit my parents and “the quilt shop in the chicken coop” was a favorite stop where my kiddos could stretch their legs and I could find inspiration and fabric for my next project. My kids are grown and launched and the flag houses quilt I made from your pattern and fabrics after 9/11 is back out in a place of honor as my oldest serves his first deployment in Afghanistan this year (the little boy that ran through the farmyard and gazed up at the magnificent flag on the barn is a Captain in the Army Medical Services now). I picked quilting back up again this year as my deployment coping mechanism—made eight quilt tops in the first three months Justin was gone and am finishing the binding on the last one this week. Time to start another top!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – so glad to have you back in our quilting world. I almost think I remember your little boy! There were several however that enjoyed the farm. The flag house is one of the quilts I wish I had kept when we had our sale – I might have to make it again! I’ll be thinking of your little boy in service to our country – please keep us up to date on him! Yes, that’s how I think of our blog group – I guess I’m the leader but I absolutely LOVE hearing from others about their lives. Some mornings I can hardly wait to get up to have coffee and read comments! Says something about my sheltered life on the farm, doesn’t it?

  10. Launa

    Brrrr Mary,
    It’s 12 degrees outside up here in my neck of the woods in Idaho. Thankfully, no new snow last night!
    The teaser picture of your quilt flimsy and the wonderful leftovers are great eye candy this morning. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt and what your improv look like.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – I hope to work on it today. Cold today but the sun is shining for the first time since Oct 31!

  11. Ann Barlament

    The truck pictures remind me of a favorite video, where two trucks come upon someone who has straddled a line. They pulled in beside said vehicle, allowing only a few inches on each side. The straddler had to crawl thru his hatchback to get into vehicle. I crack up every time I watch it!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann Barlament – I know exactly what video you’re talking about -haha! So many BIG pickups in North Iowa and none can park straight. What does that tell you about pickup owners?

  12. Diane in Central Ohio

    I thought the picture of the flag quilt was wrong, but thought it couldn’t be. I love the colors, but like it positioned your way better:) I love the people at the library who park with the stripe right down the middle under the car.
    I am anxious for the “quilt with abandon”, too. Your animals are so lucky to have such a great “mom”. You take good care of yours. I clicked on the ad for the kid sewing machine–soooo cute. We bought one for our grand daughter when she was about 7 and she loved it.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Where did you find the add for the kid sewing machine? I’ve tried to find it with no luck. Thanks.

  13. Diane on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

    I love Kathy in western NY’s reply! I will be remembering this reply every time I see something like that. Yes, be glad we don’t live with that person!

    Mary, you definitely have quilting weather! Have you all seen the Hobby Lobby ad where the little girl makes a quilt? I won’t spoil it by telling the whole ad if you haven’t, but I’m sure you’ll love it like I do!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane on the Eastern shore of MD – I haven’t seen it but now I’ll watch for it!

  14. Mary, Moline IL

    Anxiously awaiting the reveal of the quilt with the batiks and plaids. Beautiful flag quilt. Wish I could get things done as fast as you do. LOVE your blogs. Keep them coming.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary, Moline, IL – the work ethic was drilled into me as a kid – I never waste time,never!

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Yup picture of the truck speaks to me how the person choses to live their life with no regard for others by being self centered and no abiding by the rules.
    I just shake my head when I see things like that and say to myself thank God I don’t live with that person!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in Western NY – the sad thing is that I do live with a person like that – at times. It infuriates me and raises my blood pressure. You are exactly right about the person who parks crooked with no regard to the next guy. I couldn’t have said it better – in fact I may post it so everybody will read it.

    2. Betty Klosterman

      The long pickups may park that way as they are too long for the regular parking spaces and stick out into traffic. The double cab/long box make a long vehicle that needs end to end parking spots. Or, they may just be red-neck slobs??

  16. Marilyn

    I can’t wait for the reveal…love the colors in the plaids. As well as the improv. Too cold for me….burrr.The flag quilt is beautiful.

  17. Carol

    I live how you improv… quilt with abandon! We should all be a little more relaxed in creating our joy, and less “sticking to the pattern” in life!
    Love the car photos, I’ve seen some doozies… sometimes I wonder how people can think they are so much more special than us “everyday joes” … seriously? You really need two spots?

    1. Carol

      Love not live.. I correct this daily. Why does the letter I have to be next to the letter o on a keyboard… all of the vowels should be far away from each other. And I should be the Queen of Everything… I would take care of all these mundane details.

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