More About GFG, 3 – 23 – 24

So many of you liked the results from those old blocks – you could do the same thing you know. Just be brave and start. Like I said – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I did want to tell you about washing – one reader wrote about all the steps she takes in washing her quilts. Just thought I’d throw my two cents worth in.

1. I wash everything in the washer and dry in the dryer.

2. We don’t even have a bath tub, only showers.

3. It’s too much work to wash a quilt by hand. My hands couldn’t possibly wring out a quilt.

4. When I’m done with a quilt, I’m done and ready to move on to the next one calling my name.

5. Nothing I’ve ever made is that precious to deserve hand washing. It has to survive the washer or it can’t live here.

6. I am lucky to have a professional quilting machine – left here when Country Threads closed.

So the old quilt survived beautifully and now is fresh and doesn’t smell. Nice! I might press it – looks so bumpy and puffy which I don’t like.

One reader asked to buy it. After all I went through to make it I just can’t sell it. It will be a great illustration of perseverance.

Today while I watch the games I’m going to experiment with those little strip units. I’d better start with the smallest and cut those first. The result will be a very simple little quilt made from the edges of the original blocks. I’m also going to work with these two shirts I bought at the thrift store the other day, both 100% cotton. The solid color shirt has already been trimmed up.

I have less than $1.00 spent on fabric here and I’ll add some from my own shelves. Hmmm……

Reader photos:

If anyone wishes to explain their photo, please feel free to do so in the comments. I’m sure others will be interested.

I didn’t get this written last night because the games went too late. Nebraska pulled out a win and it was an exciting game! If anyone is interested, the Iowa women play today at 2. I guess you know I’ll be watching!

65 thoughts on “More About GFG, 3 – 23 – 24

  1. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    And the Iowa State girls won their game last night. They were down 20 points at the half and came back and won their game against Maryland (sorry MD fans). Another Iowa girl the standout in that game, Audi Crooks, a freshman, scored 40 points! It was a great game and a great comeback. More games again today.
    Love all the pictures today, and your GFG quilt looks wonderful. I have the same rules about my quilts…..they are laundered and dried in the drier……no washing by hand for me!
    Have a great day, everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – Audi Crooks is nearly a local girl – from Algona 25 miles west of here. Didn’t she have a great game???

  2. Constance Miles

    Hi All,
    The first photo is mine. Actually sewing it for my daughter. I’m just a casual quilter, and mine are not perfect by all means. Just a retired farmer, spending some time on my machine. Maybe after a few years of practice, I’ll get better.
    Feel free to comment on the turquoise quilt. Appreciate any feed back.
    2 poor farmers!

    1. DebMac

      Your quilt looks lovely! I really like the turquoise and black together. I’m sure your daughter will love it also.

    2. Pat in AZ

      I think for a “casual ” quilter, you are doing a great job. The colors you are using are beautiful together. That’s something I struggle with on every quilt I make. And you sure didn’t pick an easy block. So you go girl! I personally think you have this!

    3. Martha W in WY

      I really like your choice of colors in the aqua quilt. It looks very fresh for spring.

    4. Kris in WI

      I wish I had been brave enough to use an off-center layout with the mystery blocks we made in a class at our Senior Center. I really like that setting. I did try to expand my color choices on that quilt…orange and aqua and it turned out nice and bright! LOL!
      Keep quilting, Constance. I’ll look forward to seeing what you show next.
      Thanks again for all the pix, everyone. Kris
      PS — That’s SOME cat!

    5. Judy

      Love your quilt. I’m the casual quilter. For the most part I stick with 3 inch squares. Triangles are much more work. Yours look nice.

    6. patti

      i love your quilt. if this is casual, watch out. you’ve done a great job. try not to downplay your work. we are start at the same place and go forward from there. naturally people who do this all the time, might be better, might not be. makes no difference. it is your quilt. i’m sure your daughter will love it. i love it. the colors are so cheerful. may you make many more. patti in florida

  3. Jane Eilderts

    And those ISU women last night-oh my!! So fun to have these Iowa teams in the NCAA!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – yes, ISU women! Forgot to mention them and it was a great game – what a come back!!! One for the record books.

  4. Linda in NC

    The last photo is my Spring appliqued wool. I have one for every season. I love doing wool applique on many different items. Linda in North Carolina

    1. Jan Hebert

      Love your wool applique, Linda in NC! Do you do any of Maggie Bonanomi’s designs? I love that you do one for every season. I’ve done some wool applique but would like to do more. Jan in MA

      1. Linda in NC

        Jan, I have not done any Maggie Bonanomi’s designs. Most of my patterns came from the Pickering Farm Quilt Shop in Richmond NH. It was a wonderful Quilt Shop and the owner did many things in wool and designed her own patterns. She closed her shop about two years ago due to health reasons and it was so sad to see it go. after we moved to NC from NH and would go back to visit I would make it a point to go to her shop and stock up on patterns and wool. I also shopped at The Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA. I love that shop too. Have you ever been there.

  5. Jane Winton

    I feel the same Mary about my quilts. The joy for me is choosing fabric for a certain pattern.
    Basketball has been forgotten this year in our house. We have a grandson that plays baseball for the razorbacks so that’s all that is in our minds.

  6. DebMac

    I agree with you about quilts going in the washer and dryer. I make them to be used. I love the way you did the GFG, perfect way to get it finished but still honors the original.
    So many interesting photos today. I liked the knight in the corner so unusual to have a suit of armor as a decorative item. I bought a 40″ plaster statue of a knight for our son back when he was 10 and he still has it in his home.
    Great way to display kimonos. I have one my dad brought back from Korea so may have to look for a place to display it.
    Loved, loved, loved the French Roses quilt. Already have it in my basket to purchase.
    Nice pictures everyone.

    1. Judy

      I agree that the suit of armor is most unusual for decoration but I have seen it before. It reminds me of my trip last summer to the Singer Castle in the 1000 Islands area of the St Lawrence Seaway. I’ll send Mary a picture.

    2. Karen Knutson

      Thank you DebMac. The French Rose pattern is actually a take off of Mary’s bullseye quilt. Mary tells me a lady near her designed it.

  7. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I think your ‘rescued’ flower garden quilt look great! I’m sure the lady who made all those blocks years ago would be beyond delighted to know they have finally become a quilt. And I love the one strip-pieced make-do block you made to make up the numbers. On to the next one!
    We are having real March weather here today: one minute cold, but sunny with deep blue sky with lots of little puffy white clouds, the next minute everything is dark grey cloud cover with freezing wind and hailstones the size of marbles an inch deep and then it rains! I’m off upstairs to make some bunny bags for Easter!

  8. Barbara Yarnell

    Beautiful pictures today. Love them all! I’m glad we are doing the points of interest again.

  9. Jan Hebert

    I want to know more about that knight in shining armor! Look at those boots! Yikes! And I love that people sent examples of that cute doggie quilt panel. I agree about the quilt being washed, now if I was doing an heirloom quilt with delicate hand quilting I would be doing the hand washing but I doubt I’ll ever get good enough to be doing an heirloom quilt! I like Constance Miles description. Like her, I’m a “casual quilter” and sometimes struggle with the process but I like dabbling with the fabrics. Constance, your quilt is going to be beautiful by the way! I hope you post a picture of it all quilted. And Mary, I love how the flower garden quilt came out. You are so clever! Hoping I can find the game on TV today. Should be a great game! Jan in MA

  10. Kim from Wi

    Today posts were all fun to see. The first quilt is lovely and the black accents are perfect to pull it all together. The receiver will love it. Nothing has to be perfect, done is perfect in my mind. The suit of Armour is truly something different, I would love to decorate him for each holiday, lol Such cute collections in todays post, dolls, playful elves and so many more. It snowed here in Wisconsin; we now have 4-5 inches on the ground and its 15 outside this morning. More snow is coming. I plan to stay home and do some mending and hope to get in some quilting.

  11. Brenda in Georgia

    I love your GFG quilt. I agree totally about the washing and drying. It also,for me, applies to my clothes. If it can’t go on the washer and dryer, it doesn’t come home with me. I, too, am so impressed with the suit of armor. That is so interesting and would love to know the story. All the photos are great. Another thing that fascinates me is that sooo many quilters who have cats show how their pets love to be in the middle of everything. I mean in the actual middle. I have seen several who get right next to the sewing needle. It cracks me up and puts a smile on my face. I wonder what they are thinking!

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I agree with Brenda’s comment about our cats being in the middle of whatever we work on, what is it with sewing areas and cats wanting to be near the machine or the mess. Mine just did and had to get behind me on the chair so I decided to get up, not sew right now and read my iPad instead of battling with him for more room.
    Such wonderful pictures to look at and I’m so happy others share their places with us knowing we all enjoy seeing them.
    We got about 5-6” of snow so quite bright out there with fresh white snow!

  13. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary- love that doggy panel and also the colors in the bear paw quilt! Who-ee that suit of armor is shiny!! That would scare me to death in the middle of the night, ha ha. I’m happy to say my two teams in the men’s championship are still alive- Clemson and Duke. We’ve seen some major upsets already! I sure hope the Iowa women win their game – my daughter-in-law (the high school girls basketball coach) has tickets to the games next weekend in Albany and she’s hoping to get to see Caitlin!

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    What a great post today. The gfg turned out great.
    I use my washing machine as a bathtub for quilts. A dedicated plunger, then let it spin. No hand work. I never figured out how to get a wet heavy quilt out of a bathtub in my mind, so I never did that.
    The “points of interest “ are so much fun to see. We’re all so different, but so much the same.

    I’m still doing taxes and find that as exciting as diarrhea!!!

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      I had to laugh at your comment about taxes. I feel the same way. Hang in there. You will eventually get through them. I start on ours in December, add to them in January, and finalize in March before taking them to our lawyer for his final touch. I wish I got paid as well as he does for all the prep work I do on them. But then again, that would be another thing to add to the taxes. Laugh.

  15. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Most new washing machines have a hand wash setting, so, there should not be a problem. I do hang my quilts to dry. But only because I live in a dry climate, and they dry fast here.
    We’ve had a very exciting month with my daughter’s birthday on the 13th, my grandson on the 14th, me on the 15th, and my great- granddaughter on the 16th!
    Wonderful quilts shared again today, the turquoise, white, and black is stunning, and love the cat on the sewing machine!

  16. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Mary and readers,
    The dog panel quilt picture with the store information was taken when I picked up the panel for Mary. It was in a quilt shop in Imlay City, Michigan named The Pincushion! Cute small shop.
    All photos are beautiful today. Constance your quilt is very nice. Colors are eye catching! I love the little bags/purses on the dolls! And Pat, your dog panel quilt is nice! I am interested in learning how one comes to have a knight in shining armor in their house! It’s impressive.

  17. Launa

    Watched some basketball 🏀 last night, but closed up after 9 pm!
    Tis 38o out just after 11am! Some drips are coming off the roof…wish it was snowing as predicted! Still winter up here in Idaho!

    My grandma washed quilts in her wash room and then I helped her run them thru her washer wringer into fresh water in her stationery tub! Her big galvanized water heater was heated by her kitchen wood stove. If it was sunny I helped hang clothes on lines in her back yard. It was not a time saver, but I liked to help her! Next we started working on several pies in the kitchen. Always had pumpkin as it was my favorite!


    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – it is so fun to hear little memories from readers!!

  18. Launa

    From kindergarten to 6th grade my teachers all received crocheted items! From handkerchiefs to cute little crocheted dresses.
    I wore wool plaid skirts sewn from fabric in my grandma’s big trunk!

  19. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    I think you honored the GFG blocks in the best way possible . Those blocks were so fragile, but they are stable now and have a new life. Can’ t wait to see what you do with the leftovers.
    I will be flipping channels today between the Iowa women and the Gonzaga men. They are on at the same time!! What a conundrum!!
    Will get some sewing done as I need to make two large backings. Will probably do pizza for dinner and marinate some sirloin for beef stroganoff Sunday dinner. Chilly and rainy after being in the 60s this past week. More like usual March spring weather now. Well, my dogs are asking for a snuggle and I need to get busy!

  20. Sharon G.

    Mary – Lucky you to get to spend time sipping ice tea 🍺 and watching BB. 😊
    My March Madness is packing up a two story
    3-bedroom house that I’ve lived in for 36 years. ZERO help. Not one friend is available to help. I guess they are too busy watching March Madness. 😂 A family member is headed my way next week. I’ve been trying to give stuff away to the local thrift store, but all he has are excuses (too old, too big, too heavy, not an item that will sell, no cookbooks, and only books he says will sell). What a joke!
    It’s rainy and cool here in the Pacific Northwest.
    Spring is here!
    I can hardly believe tomorrow is Palm Sunday and one week until Easter. Time is flying by.
    Take care everyone.
    Thank you for your blog, Mary.

    1. Kris in WI

      My heart goes out to you, Sharon. Packing and downsizing all those years of living is, indeed, March Madness. I hope next week goes a little better for you. Too old, too big? Then why is the treasure I return for always gone? I can’t believe he won’t take the cookbooks! I still pick up the church cookbooks when I see them, and often return them after a few months. I don’t even take the stickers off anymore! What did Mary call that, renting decor? In my case, renting recipes! LOL.

      Take care and maybe there is an iced tea at the end of your day. 🙂 Kris

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon G – oh, it’s such a shame that all of us aren’t in your area! We could have you packed up and moved in no time. You will have to hire someone, won’t you? Thrift stores won’t take your stuff???? That’s absurd. I am so sorry for your situation. Is there anything we could do to help?

  21. Li

    I’m so silly. I gasped when I saw the image of the six inch ruler and then your cutting those blocks. Now I think it is a great idea that resulted in a beautifuly top. The straight line quilting is ideal. It also did my heart good to see the edges of the original blocks also being used. Thanks for all the practical ideas. Very productive.

  22. Sharon F

    All the reader quilts today are beautiful. Karen K’s French Rose quilt in particular strikes my fancy.

    Mary, I don’t know quilt what kind of magic you worked, but you made the GFG quilt so much prettier than the original blocks were. It is really lovely and has a great story.

    I put my quilts in the washing machine too, and then into the dryer on low. I do this with all my quilts, including the ones I have hand quilted. I also stitch down the back of my bindings by hand. So far, they are all standing up to the washing machine and dryer well.

  23. Kathy L

    I to put my quilts in the washer and dryer, I also buy vintage and antique quilts that also go in the washer and dryer, and they all come out beautiful.
    Love Callen in Alaska, and that suit of armor in KC, wow. also those pixies, and cut and sew dolls, I make a lot of these to give the kids at our cookouts, and the Best Friends quilt is gorgeous

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – lots of us use the washer and dryer for our quilts, don’t we??

  24. Angie from Baltimore

    I really thought Maryland would win over Iowa but Iowa deserved to win even though I was rooting for MD. MD lost that game on their own. How could we be so good and Iowa come back and do so well? Now I will root for Iowa to take the tournament.
    LOVE that plaid shirt. It will make a beautiful quilt. I need to go start looking for plaid shirts again. Great project

  25. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    Hi Mary,
    I loved watching Yale win, I’m usually rooting for the underdog and sometimes I get a pleasant surprise.
    I have to ask you, what does your husband do while you’re watching basketball? My husband and I both love it so he’s disappointed if I don’t want to watch with him. Sometimes I watch in my sewing room and I feel bad that he’s by himself and sometimes when I watch with him I wish I was in my sewing room. I feel like I can’t win.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy G – he knows I can’t watch tv with him – he continually flips the channel! And I watch at my sewing machine because I want to.

  26. Karen Knutson

    I Saw the above purple quilt at a retreat in 2023 it is a kit from 1990’s. I fell in LOVE. Hopeing against hope there would still be one out there as a kit untouched. And YES….
    ONE was out there. It’s about best quilt friends.

    1. Judi L.

      Karen K. – the panels in the purple quilt was a fabric line designe by Sandy Gervais and produced by Moda. It also came in a red /purple colorway.

  27. Karen Knutson

    Thank you DebMac. The French Rose pattern is actually a take off of Mary’s bullseye quilt. Mary tells me a lady near her designed it.

    1. DebMac

      I wondered right away if it was a take off of the bullseye quilt. I have the bullseye pattern so just as well get the rose one, right?

  28. Jeanie S, Central IL

    This is a lovely post with wonderful pictures evoking oodles of inspiration. Callen in Alaska, your sewing assistant is very beautiful.
    Thanks, Mary

  29. patti

    the quilts today are fantastic. i like seeing all difterent types of quilts.i was amazed by the armor and those pointy boots. how did they walk? worse then heels. thanks to people for telling us a bit about their quilts. i have only made one small wool wall hanging, have ordered a pattern for a wool pumpkin wallhanging. have been collecting a bit of wool to maybe do the birds and/or the north pole Christmas. i can’t see any lumps in the flower garden quilt. i think it looks great. i went upstairs today to get a back for my latest quilt. i was exhausted. did get back down with fab for the back and fab for the binding. got a picture taken but will send later. now to figure out what dinner will be. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – please be careful going upstairs – didn’t someone tell you not to do that??

  30. Susan

    The group of doll friends is wonderful, I won’t show my seven year old granddaughter or she’ll think I should make some similar ones for her.

  31. Barb K.

    Does anyone know the name of the pattern for the first reader’s quilt, the teal, black and white half triangles squares quilt? That quilt looks like it might be a good way to use up a lot of scraps.

    1. Constance Miles

      Barb K
      The pattern is called Radiant.
      I followed the pattern details for the king size. When I laid it out, one of the blocks were turned around, so I fixed it. Just letting you know, if you buy the pattern, and lay out of the king size, watch out for that one square in directions, that is wrong.
      Thank you for asking. My daughter will love it.
      Happy Easter to you and your family

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judi – oh, gosh, yes – we’re nearly sick of it by now! Haha!!

  32. Debra Reber

    I make quilts to use, I don’t make heirloom quilts. As such, they all go in the washer & dryer! I agree, it’s way too much work (& time) to hand wash a quilt.

  33. Erin

    It’s so fun to see all the photos folks send you! I feel like I meet many like-minded souls here!

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