Hoots and Hoops, 3-23-24

Cold morning but we rode the cart on the wilderness trail and came across a dead great horned owl!!!!

I had to show Rick.

I could find no blood or injuries – did he die of old age? I took this picture in 2018.

I wonder if it’s the same owl. In the summer I hear owls screeching in the grove at night when the windows are open.

This owl is now in the freezer waiting to go to science class at Clear Lake Classical. And now I think I can get baby chicks this spring – no rats, no fox, no owl. I have a friend who has an incubator with chicks hatching in 11 days. Ooh, but it’s so cold! Several heat lamps will keep them warm.

So that’s the hoot part of the post. The hoops is all the basketball games – if people don’t get their fill of basketball during March Madness there’s something wrong. Haha!! Even I find myself flipping channels to check games. The late game tonight is Creighton so I’ll have to stay up. And it looks like Illinois will win so they will meet Iowa State. Oh, wow!!!

Reader photos

The suit of armor promoted another reader to send these pictures which she will explain if anyone wants to inquire.

Other reader photos

36 thoughts on “Hoots and Hoops, 3-23-24

  1. Dorothy

    I got to watch Caitlin today (was on regular TV) What a game and what a young lady
    Sad to see the dead owl—mighty talons though. Love the photo from 2018
    So glad to hear that you are doing better.
    I’ve been at the beach for the last week, so just catching up tonight. (W. WA., so not a warm beach )
    Thank you for your wonderful blog about nothing 🙂

  2. Betty Klosterman

    The suits of armour are amazing. The feet on the first one really make my imagination work. I can’t imagine somebody trying to walk in it.

    As usual the pictures quilts are great. And glad to hear you are getting some baby chicks.

    We had the first part of our storm — just a skiff of snow here in town. More north of us. It is supposed to start the 2nd storm tonight and 5-10″ of snow forcast. We’ll have to wait and see. My niece lives in Watertown, NE part of SD and the forcast says they may get 15.” They tend to get more than we do.

    In the meantime, I’m set to stay inside. I got a new vacuum yesterday. My old vacuum evidently hadn’t been working for a very long time judging how much was collected in a short period and small spot. Amazing what we don’t know.

    Oh, I started sorting thru the stuff in the living room, and it is more of mass on confusion that when I started.

    Take care and have a nice Easter, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – one of my next discussions is going to be vacuums – I just want to know what others like compared to me.

      1. Tammi T

        Get a Shark vacuum cleaner! I bought mine in November 2022 and just love it. OMG, does it pick up dirt, and pet hair and great on hard floors! Talk about SUCTION! Get one with the Pet Power Brush, it’s a turbo brush (not the pet multi tool). Also get with the self -cleaning brushroll. (Does not have a brush roller (has fins), so hairs ,etc don’t get tangled on the roll) My Sharp model is AZ 2002 or basically the AZ 2000 series. My sister also has the same one.
        I got mine from Kohls using their coupons, just under $300. Just would have to compare prices.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandi – I know, I feel sorta sorry for the owl, too, but I remember all my dead chickens so I’m not all that sorry.

  3. Barbara Bennett

    Rooted for Iowa State because I have deep Iowa roots. But, as an Illinois alum, it’s the Fighting Illini all the way!

  4. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    That owl is stunning; it is too bad it died, but so beautiful. Our Biology teacher stuffed one our son found when he was about 10. It is still in Biology room and our son is 53! The quilts and “things I love” are so neat. I love all of the color and the great uses of scraps. I am trying to do better with my scraps than just throw them in a basket, but….. I am a work in progress on that! The horse painting was a gift for my inlaws’ 65th anniversary, but we hung it in our house until then. Of course, we fell in love with it and decided to keep it. My mother in law would have hated it, but my father in law would have loved it. Later, after he moved to OH from NY, he’d always say when he came to visit how much he loved that painting!! He enjoyed it here:) Good job Iowa. I’ll be cheering for OSU women tomorrow. OSU men won tonight in NIT. i am done with cold weather; too bad it is not done with us! 24* tomorrow AM. Ugh.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    That owl is a magnificent bird. The school will be honored to receive it, I’m sure.
    We are forecasted to get high winds tomorrow. No wonder spring doesn’t stick around . It’s too windy!

  6. patti

    that owl was magnificent. i know they are a threat to chicks but that is their fate in the circle of life. i don’t like it either but i must respect it. the newest armor almost looks like it is next to an entrance to a dungeon. really. when i lived in germany as a child, our field trips were to castles, etc. and we got to see the dungeons. now the kids go on field trips to the grocery store. how boring. i love the quilts also. the one with the ribbon is gorgeous. it is not something i would do – too much work – but it is gorgeous and someone spent a ton on time on it. it deserved a ribbon. thanks for sharing the other quilts. i love all of them. i, too, got to watch a bit of caitlin. great game. more quilting, patti in florida

  7. Nicole Hanson

    What a beautiful owl. They are magnificent. Lethal talons and beaks!
    The green and cream wall hanging is stupendous! A lot of hours in it. Dedication and patience.
    Always loved medieval tapestries and those suits of armor. More hours of labor and talent.
    I am happy to hear that you are feeling better after rest and chiropractic therapy. No fun to beat yourself up in a fall! Please stay safe.
    Thank you for you “blog about nothing” I throughy enjoy your musings and the contributions of your readers!

  8. DebMac

    I guess the owl dying is one of those silver lining/lemonade out of lemons type things. We all have a season. I will have to remember to show the photos to my grandson. He was telling me a tale about the field trip he took to a park the week before. He and his friend touched the eye of a dead eagle that they had found when they wondered off the trail. (The wondering off the trail aspect of the story didn’t surprise me.) Lots of detail, answered all my questions, and when I finally asked if he was telling the truth, he admitted he had made the entire story up. I kept telling myself this couldn’t be true but the detail he provided made me wonder.
    Another nice group of quilts today. And yes, I would like to hear the details on this suit of armor. Looks straight out of a castle.
    Have fun with your baby chicks. I can remember how cute they were and the cheep, cheep, cheep was so cheery.

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Sign your grandson up for creative writing! He sounds like a neat, imaginative boy😀

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, sad to see the owl dead , but wonderful to examine him closely. The little boy next door is interested in insects,l found 2 young green praying mantis in the bathroom and returned them to a tree, but gave him 2 deceased brown praying mantis that were huge. I have a half made bugs in jars that l will give to young Klay when it is finished. And now toread the 2nd installment! Take care everyone. Best wishes from Sandy

    1. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

      When my daughter was an environmental biology student at the university of Michigan, she had praying mantises that she studied and kept in an aquarium and I had to babysit them a few times. They are fascinating but give me a dog any day! Lol

  10. Dee from Shell Rock

    The owl is beautiful, I know that these things happen. I’ve stopped at a couple of farm stores to look at the chicks, one had ducks! Yes, I too would love to hear about the armour, looks like they live in an interesting house! Always love the quilts, some not my taste, but that’s ok. Broaden my horizons. Went to a fundraiser for the local petting zoo tonight. My friend’s husband was a musician who played at the venue, it was her first visit there since he was gone. Tough night for her, but we persevered. Snowing here, we left event early, it was just starting but got heavier as I headed home. Good to be home. Take care.

  11. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Sue in PA, you have been busy! I enjoyed your beautiful quilts.
    Diane, the bowls your husband made are amazing.
    Mary, I am glad you had such a basketball packed weekend, just what you love. Thanks for the blog. 🥰

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Thanks, Jeanie. He loves woodworking! He already made our burial urns, too. I will have to send in a picture. The kids and grandkids were a little freaked out, but we want to be prepared. We are 73 and 74 so hopefully have some time.

  12. Charlotte in No. Calif.

    What a beautiful owl. Glad you will be getting some chicks. I love all the pictures and stories of your animals. Love all the quilts today. I want to try the scrappy bright squares quilt for my church group. I put the tops together and the ladies tie them and finish the edges. I usually make them in diagonal rows.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Not fun to see a dead owl on my morning love of reading the blog Mary but better in your hands than Hazel dragging it in. I couldn’t even handle a dead frog in science class.
    Such other fun pictures to see though. The variety of quilts is impressive and wooden bowls are beautiful. It’s so nice Mary you give us this opportunity to have such enjoyable reading from the pictures to everyone’s comments. It’s such a nice group of friends we share our stories with.

  14. Sue in PA

    The brown, peach, and aqua jelly roll race quilt was made several years ago and then put in a drawer in my sewing room. A few months ago, I was cleaning out my drawers and found it and decided I did not love it any more and was about to give it away but instead offered it to my two daughters and daughter-in- law, which I often do when I am doing my Swedish Death Cleaning. My daughters declined but my dil loved it, so I got it long-armed and then I bound it. I actually like it now but I am so happy it will go to a good home where it will be well used on their couch and snuggled under.
    I love the wooden bowls. They are truly a work of art! The quilt of squares is simple but lovely. I love the great colors. The quilt with the prize ribbon is gorgeous-wow! So much patience and talent making that one.
    I also love the scrappy quilts and they give me ideas of what to do with my several containers of strips and scraps.

  15. Michele H.

    Because owls eat all of the little animals that people frequently want to poison, it is not uncommon that they die from ingesting too many poisoned animals.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – we have no poison here but other farms likely do. I’m too afraid my dogs and cats will find the poison tasty. Yes, that could be a possible reason for his death

  16. Donna Jo

    That owl is incredible! Love all the quilts in the last couple of posts! What a quilt show! What a game Iowa played! Now on to Monday’s game!

  17. Margie

    That owl is incredible. You have such an interesting farm. Am glad you posted the pictures. Sad for its death, but have never seen an owl up close. That is so nice of you to give it to the school for others to learn. Everything in this blog is super. The quilts, the bowls, the armour! Thank you.

  18. Fran

    Fascinating about the owl. Hope you can follow up!

    Beautiful quilts!. I am envious of sew time. My days have been filled with time away from my house. But I am having a fun times so not all wasted time!

    We are having RAIN! We need rain so badly. I am going to a theater performance in Council Bluffs this afternoon, A good friend has an extra ticket. “On Golden Pond”.

  19. Lynette in Orlando

    I saw your girls won! 🙂 I’m not a basketball person but I respect your passion.

    Lovely photos — I must get on that and send you some.

    Sad about the owl, but then again your chickens are safer. It’s the way of nature isn’t it.

    Stay warm!!!! This weather is crazy!!!!!

  20. Diane in Colorado

    Great Horned Owls are so beautiful! I often see them in my walks in the evening or perching in the tree behind my house. I talk to them and and always tickled when they talk back!

    I was just sorting and purging photos a couple of days ago and ran across some from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. We visited while touring West Point the Spring Break before Justin graduated from high school. I was fascinated and took many photos of the detail in the suits of armor they had on display, including a horse’s armor and spurs . They were all truly works of art! I recall seeing many others on display across Europe, none so beautiful as the one at the Met. I, too, wonder how the soldiers managed to move when wearing them!

  21. Diane in Maryland

    Fascinating post! Loved all of it! The owl was amazing. The wooden bowls are beautiful. Also all of the quilts and especially the one with the winning ribbon! I would be very interested in knowing more about both of the suits of armour! They are fascinating and sort of creepy at the same time to me. I think they would scare me if they were in my house….I’d think someone was in the suit!
    We had 3 inches of rain yesterday but today is sunny and very blue sky but cold. Our thermometer says 37 degrees. Those few warm days made everyone think Spring was here. The temps will be up and down for awhile. We’ll have a few days of beautiful weather and then the heat and humidity will hit and I’ll be miserable and complaining….haha
    U of Md women basketball players were knocked out in the first round by Iowa State. I suspect the team has been a challenge for Brenda Friese this year. Almost every game the girls have started out 20 points ahead of the other team and then they lose steam and end up losing the game. Disappointing but can’t win all of them. Caitlin has been fun to watch. Wish her much continued success.

  22. Diana in Des Moines

    Wow! The owl is fascinating up close. We have an owl that sits on our roof some nights. Love to hear him. When my hubs was still working, he saw him several times sitting on our mailbox at 4:30 am.

    Love the little quilts. Mini quilts are my favorite. Doesn’t use up much yardage but oh so easy to quilt.
    Hope you don’t get too much snow. Thunderstorms in Des Moines right now. Great day to sew!!

  23. Kim from Wi

    My parents had a great horned owl stuffed and in our home for many years. It died naturally on our farm and a neighbor did the taxidermy for us. It was fascinating to see up close. My mom was a real birder and we all learned to love a walk in the woods and to pay attention. To this day I can name trees, wildflowers, edible plants, birds, and some mushrooms. I hope the science class appreciates the find.
    Some marvelous quilts today, the ribbon one makes me say Wow! amazing workmanship. I love the fabrics in the 5 inch square quilt, so cheery. We are getting more snow over the next 2 days and its going to be cold. Will bake some sourdough bread later today to have with chili.

  24. Sharon G NE IN

    Totally cool owl pictures!! Of course, the rest of the pictures are great, too.

  25. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    What wonderful Quilts in today’s post.
    The owl was beautiful too. Nice to send it to a biology class. I haven’t seen any owls in our woods, but have seen eagles and lots of hawks. Always worry about them with the chickens. I’m so glad you’re thinking of getting baby chicks! They do grow fast and are entertaining for us.
    I finished a quilt top yesterday and today that I’ve had a long long time in a bag! Sending to long arm quilter on Friday. Then I’ll send photo. It’s so pretty and I wonder what took me so long?! And on to the next UFO!

  26. Launa

    Great assortment of pictures today! Cemetery cleanup today! Weather is sunny 24o, but mentioned 2” snow possible…yesterday a good friend came to give his dogs a good run on our road….they got caught in a huge snow along with Pepper! Good we had a nice stove fire!
    Had another snow later, too! Winter is still here!

  27. Judy

    It must have been a busy weekend. I am just now reading this blog. I promised Mary that I would comment on my pictures. The earlier posted armor suit reminded me of the trip I took last Ummel to the 1000 Islands area of the St Lawrence Seaway. We cruised a couple of days in the area and visited the Singer Castle on Dark Island. The suit of armor is in the entry way of that castle and you can see the edge of the sewing table. Enlarge the picture before it and you can see the Singer sewing machine by the armor. There were several Singer machines on display in the castle. It was an interesting trip. I have crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa, but that was nothing compared to the width of the St Lawrence Seaway. On the boat we even crossed the border into Canadian water. We could as long as we stayed in the boat, didn’t dock on the Canadian side, and didn’t fish or swim. For more information look up singercastle.com, Frederick Gilbert Bourne (original owner of the castle) on Wikipedia and facts about the 1000 Islands region. The Judy quilts are doll quilt donations for the local Christmas Toy Store for the low income. The quilts were made from scraps and I even used some double knit left from my earlier sewing days.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jusy – thank you! It’s amazing what we can learn from each other. I have never heard of this. I’m going to look up Singer Castle.

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