Post #2, 3-23-24

I had to break this post into two parts so I wouldn’t overload WordPress – I have learned the hard way.

More basketball tomorrow – after church. On Monday I’m going to visit Hank the Hunk again. I know he has grown and changed – in a week!!! Here he is in his Easter basket. Sigh.

I have loved getting all these photos – makes this more fun, doesn’t it?

36 thoughts on “Post #2, 3-23-24

  1. Pat in AZ

    The last couple of days have been mind-boggling. What a very creative and productive group! Mary, thank you for facilitating this.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat in AZ – I agree! It has been mind boggling – I love when people send photos!!!

  2. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

    Awww, Hank is truly a gorgeous baby:) I will take a pic this week of our new baby across the street. She is named Sunny:) The quilts and “things I love” are great. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Judy in Indiana, you have been busy!! Squeaky is with me chewing on her fleece blankie while I type. She loves it. Buddy is eating –again. I wonder how he got to 18.76 lbs?! We’re working on giving him less food. HA!
    Thanks for all of your posts, Mary. They are so much fun:)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – what “kind” is Sunny? Dog??? Hasn’t this been a great run of photos and quilts?

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I can’t believe your girls are out !!! I was dreading Iowa playing them. Shocker!

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    All the photos have been wonderful to see. Hank is a card.
    When he becomes a teenager…boy, watch out.

    I was going to say something else, but now I’ve forgotten. That’s my life now!

  4. Martha W in WY

    I’d like to know the name of the red block that Judy shows. I really like that and it looks so easy to make.
    Hank in his Easter basket is so darn cute. We watched the Iowa game today. Caitlin sure looked frustrated during the first quarter. I personally think the refereeing wasn’t the best during that game. We’ll be watching on Monday.

  5. patti

    the photo of the three quilts together – the quilt on the right looks like it may have been part of the temecula quilt company quilt along a while back. i have one very similar that is waiting to be basted and quilted. mine was set on a grayish-black background. i like all those quilts love making them. i’m trying to use larger pieces/sizes now to use some of this fabric. even tho i am drawn to using my pre-cut squares. need to do more of that also. today i realized i am not really ready to go upstairs and work. it totally exhausted me. was very discouraging. but this too shall pass. the 7 sisters quilt has 8 sisters in it because i was the 8th sister – queen of fat quarters – it was part of a challenge – a friend made it. the rabbit and cat used to reside in my store. now they greet me as i go up the stairs. the stars over spaghetti was a mystery quilt with it may go to my grandson if i can get it quilted in time. but it can also be very late. haha. more quilting, patti i florida

  6. Charlotte in No. Calif.

    Hank is so cute!! Patti and Judy have been busy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts.
    I watched the Iowa girls’ game today. So glad they won.

  7. Beth Laverty

    I do enjoy seeing all the pics of everyone’s work. I especially love the puppy in the rabbit basket!

  8. Gloria from CC

    Love all the quilts!! Such creativity. Hank is so adorable in the Easter basket. I can’t wait to see him.

  9. Donna Jo

    Sorry I was too busy to read the blog yesterday. I posted the first picture of the suit of armor. We lived in Prague for several years and bought him as a souvenir. He was handmade by Yuri whose picture hangs by the armor. Yuri has since passed but taught the trade to his son. The armor is 15th Germanic design. The pointed shoe caps are for fighting when riding on horseback. They are removable. It is all hand crafted except for the chain mail. His wife made the skirt and another craftsman did the leatherwork. Yuri made armor for reenactments and movies. We named him Maximus and he is in our entryway. He is a great reminder of our time spent in the Czech Republic.

    1. patti

      thanks for the story behind the armor. great remembrance of your time there. patti in florida

  10. Marcia-Ohio

    Yea🎉🎉 I see pictures that are fun to see. Hank is adorable💕
    Spent yesterday at Missouri Star. So much to see and dream. Yes, I did make some purchases🤣🤣🤣 -some items were on my list and some were just because🙃

    1. Hank's Mom

      So are we !!! 🙂 It’s bittersweet knowing how quickly Golden’s grow, so we are soaking in the short puppy stage.

  11. Diane in Colorado

    I would love to get an Easter Basket with Hank in it instead of chocolate!! Glad to hear you will get to visit again and get more puppy kisses!! They grow so fast!!

    1. Hank's Mom

      Diane, I wish you lived close enough to come see Hank too!! He’s pretty special.

  12. Carla

    Wow, that was a fun read! I had fallen way behind so I read through maybe 7 or 10 posts! Good news though. My mom had her TAVR procedure and all went well. So grateful! Next step is cardiac rehab. Dare I hope that she’ll someday be up and around getting her own coffee?! I do so want her to be able to enjoy her life here. Blessings, all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, Carla! I hope your living arrangement with your mom goes well. I don’t remember what TAVR stand for.

  13. Kim from Wi

    Donna Jo, thank you for the story behind the Armour, it’s fascinating. I bet it was wonderful to know the maker. Patti, you have been busy, and I loved seeing all your posts. The cute bunny and cat are precious, did you make them? This blog about nothing is truly interesting. Love it, thank you Mary for hosting us all.

    1. patti

      sorry, i did not make the cat and bunny. a woman who taught at my shop did them for me and we sold lots of patterns for animals and clothing. this was a long long time ago. i see in the picture that my cat has been playing with the cat’s dress. maybe he is jealous. lol thanks for the compliment. patti in florida

  14. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Boy, i could just eat that Hank up!! He’s adorable.
    Wonderful quilts here on this post too.
    And thanks for the history on the armor, Donna Jo. More precious knowing the maker.
    Sun shining here and our snow melting quickly. Hooe tge daffodils spring back to life.
    Have a great day watching basketball 🏀 and quilting!

  15. Jan Hebert

    So many great photos of so many great projects! People have been busy! Just adore Hank! He’s so cute in his Easter basket… wouldn’t I love to get an Easter basket with a puppy in it! Oh wow, that poor owl! I wonder if he at a poisoned mouse. What a sad thing to find. Mary, finally caught one of Iowa’s games! Wow! Very exciting! My husband and I really enjoyed it! Holy Cross was great in the beginning but tapered off and the Hawkeyes got way ahead. Talk about a team effort! I’m just reading about them all. Really good players. I have to say that Clark was a little too dramatic for me. I loved Gabbie Marshall! I’m hoping we can watch tomorrow night’s game too. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – I feel like I should apologize for Caitlin’s behavior at that game. We, too, thought she should have left the complaints to her coach and we haven’t seen her do too much whining in the past. I do think everybody is gunning for her and play gets rough when teams try to guard her and I believe she got defensive. She is usually so cordial with her teammates, coaches and fans. I personally think her opponents got away with much too pushing and two on one guarding which resulted in very rough basketball. Everybody wants to take down Caitlin Clark. And the refs allowed it. Just my opinion.

  16. Jeanie S, Central IL

    This is a wonderful post; everything is beautiful and well done.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  17. NJ

    Oh do I ❤️ the black workhorse picture ! I have no pictures of our “Nancy” but this horse is a dead ringer. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of it ??

    Many years ago a friend found a dead owl so she had it mounted & displayed it in their den. One day the SD Game Wardens came calling and told her it was against the law to display owls in a private home, It can be displayed in a public place however, so she requested it be placed in the local school and it’s still there.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      NJ – I know owls are protected in Iowa – I’m glad I can give it to the science class. I wouldn’t be comfortable with it in my house anyway. I’ll trace the picture back to see what I can find out.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      NJ – did you see that Diane and Squeak answered your question about the black draft horse picture?

  18. Debra Reber

    I love all the pictures!! Especially the one of Hank in his Easter basket!

  19. Martha W in WY

    Donna Jo, thank you for the history on your “metal man.” It was very interesting.

  20. Judy

    The first 3 quilts are more doll quilt donations for the Christmas Toy Store. They were made with blocks I found in stash that was donated to our church group. They weren’t going to go with what we usually make so I made the doll quilts. The blue, yellow, green blanket Is what our church group makes. I piece and layer and we meet once a month to knot. The next blanket is on my granddaughter’s bed. I made it about ten years ago with fabric purchased at the local quilt shop sale for $1.00 a yard. (I had my husband read the email advertizement. I couldn’t believe the price.).

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