More AQS Quilts, 9-17-22

I think I already knew most of you would agree with me about these elaborate quilts and as much as I’d like to go the to DesMoines Guild Show next Saturday I can’t go.  My church youth group is coming to pick the pumpkins to take into church.  Darn.


I included the cross stitch for Jo and Connie!

Have you noticed that my photos are no longer “sharp” and in focus since I’ve had to write a blog post from a different program?  I hate it and nobody seems able to fix it.  I’m still needing someone to help me upload patterns to the shop.  It is so aggravating I want to scream!  I have so many $5 patterns waiting to be posted.

The Playhouse Pumpkin can be purchased for $5 and a SASE.


  1.  The Jordan’s Way fundraiser at Patriots For Pets raised over $14,000 thanks to all of you who donated.  Once again, thank you.
  2. I recently received an envelope in the mail from a reader named Michele in Florida who sent me a shark’s  tooth necklace and a small bag of shark teeth.  I wore my necklace to church the very next Sunday and I think it’s safe to say it was the only shark tooth in church that day.  Sweet.  Thank you, Michele!
  3. i will close with a quilt I love – stopped at Quilt Connection in Ames on the way home and was more excited there than at the big show.  This is an in -house quilt and the pattern was gone but I love the color palette and the quilting.
  4. (cant get these numbers to disappear now!!!!)

28 thoughts on “More AQS Quilts, 9-17-22

  1. MartyCae

    First I love the picture of Rescue in the chair! Absolutely adorable!
    Second of all I received my Fresh Start Quilts in the mail and I love it!
    I will first start making Feathered to a T as my maiden name starts with a T followed by Iowa Roads. After that ??????? They are all wonderful and the fabric you two have picked is wonderful!
    Thanks for a lovely new book.

  2. Pamela papszidis

    Went to a local quilt guild show in Bennington, VT. A most amazing , carefully thought out , creative, motivating, show. From the bathroom decorated with fall quilts and dried leaves and the delicious food, especially the warm apple crisp. The quilts were familiar, cozy, comfy. Some a stretch but all great. I needed a show like this to motivate me and to show me that making classic quilts designs are still worth it. Even the way they hung the quilts, the shorter ones had some decoration or table underneath so everywhere was something pleasing for your eye to look. Well worth the six hour round trip.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, it sounds just lovely! Must be a great bunch of ambitious quilters in that group.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    I forgot, you mailed my book on Friday and it came on Monday! Oh, happy day.
    Betty in Rapid City

  4. Betty Klosterman

    As you probably have discovered by now, Little Blake’s quilt is an “I Spy” quilt. Full of pictures, etc a kid will really like. I am getting a couple pictures of my “I Spy” quilts along with other ideas on layouts for you to see. The imagination is the limit.
    Aren’t quilts wonderful as they fill a desire to be very flamboyant and exciting, or just simple little things put together with scraps? We can put fabrics together to our hearts content and it makes us happy. And don’t forget, Gramma said don’t waste anything!
    As for the quality of the pictures, I think the lighting makes a world of difference. You wouldn’t get the same lighting in the auditorium as on your fence at home? Your pictures are always great, layout, colors and light. And you know we love all of them.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      I took the picture of Blake’s quilt so I wouldn’t forget to dig out all my novelty prints. It’s a great quilt, isn’t it?

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mary- I would love to see some more I spy quilts as it’s a great way to use our novelty fabrics. Can you imagine one of all your dog and cat scraps or farm animals! It seems many of us are shopping from our stashes these days to use up our piles so we could have our own inspirational quilt show of I spy quilts. I have donated one like “Blake’s”without the alphabet to a Special Ed class and also added in 8” texture blocks like corduroy, minkie and satiny type fabrics for feel. Now that I think of it, might make a good lap quilt to donate to a care center. Thanks Mary for snapping that picture to share with us.

  5. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    Beautiful necklace!
    Are you keeping the puppy very very sweet!!!!
    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of quilts!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Bea knight

  6. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    My favorite is the black cat in the moon on the house. I wanted to buy that kit but it was sold out,

    My next favorite is the same one you love, with the low volume prints and pretty quilting. So soft and lovely.

    Thank you for the very sweet card; a tuxedo with a little bit of swagger, that was my Kitty.
    We brought all of her things to a rescue site today. They took everything. Her clippers, her meds (they have an in-house vet who checks kitties out and prescribes), her treats and her two biome foods that never did solve her issues… cans of wet and bags of dry, her water and food dishes ( she had them all over the house, spoiled little girl!), her crate, a new unopened box of litter that came the day we had to say goodbye, her bed we laundered and vacuumed spotless, her fleece blankets.., who knew ten pound of love would have so much stuff!
    They were very grateful. We donate to them every Christmas. All their work is done by volunteers, even the vet.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        My husband is adamant… no more pets. He doesn’t want to go through the sadness. I told him it was ok for now, but if he died first, I’ll get a kitty. Or two! He said if I die first, he won’t!
        I just have to give him time, we’ll see.
        And if I get a new cat, I’ll just buy a new crate and dish.
        I kept Kitty’s beautiful wooden brushes in my desk, she sure loved a good brushing three times a day.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Oh, good!!! I’ve always told people who say never again to wait for a bit and if they’re truly a dog/cat person they’ll find their life is not complete without one.

          1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

            Agree. It’ll just take him time. He was equally devastated over Kitty’s death, but he’ll come around, I believe.

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Keeper looks like he has bat ears! But he is a lovely boy. Going to make some quilts like the first string one, suitable for dogs l thought,don’t think mine will be in quilt shows!Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  8. Kathy in western NY

    My eyesight is not the best but the pictures look fine to me. Love those samplers!!! And Keeper looks so cute in his comfy chair. So glad you kept him to give him a happy life.

    Carol at Pin Oak quilting – I hope today your tears are fewer and maybe one day a new kitty will help heal your loss. Quilting and kitties seem to go together. I share your broken heart.

    We went to a farm market/ pumpkin patch to buy pumpkins and mums today to put around the yard and I bought small ones to decorate long tables for a turkey dinner tomorrow I am having for family and friends. I hope they last as last year mine all turned to mush by mid October with the heat we had so fingers crossed for a cooler fall. It’s 82 and warm again tomorrow. We also stopped at an agricultural fair 4-H was at so watched pony rides while eating hot dogs the Lions Club cooked. Walked around at the vendors and loved the alpaca socks and mittens but I didn’t buy them.

    Got my book today and the poor mailman has to be relieved cause I kept walking out when I would hear his vehicle come down the road and he would say to me “not today, maybe tomorrow” as I told him a few days ago I was looking for it. I wasn’t home today when he delivered it but I imagine he said to himself the crazy quilter has something new to read tonight, thank goodness.

  9. Julie Erickson

    I have no interest in ever doing the real artsy quilts. They don’t even look cozy.
    The cross stitch is beautiful and I love doing samplers. My grandkids asked why I have so many ABC pictures 😆

  10. Jeanine from Iowa

    As I was scrolling through the quilts, when I saw the “Blake” quilt, I said to my self…..this is the one I like best. I see I am not alone. I’m very much a traditional person, not only just with quilts! I may have to see about attending the DM quilt show next weekend. Theirs is always good. It used to be with the AQS and I always enjoyed it more than the big show.

  11. Carolyn

    Is there someone in your town, or nearby, who is a computer technician and would be willing to work with you? Perhaps someone in your church? Worth the try to find that person. Keeper is cool, came to right place at right time,


  12. Candy

    Keeper looks like he is already growing into those ears. He knows he’s home now, doesn’t he? Oh, and the quilts … fabulous workmanship, but too fussy for me! Did you see that Jo reviewed your’s and Connie’s new book? It looks wonderful!

  13. Viv in Idaho

    My favorite quilt is the I Spy with the alphabet in the borders. I love the picture of Keeper – what a sweetie!

  14. Kathy Hanson

    Keeper has certainly happy in his new, Forever, home! He makes himself comfortable!!! How wonderful.
    It really is nice to have a chance to see those quilts, I can appreciate them but wouldn’t even consider making one. I admire the people that will do all of that though.
    Aren’t computers frustrating? as well, of course, really handy and wonderful too?!! I am sorry you are having all that frustration but so glad you continue the blog as I look forward to it so much! Hang in there!
    Hope that you and Rick are doing well and enjoying this late summer weather…….I think that this summer has been really good. Now off to my favorite season..lFALL!

  15. Carol

    These quilts are beautiful pieces of art. I admire their workmanship and creativity. When I go to a museum, I don’t always like the artwork, but I appreciate the talent and effort the artist goes through in creating the painting or sculpture. It’s the same with quilts, I tip my hat to all quiltmakers for their talent and skill in stitching up quilts.

  16. Vicki

    Mary, the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild show is Thursday through Saturday, in case you weren’t aware of the dates.

  17. Brenda Ks

    Love the Blake quilt. What a great quilt for a kindergarten nap quilt. All fabrics that they are interested.

  18. B

    The AQS quilts are beautiful. I do prefer quilts that look like they are meant to be snuggled up in though. I’m glad you had a chance to go to the show and enjoyed a nice day out!

  19. Diane in Colorado

    Wow! Just wow!!! The quilts are fabulous!!!! I was thinking the second was my favorite and then I saw the next and the next and the next!!! They are beautiful works of art!

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