More Photos????

I’ll try to continue.

Hazel with Chuckit’s Flying Squirrel toy

Sassy little shit, isn’t she?

Rick’s pickup —-

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I will try for the third time.

15 thoughts on “More Photos????

  1. Debra Miller

    7 ads to close-missouri star, ebay and facebook. 1 to not close. I got Hazel’s picture but not the 2nd. There is a red warning that your site is not secure and if I click on the read more link it takes me out of the blog.
    So sorry that you are dealing with all this!

  2. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    I’d love to know what Hazel is telling you!! Sassy, yes:) No pickup, some ads did not have X’s. That’s rare for me, I usually get all the ads and can close all.

  3. Joyce from NY

    Got pic of Hazel, no picture of truck. 3 ads to close. Your post before this one I could not open.

  4. Caryn Goulden

    Got Hazel’s pic but no truck pic. Did get seven ads to close, and 2 of them were for pickups & SUVs!

  5. Diane Bauer

    I see Hazel, but not Rick’s truck. A few more ads to close (fewer than the last post, some for clothes, some for ‘luxury’ vehicles–no, I’m not shopping for a new vehicle!).

    Thank you so much for your perseverance!!!! Hopefully besides being really frustrating, it’s also a bit of a puzzle to solve!

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