This is another test!

This post will be a test of various photos with different subject matters to see what ads pop up since you got lawn mower ads after I showed you my flat tire. This might be fun! I’m so curious as to what ” big brother” is gathering from my posts. Here we go!

First of all some #3’s before I forget.

She forgot to add her name so I will tell you this is Kathy Hanson who had the llamas Reed and I visited. She is from Rochester, MN.

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And another from Kathy.

A #3 without a name tag.

This is the best name tag I’ve seen – it’s easy to read!

Remember our conversation about the 1962 Band Festival? Here is the commemorative key chain I received and am still using! What great memories!

Hazel with Chuckit’s Flying Squirrel toy

I don’t think this photo uploaded.

Rick’s pickup.

Nor this one – I’m starting over!!!!!

41 thoughts on “This is another test!

  1. Meri in SoVA

    You were right…the last two didn’t appear! There were 4 ads… all for the same Virtue hair care.
    The only photo that was odd was the one of you & Connie…it was “stretched”!

    1. Helen Thomas

      Last two photos didn’t appear. And I got two ads from ModLily clothing and two from Best Buy offering appliances. Last one: “Become a Consultant.” I would have had to click on it to see where it came from. h

  2. Dee Winter

    Oh I got lots of ads. I got plush beds,xtreme internet, then a conglomeration of small adds, just a few lines, website included, then an ad for a vacation spot. Who knows? I understood the bed and quilts, but the others? And yes, I didn’t get the last 2 pictures.

  3. mj

    you are correct. The last 3 pics didn’t come thru, about 5 ads did and congrats on the medal….and great showing of everyones great work… Another lovely day here in Hudson Wi….

  4. Nikki M in Tx

    LOL…Winstar Casino ad… photo’s… visit casino.. no $
    Marketing Ad, A/C ad…yes it is Hot here

  5. Terry

    I’m finding that the pop-up ads are mostly related to things I’ve searched for or looked at…furniture, shoes, travel this time.

  6. Barb Rydell

    Ads from Best Buy and for appliances. Last 2 pics didn’t post. Others seen in comments.

  7. Pamela in Missouri

    Speaking of various subject matters…knowing what you know about the Gypsy Junk Fest, is it worth a seven hour drive (one way)? I know it’s worth it to see the things you and Connie will have but will the other booths have quality items also?

    Loved putting a face to a name (Kathy of llama fame)!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela in Missouri – I have to be honest and say no, it’s probably not worth a 7 hour drive – the show is new and I’ve never attended before so I have nothing to go on.

  8. Kathy Hanson

    Yes, the last two photos didn’t come through. The pictures of my #3s were sideways but otherwise the other photos came through fine. Similar adds to the last ones. I didn’t get the “stretched” version of the picture of you an Connie. Seems that it is getting better mostly and always great to get your blog!

  9. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Two lawnmower ads, one insurance and one homebuilder ads successfully closed. Two last pictures didn’t come through and you and Connie are
    s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d lean and lanky! The other pictures are awesome.

  10. Gayle Shumaker

    Last 2 photos didn’t show up. Ads: lawn mower, safety device, women’s clothing, Annie’s, investment co., Meijers grocery store, I think an internet provider but wasn’t a very clear ad.

  11. MartyCae

    The last two pictures did not appear.

    The ad to close was for surgery! Hope that is not a prediction for me! Ha!

    Love looking at all the finished projects. Wish I could finish one too!

  12. sandy

    the photo of Hazel & Ricks truck did not show up….Kathy’s fall quilt was sideways, but wow it was stunning 🙂
    2 ads from zoro, livenation & 2 police alarms;and roundup

  13. Jackie

    The last two pictures didn’t appear. I got eye glass ads and a phone ad.
    Great finishes!

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    I got ads for senior bathroom cleaners🥴😳🙄, no idea there was a special product for senior bathrooms. Guess I need to do some remodeling!!! Or is it I’m old???
    Yep, some pictures didn’t post

  15. Marian Stever

    Nice quilted pieces name or no. Closed a lot of ads. A couple for AARP…big brother thinks we’re old!🤪

  16. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I got lovely ads for houses, industrial water cutters, becoming a “Barefoot Author”, and two for clothes. I’ll admit I have been looking at houses and bought a dress online…I wouldn’t have a clue what to use the water cutter for and I have no intention of become an author of any sort!! Supposedly the ads I see are things that I have searched for or websites similar to those I have visited!! You are right, the last two photos disappeared.

  17. Katie

    What a great keychain…
    Look forward to pics of your Thrift store fines..
    I enjoy thrift stores myself..
    I also, have my favorites in Prescott, Az.
    Good Day Mary
    Katie in Gilbert, Az.

  18. Donna Sproston

    Add are usually based on our recent browsing history. I am wondering why Missouri Star and Fa Quater Shop cannot be closed…no x in the corner, just the arrow.I have also noticed that if I scroll back up. I can close more. Some days I close lots!

    I would love to know what pattern Kathy used for her bags.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Sproston – let’s bug Kathy for the bag pattern? Llama Kathy – please post in comments!

  19. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Photos good (including you and Connie), except for the last two. Ads for Husqvarna, lawn tractors, computer games and exotic holidays!

  20. Debra Miller

    The photo of you and Connie is fine along with the other pictures except for the last 2 which didn’t post. I was able to close 5 ads and there were 4 ads for that could not close. My ads were facebook, 2 missouri stars, ebay and a water pump company. Haven’t looked for water pumps.

  21. Kathy in western NY

    I thought ads were based on search history but now I am not so sure as my ads were for lawn mowers and gutters for home. Haven’t been doing any of that on line or in person. I am with the others with last two pics not coming through. You must be stewing away over this mess. I know I would be.

  22. Ellie

    Last two pictures missing. Lovely finishes on #3. Closed several ads for Universal Studios and National Quilters Circle.

  23. Penny C Maryland

    After I look at items online or purchase online the ads I see are related to them!

  24. Beryl in Minnesota,pub-2613036589582295 , DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 this is the only thing might be an ad??? It was in a gold box, no other ads
    All but the last 2 pictures downloaded.

  25. Linda H in SE MN

    All photos are right side up and beautiful, except those last two that everyone is missing. I had two personal alarm ads, a Fastchics (clothing) ad, Virtue hair care (with no “x”) and something called Flamingo…totally weird! I’m on an iPad – wonder if that makes a difference…?

  26. Diane Bauer

    I did not get the last two photos either. Total of 10 ads–4 banner ads with no photos, 4 others for various things unrelated to what you were posting about (clothes mostly–all things I’d seen before), and 2 that had no x to close (one was something about Trump). The photo of you and Connie came through just fine for me (I saw others that said it was stretched, which I’ve seen before). For comparison, I am on my laptop right now. Sometimes I see things differently on my phone.

    Love seeing the 3’s!! Some creative folks in this group!

  27. Sherry Whalen

    It looks like the ads are all over the place. Mine were 2 Minnesota Energy and 2 It likely has more to do with the readers computer reading and searches and the cookies on our personal devices.

  28. Janice Hebert

    This is fun to read. I got ads about cyber security, insurance and mortgages. Hmmm, haven’t been researching any of those things. The #3’s are wonderful. Kathy’s bags are really cute. Love the key chain! Cooled off a little here tonight in MA and the weekend is supposed to be perfect. We shall see. Usually when they predict perfect weather we get rain. Hope to get some quilting done. Need to finish my #3! Jan in MA

  29. Maryann

    I got local truck ads, Best Buy and Missouri Star Quilt Company ads. Last 2 pics didn’t post.

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