More Rug Pictures

Here are some close up pictures of Rose’s rug.


Here is what Marilyn Lewis wrote:

The rug frame is secured in a tabletop vise (borrowed from my husband), also kept misplacing my scissors, hence the hooks on the sides and found that a Philips screwdriver worked better for me to push the weave up.  It went kinda fast once I got the hang of it,  great instructions on the DVD.

Let’s return to Gypsy Wife for just a moment.  I have two finishes to show you.

This is from Heather in Ohio.


And Gloria from Iowa has hers quilted and bound.  Congratulations to both gals!

I got quite a few orders for rug books and DVDs in the mail yesterday and today and have them ready to go out so if you’ve sent your check, your order is likely on its way.  It’s not too late to join in the Rug Along.  The DVD will hold your hand each step of the process and a handsome rag rug will find its way to your home as a result.  The frame and old clothes will be all you’ll ever need for rugs the rest of your life!  Frames can be built any size (within reason) to accommodate the space you choose, placemat, table runner, floor tread, throw rug, smaller or larger rug – you decide.  Build your frame and start weaving (actually it’s called twining) today!

And a side note about the goats.  It is brutally cold here but you probably remember that I give the old Christmas trees to the goats.  Here is Charlene enjoying Connie’s Christmas tree snug in our warm barn on a day when the wind chills have been 30 below zero.


8 thoughts on “More Rug Pictures

  1. Lynn

    All so beautiful. I am about half way done with my rug. I took it to my church stitching group yesterday. They thought it was very interesting and liked what I had done so far.

  2. Launa

    Thanks for sharing the Gypsy Wife quilts…….so pretty, as are the Twining projects.
    Just delightful to see Charlene working on her tree project, too.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    The gypsy wife quilts are so colorful and fun. And the rugs look great. This is really a good time of the year to stay inside and play with all the fabric. Oh, in between shoveling, etc…

  4. Sandy Kolarik

    I’m thinking about doing a rug but after seeing them I’d like to try. How much is the DVD and book and where do I send the check? I really enjoy your column and pictures especially all the critters.

  5. Penny Brooks

    Good morning to all. I enjoyed seeing Rose’s rug pictures. It is fascinating to see the process. Thank you Marilyn Lewis for the great tips and photo. I love the sharing we get such inspiration from each other 🙂

  6. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh my, i love the colors of the rug! Some people have an eye for color and are fast. Mary, you are such a busy person. Remember to rest.


  7. Rose Mikulski

    I’m starting my second rug and the frame has fallen on my foot for the last time. I’m going to Home Depot tomorrow to buy a table vise. I also love the idea of the hook on the side to hold the scissors. Thanks for sharing Marilyn’s photos.

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