More Success! 4-21-22

The Terminator Tag Team struck again last night – they got rat #24! Hazel had a bath before bed and she also needed a mouthwash – rat breath!

It is a windy rainy day today which only makes me so happy I worked yesterday when it was a joy to be outside. I cleaned the row of hydrangeas and put the fence up again and since it’s raining today I can work in the quilt shop.

Ivy visited yesterday, too. She has a new brother – Finn who is a mini Berne doodle. He’ll be coming to learn about the chickens very soon.

Reader quilts

Took a picture of this at the thrift store and sent it to Becky. Haha!

The only difference between me and all you readers is that I write about everything I do – try writing down as if to report your daily activities for a few days and I’ll bet you will be amazed how much you do, too. I have more kitchen pictures to take but I need to order feed this morning and our iron filter is not working so that repairman is also coming today. See? I just listed my whole day! Try it!

Someone mentioned the bowls on the high shelf – I kept my favorites that would fit on the shelves – the rest of these are going to a friend who likes old bowls, too. (The dog stays with me.)

This very large bowl belonged to my neighbor Emma and if you look closely, you’ll see there’s still bread dough around the inside. I simply can’t scrub it out! It’s s a remembrance of Emma.

This hen runs up to me every day and I pick her up so she’ll be tame for kids who visit .

Whew! See? I can talk about the most mundane things, can’t I? And YOU read about the most mundane things! What a great group of friends!

96 thoughts on “More Success! 4-21-22

  1. Jeanine from Iowa

    I love the chicken lamp with your bowls. I have never seen one like it. You have so many unique things and display them so well. It’s raining here in Oskaloosa today, too. I have errands to do in town today. Always enjoy your blog. Have a great day in your quilt shop.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – someday I’ll show you my other chicken lamps – my favorites!

  2. Lois Ann Johnson

    Your freshly painted kitchen looks wonderful! I love how you have decorated it with favorite things! That is “what makes a house a home.” There have been several very loud booming claps of thunder a few minutes ago and that sent Bailey cowering under my desk! Poor baby! Another place of refuge for her is my closet. She is very afraid of thunder and fireworks. I am having lunch with a friend today. A good thing to do on a rainy Friday!

  3. Robin C. Duluth

    I wish I had your energy! Your collection of bowls is beautiful… and the quilts, oh my. So you’re moving and leaving the chickens?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Robin – oh, no! I’m not leaving! It’s Connie who is moving.

  4. Henners

    Mary always fun to read your blog and see what you’re up to. You have had several busy days & excitement of more unwanted creatures to deal with & hopefully Orkin can rid you of those nice, rats & move those bats out of their space.
    Hopefully you’ll get your sewing space back in order & can sit down & sew 🧵.
    Yes, yesterday’s weather was perfect. Now today gray & wet.
    Thanks for the pics & your latest excitement.

  5. Teresa

    Finn is adorable! Such a cute smile. Are those quilts hanging outside near the hydrangea fence? They are beautiful! I would think they would be damaged from the Sun. They will look fabulous when the hydrangeas bloom. I love reading about all you do throughout the day. Have a great one!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – those quilts are lightweight aluminum barn quilts – they are indestructible! Country Threads used to sell them – our manufacturer copied the fabric we used to make the block!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    I love to live your same life being mundane and happy to say I am very content.
    Gorgeous dog visiting – gee I didn’t have that happen yesterday though so lucky you.
    I was thinking of your cleaning and I don’t think I have spring cleaned since my kids left home after college and careers. Before that I always looked forward to opening windows and doors and wiping out all the winter germs and dust. I should be careful what I wish for but nothing like a good cleaning out to refresh your space. Just take your time and pace yourself. We aren’t 30 anymore! Have a good day everyone.

  7. Janette

    I always get excited to read your posts! Maybe they remind me of my mom who spent a lot of time writing to all of her family and friends. Please keep writing .

  8. Jeanice Domino

    Congratulations to the Rat Patrol on another conquest!!! I, too, have a love for bowls! You have a great way to display them. My latest obsession has been twining. I have made 6 of the smaller size. Something to do while watching tv and a great way to use the “what was I thinking “ fabric! Your “Rugs from Rags” is so helpful!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – I love twined rugs and should make more! I have a Tablerunner size, too. It’s the width of the placemat and length of the rug.

  9. Connie R.

    I love the picture of Ivy posing for pictures! As a bowl collector myself, it must have been hard to decide to give some away. Your home and displays are so inviting. It’s supposed to rain here today so, I’m going to pick up my Mom and visit a couple thrift shops. Always a good day for thrift store shopping!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie R – we’ll, I don’t really want to give any away but they were siting inside of each other anyway so my friend will be happy.

  10. Billie

    Love reading about your day! I do kind of the same thing, I write to my BFF everyday and tell her about my day, and she does the same, been doing it since email began, and before that, we wrote letters once a week, with what we did during the week! Some emails are short and some long, but we touch base with each other everyday!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Billie – I guess that’s what I’m doing with you gals – except you don’t all write back! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  11. Margaret

    Love reading about every animal, even the RATS, so glad you are catching them, but when will I all end for you? I know Hazel is relentless 😳.. over that sign bout sisters, I have 2. Love them both dearly, but get it.. I was wondering if the orioles have come yet? Been looking for them but nothing, I live south of Springfield, Il and usually I have seen them by now?
    Quite a bowl collection, my youngest sister would be so envious, she loves bowls..
    Getting ready to go to our youngest granddaughter’s wedding shower. Fist time we have visited since Covid, going on 3 years.. we are still masking in confined places, being in our 80’s,being cautious…
    Have a great weekend, look everyday at email for your adventures..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret – I keep thinking they’ll be here any day but we are having such a late spring that I think it’s too cold yet.

  12. Terri S.

    Your “mundane” stories are so fun to hear about! I think you’re busy and active days are what keeps you young! I love how the lighter paint brightened up your kitchen. You will enjoy it more when,,all this is behind you and you can sit and relax

  13. Pattie Weber from PA

    My days are not mundane this week since there is so much to do right now. My husband passed away Monday morning and I pray he finally got to see Jesus face to face. His favorite song the last 2 years was “I can only imagine “ by Mercy Me. I’m on my way to the church this morning to pick verses and songs for his funeral on Thursday. His request was that this be played at his funeral and that all our 3 dogs attend. All will be done my love.

    1. Carla

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Patti, but rejoicing also that your husband is now in glory. Be kind to yourself over the coming year as you adjust.

    2. Pat Williams

      Pattie, so very sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I am sure this has been a very busy week for you. Hopefully the service will be a wonderful celebration of your husband’s life. What a great song to celebrate him. Wishing you peace in the days ahead. Pat from Iowa City

    3. Charlotte E Shira

      Pattie, I’m so sorry for your loss but I hope it is comforting to know that he is with Jesus. I love that song too. My husband went to be with Jesus in March of 2020. We were at the funeral home making arrangements when Covid shut everything down. We never got to have a service for him but did have an honor service at the cemetery in October 2020…could only have 10 people. My thoughts are with you and pray that your adjustment will be easy.

    4. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie Weber – oh, Pattie, please accept my deepest sympathy! How sad and tragic for you. I can only imagine is a wonderful contemporary hymn – we are all feeling your pain because as a friend we share it. I am tickled that your dogs are allowed to attend! I’ve always said that my funeral will be a heart to heart talk to my fellow church members who are farmers not animal lovers. They treat their cats like squirrels and their dogs never get to come in the house! I try not to think about it. Your days ahead will be full of sadness – I hope you know your friends are thinking of you!

    5. Susan K in Texas

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. Having the dogs at the funeral is a wonderful idea. Our animals mean so much to us. Let us know how you’re doing. I know many of Mary’s readers and Mary herself will want to know.

    6. Meredith in Cincinnati

      So very sorry for your loss. Hoping you feel comfort from your family, friends, and this lovely, caring, group of Mary’s.

    7. Alice

      Pattie, my deepest sympathy to you! So happy you will be able to have your beloved dogs at the service. My husband passed almost 2 yrs ago & I delayed his service because of Covid. We did have a memorial service a yr ago & the church was filled! It warmed my heart to see him honored like that. I’m sure you have family, friends & a wonderful church family that will help you. I was blessed to have all those wonderful people in my life. Many special people helped me so much! Prayers for you, Pattie!!

    8. Rosie Westerhold

      Oh, Pattie W!! My deepest sympathy to you n the loss of your husband. I lost my own husband in January 2021, a mere 3 weeks after he had been diagnosed with nasty pancreatic cancer. The diagnosis was a shock, but his demise was just so quick. No one knew he would leave so quickly. And right at the height of COVID, before vaccines were available. We were able to have a wonderful memorial, though. It was so, so hard. I am pretty independent, and that is what got me through everything. Plus all my quilting peeps, as well as Mary’s blog. Know that you have friends here who will lift you up, and help carry you through this great loss. You will have good days and bad days. Having your furry friends will help get you up every day. They need you to care for them. And they will be your comfort.

      I pray that your husband also got to see Jesus face to face. Keep that thought as you go through the next few weeks. Your faith will help lift you up. I pray you have the strength to get through this coming week, and the courage to keep moving forward with your life. Please check in here, as well. We all care. And you can vent as much as you need to. And we don’t judge. The sun will rise and set tomorrow, but won’t be nearly as beautiful without your beloved husband with you. God bless you. And many, many hugs from Nebraska.

  14. Mary in Davenport

    I really like your kitchen your collectible are nice and you display them nice I love the bowl collection also but isn’t it crazy how heavy they get as we age. Sorry to hear about the cost to get rid of the unwanted critters but it will worth it . You are right if we each wrote down what we did each day we realize why we are tired . I think cleaning up my sewing room is the hardest job in my house especially I have been looking for something haha

  15. Mary Says Sew!

    My daily activities would go something like this:

    Let Indoor Cat #3 onto screened porch.
    Let Indoor Cat #2 onto screened porch.
    Let Indoor Cat #1 onto screened porch.

    Snuggle Outdoor Cat #2.
    Look for Outdoor Cat #1.

    Let Indoor Cat #2 back in.
    Look for Outdoor Cat #1.

    Check on Indoor Cats #1 and #3.
    Wait for Indoor Cat #3 to come back in; nope, he changed his mind.
    Look for Outdoor Cat #1.

    Look for Outdoor Cat #1.
    Feed Outdoor Cat #1.
    Distract Outdoor Cat #2 from harassing Outdoor Cat #1 while she eats.

    Check on Indoor Cats #1 and #3.
    Wait for Indoor Cat #3 to come back in; nope, he changed his mind.

    Sew for 15 minutes.


    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary says sew – oh, that is hilarious!!!! My dog door is the one thing that makes my life easier – everybody comes and goes as they please – except for days like today when the wind is in the wrong direction and it blows in! Then the dog door remains closed except in summer.

      1. Mary Says Sew!

        Unfortunately, a pet door won’t work with our configuration of outside doors. We’ve talked about it but can’t figure out a way to make it work. I wish it did! And Indoor Cat #3 won’t tolerate any other cats joining our household.

        But I’m glad you enjoyed my scenario!

  16. DebMac

    I so enjoy looking at your bowl collection. You have such a great place to display them. I have a bowl from each of my grandmothers and a few others. Your refreshed kitchen looks lovely; so much fun to see what others display. Rain here again in south side Quad Cities but is is finally warm enough that our pear tree is beginning to open. Our grandson has only been able to bring me 2 dandelions so far this spring. He knows they are my “favorite” flower and he can pick as many as he wants. Last week he brought me 3 leafed clovers. I was busy so sent him out to look for 4 leafed clovers which made me think about how easily my grandmother found them. Within 5 minutes he was back with a 4 leafed clover! He is 5 so was really excited about finding one. We pressed it in a book “just like great great grandma would do” per his request. Special moment sharing a family story.

  17. Marilyn Miller

    You call your tasks mundane, but it is real and meaningful work. Those of us that don’t live on a farm and have a separate building for quilting, and the many pets you have to enjoy daily (minus the rats!) surely enjoy your farm tales (and tails!). We would all miss your daily activity reports!

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    You make me laugh…and laugh again.
    I see you have proper supervision when working outside. I love it when our pets join us while working.
    This week for me is very different than most.
    I got a new sewing machine so I can teach quilting at the jail. I have to learn this machine so I can show them how to thread, oil and maintain as well as piece a quilt. All in 1 hour, once a month. And over Zoom. I’ve not done Zoom, I hope it’s 2 way so I can see them too.
    My longarm computer was upgraded this week, thank goodness my husband is the geek here. I have to learn those basic new features.
    iPad was upgraded last night, some of that is new.
    The grey matter keeps seeping out of my head, staining my hair!!!
    All this while still dealing with the shingles. They came to visit in February. Now I have e-coli.
    I take all this crap on step at a time. A am thankful I can do it…but I want my simple, boring life back.
    Now that I have vented, I hope you all got some chuckles,😳😄😂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I had forgotten about the shingles – I’m sorry I didn’t think to ask you how you are! And e-coli, too???? Rest, Jo and heal!!! Don’t you just hate those upgrades? Venting is the underlying reason for writing and commenting on this blog!!! You didn’t know?

  19. Jill

    I love that you write about mundane daily life! We all live it but you have a way of making it sound interesting! Your posts are always great…they give me a sense of “we’re all in this together!”

  20. Synthia

    I love how sentimental you are about so many things…… from animals and friends to old bowls……. 🙂

  21. Reta Wehmeier

    I love reading about your life on the farm. I also live on a farm. Life is never boring and remembers me daily God has blessed my family.

  22. Maria L Zook

    I look forward to hearing about your activities. Not boring at all, but a nice glimpse into your life. Please continue to share. By the way, We woke up to a chicken on our front porch last week. We live in a developed neighborhood and it was a mystery to us where it came from. turns out our neighbor down the street does keep chickens.

  23. Linda Schaefer

    Oh I love reading about all you do! You’ve kept me sane! 9/11/19 I had a double mastectomy. After a few road bumps and 5 surgeries later I’m doing good. Even tho it spread to my stomach and being on chemo pills I still have my sense Di humor. You have to or you’d be a crazy person. I don’t get much done due to fatigue but that’s ok cuz it will still be there tomorrow. At 68 I told my friends my wet t-shirt contest days are over. Lol 🤣 I still think about visiting your shop with Roxanne and carrying Betsy around so get wouldn’t get into things. I loved that little goat! And she peed on a little quilt you were planning on taking to a show the next day. Best visit ever and came home with a treasure of great fabrics and patterns. So glad you are selling some of your older patterns. Well today it’s mammogram and oncologist appointment in San Diego at UCSD. Since there is 4 hrs between appointments I’ll be taking a binding to do. I’m getting better at commenting and not being just a lurker! 🤣 enjoy your day and looking forward to skiing what you’re up to! ❤️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda S – thank you for telling us your story! Yes, I suppose a sense of humor is essential with 5 surgeries and chemo pills, too. Oh, Betsy! Wasn’t that fun? Well, not peeing on a quilt but she was a goat after all. Haha!!!

  24. Angie from Baltimore

    Your mundane things give me joy to read. When I see you have posted I stop to read it before any other email. You inspire me to get more things done seeing how much you get done in a day.
    Hope your weather stays nice with a rainy day here and there giving you a break to do something inside.

  25. Ann in PA

    I love reading about your wonderful life! You really cracked me up when you mentioned Hazel’s “rat breath”. What a good dog! Rats & Bats! My husband’s homestead was a three-story brick home in a local city and one Easter a rat got into their house and found his little sister’s Easter Basket. She wasn’t happy about “the Easter Rat”! They also had bats. Every evening in milder weather, you could stand at the small walkway between houses and watch HUNDREDS of bats flying out of the eaves. There were never any bats in the attic or house, unless one of the kids happened to open the front door and one accidently flew in. They must have roosted inside the walls. The home was eventually bought by a local hospital and torn down. Wonder what happened to the bats?
    Pattie Weber from PA, I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray you take comfort knowing that your dear husband is in the arms of Jesus. I pray the love of God surrounds you and gives you peace and comfort during this difficult time.

  26. Launa

    You amaze me with everything you finish, Mary! Thanks for today’s posting…news, dead rat n pictures!
    Time for breakfast here in Idaho! Expecting snow or rain showers! I see a couple snowflakes in the 34o!
    A little sprinkling here, too! Snow is melting more.
    Love your give away bowls! Lucky friend!

  27. Laurie Mosley

    I love all those mundane things! I do all that kind of mundane stuff everyday myself.

  28. Kathy Hanson

    And OH how we enjoy all of your days doings!! It makes me happy and I am sure all of the others who are faithful blog readers!! I am not sure I want to put all of mine down, it might make me feel tired some days so I guess I will just live them!! Ha, Ha!!! I love that you pick up the chicken when she runs to you, I am sure there are a lot of young visitors who enjoy getting “up close and personal” with such a lovely chicken!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – in May a preschool class is visiting so I’m preparing my hen – she needs a name first – for the kids to pet her.

  29. Paula S.

    I like reading about your “mundane” life. I really don’t know how you have the energy to get so many tasks done. Love seeing all the pictures and your kitchen looks great btw!

  30. Mary Etherington Post author

    Pam – Rick’s wound is really looking better – much better! – finally. We go back to Mayo on May 11 and they warned us we might still be going to appointments this summer. Ugh.

  31. Kim from TN

    It is surprising to me how little I get done compared to 10 or 20 years ago, lol. I really enjoy your blog and all that happens on the farm. Hope Rick is still on the mend and your nursing duties are coming to an end. Planting two tomato plants today and hope to swap out the yard flags now that Easter is done. Will have to dead head some of my irises and then make some lunch.

    1. Sandy

      Hi Mary, glad to see things are getting back to normal for you! Just about to go and see Luna and Stella at breakfast as they have had a little holiday in Napier (with mummy and daddy), Bella loves to visit with them too,take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sandy – I wish we could see Luna and Stella – is there anybody who could send me a picture?

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim from TN – planting? Oh my, will we ever get to plant? And irises in bloom – can’t wait!

  32. Paula Philpot

    I love, love old bowls and also have a small collection.
    I took my first steps since Jan 4th on Easter Sunday. I was so glad and I am walking with a walker a little better each day. Long process. Hope your husband is doing better also. Paula in KY

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula P – oh my goodness – walking again even if it’s small steps and with a walker – doesn’t it feel wonderful to be upright and mobile again? I know how long this feels since I’ve been dressing Rick’s ankle since December.

  33. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, Mary. What you have created is our life line. We all are living each day together. Patty, we are with you planning your husband’s funeral. Mary Says Sew, you are keeping your cats happy. Linda, we are with you surviving cancer. Mary, your wonderful collection of stuff and the talented way you display everything. The trials and tribulations of life. And of course, our quilts. We all take it on each day and do what we must to cope.
    This blog keeps us balanced thru laughing and crying, everything. We can share our thoughts, whether good or bad. We aren’t alone. Isn’t that nice?
    And the weather report this morning: Spring is here. Maybe 70 today with tornados, strong wind, heavy rain and hail this afternoon/evening, turning to a blizzard with heavy deep snow all in 3 days. And a lot of this area hasn’t recovered from the last snow storm…..
    Thank you to everybody. You all help to keep our lives on an even keel.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – is this weather really on its way? And will you get snow? Oh my! The wind is blowing so strong tonite, rain has quit for now and it’s not cold but I just want the wind to stop!

  34. Marsha

    Since retiring I struggle with “what have I accomplished” syndrome. My lucky husband, also retired but working part time, gets texts from me like this:
    Ran dw – check
    Did two loads laundry – check
    Synced my new razor to Bluetooth – ck
    Mended my jeans with visible mending and a hexie applique – ck

    Poor guy!

  35. Quilting Sister

    Hi Mary … I commented on the bowls on your upper shelf, love um! I have just one pottery bowl – is it called yellow ware? Mine is EXACTLY like the one your friend Emma gave you, minus the red swirl halfway down. I got it somewhere in the NC mtns. & it’s perfect for making 4 big loaves of bread.

    I guess you’ll be rat free soon … that’s a lot of money, but a good investment in your peace of mind. Wonder what Hazel will hunt next? 🙂

  36. Jay

    Mary, is that the quilt shop, with the barn quilts and big windows? Since I’ve never been to Garner, I have to try to build a picture in my head of the various parts of your homestead!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jay – yes, that’s the main shop and where I sew and store EVERYTHING!

  37. MaureenHP

    Mundane perhaps, but still interesting. Reading your blog is a window on a lifestyle that is very different from my own and I thoroughly enjoy it! And rats are NOT mundane!!!!

  38. Debra BRITTON

    I love reading your blog as it is so much fun. I got the biggest kick out of your friendly chicken comment as it brought back many chicken memories for me. We had some Comet chickens and they were over the top friendly. I would get up in the morning and some of them would be at my back door waiting to be let in and no they weren’t allowed in the house. They also took over my front porch and could be found staring in the windows wanting to come in the house. They made my porch a hot mess! Sadly, we had an incident with raccoons which was awful–country living isn’t always joyful. Thanks for sharing your stories.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debra Britton – you said it all when your wrote “country living isn’t always joyful” – sometimes it’s heartbreaking.

  39. Luci

    Hi Mary-Thanks for all the smiles, laughs, and chuckles your posts bring to me. Yea, for the “Rat Team.” They are spectacular in their success, and quite frankly, in their determination to get the varmints.

    I don’t leave comments very often, but I always read your posts. They are the first I read in my emails, and always make me remember that every day is interesting, fun, stressful, happy, sad, etc., at one time or another, and we are all in this together. Glad you share your world with the rest of us.

  40. Beverly from Ohio

    I enjoyed the bowl show Mary. I’d love to have some beehive bowls but they are hard to find. Thoughts & Prayers for Patti.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beverly from Ohio – I don’t even know what a beehive bowl is ? Enlighten me – please.

      1. Beverly from Ohio

        Mary, they are in the shape of a beehive 🙂 I will try to email you a pic

  41. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Rain all day, needed for the farmers. Good day to clean-up my sewing room.
    I had a dentist appointment this morning and will enjoy a play at the community Theater this evening. Good to go back to live Theater.
    Waiting for warmer days to get my clothesline back up and enjoy hanging out.
    Good luck with the rats,bats, and mice. Glad that there’s a company that deals with those issues.
    Thinking about everyone dealing with hard things right now. We all need to help each other when life makes our days hard.

  42. PennyC

    Oh the things you write about are not mundane!! I look forward to your postings!! Thank you!

  43. Carolyn

    Love your hen…do you remember Henney Penney? We named our chicken Henney Penney and she lived a long life in a small town just north of Miami, FL. Long, long time ago.

  44. Susan K in Texas

    My mundane life right now – get up and do 45 minutes of PT stretches. Go to gym and walk 20 minutes and do 15 minutes of weights (More PT). Go home to take cats out. Maybe repot some aloes or succulents. Shower. Rest. Lunch. Take cats out again. Maybe sew. Maybe repot more aloes. Rest. Walk around the block twice. Rest. Dinner. Take cats out again. Rest. Bedtime.
    I tell myself that my main job is to take care that my back fully heals.
    We all have our “assignments” in life. Doing them with thankfulness and joy makes them more pleasurable

    How are the other back surgery ladies doing? There were three of us. I’m sorry I can’t remember names.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – I might have their names written down – otherwise I hope they see your comment – you’re doing great! Love your schedule!

    2. Kathy in western NY

      Susan, how is your little grandson who had the pneumonia ? I hope he is doing well. Scary for a little one to experience breathing issues.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        He is doing much better. Through it all he has stayed happy. He didn’t like one of the medications

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Good to hear he is doing well. Thank you as I have thought about his tiny little lungs breathing. At that age, they don’t cooperate too well taking meds.

  45. Candy

    Thanks for your blog, Mary … sharing is caring! I love your new ‘fresh’ kitchen look! We’d like to have the inside of our house repainted, but I can’t begin to think about moving all the ‘stuff’, and worse than that … putting it all back … sigh!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Candy – I had this painting scheduled a couple years ago and I just couldn’t face it either so I cancelled. I always kept thinking I wish it were white – I just didn’t know that when I actually did it I would have bigger problems happening – rats, bats and mice! I will recover!

  46. Nikki in Texas

    Just a quick update.. clean up is progressing.. slow but can see progress..Wednesday supposed to take delivery of temporary housing.. temporary electric meter place.. hopefully dry weather will hold on until after delivery…can now drive down driveway… Friday & Saturday had crew of 12 each day with chainsaws cutting up fallen or damaged trees.. have guy coming in next week for more sheet metal cleanup.. hoping for demolition team by 2nd week of May.. will tear down remaining logs.. been advised to dig big hole & put burns left debris in & burn.. checked with county & that is what they are doing in town, so once that stage will have fire department out for a controlled burn.. while am stilled overwhelmed by what needs to be done feel like making progress.. baby steps.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki in TX. – you are definitely making progress! Because there was so much damage and so much to do one thing always depends on a previous thing and it looks like it’s going slow. Because of your excellent advice I asked my insurance agent to come out and just yesterday we went over these things like temporary housing (covered for 12 months) and household inventory which I will be completing soon via video. I hope I never need to use this insurance but I’ll bet you felt the same way. Please keep us updated – tornadoes are vicious and I feel sorry for anyone in its path.

  47. Linda in Iowa

    Why is your mundane so exciting? I will tell you what I did yesterday: seven of the quilt guild were invited to one members home these two days. It was so fun-I hosted a very small group once during Covid, and have not attended any retreats since Covid began! It felt so good! I think we were all so excited to gather together, most of the time there were at least five or six conversations going on! I am working on a table topper, it is a pretty design with log cabins and and nine-patches. Trouble is it is actually 66×66, but I think it will be ok with a narrow border. If not, I t will be pretty in the motor home next winter. We need a larger one to cuddle under in their with those temperature dips we had this last winter. It was almost warmer in Iowa than we were at times. I’m going shopping to help Piper find a dress for prom…she decided to go yesterday. I loose sewing time, but my gal is more important by a long shot. Wish she had decided during Easter break, but this is ok!
    Have a great day everyone…I will for sure…we won’t shop long, and then I will go sew again. The very best of my two worlds! Peace!!

  48. Linda

    Mary, nothing you write about is mundane. There are so many people waiting daily to read about what you have done and encountered at the farm. We, lucky people, who have farms love to hear someone share in the chores of caring for a farm and animals while others can participate without doing all the work and handle all the challenges.

    I love the sign you found at the thrift store and wish I had it to give to my sister’s older sister. In case you don’t get that, I am from a family of three girls, I am in the middle (ugh the middle child!) . We are all just about 2 1/2 years apart so as children and young girls we each had our own friends and we weren’t terribly close. As we grew into women and especially the last 20 years or so we have grown to be very close partially through the love of quilting. My younger sister and I are especially close, we both share a great love of animals, each have small pleasure farms and enjoy traveling together especially to visit my children who love their aunt as if she was another mom. Our older sister is less like us, she tolerates some animals as long as they are at a distance but would never go near a chicken or a bird. She is a neat person where my younger sister and I can be very neat but generally fly by the seat of our pants! My younger sister and I tease that we are lemmings, what one does the other one does, what one must have for quilting the other must have! The older sister has different taste completely and surely is not a lemming. Therefore, we tease the older sister by saying things like – guess what YOUR sister did now or your sister got this or that, as if she belongs to only the one sister we are talking to. So, that sign would be great for her to rub in our faces! Hopefully you won’t find my story mundane!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the little Bernie doodle! I have a Bernie step-granddog that is a wonderful boy so the new baby must be adorable.

    Please keep telling us about your day, I look so forward to reading it in the mornings and miss you when you can’t whittle in some time to write.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – LOVED your sister comment! Becky and I are nothing alike really – she’s more like our mom and I’m more like our dad.

      1. Candy

        That sign is hilarious. I’d love to have two of them that say ‘daughter’ instead of ‘sister’! I wonder if my daughter who is an artist would make me one … for her! LOL!

  49. Margie Braaksma

    Live your bowls. I too am a bowl enthusiast! I’ll try to send a picture. Glad you’re getting those rats under control, ick, hate them! Love Glenda Fletchers quilt colors. Anything scrappy that doesn’t match lol

  50. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Pattie Weber: my condolences on the loss of your husband. I hope you have family or friends to lean on for awhile. Take Care.
    Mary, I love hearing about your life. Even if it is routine to you, you are the best storyteller and make us laugh. I enjoy quilting so much more by being part of this group; I am grateful. 🤗

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