Sunday Night, 4-24-22

Was Easter only last Sunday? My head is still swimming with everything that happened last week and I am still tired and sad to the core. When I took the dogs out last night after dark I saw 3 rats in the barn and almost screamed out loud. Hazel and Telly didn’t even act interested – what happened to my Rat Terminator Tag Team?

The wind has blown and gusted even to 60 mph in the past two days and last night there was a tornado warning for Garner! I was at Becky’s house 22 miles away so wasn’t even home to go to the basement – and Rick didn’t go either. At least the wind switched directions today and we could once again have the dog door open.

I’m still working in the quilt shop putting things back in order – it’s coming but still not done. As I’m sorting through things I’m creating a tub or multiple tubs of things going on our next sale. This wasn’t what I was planning to be doing right now but the weather is not cooperating for yard work either. My back, legs, feet and hips are begging for more down time – ha! I do forget that I’m no longer 35 years old. My mom warned me but I didn’t believe her.

Okay, now it’s time to vent! Isn’t that what I said this blog is for? Complaining, venting, whining – and all my like-minded friends will let me do it. Here’s the issue. Why can’t I just buy gas anymore? I want to put the gas in and pay for it with cash or check at the register. No, I don’t want to use a credit card. No, I don’t know how much it will take to fill up. So I finally convince the cashier to accept my $60 cash and I go back out to my car and put $60 worth in and no, it’s not full. Do I go through all of this again? She is reluctant to run a refund through if I overpay, only if I were using a credit card could she put the balance back on my card. OH, GOOD GRIEF! I am too old and tired for this nonsense.

And it never ends – had the well company come last Friday to check our iron filter as we’ve started having rust stains in the toilet upstairs. Another surprise – we need a new iron filter – $1450! I’m almost afraid to get up in the morning. What will happen next?

It’s been a discouraging past couple of weeks – I just need to rest up and hope all my aches and pains go away – it’s not easy to admit I’m getting too old to keep up. Tomorrow is a new week – I’m looking forward to getting outside!

Would those of you who recently had back surgeries please let us know how you’re doing? And Pattie – we’re still thinking about your hard days ahead. Jo – did you have a blizzard? Betty K – did you get bad weather, too? Anybody in the fire areas? I think and worry about all of you – just write a quick answer in the comment section, please.

Thinking of you who have recently lost beloved pets.

92 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 4-24-22

  1. Bonny

    Mary I can so relate to how troubles seem to come in batches! You can only do what you can do. The way to eat an elephant is with many small bites, not big gulps. Hang in there?

  2. Janet

    Oh my goodness Mary. I hope your Rat people come back quickly to finish the extermination.
    Sorry about your iron water problem. I hope that is resolved quickly too.
    You work so hard. I understand. It’s what you do. It makes you happy to see your animals and plants. Is it possible to hire someone to help you in the yard and in the quilt shop. Maybe you could find a college student and point to what needs to be done. I do understand sometimes it’s easier to do it yourself. You just seem overwhelmed. ❤️

  3. Debra Reber

    Hang in there!! Hopefully things will get better soon!! I can remember that my Dad hated credit cards & didn’t have any. Years ago, he was on a trip somewhere & needed a hotel room for the night, but they refused to take cash. I can remember him being livid!!

  4. Diane from Colorado

    Oh, Mary, vent all you like. You have certainly had a stream of issues to deal with.

    My friend and I had a great time in Santa Fe — saw and did so much! My favorite was the Native American Hoop Dancers in The Plaza yesterday afternoon. MeowWolf I would skip next time. The food was fabulous, as always! I brought home some of my favorite red chile sauce and green chile dip mix so I can enjoy those flavors here at home. 1-25 was closed near Las Vegas (NM) on Thursday because of fire, so we were wondering if we might need to detour around that to get home, but it was open again today. Lots of active fire to the west of the highway all through northern NM. The pups were glad to see us when we picked them up in Colorado Springs on the way through. I was glad to see them and get another snuggle with Laurel!! Tomorrow it’s back to work for me!

  5. Cathie

    Mary I pray that you will slow down and take it easy. One day off? It’s hard to
    realize we are not young any more and can’t do what we use to – except we still
    try. Know I am thinking of you and hoping good warm healthy days will be ahead
    for you.

  6. Jo In Wyoming

    Another huge bill! OMG when will it stop?
    I’m on a well too and have not heard of an iron filter. Must be you have a lot of iron in your water?
    No, no blizzard us. A few spits of snow and loads wind. Probably Betty in Rapid City had some nasty weather.
    I got some news about Chase today.
    He wears a boot on his right hand, forcing him to strength his left side and thinking about what to do. He has done school 1/2 days for 3 days a week. He’s practicing basketball with his team. They are hopeful he will play next year. He’s off some medication. That’s very good. It’s slow, but steady progress.
    For you who can’t remember or are new. My 11 year old nephew got Covid last summer and had massive then minor strokes last fall.he’s improving, but it’s slow.

    1. Connie R

      Jo, Glad to hear your nephew is making great progress on his recovery. How are you doing with your bout of shingles?

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        They are still hanging around…only hurts when I breath or my shirt touches them!!!
        I see the dr Monday. Maybe she will increase the meds again. I sick of them.
        Thanks for asking, we all need some encouragement once in a while.

        1. Gloria from CC

          Jo – I’m glad to hear that your nephew is improving. I’ve had shingles twice – about 30 years apart. The second time I knew what was happening so I went to Urgent Care and they gave me a shot so they only lasted about a week. But the big thing is they gave me a box of medicated bandages that I placed over the shingles. Wow! What a difference they made. Ask your doctor or pharmacy about them.

    2. Katherine

      Jo, I am glad your nephew is improving. What a sad outcome from COVID. Blessing to all of you.

      1. Janet of MN

        Jo, How very sad. An eleven year old shouldn’t be burdened with such a medical condition. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery from the stroke.

  7. Kathy in western NY

    I am clicking away on the ads in hopes you get some $$$ to help with all your recent repairs.
    Nothing is the same anymore Mary. It’s hard to accept a lot of this new stuff. Our friends told us no cash is accepted at a ballpark their grandson went to so you had to keep adding some money to an app to get to the grandsons phone so he could buy a hot dog ! I kept nodding listening feeling clueless and thinking I won’t be able to go anywhere soon as so much has changed. Is all of it good or bad?? I don’t know but I think youth prevails so I am fine home most of the time.

  8. Kathy from Minnesota

    Reminding you and me: “Be still and know that I am God.” Blessings to you, dear Mary. Hugs.

  9. Nancy

    I hear you loud and clear. Sounds like you’re having a streak of bad luck flying in your face, just like the wind. Sometimes, you just have to stop and count your blessings. The only thing worse than your bills and the price of gas is not having the resources to pay for them. You have two loving dogs (who just happen to be tired of rats). At least they were clean when you got back to the house from the barn! Tornados did not transpire and on and on. Perspective is helpful (I do agree on getting old and aches and pains)!

  10. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Oh, Mary. Too much is too much! We always check the weather in N Iowa and comment on what you’re getting. I am glad you did not have a tornado. Sometimes life is just a mess. Keep on plugging along! I will keep praying that things get better. We had a well with very hard water at our old house. No one ever suggested an iron filter, maybe because of the expense. Whew! Will Orkin come back and rid you of the latest rats? Hang in there, Mary. We’re with you!!

  11. Betty Klosterman

    We had horizontal snow and WIND in Rapid City. It stuck to the grass but melted right away. Five miles west, north and east of town was a different story. I didn’t go outdoors because of the wind. Lots of WIND and lots of heavy wet show. The plows were out today. Don’t know if they got the Interstate opened, our news didn’t say much tonight or maybe I dozed ? The wind got my shingles and I’ve got a call into the roofer to fix them before the winds are back.
    Jo, good news for your nephew. The side effects of COVID aren’t anything to fool with. Did you miss out on the snow? Yes, the wind blows all the time in Wyoming.
    Take care everybody. Things could be a lot worse.
    Betty in Rapid City

  12. Suzanne Golden

    At least out in Ca where I live they will still give change back, but with the current prices that is very unusual. It is hard to believe that I have had several $100 tanks and not be filled. Keeping fingers crossed that it will change soon

  13. Diane in WI

    I had a message already to send. and then the computer froze. I hope this week is better. Hugging Hazel and Telly should help. The element in my stove burned out. Luckily, the new appliances arrived, and my son installed the new stove. It has been so windy here, too. I think it is going to continue tomorrow. Better days ahead. We’re all thinking of you. Take care.

  14. Jill Klop

    That’s a beautiful picture at the end of your post. It’s so true…we talk about and miss the pets that we’ve lost!

  15. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This is a wonderful place to vent, Mary! We all love you and hate that you have had lots dumped on you. I wish I could physically come out there and help.
    It was high 60’s/low 70’s and windy here this weekend. Herb mowed for the first time. We have cone flowers and peonies coming up.
    Take Care/ Big Hug, 🥰

  16. Paula Nordt

    I live about 20 minutes southwest of Houston, Texas. We have not had rain in a very long time. Fire danger is great due to the extremely strong winds that never seem to stop. I did some yard work today, but when I tried to clean up the canna beds, the wind kept blowing the dead leaves all over. We might get a little rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  17. Janet

    Mary I wished that I lived closer to you so that I could come and help you with some of your chores . Hopefully this will be a better week and remember to take care of yourself because we all need you to keep us all inspired to quilt and care for one another

  18. Mary Duval

    Oh Mary thy always say things come in three but you already had those but soon you will have lots of things all fixed I’ve never written this before but I I had back surgery on October 6 2021 for spinal stenosis lots of arthritis it’s been tough the worst thing about it was my companion of fourteen years got really sick the middle of October and I had to help him my grandson lives with me and was extremely helpful at that time helping me and my companion. He ended up having to go to nursing home for two months and then to the hospice house and died in January so back to me I’m a lot like you always busy doing everything myself and then find I can only do limited things But it’s starting to get easier I can now do my own work but have rest Three months ago I found myself just wanting to sew and quilt but found sitting was not good for me so standing bending and walking had to be part of every day so hoping every month gets better the doctor and therapist all say it takes time

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, Mary! How very sad and you’re just now beginning to recuperate. I’m so sorry you lost your beloved companion – your life must feel very different. And I understand about resting – I don’t want to do it but I’ll have to learn just like you. Hope you’re soon back to sewing! Please keep in touch!

    2. Susan K in Texas

      Mary I hope you continue to improve. You’ve had a rough time of it. I’m sorry for the loss of your longtime companion. Take care of yourself and I hope you can enjoy sewing again. Back pain is so frustrating because we want to do things but our bodies don’t always cooperate.

  19. Beverly Lockmiller

    What a beautiful picture of the dogs. Life just gets harder and harder. I am going to have to have my shoulder replacer in July, to long to have to wait. I haven’t been able to play Golf since October and it is what has kept me going. i feel the need to vent too. New Mexico is on fire in the beautiful Mountains so sad. We are having lots of smaller fires here on the plains so far they are smaller Pray for rain. We haven’t had moisture since Oct. so its really Dry. I still have back pain and had surgery in 2019. they just couldn’t fix it all. I so love reading your blog. Get some rest then come to Clovis and help me with my yard work. Ha Ha.

  20. Katherine Gourley

    Mary, I like you —at 72, I never even thought about having mobility problems, but they have been hitting me one by one since 2017. I fell 7 times over the past year, which lead to being diagnosed with a very rare disease for which there is no cure and I have a very rare cancer we continue to keep at bay (I am biopsied often and so far since surgery, I have only 1 reoccurrence. Thank the Lord for medicare an the best supplemental plan. I get 3 injections every month at the cost of $27,000. I am so grateful that it is covered. This past week, I cancelled all appointments and stayed in bed most of the week. Total fatigue and weakness. Yuck.

    I hate it when things breakdown and repairing them is not an option. We need to replace the vanity top and fixture in our guest bathroom. I thought it would be a slam dunk, but it has been an issue getting the vanity top and splash guards and it looks like we will need to have one custom made. We also need to purchase railings for 3 sets of outside steps. After one of my falls I cracked my head open on the patio and the doctor does not want me taking the stairs until we get railings. Soon I hope.

    We have had a lot of wind and rain with a wonderful interruption of a 72 degree sunny day yesterday. 20 some years ago, I naturalized our back property line with daffodils and they are in full bloom. I just love looking out the windows at all of them. In our front yard the tulips are coming up and the hyacinths are at their end.

  21. Nancy Wines

    Wonder why the dogs aren’t working on the rat situation? A conundrum for sure. Hope you have a better week and nothing breaks and your weather gets better. I’m in Paducah with 6 other quilting friends and looking forward to the AQS show starting this week. We’re off to shop at Hancock’s and the local Bernina/quilt store tomorrow and the Quilt Museum on Tuesday. The town of Paducah is always so welcoming to quilters so it should be great fun. Wish you could come and share in the fun!

    1. Dorothy

      So sorry to hear of all your woes Mary. Vent away, it will help you to feel better.
      It’s crazy how difficult it has become to pay with cash at some places. I thought it was because of COViD that businesses did not want to touch money but it is still going on in many places. I refuse to go to those businesses that don’t want my cash. Hope your week gets better!

  22. Jacque

    You ask what’s going on in our world – Well, I’ve had two surgeries for breast cancer in the last 2 months (both lumpectomies – the dr didn’t get it all the first time so had to go back in a month later – clear margins finally!) and will see the radiation oncologist tomorrow and then the medical oncologist on Tuesday. So that’s a total of three different oncologists – they all have their specialties! Would really love for the dr tomorrow to say she doesn’t think I need the radiation but pretty sure that won’t happen! So it’ll be another step on this journey that no one ever wants to be on! Mine was caught early and I know others have it much much worse, but still….

    But wasn’t the pest control guy supposed to take care of your rat problem?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, I hope you don’t have to have radiation. The Orkin fellows put out all the bait traps for the rats and they will check the traps in 30 days – it will take several life cycles to eliminate all of them.

  23. Carol Nichols

    I don’t know how you do so much! You seem to never stop! Take care of yourself! I know you have a lot to do.

    Thank you for the picture of the dogs. I will send it on to my son and his family. Their dog recently passed away. Ours a few months ago. …It is a touching sentiment.

  24. Julie Burkhardt

    Hi Mary…We just had our well water tested by the county health department. Don’t have any results back yet…fingers are crossed.
    I have an exciting week coming up. Our granddaughter, Soren, high jumps for Central DeWitt and has qualified to jump at the Drake Relays Thursday. Her personal best is 5’5”. She was 5th in the state in class 3A last year as a sophomore…hoping for another fun year. I will be going to her track meet tomorrow in DeWitt….at least no rain is predicted..but it is to be cold and very windy. These poor kids have had so many meets cancelled due to weather this year.

    Tell Hazel to get busy on those rats! She has a job to do!

    Take care…Julie B from Cedar Falls

  25. Donna A

    Well, you want to know what’s going on at my house? The other day two trees blew over. One was dead and the other one was perfectly alive! I know the wind was fierce but really????? I don’t know if they were my trees or my neighbors trees…doesn’t matter…they were down in the neighbor’s yard. He is very picky about his yard and I knew they needed cleaned up so I called my son and told him about it. All he said was ‘Are they his or ours’. Really? They are my neighbors…it doesn’t matter whose they are….we need to help. So he came down and we drug out the chainsaws. The neighbors two young sons and his wife came out to help so it really didn’t take long. I thought that we taught our kids that you need to help out when someone needs it….within reason. I don’t know…I don’t know…..I don’t know.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna A – no, it didn’t matter whose trees they were, they had to be dealt with! And kudos to you for stepping up!

  26. Pat Smith

    I read all the comments this morning and was struck by the number of battles being fought by so many readers of Mary’s blog. One turning point for me seemed to be turning 70 when a lot of things seemed to crop up. But, I’m lucky with no muscle or skeletal issues—only recurring skin cancer surgeries. I have about my 20th mohs tomorrow. It’s aggravating that spending so much time in the sun as a teenager before,sun screen even existed, has caused this so many years later. I, too, loved the dog picture at the end. We still talk about all our animals who have passed and the funny things they used to do.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Yes, I don’t feel quite so alone with all my trials after hearing from readers.

  27. Kathy Hanson

    What a frustrating time for you!! It is amazing just how things all seem to happen at once! Can’t imagine all those rats, they do reproduce so quickly but you paid a lot of money to have them eliminated!!!
    I Hope things get better really soon, enough already!!! 😕

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I can’t click on it – nothing happens – what am I doing wrong?

      1. Kathy

        Here is a copy of the text:

        Did you know that there is a natural antidepressant in the country? It’s a Mycobacterium vacae bacteria found in the soil that humans ingest or inhale when they spend time in nature and gardening. This bacteria stimulates the brain part responsible for producing serotonin. The most passionate gardeners will tell you that their garden is their “happy place” and that the actual physical act of gardening reduces stress and lifts mood. Mycobacterium vaccae also improves cognitive functions, it has an effect on Crohn’s disease and even rheumatoid arthritis. The natural effects of these antidepressant bacteria in the soil can be felt for up to 3 weeks. Sit down, get your hands dirty and be healthier

  28. Sandie

    Love the dog picture! So sorry you are having such expenses to pay out. It seems like when it rains, it pours. Unless I am traveling, I always guesstimate the amount of gasoline to put in as I prefer to pay cash. If I am traveling I will use my credit card at the pump and fill the tank full. I pay with cash as much as I can.

  29. Marie C

    Hope your week gets better. We’ve had lots of wind here. It makes everything much harder to get done. I love the dog picture at the end. I still miss my dog even though he’s be gone over a year and we’ve gotten a new dog.

  30. Sue Dietz

    Sounds as if you need a little me time. You do so much and care so much.

    The crazy weather we are experiencing is a problem too. We had a principal in Omaha who followed behavior and the wind. Wind played havoc on behavior. Breeze is good; wind is disruptive.

    Keep calm and don’t watch too much news.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue Dietz – what great advice! High winds like we’ve been having really do upset my demeanor more than anything else I can think of! Thanks, Sue!

  31. Paula S.

    Well, what happened to your rat terminator tag team? Maybe they’re tired and weary too? I don’t know!

    Here in Kansas, we’ve had crazy wind too. Wind gusts over 50mph several days in a row! Yesterday finally settled down a bit with nice 25 mph winds. Ha! We’ve not gotten any rain out of the dark clouds that have moved through. Storms fired up just east of us but our yard and garden can use the moisture.

  32. Sue Swank

    I recently had my third lower back surgery. The first two were in 2012 & 2013 for L 4-5. I was left with chronic back pain. Last year i developed a more severe pain, and ended up having another surgery on L2-4 in October. This is the best I have felt in years. This time I went to Riverside in Columbus, Ohio. Life is looking up again. Don’t give up.

  33. Connie R

    Mary, thanks for giving us this platform to all vent. Very therapeutic! Reminds me of this quote: “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie R – I’ve never heard that but I’m going to take note!

  34. Beth Haynes

    We owned a dairy farm and trouble seemed to come in threes for some reason. Unfortunately, I think you are at least on the second set of threes. Rest will help you cope as well as some “you time”. Here in NH, we are not brilliant sunny but we are seeing forsythias and crocus. The grass is nice and green. But like your area, it is difficult to get stuff done outside. By the way, do you have tornados in the spring like you have been having, every spring? Thinking of you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beth Haynes – yes, it seems we have a “tornado season” every year but this year has been especially bad – we are lucky in this area to have missed the major storms that cause much damage.

  35. Ann in Virginia

    I can relate to how it feels to get old. I’m there and it makes me mad that I cannot do all the chores in the yard that I used to accomplish. But I am thankful that I am in fairly good health and can still sew and quilt.
    The next thing I need is cataract surgery!!

    I get the gas problem too!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann in Virginia – I did the cataracts a couple years ago – thank you for understanding the gas problem. I can’t believe it’s just me that finds it a real chore to get gas!

  36. Michele

    Mary – hang in there.
    Thank you for the beautiful dog picture at the end of your post.
    We can relate. We still talk about our beloved dog who has been gone many years.
    Take a breath – it will get better.

  37. Margie Braaksma

    I had 3 vertebrae fused and two discs replaced with doner material. I had spondylosis, which is degeneration from any cause. I was only 48 at the time, now 13 years later, am still doing great. My area was L4,5 and S1. We are an hour+ from Sioux Falls SD and Dr Alvine did my surgery. I was in a lot of pain for about 4 years leading up to this surgery.

  38. Diane in Maryland

    The cartoon at the end was just precious. Thank you for sharing that. I love it!

    It does seem that when one thing goes wrong that many more follow. You surely have your share! We are all sympathizing and just wish we could help you.

    The rat problem you are dealing with would do me in! I hope Orkin can get rid of them. Many local farmers who have animals keep their feed in old deep freezers. This helps to keep varmints away as there isn’t a food source they can get to. I can’t stand snakes, rats, mice or bats! Good luck! You are doing all that is possible and we hope you win.

    Organizing and redoing your kitchen and sewing room at the same time would put me over the edge! No other places in my house has as much stuff as those two do. Even if we could all come to help, you wouldn’t want anyone “helping” in those two areas! My daughter tells the story of when I would come to her house and babysit the first granddaughter every day. She had her kitchen opposite from mine…plates were where my glasses were, knives where my utensils were, etc. I almost went crazy. So, one day I switched it all around just like my kitchen! She adjusted! The alternative was to get another Granny Nanny and I am glad she didn’t…lol

    Hang in there! It’ll all be perfect soon.

  39. Lorraine

    I sure hope this week will be much better for you. Glad you were spared getting hit with a tornado. This crazy weather is unbelievable.
    I live in northern Arizona and we have had terrible fires. The one closest to us was about 10 miles NE and the winds were gusts up to 70 mph. It was scary and very sad for the people in that area. About 30 homes were burned to the ground. Devastating to say the least for these families as they had to almost leave immediately with just the clothes on their back. The community has really stepped up and donations of clothing and anything needed is there for the people.
    Take care of yourself and don’t work too hard.

  40. Deb Bayne, Minneapolis

    Good heavens I totally feel your frustration. I’ve just waited 6 months to have new windows put in. They turned out fantastic, by the way. There was one screen that had a small rip in it so they took it back to put new screening in and it took 2 weeks. Then, the guy picked up the wrong one and it wouldn’t fit in my window. A week later, screen in and all was right with the world. UNTIL THIS MORNING. I walked downstairs (I have a walk out basement in the back as the house was built into a hill) to look at the fat bunnies in the backyard and what do I find? One of my new windows has a 6 inch crack in the outer glass. Two calls to the company later and they let me know it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get a new one!.

    Enough venting for now??? I guess I should have bought the new Cadillac after all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Oh, for cryin out loud! Were these Andersen windows? All my windows are Andersen and I love them but another 8 weeks? Ugh.

      1. Deb Bayne

        Mary, They are Andersen windows its just that they are having a hard time getting supplies and, it seems that everyone who has spent any time at home over the last couple of years, everyone wants to redecorate and reimagine. There wasn’t any reason (that I can find) that it cracked, just a flaw in the glass I guess.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Deb Bayne – when we added on the east and south rooms it was all windows – 20 of them – at that time, almost 10 years ago, those simple double hung windows were $1000 each – I cannot imagine what they must cost today, if you could get them at all. Good luck with your remodeling!

  41. Shirley

    Take care Mary. I am getting old too. 2 days in the yard trimming and hauling about did me in. Could not function yesterday. A 2 hour nap brought me back to some normalcy and yes today headed to the yard again, once renewed. Did I say, I NEVER nap? Well, not until yesterday.
    Shirley from Oregon

    1. Ann in Virginia

      Shirley, I can relate to the nap. I live on a farm with a big yard and this spring has just about done me
      in !! I have to take two 500 mg Tylenols to sleep. and one evening I napped from 3-to 6 after working in the yard!!!! I’m the ole grey mare!!

  42. Gail O

    November of 2019 I had back surgery. L2 to S1 are fused. I have had no problems or pain and forget I had surgery until I try to tie shoes or put on socks. Not being able to bend is annoying but having no pain is wonderful. Surgery was done in Michigan by a fantastic surgeon.

  43. NancyTD

    I couldn’t get my credit card to work at the pump the first time. Went home and got my husband to show me. lol. Heaven forbid that a young person inside could help. Guess there are too many drive offs with the gas price so high. Prepay— how do I know how much will fill the tank?
    Made a egg bake with ham for breakfast this morning. Now off to buy groceries at a store with checker, bagger, and I can write a check. Guess that is a sign of age.
    32 degrees and some sleet in the air. At least the strong winds are gone. Hope to see some flowers pop out of the ground soon.
    Grand daughter sent me her paint number and color names of her guest bedroom . Accent wall where the bed is. Will make a special quilt for her. I thought the paint chips will help in finding the right color of dark
    teal. Haven’t picked a pattern yet.
    Just finished dirty dozen #7. Two more months for this year. Already found more for a list for next year. Sad, but true!
    Your kitchen looks so nice with the new paint. Collections look great too. Good luck on cleaning the quilt shop. Force yourself to do a little and break for awhile. That is hard for me to do too. Everything will get fixed and you can enjoy it all.

  44. Jean

    Oh Mary! How frustrating!! Must be in the air – I broke my toe Easter Sunday morning an hour before guests showed up (and sorry to make you cringe but it tore the bottom half of the nail away from the nail bed). More painful that when I broke my ankle 6 yrs ago!! I’m now working on a PSA to warn everyone about the dangers involved in cleaning one’s house – DON’T DO IT – IT’S NOT WORTH IT!! You have had more than your fair share of challenges and the pain sure doesn’t help. I’m 63 but have felt 80 since before I hit 30. Fibromyalgia and migraines are SOOOOO much fun! I certainly hope those Rat Guys came with a guarantee and they’ll come back and finish the job for free. Wondering if what they did is flushing the remaining critters out (???). Hang in there – it’s bound to ease up! Thinking of you!

    1. Michele

      So sorry about your toe and I agree – cleaning house is dangerous. I was cleaning to get the house ready for a showing as we are moving. I knocked my cell phone off the counter, it went up in the air, fell across my foot breaking my little toe and leaving a nasty bruise. 4 months later my toe still hurts.
      Be careful out there!
      Heal fast.

  45. Deb E

    Most of the time I feel really good – especially when I drink lots of water, and get outside to get things done. It helps with the osteo arthritis to take 2 turmeric everyday, too. Yesterday my hubby & I went next door to help the neighbors….a young (early 40’s) couple with 4 sons. They had a tall palm tree (maybe 15 feet up) that they wanted down and were talking about it the other day. Hubby volunteered to cut it down, and I headed out with him to make sure it was done safely. With 4 of us working on it all the palm fronds and mess were cleaned up quickly & my hubby cut the trunk down in easy to lift sections to drop into the trash cans (theirs and ours). Hope the Rat Guys get out there quickly to go after the rest of the rats for you…..that was a huge job for the 2 dogs! I bet with living with fields all around you’ll never be totally free of rats but at least the numbers can be reduced significantly (so less babies later & trouble later). You’re getting so much done around your place, bet it feels really good to you both, it all looks so nice! Since we bought this place 8 months ago we’ve re-roofed, new plenum rooftop for heat/air unit, new windows & sliders (with UV/sunshields in glass and screens due to high heat here), re-graded our backyard so it slopes AWAY from the house and is now in 2 tiers (and replacing a large portion of the back patio with new), painted the rock fireplace (floor to ceiling & its a tall vaulted ceiling) & had a new woodstove installed in fireplace, plus lots of electrical and plumbing work. No more lawn in the back and the new trees & plants will go into planters, the rest all covered by weedblock and pea & gravel to cover it. Next year will be new patio covers out back, new flooring in the house & some tweaking of the front yard landscaping — all to make it easier for us to maintain as we get older.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Wow! You’ve done a lot of work! But I get it – this place has to almost run on its own as we get older.

  46. Barbara F

    I know what you mean about the hassles of buying gas. What really annoys me is that we’ve been trained to use credit/debit cards and now the stations want to charge us more if we use them instead of paying with cash! ☹️ That’s what is happening in our area.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charging more to use a credit card? Oh no! I want to pay cash and I’m going to find a gas station that will let me.

  47. Carla

    Mary, we have a prefilter on the line coming in from the well. From there the line goes to the storage tank. For sure did not cost a lot. Sorry if someone already made that suggestion. Our water is so rusty we would have to chisel it out otherwise! Our water softener couldn’t keep up without it.

  48. Kathy

    I love using my credit card for gas purchases. I don’t have to leave my car unattended. I don’t run the risk of walking in to any number of situations that might be going on inside the gas station. Lastly, I am not tempted to buy calories that I don’t need!

  49. Micky

    Yes at this time it seems like is to much to handle, prices and not what we are use too.Is this old age or times like the pandemic. I’m sure many are having these events in our lives. I wish all of the Peace to trust in a higher power.

  50. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    Hi Mary,
    You asked about back surgery and I have to tell you that I had major back surgery. I had 6 hours of surgery where the surgeon opened my abdomen. scooted everything to one side so he could place a metal plate on the inside of my spine. The next day I had 8 hours of surgery where they replaced 2 herniated discs with artificial ones. The vertebrae around those discs were starting to grind on each other so they also replaced some vertebrae bone with cadaver bone. They then placed metal cages over the top of the newly replaced parts and screwed it all to the metal plate that was put in place the day before. It was a brutal surgery but if I had to go back to that time knowing what I know now, I would do it again. It was worth it. I did the physical therapy and followed all post-op instructions so that was a big part of my recovery.

  51. Theresa

    You asked about people near the fires. I live in southwestern Nebraska on an acreage with a barn, sheds, grain bins at the very edge of a small town. Last Friday evening I looked out my back door to see the flames of a grass fire coming straight at me. Our little town, including the 10 bed hospital and assisted living facility was completely evacuated. We could not go far as fire was to the west, the highway to the east was closed due to a fire a week ago causing blowing dust as well as the highway to the north. There are no towns to the south, only Kansas plains. We could move approximately 15 miles away to a neighboring town. Of course, they opened their high school to let people, including the evacuated assisted living residents, sleep on the floor of the gym. I was extremely lucky as the owner of the local quilt shop in this town took 7 of us in to her home. She has been super busy due to the all Nebraska and Kansas Shop Hop. I was able to return to my home today. All of the structures in my community were spared but several rural families lost everything. Also one volunteer fire fighter lost his life trying to help his neighbors. The national guard has come in and the fire is 0% contained and the wind continues to blow but the danger is reduced. My cousin lost his bulls to the fire and most of his cattle have smoke inhalation and will probably also be lost. If you want to read more about the fire that has burned over 50,000 acres it is called the 702 road fire. You might also check out the facebook page and website for Wagner’s Quilts and Conversation. They are a very small shop but we so appreciate them so that we have access to supplies here at home. They are such lovely people and I am so grateful to know them.

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Theresa – Many prayers are coming your way! This is so tragic. We feel like we know each other thru Mary’s blog and reading your post makes this seem more real than watching it on tv. What a wondeful thing for the quilt shop owner to do by taking you and others into her home. So glad you are safe and your home and town was spared.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Theresa – what a good hearted soul! That’s an example of going out of your way for a neighbor, isn’t it! Keep us posted. I feel sorry for all of you.

  52. Pattie W from PA

    It’s a down day for me. My husband Roger passed away one week ago today. The funeral isn’t until Thursday and I’m sure the celebration will be wonderful. It’s the days after I dread. I had so much company everyday until Sunday and can now appreciate what a difference that made.
    Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and words. We don’t even have to personally know each other yet can feel the wonderful support.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – I feel like I know you and am so sorry for your pain.

  53. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hi Mary! Ugh the rats! Did those guys guarantee their work, sure hope so!
    You asked about those of us with back issues! Thanks for asking! I have been doing good, then I started therapy and bursitis kicked in….back to he original therapy. Some days are good and some days my hips and thighs are sooo stifff! No pain, just stiff. My torso does get really tired if I stand too long, like making a couple pans of bars and a cake for a bereaved family. But, I haven’t done that kind of thing for a year because I couldn’t. But, rest revives the torso so all is good.
    No yard work for me, but I can walk around and smell the dirt. Hubby is going to plant potatoes one of these days and I can throw the potatoes in the hole, heehee, that’s legal I think!
    The wind has been awful here…no rain just wind! Just blow and blow and blow and fires.
    I went to the quilt store today for my fabric fix! Have not been there since November! They were having a shop hop….fun fun! And of course some fabric jumped in my hands!
    Sorry about all your expenses! Hope they stop soon!

  54. Michele

    Every time our faucet has air in it I’m sure it’s a sign that we will need a new $$,$$$ well.

  55. Kelli

    I SO look forward to these posts and I conquer heartily with the cash or check dilemma! Lots of places I go now only take a credit card and I’m old-fashioned – have always operated on a cash/check system. I went to Aldi the other day, did the self check out and was greatly disappointed that it was credit only. Are there other blogland-ers experiencing this? Keep writing I love it! Spring has yet to come to N.E. Ohio – our dogwoods are just now starting to bud, most trees have tiny buds but no green and Wednesday the high is only to be 40°! Hugs to you

  56. Sandy

    I’m feeling the same as you, sometimes this getting old is for the birds. You have so much more energy than I do. The weather here in Illinois is not cooperating either. Lots of rain. It was nice on Saturday so I planted a tree (dogwood) . Now that I look at it it seems to close to another one. Do I uproot and replant or just leave it? I have to decide soon before roots start taking hold. So much work to redo. Not much quilting getting done. Have a better day tomorrow.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – if you have doubts, dig it up right away and move it before it takes hold or you’ll always be thinking you should have done it.

  57. Pam in NC

    Mary, if I was still living in Iowa, I would come help you! Even if we aren’t 40 any more, a bunch of us together would be a force to reckon with! I see it all the time in my volunteer work, it’s us mature folks doing the work-maybe not as fast or as long as when we were younger but we “getterdone”! Hang in there! Sending good thoughts and prayers for strength.

  58. Cathy Platzer

    Mary, I know exactly how you feel. I too wait to long to go to the chiro and get mad at myself because I know better. So much to do and no energy to do it. Every thing changes from day to day faster than I can keep up. So grateful we down sized when we did (8 years ago), I can’t even imagine trying to keep up a yard and house. It’s no fun waking up with more pains than when you went to bed.
    BUT I am getting up, facing each day as it is new and fresh and knowing I can only change my attitude toward this new way of doing things that doesn’t make sense.
    You are an amazing woman and you have always been so encouraging to everyone. Give yourself the credit you deserve. God has your back!

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