Mouse Pad, 6-24-21

This just happens to be my personal favorite in the quilt show. All of these quilting stitches are by hand – all the stippling! It was round but can’t post but one picture. You’ll understand!

Mouse Pad

Made by Jackie Perry – took 17 months to complete.

We’ve known Amy Barickman and her mom Donna for years – so fun to run into her at the show.
From left – Amy, Beckey, Connie and Renee

This was the night we went out for those delicious ribs.

OH MY GOSH! The pictures are posting – I’m going to stop here.

16 thoughts on “Mouse Pad, 6-24-21

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Delightful, thanks for sharing a delightful trip and pictures of grand quilts.
    My quilts too, are for fun and to be used. I’ll never achieve top honors at a national show, but I find excitement touching fabric, putting colors together, finding just the right pattern. Then show and tell. Being with friends is a grand prize now.

  2. Sheila in WI

    As someone who enjoys hand quilting, Mouse Pad was a feast for my eyes. Absolutely stunning!
    Enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks for persevering.

  3. Paula s.

    Yay! Several pictures in a row! It looks like you and Connie had a great trip and saw some fabulous quilts.

  4. Pat

    Thank you for the pictures of your visit to KC. I can feel your excitement in getting out and being with the quilting world again.
    Looks like a great time to share with your friends old and new!

  5. Nicole Hanson

    The quilt is absolutely astounding and beautiful! Wasn’t it great to be out having FUN again!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nicole Hanson – YES! I m so glad to be out and about once again. Don’t you wonder what the history books will say about 2020?

  6. MaureenHP

    Mouse Pad with the mouse in the middle is beyond wonderful! What a labor of love for Jackie to persevere for 17 months! And it is pure whimsy to put a mouse in what looks to be a more formal quilt. I sure hope it wins a ribbon!

  7. Jean

    FUN to see the pics! Thanks for persevering!! Looking for more. The quilts that you’ve shown make mine look pretty sad and plain. Pretty amateurish.

    1. Amy M

      No Jean, yours are made with love and to be used. These are made to be entered in competition. They probably worked on nothing else and while they must enjoy it, not everyone wins. I think most of us find as much joy in our quilts and the ones we gift to others or use in our homes. My saying is mine are not going to the Smithsonian so if the seams don’t match up perfectly I’m ok with that, I’d rather get that one done and move on to the next one. I hope you feel something similar.

  8. Anonymous

    Great pictures! Mmmm ribs, too! Makes all your readers wish they could have been there! I always tried to get a business card from favorite booths n note on back something I thought I wanted.
    Loved the hand quilted quilt…17 month’s work! Beautiful!

  9. Renee Arnett

    Sure enjoyed a fun visit with you both during dinner at Q39. Can’t wait to see what quilts you create with all the treasures you found.

  10. Tanya T. in Houston

    Hurrah! Pictures! Where did you eat that great looking BB? I want to put it on our list for our next trip to Kansas City!

  11. Amy M

    Thank you Word Press for cooperating with pictures today. 🙂 The picture from the hotel room should have been “Show us what you bought!!” Lots of show and tell of purchases. And we like to play a game of who spent the most. Some play it better than others!!! You might be surprised at the winners or I should say leaders. Going to a show, you see things, don’t buy them and get home and start thinking about them. Then the “after show” ordering begins. We had a great time and so many laughs. The show is and there is a facebook page if you want to follow-the show is every two years, run by all volunteers from area quilt guilds. Thanks Mary and Connie for a great visit!

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