Moving Ahead, 12-27-21

I did better as a nurse today – maybe I’m getting used to it. If I didn’t think I’d gross you all out, I’d post a picture of Rick’s wound….but no, that would not be a good idea. He was able to get more supplies today but had to drive an hour to get them.

Here’s Mama Kitty in the barn in her nest.

Hazel and I had a nap in the chair this afternoon.

Millie napped on top of the big red bow.

I put all the Christmas decorations away for another year. I’m getting everything ready for a full day of sewing on New Years Day. I know we’d all love to see what you’re planning to work on. Could you send a photo to my email?

Do you have a finish for this month? If you do, send me a picture!

11 thoughts on “Moving Ahead, 12-27-21

  1. Mary M Rhodes

    More you change the dressing better at it. No you didn’t gross me out. Seen alot worse over the years as nurse. Just love about the the catsand others animals. I will b doing Ohio State university quilt for my cousin. Suppose the 6hrs to do. One of 3yd quilt. Then try finish 9patch within 9patch . I will try send pictures.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Whatever sewing project I start on New Year’s Day will be one using my scraps as I keep them sorted by colors and the containers are too full now so it’s time to use them up. I was just looking at a tutorial for a heart motif block made with 1 1/2” strips and that also made me think I could start another red, pink and cream quilt since I already made your snowball pattern one. So heading to bed now with visions of new sewing energy.
    Good for you to be a good sport about helping Rick with his recovery. In other happy news I am so grateful that the CDC is learning more and more about the contagious time period of this virus to give new guidance for quarantine times as all this knowledge helps to understand its make up. I am all for giving the “smarter than me “ professionals time to do the research so we know how best to live with this.

  3. Charlotte

    Mary—you have my sympathy and admiration! Earlier this year my husband had prostate surgery and for over a month I had to clean the catheter daily and empty the bag several times a day including in the middle of the night. Sometimes change the catheter! I can tell you I didn’t think I would be able to do it but after a couple weeks I did become “skilled,” as it were, and you are too! It’s hard but it’s one of the most loving things that you can do and God bless you for it! And eventually it will be in the past! Hang in there.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    You don’t need to post, but you do need to take pictures. Shows progress. Did they give any medicine for the circulation issue?
    I can send a picture of the binding I’m working on, but the quilt is not done…will that be ok?
    In addition to the snow we had, we’re going to get below 0 for a few days. Burrrrr.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – yes, I will take pictures every week so we can tell if there’s improvement. Sure, you can send me anything! We are also getting that sub zero weather mid week.

  5. Linda

    Mary my sister has heating pads in the beds they made for the feral cats. She got the heating pads on- line, they are pressure sensitive so they don’t heat up until a kitty lays on them so you may want to consider those for your barn babies. I run the heat lamps for my chicken house and in the barn for the roosters along with the water heaters and my electric bill skyrockets. She said the heating pads don’t cost that much.

  6. Diana in Des Moines

    I pray that wound is closing. It takes time.
    I was planning on sewing all day New Years, but the Hawks are playing and I can ony see it on the TV in the living room. Oh, well – guess hand work is in order. Take Care!

  7. Diane in WI

    I also have the pressure sensitive heating pad for my cats. I found mine at Fleet Farm. The company is K&H Pet Products in Colorado Springs. The website is I sewed a new cover for mine this fall. The cats really enjoy laying on it. I’m still deciding which pattern to start for the new year. I’m leaning toward your Harvey pattern so I would have it ready for spring and Easter. We had 2-3 inches of wet, heavy snow today.

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