This is a fun post! 12-28-21

One of the readers, Mary O. sent me pictures of 12 quilt finishes. You’re going to love this quilt show!

The photogenic dog’s name is Jax.

MOE B. Sent 3 Halloween quilts!

Here are more finishes – isn’t this fun?

Whew! You guys have been busy even though it was December! The next post will be pictures of what readers will be sewing on New Years Day – you still have time to send your pictures to me at

And now Mama Kitty’s story. Mama showed up here about 4-5 years ago as a very young cat and feral. I could not get near her but I knew without a doubt she’d end up pregnant and sure enough she had 5 kittens on that Easter morning. A couple weeks later I got her in my live animal trap and took her to the vet to be spayed. Then she went right back to her kittens. Connie ended up taking 2 of the kittens and I had the remaining 3 girls spayed and all shots. I loved having those cats in the barn but one by one they disappeared – maybe coyotes, I don’t know but I spent $800 on them because I did not want to start a cat colony of continuous kittens in my barn and visiting tomcats by the dozens.

Mama is still here and very tame – greets me every morning and I so wish she’d come in the house but she wouldn’t like it so I take care of her in the barn. Her warm little bed must be to her liking because she’s always in it.

So….what are YOU going to work on when we sew on New Years Day? Or do you have to entertain?? You poor thing – I’m sorry if you do.

I hope I haven’t missed any finishes – please, if I have send to me again. Right now I’ve gotten so many pictures I have to post immediately before I forget which ones are which! A nice problem to have!

65 thoughts on “This is a fun post! 12-28-21

  1. susie Q

    I so enjoyed ALL the quilts you posted today….. thanks to the quilters who sent them in….. fun seeing patterns I know and the ones I don’t know. Getting ready for the New Year…… the food part.

  2. Holly in Two Harbors

    Wow! That was a wonderful quilt show!

    I’m so glad Momma Kitty is tame, now. I remember when she showed up and how feral she was. What a great result for her, if not for three of her kittens. You gave them a good home, anyway.

    1. Karla T

      Great quilts! Congrats to Mary O. on 12 finishes! That’s a great accomplishment! That little Mama kitty is a doll. Mary, she needs a cuter name. Maybe you can challenge all of us to come up with one and pick your favorite? She sure has come to love you in her way and your wonderful care. What a great story!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Karla T – ok! I’ll post a Mama Kitty name challenge! Yea, she is a little doll!

  3. Angie from Baltimore

    Each quilt has a beautiful thought behind it I am sure. Would be terrible to choose the best one. Some I love the color others the pattern. Just gorgeous

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Yes, it is a great show today. Love them all.
    Momma kitty is a cute one, I’m glad she hung around.

  5. Jean

    OMGNESS! What prolific quilters! I’m retired and I still am not able to produce quilts like those ladies! AND they are beautiful! Thanks for the show Mary.
    I remember when mama kitty showed up. Time flies! Do you hear anything about blanch? I think about her often. Poor soul.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I havent heard about Blanche in awhile now and I don’t want to be a pest. I wish I’d get regular updates but she is in such a great place we don’t need to feel sorry for her. She lives with siblings who look just like her! And she has a fenced yard on her kennel and 40 fenced acres to run in. I would love to see her again. I try not to think about it.

  6. Gloria from CC

    Beautiful quilts in today’s show – a talented and creative group. Mama cat is beautiful and looks so cozy. Baby has recovered from her surgery and is doing well.

  7. Gloria B.

    Loved your quilt show. Hi to Moe! They inspire me to get that wrapping paper & supplies off my sewing table. Time for a fresh year of sewing.

    1. Moe Baly

      Hi Gloria! I miss seeing you at quilt shows. Can’t wait till they start up again, someday. Happy New Year.

      1. DONNA WYATT

        Moe, are you willing to share the pattern name of the snowflake quilt? Your quilts are all stunning!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Donna – I think that was one of Mary O’s quilts – we’ll see if she answers.

  8. Candy

    Wow … what a quilt show! Makes me want to run to my sewing room and get busy (but no, here I am still sitting on my butt). Mama cat looks so sweet. I’m glad she’s finally become friendly.

  9. NancyTD

    Momma kitty is lucky to have you. Great quilt show to see on this snowy afternoon. Thanks for sharing. Always motivates me when I see the quilts everyone has done.Lots of talent in this group. Happy New Year!

  10. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Wishing you and Rick and all the readers of your blog a Happy & Healthy New Year. Stay safe, it is snowing here again.

  11. Diane in Maryland

    No entertaining here! I’m going to rummage thru the unfinished/never begun projects and pick one to begin on New Year’s Day. I got a lot done playing along when you chose a number. But, I got behind on that and this will motivate me to start something. There’s a lot to choose from..🙄
    Loved looking at these quilts! A lot of talent out there! Happy New Year everyone. Take care of yourselves and stay safe in your sewing rooms!

  12. Rhoda

    That was a very inspirational quilt show. I am
    So impressed anyone can accomplish 12 quilts in one year.
    You just love your animals so much Mary and lucky them. You never complain! Your hubby is very lucky to have you too !
    I just baked banana bread to help warm up this house in Las Vegas.
    Lots of snow in NE WIsconsin and lots of cold.
    Wishing you all an enjoyable 2022.❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉

  13. Dorothy

    Wonderful quilt show. Thank you for sharing. Jax is a roly-poly cutie. The very best in the New Year to you and Rick

  14. Margaret

    I loved the quilt show and amazed at all the work. The Mama kitty story also. My so. Has 3 blk n wht cats and loves strays too.
    Also wanted to let you know my grandson arrived in Minneapolis late last eve.. thanks always for your post, pictures and update there at the farm
    Praying for Rick and that he heals quickly.
    God bless you both in the coming year.

  15. Mary Says Sew!

    Name suggestions for Mama Kitty:

    Dorothy – for the Dot on her nose (Did Connie name one of her kittens Dot?)

    Charmer – she delivered a Charm Pack of five kittens

    You may get her in the house yet. Some of our outside cats have come in when they’re in their early teens. Spot has been ‘only’ coming here about five years now and I was just able to start petting her some this summer.

  16. Kelli

    Love the quilt show! Would.kike to know Mary O.’s snowflake pattern if anyone has that info? Thanks for sharing all the quilts such an inspiration!

  17. Kathy in western NY

    This just made my day seeing so many ambitious readers finishes. I am so impressed! I have always loved seeing pictures of Mama Kitty as she is such a fluff ball. So happy to know she is still safe with you.

  18. Betty Klosterman

    Are turkeys kept behind that high fence? Kind of hard to tell.
    And Santa Claus Village! When that book came out, I sent one to my aunt in Ft. Dodge and she had an absolute ball making all the little buildings. What a fun quilt.
    Just think of all the great patterns, colors, etc. What a year 2022 will be.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  19. Charlotte Shira

    Oh what a beautiful quilt show today!! I need to get busy again. Maybe I can start on some memory quilts. Mama Kitty is beautiful and what a nice story about her.

  20. Sue in Oregon

    So many quilts to admire today. Great quilt show. Love the farm scenes and Jax, too.

  21. Karla T

    Here’s a few names….
    Dollie, cuz she’s a doll.
    Dulci …. Means sweet in Latin
    Pritty…. Cuz she’s a pretty kitty

  22. Pam

    The quilt show was amazing!! Some very talented quilters. I’ve been trying to paper piece a little tree for 2 weeks and then I see those beautiful pieces. Thanks for the show.!

  23. Susan K in Texas

    My favorite cat growing up was called Mama Cat. She had kittens every year. We kept two of her male kittens – one a long haired male tortoise shell and the other solid black. They would babysit her kittens. So I vote to leave her name as it is.
    What a wonderful quilt show today! We’ve had visitors since Christmas Eve so I haven’t been able to sew. I did get the stockings finished for my daughter in law and the two grandsons in time for their visit. The last one was finished the day after Christmas. They are here now visiting for two days before she has to be back in Iowa to work as a nurse. It’s fun to have them even if it’s a short visit.
    New Year’s Day will be my side of the family’s Christmas gathering. But I’ll hopefully be sewing on New Year’s Eve. We usually go to a Dallas Stars hockey game but the NHL is having covid shutdowns right now.
    I have a couple of finishes to send

    1. Carolyn K

      I agree with letting her name stand. We had a cat whose name started out as snowball and after she had a litter her name was Mamma Kitty for the next 18 years. She was dearly loved.

  24. Moe Baly

    Thanks for the quilt show and showing my quilts. I’m working on 2 more Halloween quilts. I sorted my fabrics recently (took 2 weeks) and realized I have mostly Halloween fabric! Love that Santa village. It’s on my list, and love the snowflake quilt. Love them all. I’m excited about sewing on New Years with everyone!

  25. Diane Bauer

    So many beautiful finishes!! I need to get busy!!

    I’m wondering how Rick is getting along. I know he has a great nurse!!

    Mama Kitty is beautiful. I love your barn so am sure she is snug and warm and comfortable!

    Happy New Year to you all! Jen goes back to LA tomorrow and then I will start seeing again. I will surely miss her! Had tons of fun with my Little Laurel Belle over Christmas—I sure love her! Today is Skyler’s 7th birthday so she and Akira just had their birthday cookies. 5 feet of snow in the mountains here in the last few days but it’s dry at my house!

  26. Joy

    Great quilts! I am not planning any entertaining! Th3y may come visit but they will have to do the work! I did get a surgery date for my back! Yaaa. I hope it fix’s my problem!

  27. Susan Moore

    I will be entertaining on New Year’s Day but I love it my children, grandchildren and great grandchild will be here. Our family always has sausage and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day the legend is it will keep money in our pockets all year, so far it has worked fine we have never been penny less.

  28. Brenda Furlong

    What beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing and thanks for taking care of Mama Kitty and her babies. My son and DIL take care of a feral cat community in Florida – all spayed and neutered and well fed.
    I love hearing about all your adventures.

  29. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Beautiful quilts. Thanks for this amazing post, Mary. I remember when Mama Kitty arrived. I am so happy she stayed.
    I am looking forward to sewing in January and need to decide on my New Years Day project. Take Care.

  30. Christie

    Any chance of getting pattern names?? Love the 3rd pic looks like x’s.

    Beautiful quilts

  31. Kate

    My mother always said we had to make pillowcases and eat cabbage(saurkraut) on New Year’s Day so we would have good luck all year, so that is what I will be sewing and eating. I have made pillowcases almost every year I have been married so I have a closet full of pillowcases.

  32. Margaret in North Texas

    Happy New Year, everyone! Loved the quilt show,Mary. Thanks to all for sending in.

  33. Jackie Trembley

    Hi Mary – most New Year’s I am working on a new quilt but this year we’ll be having our family Christmas as one of my sons is a State Trooper and had to work on Christmas Day. There will be plenty of other days to start a new quilt. Have a fun day – I’ll be watching to see your new quilt.

  34. Kim J LeMere

    What a wonderful quilt shows today, thank you for sharing. I don’t know what I will be sewing on New Years Day but I hope to have something cut and ready to stitch with everyone else.

  35. Kathy Hanson

    Mamma Kitty is really beautiful! She looks so young. So happy for her that she found a home at your place, she is so lucky!! So glad that she has become so tame! The quilts are so beautiful! Such a nice post to see all of them.

  36. Sheila in WI

    What a fun post! The quilt show was a real feast for the eyes. Love all the colors and patterns.

  37. Michele

    Are some of Mary O’s quilt patterns from Zen Chic? Each quilt is just beautiful!! Really glad she shared them with all of us. I find myself leaning towards the more contemporary look now. Most of my family is decorating that way, so I need to move with them if I’m going to find homes for future quilts!! 🙂 And, Brigitte Heitland-Zen Chic has so many great fabric lines. Especially the low volume Paper lines. You can mix those fabrics with any pattern. Happy New Year everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – I don’t know if they’re ZenChic but I agree, they sure could be. I, too, tend to make more contemporary quilts just because of the same reason. It’s refreshing – especially the colors and the fabrics!


    These are ALL fabulous quilts!! I keep scrolling through them. Any chance there is the name of the quilt that looks like a snow flake? I’d like that pattern. Going to make the new grandbaby that’s coming in March a fun quilt like that!

    Keep up the sewing, it’s so fun to admire all these works of hearts!

  39. Linda

    I’m starting “Hen Folks” new years day & will work on it during the year.
    Your quilt show are great, so many talented quilters
    Have a blessed New Year.
    Quilty hugs,

        1. Diane in Maryland

          Linda, maybe Mary is wondering what “Hen Folks” is, like I am. Is this a quilt? Is this a saying that I am not familiar with? People who like chickens? Sorry…but I am clueless and wondering….

          1. Linda

            It’s a quilt pattern with applique chickens. I have taken a picture,but don’t know how to post it

          2. Diane in Maryland

            Linda, thank you! Send your picture to Mary’s email and she will post it for all of us to see. Happy New Year!

  40. Marcia

    Your 12/28 post with the 12 finishes by Mary O. was inspiring. I’m wondering if Mary O. would share the pattern name for the 12th quilt pictured. It looks to me like a snowflake in primarily reds and greens on a white background. Her dog, Jax, is also in the shot. I would love to know whose pattern that is.
    Thanks anyone for some help. 😁

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marcia – others wanted to know, too, so I was hoping Mary would see that. I will post the question

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Mary Says Sew – THANK YOU! Many readers are interested in this pattern.

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