Moving the Plants, 5-15-24

I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck this morning after moving the plants yesterday. Sam came and helped me, thank goodness, but even with help it’s just too big a job. I want to get rid of some of these plants – I wish some of you plant lovers lived close to me. I have a whole wagon full of small plants that I loved starting last winter but now what do I do with them all?

And after a person gets pretty good at taking care of houseplants, they grow – and grow and grow. They’re huge and have filled my front room all winter. I need to get rid of some of the huge ones, too.

Here are a few pics:

Kids and Pets


Carrolyn has been slo-stitching
Emma gave me this seedling many years ago and she said the orioles will come when it blooms – and she was right!

It’s been a busy couple of days – today I need to clean up the plant debris – ugh. If any of you are local and want plants, leave a comment. Some of these have to go – how will I keep them all watered this summer?

I was asked to give Lori’s Kitty Rescue a shout out on the blog. It would have been helpful to know her location and even when I looked her up I couldn’t find it. So it’s hard to promote a business without more info. If I missed the info, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t spend any more time looking.

Mammogram appointment today – ugh!

60 thoughts on “Moving the Plants, 5-15-24

  1. Jane Boyer

    I had several plants which I gave to a rummage sale our local animal rescue group was having. They all went to new homes. I keep an eye out for suitable pots at estate and garage sales and enjoy watching them grow but I only have room for so many.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    The problem with healthy plants just growing all over the place. They need to be trimmed and what do you do with the trimmings? Of course, plant them. Then repeat the cycle. We just can’t dump the clippings in the garbage. We just HAVE to shut our eyes and dump them in the garbage!!!!!!! I know, I have the same problem, but I have cut down as this house doesn’t have a lot of windows for plants. My Christmas cactus had over 300 flowers this year. It is taking all the space of the little table…….

    We’ve had a couple of spring rains, no wind. There has been wind, too. And snow…..

    Have fun everybody and enjoy spring, whatever it brings.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – yes and that’s my problem – it’s so hard to throw them away but I’ll have to start doing just that.

  3. Susan K in Texas

    I feel your pain in moving plants. Literally! Moving the aloes back and forth over the years has convinced me that I have too many. I’ve actually become quite ruthless in culling them. I tried selling, giving away, etc. I had some people get greedy and it ruined my giving them away. So in the trash they go. I toss the babies and those growing over the side of the pots. No more encouraging the little ones. It was hard to start but has become easier and my collection is more manageable every year.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – when I trim it is almost unforgivable to throw the cuttings away and they’re always a challenge to see if I can get them to grow but I’m going to have to get ruthless, too, because this is just too hard to manage. I haven’t sewed a thing for days because those plants have beat me down!!! Haha!

  4. Linda in Central Iowa

    Donate them to your church youth group (or any church youth group). They pick them up and sell them for raising funds to attend camp, state or national type convocations, workcamps, etc. The kids pick up just some each week – but not all of them – so they don’t have to take care of them from one Sunday to the next. Do this as long as you still have plants to share. And the kids have to “work” to benefit from the money earned.

  5. Charlotte in No. California

    Your rock garden is beautiful. I bet you are sore after all that work. Do you have or in your area? People are always giving away or looking for plants.
    Great pictures today as always.
    I spent a lot of time spraying my hibiscus today. I just noticed on Sunday that the leaves have all this white stuff on them. Looks like they are white flies. The back of the plant by the fence looks really bad. I hope I can save it. I also had fungus on my rose leaves. I think it’s from all the rain we got this winter.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oh, I hope you can save your hibiscus! We used to have one right by the door of the quilt shop and it bloomed beautifully.

  6. Kim from Wi

    All those plants look great in the rock beds, I can totally imagine how sore you must be after bringing them all outside. I have 3 cactus plants that I barely keep alive, they thrive on my neglect. I wish you luck and finding them homes. The kids and pets’ pictures are just adorable and I appreciate everyone sharing with us all.

  7. Gloria in NC

    I wish I lived one enough to take a few plants especially the Hoya plant. I have had an Hoya plant for 5 years or more and it is finally blooming! I didn’t know you could put them outside

  8. Tammi T.

    Put an ad in the paper for your plants or put a sign out by your driveway for passerbyers to see.

    1. Sandy in Indiana

      Hi Amy,
      Yes, that is Lori’s Litty Rescue site on FB. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Donna Jo

    I’m a plant killer too. Didn’t inherit my mom’s green thumb. Watched Caitlin play. She was the high scorer but did have the 10 turnovers. The team will come together once they have played longer together. We gave up and went to bed at halftime on the Las Vegas game. Kate Martin didn’t get to play but hopefully she will get the chance. I agree with another reader that we would rather watch the Iowa team play. It is hard to get into the WNBA. My husband says once we know everyone it will be different but within watching the first 5 minutes of Iowa play, we were hooked.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I agree with your husband but it’s going to take me awhile! And I was bored with the game – the Aces game was close the whole time so Kate didn’t play. Diana Turasi is 41 years old and played like a 20 year old!!!!

  10. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Lots of work with your plants, but they are beautiful. With my black thumb, I could kill them in a day🙀. Ahhh, mammogram. Our friend said every man should have to have a penogram😹. Not sure many men woukd like that!
    Jacey Sheldon (OSU) is playing in her first WNBA game. We watched Caitlin last night. They are both great players.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’m going to watch tonight – Jacey is a firecracker player! Yes, a penogram would be fair.

  11. San

    Hi Mary,

    The kids with pets pictures are all winners.

    Is there a Master Gardener program through your local extension office? Perhaps some master gardeners would enjoy some of your lovely plants. Our master gardeners in Hayesville just had their plant sale. It’s nice to buy something from someone who has grown it from seed.

    Hope your weather doesn’t get too crazy. We’re having some interesting storms here lately.

    San / Murphy, NC

  12. Sandy

    Loved watching the Indiana basketball game last night, but not so much the losing part. Mammogram, so, so important. It saved my life. Could you put a small table near the road with a “FREE” sign and some plants. Maybe they would find new homes. The pictures of the kids and their pets are splendid. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. Sandy

    Hi Mary, what about taking a few plants to church each week to give to people? I have been busy finishing a few quilts before my cruise, so tired one night l fell asleep watching TV, woke up to find l had spilled my cup of tea on the carpet! My son graduated with a commerce degree this week, now doing masters! Not bad for a boy who went to school to eat his lunch! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  14. Vicki Ibarra

    This year I decided to be kind to myself and not focus on so many “I should do” messages that I tend to mutter as I work the yard. I am backing off some of the work – asking if it is really necessary and can I give it up. I am astonished at how easy it has become to say I am not transplanting some of the perennials, my focus doesn’t have to be yard work, and that I can just enjoy the day without the work that I usually do. Don’t get me wrong – I still have plenty to do, but I am listening to my body, mind, and spirit to make decisions. It has been freeing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I am trying to do the same thing – especially in regards to mowing, weeding areas around the farm that nobody will ever see. When the business was going strong, I was possessed about the yard work and weeds.

  15. Deb in VA

    Like other commenters, wish I lived close enough to take a couple off your hands! I love houseplants, outside plants….any kind of growing thing. You have a lot!
    Also I wanted to let you know that I have started on the quilt pattern I bought from you Candy Mountain (Point of No Return it was listed in a picture you showed maybe). Anyway it’s been fun to do….it’s for my son. My husband is making him a queen bed, and this will be my contribution to go on it. I’ll send a picture when finished.

  16. Jeanne in Co.

    We watched Caitlin play in her first game at Indiana. She did just fine for her first game, didn’t she get 20 points or more? It wasn’t as exciting for us as when she played for our Iowa Hawkeyes because we were of course, cheering for our Iowa team. But we will continue to watch her and her new teammates. Thanks for giving us the reminder of game day.
    You do have a lot of plants. No wonder your back is sore. Loved Pat’s comment about making it a trifecta by getting a colonoscopy along with the mammo. Hope your day goes well and you get a good report from the mammo. Jeanne in Co.

  17. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    I love the pictures of the kids with the pets. Lucky little ones. Pets make a childhood so wholesome and teach children compassion. Like your Hazel with the chickens. She learned compassion while she was young.
    I love Carrolyn’s slo-stitching.
    As always I love this blog. Hope you find a home for your plants. Farmer’s market seems the easiest way to give them away. You’ll find like-minded people. Carting them off will be the hard work. You’ll need help with that.
    Best of luck on your mammo. Took care of that last month and a Dexa scan for bone density. Improved my bone mineral deposits and I think it’s from walking my dog Buster. Who knew it would help that much!!! Happy camper here.

  18. Sharon F

    Carolynn’s slow stitching pieces are so pretty! It would be so nice if she would put a few comments here to describe her process, how to get started, materials, etc. I would be interested in starting a small project like that, not that I don’t already have 10 projects going that I don’t have time to work on. 🙄

    Mary, good luck with reducing the number of plants you have. That’s a lot of work to take care of them all. We go south for several months in the winter, so I have 0 house plants. But I do enjoy planting a few pots of colorful annuals to enjoy in the summer.

    1. Carrolyn

      I am a junk store addict…..Mary also helped me with finding vintage textiles…esp stained ones etc to cut up….i even find scrap quilts to cut up. The website FORAGE by Lisa mattock in Australia has great inspirations. Those three blocks are my renditions from her RED, BLUE, YELLOW PROJECT. Those blocks are each 15 inches square and will be hand stitched down on a whole cloth….six in total. I just start with a muslin square and start playing adding buttons, laces scraps etc as I go. I think of the red one as TRAVEL, the blue on is BEACH, and the yellow one as GARDEN. The themes evolved as I played. My husband just shakes his head at my projects and messes. Glad you enjoyed them……

  19. Marilyn Kingsley

    Do you have in your area? I have offered plants on their site and they were quickly picked up.
    My son searched for wheels for a garden cart and was able to get them. You can search for needed items or offer things that you no longer need. It’s a good resource.

  20. Martha W in WY

    People have given you lots of ideas on how to decrease your plant population. May I suggest a couple of additions? If you do a farmers market “sale,” get your adopted grand kids involved. Maybe they can “sell” the plants for donations to a local charity. Or what about giving some to the nursing home and it might give some of the residents something that they can take care of. We’ve had wind again (that’s not surprising- ha!) so it’s hard to work outside. I did clean a flowerbed yesterday and have another to do. Today is looking like it’ll be a good day to plant some of my trees. I’m also curious as to what the oriole loving plant is.

  21. Eleanor in RI

    Wish I could come and get some of your plants——only about 15000 miles away. You definitely have a green thumb.

  22. Diana in Des Moines

    Oh my goodness! You do have a green thumb! I kill everything I touch. My hubby calls me Morticia!
    Making oven canned vegetable soup this morning. When my mom lived alone, she practically existed on my soup! She’s been requesting it again, so a big batch is simmering.
    Love the slow stitched works. We had a speaker at guild last month. Diane Murtha, that lectured on it and had some wonderful examples. I don’t do slow very well! Maybe when I retire from my mom and my grandkids. Lol

    1. Cindy Sabinske

      Slow stitching is a term I haven’t heard of before, could it be explained? I hope you keep your Hoya plants. Great suggestions are being offered, does your local nursing home /senior care facility have a place for plants? Master Gardeners’ sales or pet rescue fundraising all seem to be great suggestions! I have a community of Jade plants, and am trying to figure out where they should go as well so Iwill continue to read other suggestions.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Cindy – my biggest and original Hoya plant is over 50 years old!!!! I have started so many over the years that I have many large ones. Concord Care has many plant lovers there and just can’t use any more. The insurance storefront is full of my plants! And on and on. My local rescue has now closed, too. Sad.

        1. Cindy Sabinske

          Master Gardeners plant sale? Perhaps you can donate a few plants to this great group, the one here has a sale in early June each year!

  23. Gail in Ohio

    Do you have a Master Gardener group through the Extension Office in your county? Sometimes those groups have plant sales and take donations…
    Love the sentence about the plant blooming and the orioles arriving – there are a lot of correlations in nature that are dependent on weather and not on calendar dates (it’s called “Phenology”) that are very reliable!
    I think you need a couple of recuperation days – especially after the mammo!

    1. Marie in AZ

      The white winged doves arrive in AZ normally in correlation with the saguaros blooming. But this year they arrived a little early (well actually on time I guess) as our saguaros bloomed later than usual.
      Wished I lived near by, I’d love to rescue some of your Hoya. 😉
      You truly do have a wonderful green thumb!

  24. Chris Motl

    Our local thrift store sells plants that have been donated. There are lots in spring when gardeners are dividing and they sell quickly.

  25. Barbara Firesheets

    Your plants are beautiful! Is there a local farmer’s market you could take them to? Maybe not sell them, but give them away to people who could enjoy them? When was the last time you got something free that put a smile on your face? Maybe some of those kids could help you load and unload? Just a thought. Enjoying the kids with pets pictures!

  26. Moe Baly

    Mary, I feel for you and your plants. I had over 40 big plants when I was working. In winter, I took them to work. When I retired majority had to go to new homes. I put word out so I’m sure you will have luck finding homes. Now I have less than 20 small which I can manage. I put mine outside last weekend. I love all the pets and kids, and wow Carrolyn. I love love love your improvised stitching.

  27. Janet

    I would love some plants – this may be a duplicate reply not sure my comments are going through

  28. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    I also like the chicken pictures. I am surprised there are so many of them. Chickens are fun to have on a farm or acreage. Always enjoy all the pictures. I am not good with plants, and I don’t have a very good place to keep them in the house. I only have two in the house, and can barely keep them going. Enjoy your day. We have sunshine here today after a rainy start to this week. I need to go to the garden and pull some radishes. It will be a little muddy, but may get more rain this evening/tomorrow.

  29. Pat in AZ

    Your flower beds are gorgeous but I’ll bet you are stiff and sore. I sure would be! And top it off getting your boobs smooshed?? Might as well get a colonoscopy for a trifecta! Haha
    Love love love the kids and pets. For some reason the chicken pictures are my favorite ones.

  30. Rhoda Ebersole

    Have a plant sale Mary. Or plant and fabric sale and give the money to a good cause.
    I watched Caitlin Clark’s game yesterday.
    Getting into the upper 90’s here in Las Vegas.
    I am seeing random pieces of fabrics together for lap quilts for the VA Home in Boulder City and making baby quilts for Lutheran Social Services.

  31. Carla Roberts

    Hi Mary,
    Have you considered donating plants to the Central Gardens plant sale. I just saw it on Facebook and they are accepting donations until May 17th with the sale being May 18th.
    I am local, but I am a plant killer😔

  32. Diane in Maryland

    Thanks for the reminder of the mammogram appt. as I need to make mine. Yep…ugh! What is the name of the plant that Emma gave you? The leaf looks familiar to me but not the blossom. Cute pictures of kids and their pets. The kitty with the little boy looks like our “grandcats”. You have beautiful plants and it is fun to plant a sprig and watch a new one grow but, what do we do with so many when we have cold winters? Guess if you don’t water them the problem of too many will take care of itself – and then you can start over again…haha

  33. Linda

    I take my extra plants to a local independent thrift store run by a local charity—Corner Cupboard— that donates to other local charities. They are always happy to get them. I use thrift store pots and pots I get with annuals at nurseries. They do not have to be fancy. Soup cans work well too since most people are willing to repot them when they get them home. I still need to separate a couple large pots of aloe.

  34. Sarah F in NE TX

    Lori’s Kitty Rescue is in central Indiana. Lafayette/West Lafayette. Used to be a quilt shop there in a church. I wonder if it is still there?

    Is that last picture of a buckeye? I have a buckeye that flowers red just like that. I am in TX so no orioles here that I have seen. Just adorable pictures today.

    1. Moe Baly

      I know the quilt shop you are talking about. Loved that shop and would see them vending at conventions. I dont think it’s there anymore. I’m going to find out.

    2. Sandy in Indiana

      Hi Sara,
      I remember the quilt shop you are talking about! It was located in the old church off of State Rd 25….it was beautiful, but sadly went out of business several years ago…the church is still there, but not sure what is there now.
      Lori’s rescue is located in Lafayette, Indiana. She has a Facebook page…Her kittens (and often Momma) are taken in by local foster parents that Lori works with. Lori (with help from all her supporters) feature the kittens up for adoption at Keepers (Also on FB is a local retail shop that features local crafters in Lafayette, IN) on Saturdays.

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sarah – if it’s a buckeye, shouldn’t it produce those hard black “nuts”??

  35. DebMac

    Oh my, what a job! Good thing you had help. Maybe you need to set up a bucket brigade for taking them in next fall. And a sprinkler for watering this summer? That reminds me, I need to water plants today. Was gone last week and got off schedule.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – these plants have been watered all winter with collected rain water. Won’t they be in shock when I start to water them with the hose?

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