My Babies Are All Grown Up!

My chickens are starting to lay eggs – tiny little pullet eggs for the most part but some are getting bigger in size.  Yesterday I got 6 eggs – Rick and I are going to have to eat several egg meals each week.  Years ago pullet eggs were marketed at 4 times the cost of regular eggs because they were labeled “diet” eggs.  This was back in the ’50’s.  Clever marketing, huh?  Aren’t these just the sweetest little eggs?

I am cleaning my house because I’m hosting a family reunion here August 13 and after all those dogs that were here in July, my house is in bad shape.  I always have lots of “stuff” around because I love it.  You know that old proverb, don’t you?  Creative minds are rarely tidy.  I love that rule but there comes a time to clean!  I happened upon this basket of pincushions that I put out on a shelf.  I hope I’m not repeating myself in showing these – I can’t remember.

Look at this simple little homemade, primitive pincushion – it’s so sad really, nothing pretty about it but it gets the job done.

And I have no idea where the metal part of this one came from or where it started.

18 thoughts on “My Babies Are All Grown Up!

  1. Paula S.

    Love seeing the pictures of the little eggs and the pin cushions. You may have to give some eggs away to friends!

  2. Carolyn Thompson

    The eggs are beautiful, curious on the quilt that is in the background. How did you get the circle quilting so perfect? Love the pincushions !

  3. mary jane

    I do not like bats, the flying kind, scared to death of them. Many years ago my grandson made a pin cushion of a bat out of black favorite one and wouldn’t trade it for any other, fancy or I can relate to your blue one, its a treasure of sorts…

  4. Launa

    Cute pretty eggs……..Thanks for showing the pin cushions. The one with the metal base is quite interesting…….. Thank gosh I’m “CREATIVE”!!
    Sewed both Temecula Circa 2016 blocks today and am caught up with Sheryl’s Taryn’s Baskets…..a PDF pattern from Temecula Quilt Shop. Love to use scraps and cut into new pieces too.

  5. Carolyn

    I absolutely love your show and tell from eggs to pin cushions. Since I can lay an egg maybe I should be creative and create a pin cushion. Seeing those little eggs reminded me of daddy’s chickens and those eggs. Thanks so much for sharing memories and jiggling my memory.

  6. Angie Rowland

    I once a sad little quilt in an antique store. The blocks weren’t square and stitches not even but I bought to prove that someone cared and I used it on my dining table. The colors were lovely and I hope they called the maker and told them how I loved the color and how special it was. So sad little pin cushion can have quilts to match but still loved.

  7. Carol

    I love the sweet colors of your girls’ eggs! Come Easter all you’ll need to do is hard boil those beauties, no dyes required!

    Your pincushion collection continues to delight! Is the black one a leg with a garter??? That’s my interpretation and I would like to know if I am correct!

    Thanks for all the interesting things you share. Too bad about the cleaning….it gets in the way of daily fun!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – yes, I believe the “leg” is actually silk and the top is a garter and it’s very old!

  8. Dee Winter

    And I’m also on the bandwagon for the pincushions, love to see them. And I love the eggs, my husband is not a chicken fan, so I don’t have any. Really don’t need them. Have a great weekend.

  9. Meta

    I have a counted cross stitch “Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy” picture hanging on my wall. I made it over 30 years ago. It is so true!

  10. Diane

    Those Pullet eggs are so cute🙂 I buy sad little items–quits, handmade items, too. You have a soft heart, Mary. Is any one else watching the Olympic Opening AND the kitten Olympics on Hallmark? So cute and funny. Love the description of creative minds– now I have a reason for my “tidy” piles!

  11. Ann Barlament

    I have napkins that say….”My other house is immaculate”!!! Hahaha

    Love your pullet eggs and their soft subtle colors.

  12. Kathy Schwartz

    Martha Stewart would be so very proud of you with your eggs. She always talks about HER eggs from her farm. Hers are also different colors–beautiful. Love the pincushions. The joy of cleaning is you get to touch all of your “stuff”when you dust it!! However, it is a job I can do without. Enjoy.

  13. Elizabeth McDonald

    I love the quilt that the eggs are shown on! That circular quilting looks so pretty! Tomorrow I will have to share the egg pics with my hubbie, who always wants to be in on the chicken news. Whenever you share pics of the goats, I share them with my daughter and son-in-law in Sweden, who like them as much as I do. Thanks SO much for your blog – gives us all alot of pleasure!

  14. Terry

    Never ever get tired of seeing your pincushion collection. Could you hear me oohing and awhing. Love the Red Cross pins. Told my husband about the proverb – suits me to a tee. Don’t think I could eat those eggs – way too pretty.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  15. bernadette

    No quilting for me today. I am in neighboring city getting ready to compete in three irish dances today. Wish me luck! Love the pin cushions – is that one with the red cross badges an elephant trunk????

  16. Beth L.

    Love those sweet little eggs.
    Your collection of pincushions inspired me to collect up all the ones I have, vintage and ones I have made. I hope to fill a big jar with the vintage ones, eventually, especially the little “tomatoes.”

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