Sorry I got all the pictures screwed up, gals!  My fingers got ahead of my brain.

Eric, Nikki, the baby and the 2 dogs are coming tonite – we can hardly wait to meet Camber!  I’ll have some pictures.

5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Cathy

    Enjoy your time with that precious baby! Looking forward to seeing pictures of her. Like you “I” pincushion, but Mary, shouldn’t that be in red & white for Indiana University? LOL!

  2. Linda Hanley

    Can we see some pictures of Connie’s new garden in addition to the baby?

  3. Launa

    Oh Mary…….Enjoy little babe Camber. They grow up so quickly. Know all your blog fans are going to enjoy her pictures whenever you post and share.
    I forgot to mention the circle quilting on your quilt in the previous post…..looks good.
    Am wondering if the metal round base in the pincushion was a biscuit cutter in it’s previous day?
    Any other ideas from your blog readers?
    I’ve used an antique silver plated child’s handled cup for holding my toothbrushes for numerous years. Something finally ate a dime size hole in the metal…….so much for Arm and Hammer various tooth whitening pastes no matter how well I rinse off and change my brushes. Just sayin!!!

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